Some People are Rich by Birth and Top 4 Zodiac Signs that attract Money
4 Zodiac signs that attract money. Photo: lovemoney

If you wish to live a luxurious life and relish the most desirable lifestyle, then you would undoubtedly need money. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have riches. Only a few, or a handful across the world are born with a silver spoon.

Some people are rich by birth, while others attract wealth like a magnet.

Below are Top 4 zodiac signs that attract wealth effortlessly:

Aries - Rich by Birth

Aries is a winner. They have fire in their hearts that make other people notice them. What’s great about them is that they don’t give up on the first no. they’re all about self-improvement for self-improvement’s sake. They could do with a little more vision and clarity.

Aries people are driven and diligent and always have their eyes on the prize! They want nothing but the best and are always working to achieve their dreams and lead the life that they desire.

How Aries attract wealth: In order to attract Abundance Aries should learn to be pragmatic and APPRECIATIVE of material resources. Taurus rules their money house, so they should cultivate Taurus qualities in order to attract wealth: utilitarian, nurturing, practical and steady approach to money. They can make lots of money this way! They should strife for organic and gradual amassments of money and not get rich quick schemes. But Goddess Venus is protecting their finances, so usually many Aries Sun or Ascendant people are successful financially. Taurus is the sign of self-sufficiency, so Aries's best approach to money is to make their own rather than rely on support from others. The more financially independent they get, the more they will attract abundance, according to Astrolada.

How Aries save money: Aries' biggest danger to saving money is impulsive buys. If they're on a site and there are a ton of bargains, they won't be able to stop buying them. The best way for Aries to save money is not to spend it and to do that, they need to step away from the tempting product and think for a moment before they take action. Sometimes (usually), there's a good reason that something is so cheap. Resist those impulses, Aries!

Virgo - Rich by Birth

Some People are Rich by Birth and Top 4 Zodiac Signs that attract Money
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People born between August 22 – September 22 are natives of this Zodiac sign. Virgos are career-oriented people. They are hardworking and good at making money. Therefore, money is something that they easily attract.

Virgos are self-critical and detail-oriented people. They are constantly striving to be the best and are always working on themselves. Their self-growth and love for perfection lead them on a path of being wealthy and successful, reported Pinkvilla.

How Virgo attract wealth: Libra rules Virgo's money house, so Virgos should use Libra's approach to money in order to attract abundance. This means no extreme spendings-a balanced and moderate approach. They can go for business ideas that are connected to the beauty industry, women, fashion, arts, or culture. Virgos should learn to cooperate and partner with others and this can bring them more affluence. They are usually very good business people because Libra rules deals and negotiating-such undertakings can bring them money. They should never rush into making financial decisions: they should first evaluate the situation from all sides, consult a few trusted people and only then proceed.

How Virgo save money: Virgos are fantastic at saving money. They do all the legwork before they spend on something, and they look at the big picture. If something is a large investment upfront but pays off over time, that's a smart purchase. Virgos learn about all the pros and cons of purchase before they make a move. While they're great at investments, they can be reluctant to invest in themselves. So, if Virgo wants to learn a new skill or start a business, they should believe they're worth it, according to Yourtango.

Taurus - Rich by Birth

Some People are Rich by Birth and Top 4 Zodiac Signs that attract Money
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People born between April 19 – May 20 are natives of this Zodiac sign. Taurus love stability and therefore plan their life wisely. They are also good with their finances because they know that it is something that will always come in handy and secure their future, Timesnownews noted.

Taureans love opulence and grandeur. They like the luxurious and ultra-chic lifestyle and are willing to work hard for it. They know that for such a lifestyle, they need unending wealth and are relentless in their efforts to achieve it.

How Taurus attract wealth: Gemini rules the Money house of Taurus. So Taurus have to apply Gemini qualities in order to attract more wealth. They should strive to have a few diverse sources of income and experiment with money making ideas. Be Adventurous with resources! Approach money plans as a game and play with these, have fun while doing! Using communications, information media and crafts will make them more abundant.

How Taurus save money: Taurus are mostly financially sound, unless it's some kind of luxury item or self-indulgence that they absolutely must-have. The best thing for Taurus is to put their usual good savings instincts to use. If there's something they want, they need to set up a fund, and when they've saved enough money to buy the item, then and only then do they give themselves permission to buy it. When it's a reward for their patience and hard work, the purchase means more anyway.

Scorpio - Rich by Birth

Some People are Rich by Birth and Top 4 Zodiac Signs that attract Money
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Scorpios are pushy and determined individuals. They do not rest till their work is done and their high standards are met. This quality of being hardworking and passionate makes them money magnets.

This is definitely a water sign that would make people want to make it rain. Scorpios are natural leaders. They're known to be a little demanding and pushy when we're passionate about something.

They also sink into the depths of things. It's this commitment, even when motivation wanes, to a project and the high standards that attract wealth to them, Yourtango cited.

How Scorpio attract wealth: Sagittarius rules Scorpio's money house, so Scorpio should cultivate Sag approach to attract wealth. Scorpios should be generous with their resources and give to others. They should develop a strong faith that no matter how hard the situation, the Universe will provide. They should cultivate abundance consciousness first: that there is more than enough for everyone. Once they do, they can attract amazing abundance and wealth!

How Scorpio save money: Scorpios are good at saving money. They don't spend casually, and they tend to be a bit frugal. Since Scorpios can be a bit distrusting, they may not get the kind of advice they need to help their money grow. It's no shame to go to a financial advisor or tax consultant. Asking questions is good and it doesn't take away from your own brilliance. Tax laws change frequently, and if you're not up to date on them, then you may be paying more money than you have to.

Genetic Study: It's better to be born rich than talented

According to WashingtonPost, Using one new, genome-based measure, economists found genetic endowments are distributed almost equally among children in low-income and high-income families. Success is not.

The least-gifted children of high-income parents graduate from college at higher rates than the most-gifted children of low-income parents.

Only about 24 percent of people born to low-income fathers in that high-potential group graduate from college.

That's dwarfed by the 63 percent college graduation rate of people with similar genetic scores who are lucky enough to be born to high-income fathers.

Contrast that with a finding from the other end of the genetic scoring scale: about 27 percent of those who score at the bottom quarter of the genetic index, but are born to high-income fathers, graduate from college. That means they're at least as likely to graduate from college as the highest-scoring low-income students.

The application of genetics to economics is in its infancy. Limitations abound. Most notably, researchers are forced to focus on white people. The world's genomic data comes overwhelmingly from people of European descent, and genetic comparisons across races can produce bizarre results, WashingtonPost report.

4 Zodiac signs that attract money and are destined to be wealthy
It's better to be born rich than talented

"It goes against the narrative that there are substantial genetic differences between people who are born into wealthy households and those born into poverty," said Kevin Thom, a New York University economist and author of a related working paper released recently by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The Nature Genetics team scanned millions of individual base pairs across 1,131,881 individual genomes for evidence of correlations between genes and years of schooling completed. They synthesized the findings into a single score we can use to predict educational attainment based on genetic factors.

Thom and Papageorge studied the team's index after it was calculated for a long-running retirement survey sponsored by the Social Security Administration and the National Institute on Aging. About 20,000 of the survey's respondents, born between 1905 and 1964, provided their DNA along with their responses, which allowed the economists to attach genetic scores individuals' academic and economic achievements.

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