Best Houseplants That Bring Good Luck and Prosperity For Your Zodiac Sign

Luckiest Plants for Zodiac Signs According to Astrology

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It's said that having attractive plants in your home will bring wealth and prosperity to your career. See which houseplants will bring in the most money when grown indoors.

Top 9 Luckiest Houseplants That Attract Money and Luck Based on Eastern Feng Shui

1. Honeysuckle

Photo lichngaytot
Photo lichngaytot

One of the decorative plants that draws money into a home is the honeysuckle tree, which not only dazzles onlookers with its abundance of vibrant, juicy red fruits but also represents luck and prosperity.

This plant is also commonly used to adorn homes for the New Year with the intention of bestowing good fortune upon its occupants. Since the red hue of the fruit bunches is a symbol of luck, a fruitful tree is thought to be warmer and wealthier.

The feng shui honeysuckle tree, with its soft energy and unusual shape, symbolizes determination and inspires its owner to face life's obstacles.

Specifically, you can hang gold coins and tie a few red threads or bows to decorate the tree for the New Year's holiday. It is said that the ornamentation will ward off bad luck and bring prosperity and good health.

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2. Jade plant

Photo better home
Photo better home

A gorgeous green succulent that looks great in any room of your house, the jade plant is thought to be fortunate due to its longevity and thick, round leaves that are said to attract wealth.

Plants with round or circular leaves are said to bring good luck in Feng Shui. Because of this quality, jade is typically presented as a gift at the opening of new businesses.

With the right care, the jade plant makes an ideal succulent houseplant that can last for many years. Water the soil only after it is completely dry, and give it several hours of direct sunlight.

3. Peace lily

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

According to Feng Shui, peace lilies, which are native to tropical America, are lucky plants. It is capable of eliminating any kind of environmental pollution.

It requires very little light and grows best in shade. The plant requires watering about once a week and grows well in artificial light, producing white flowers. Because it requires little upkeep and has an equally striking appearance, it is perfect for both homes and offices.

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4. Monstera adansonii

Photo Monstera Garden
Photo Monstera Garden

Many people adore the plant because of its exotic appearance and powerful air-purifying properties.

The tree can bring the owner great fortune and wealth, as well as promote good luck and good air in the home. The tree also stands for resilient strength, which will enable you to get through life's challenges and roadblocks.

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5. Succulent

Photo pioneer woman
Photo pioneer woman

Mini lotus-shaped flowers on a feng shui succulent have many symbolic meanings. Since it is a Buddhist symbol, it conveys the meaning of life's tranquility.

Because it frequently denotes luck, this decorative plant also draws money into the home.

The owner will benefit from a job promotion if you leave the succulent plant on the desk, but in the interim, the boss and employee relationship will be strained.

6. Fern

Photo lichngaytot
Photo lichngaytot

Despite being a simple-to-maintain wild plant, ferns can provide you with fresh air and green space by absorbing harmful substances like toluene, xylene, and formic aldehyde, as well as reducing radiation from computers and printers.

As a result, ferns are frequently found on desks, in front of house gates, and in living rooms. Feng shui ferns encourage positive energy and add freshness to the living area.

When ferns are planted in a home, good luck is said to attract wealth, money, and a prosperous life for the owner. The plant also represents an amazing and powerful life force that triumphs over all adversities and storms.

A fern should be a permanent fixture in the homes of young people, serving as a symbol of an idealized, progressive, and unwavering life.

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7. Arum Fern

Photo iStock
Photo iStock

It is said that the Chinese Money Tree will bring good fortune and wealth. Good luck charms are ensnared in the braids of a trunk that is braided when the plants are still tender and young. In addition to being a wonderful air purifier, this plant also promotes calm and tranquility in the house.

Picking a plant with a thick, fresh green stem is advised because it is said to bring good fortune to its owner. All of your money, profits, and good fortune are thought to come your way, especially during the blooming of the money tree, which is a symbol of luck.

To attract luck, you can arrange the tree in your workspace with its face toward the northeast. Gold coins, which stand for Metal and Fire, or a red bow can be used to adorn the plant. The ornamentation is meant to bring wealth and aid the potted plant in obtaining all five elements.

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8. Philodendron Imperial

Photo lichngaytot
Photo lichngaytot

The philodendron imperial is renowned for its ability to drive away evil spirits and miasmas and for providing health benefits, serenity, and refreshment after a demanding workday.

The title, authority, spirit, and rank of the emperor are all represented by the tree. This plant will bring wealth and prosperity to the owner. The plant also symbolizes the drive to always aim for advancement in the workplace by reaching a higher position.

9. Swedish Ivy

Photo gardener's path
Photo gardener's path

Plecotranthus is a perennial plant native to southeast Africa that is often grown as a good luck plant. It is also known as the money plant, Swedish ivy, gossip spur flower, and creeping Charlie. One of the greatest plants to bring money into your home is this one, even though it is rarely used as a houseplant.

Swedish Ivy is a plant that can be grown as ground cover outside or indoors in hanging planters. If you are cultivating it indoors, set it up so that its branches can freely spread out. Remember that direct sunlight can scorch the plant's leaves, so avoid placing it there.

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