Best Flowers For Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister on Women's Day
Best Flowers For Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister on Women's Day - March 8

Every 8th of March, International Women’s Day is celebrated to admire and honor women’s achievements in all aspects such as socially, economically, and politically. It is also a day to promote gender equality and combating discrimination against women.

International Women's Day is a United Nations–sanctioned global holiday that aims to celebrate women's contributions to society and raise awareness to the areas of society that need to improve to reach gender equality. Each year has an official theme, but unofficially, many people use it as a day to remember all the women that have made an impact in their lives through sharing International Women's Day quotes, thoughtful messages, and more.

What Is The Most Popular Flower on Women’s Day?

Flowers are a common choice as a thoughtful and beautiful Women’s Day gift. This curated list of flowers in particular symbolise love, care, gratefulness and longevity. Flowers are a great way to communicate a special message or feeling to your mum. Make your mother, wife, sister, grandma or aunt’s day on March 8th with a beautiful floral arrangement - or even a surprise flower delivery.

Although mimosa flowers have a special meaning and a part in the history of the long-celebrated holiday, there are other remarkable blooms out there that make the International Women’s Day celebration extraordinary and memorable.

Whether you’re sending flowers to your mum, grandmother, mother-in-law or the mother of your children, make her feel special, loved and appreciated with a beautiful gift of her favourite flowers on Women's Day and Mother’s Day.


Lilies come in a variety of beautiful colours such as pink and white, and have a pleasant fragrance, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice and one of many Australian mother’s favourites. We have many beautiful floral arrangements and blooms featuring Lilies, such as the Patsy and Blossom arrangements from our Mother’s Day catalogue.

Similar to azaleas, day lilies are an Asian emblem for mothers. The day lily is famous for its beautiful appearance and symbolic association with motherhood and Women’s Day. Because they come in a variety of bright colours, including vivid oranges and yellows, you can find a day lily that’s perfectly suited to your own mother at just about any florist shop.


We love these jewel-like little purple blooms. Their gentle purple shade matches their meaning well – violets symbolise innocence, but also love for the recipient.


Roses are the top selling flower in Australia - they embody love and affection. While red roses are a common choice for Women's Day, pink and yellow roses make a great gift for Mothers, as they symbolise love and gratitude.

If all else fails, you can always turn to roses. If your mother is very traditional, roses might be the best option for her. While red roses are traditionally associated with romantic love, a lighter red or deep pink colour denotes gratitude and appreciation. In addition, yellow roses are believed to represent a caring nature, while white roses are associated with purity and brightness. Considering their meaning, any combination of these spring-time coloured roses would make the perfect for this holiday bouquet for your more traditional mom.


The happiest bloom around, sunflowers are brilliant for brightening up a home. But they’re more than sunshine on a stem, they also symbolise adoration, loyalty, and longevity making them a great choice for the enduring love between families.


If your mom is a light-hearted, easy-going person, the tulip flower definitely belongs in her bouquet. With a fresh, happy looking appearance, no flower says spring quite like tulips. They have come to represent comfort, coziness and above all happiness, making them an ideal gift for Women’s Day.


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Chrysanthemums Flowers for Mother

You can’t go wrong with a Mother’s Day gift that has ‘mum’ in the name. Chrysanthemums are a bright and cheerful bloom, making them the perfect arrangement to put a smile on your mum’s face. Chrysanthemum represent joy, love, happiness and longevity.

At the other end of the scale to the demure violet is this showstopper. Luxurious, showy orchids symbolise beauty, strength and love – a combination that we think sums up mums rather well. And of course they make a stunning display.


If your mother prefers plants over fresh-cut bouquets, the long lasting camellia plant is a wonderful option. Camellia plants are native to China, Japan, and South East Asia. They come in a variety of rich and vivid colours and give off a light, delicate fragrance. Camellias are believed to represent longevity and gratitude; making them a perfect way to say thank you to your mom on Mother’s Day and Women's Day.


Carnations are one of the most popular flower choices in not only Australia, but the world. These pretty, delicate flowers represent fascination, distinction and love.

Our bright and beautiful Patsy bouquet features stunning bright carnations, symbolising longevity. For a softer pastel box of blooms, check out our stunning Nicole flowers.

Gerbera daisies

Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Gerbera daisies

Like a supersized daisy, gerberas are perfect for adding pops of colour to bouquets. And their bright beauty goes nicely with their meaning – these vibrant stems symbolise cheerfulness and innocence.

Nothing says cheerful quite like the gerbera daisy flower. If your mom tends to radiate happiness, gerbera daisies are a sure choice for her bouquet. They are renowned for their robust flowering heads that closely resemble sunflowers. While they have come to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, the gerbera primarily represents cheerfulness, stemming from its welcoming appearance and many bright colour variations.


Delicate freesias (those gorgeous soft petals always make us swoon a bit!) are a Mother’s Day favourite because they signify innocence, friendship and thoughtfulness. They’re an ideal way to show mum you’re thinking of her.


A long-lasting bloom, the pretty colours of the alstroemeria add depth and detail to a bouquet. Symbolising devotion and friendship they’re a brilliant way to show your appreciation for a mum who’s also a best friend.


If calm and soothing are traits that describe your mother, then the bluebell flower is a good choice for her arrangement. Bluebell flowers bloom in April and May of each year-just in time for Mother’s Day. Their soft blue colour and pretty shape have come to represent humility and constancy; traits your mother tried to instill in you, no doubt.

Gifts For Mothers on Women's Day

If your Mum has a green thumb or simply loves filling her home with fresh, bright plants, a brand new potted plant is a thoughtful Mother’s Day and Women's Day gift idea. Why not treat her to an exquisite. long-lasting bonsai, which symbolise health and well-being, luck and prosperity, and peace and harmony. These beautiful miniature trees are sure to delight your mum.

A study by Rutgers university for example showed that participants who received flowers as a gift “release a strong and immediate behavior reflecting positive affect” (Haviland-Jones, 2005), suggesting that it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a day stand out as special. Not only that but the same findings also showed that the respondents reported improved mood states over the following days too.

What are the Best Flowers for your Mother-In-Law?

If you’ve already decided what flowers you’re going to send mum but are slightly intimidated when it comes to choosing the right flowers to your mother-in-law, don’t worry - you’re not alone!

So here are some tips to make this decision easier:

- As far as possible, select flowers that are similar for both your own mum and your mother-in-law. This will avoid any comparisons that could lead to hurt feelings.

- Choosing flowers that suit her personality is a good place to start, and this goes for both the type and colour of flower.

- If she’s outgoing and bubbly, opt for a bright and colourful mixed bouquet featuring lilies or gerberas.

- If her style is more traditional, go for lighter shades of lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations or roses.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t thank your mum or mum-in-law nearly as much as you should for all she does – so be sure to let her know loud and clear on Mother’s Day exactly how much she means to you!

14 Best Gifts for Wife and Girlfriends on Women’s Day 14 Best Gifts for Wife and Girlfriends on Women’s Day

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Most Romantic Flowers for Wife/Girlfriend

Flowers are one of the best ways to say “I love you” to that special someone in your life.

Here are the ten most romantic flowers, but don’t take our word for it. Have a look and see which flower seems to fit with your loved one’s style and personality.


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Red Rose for Wife/Girlfriend

Roses are usually reserved for Valentine’s Day and Women's Day, but there are plenty of varieties you can use to send a more specific message to your wife on her birthday. You can opt for white roses which signifies purity of intention and love. The yellow roses denote zest and positivity. Pink, meanwhile, speaks of appreciation and admiration. All of them are suitable messages for a birthday celebration.

They are by far considered the most romantic of all the flowers.

Meaning: While roses come in many colors, the deep red rose is the symbol of everlasting love. They represent deep, true love with a partner.

Special Occasion: While Valentine’s Day or Women's Day is when the greatest amount of red roses are purchased for a loved one, they are also a great gift for a wedding anniversary, birthday, or special day such as a proposal of marriage.

Your Message: Give a bouquet with a message of love and passion. “Happy Anniversary to the most devoted and loving wife and mother. I love you with all my heart and soul.”


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Mimosa Flower

Mimosa is one of the symbolic flowers associated with International Women’s Day (especially in Italy). With it’s bright yellow tone and it’s wavy, spread out blossoms it’s an energetic and lively flower to share with someone special.

The bright yellow and playful blooms of mimosa are a popular flower for International Women’s Day in Italy and some parts of Europe. Mimosa is known to symbolize tenderness, sensibility, and sensitivity. Send a bouquet of Mimosa to your girlfriends in Dubai. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a bunch or two?

This tradition originated in Italy but has spread across the globe. It isn't exactly known why mimosa became a representative flower for this day, but it is often speculated that it has something to do with the seasonality of mimosa and their abundance during this time of the year. But other than that, it's a perfectly cheerful flower that refers to sunlight and summer but symbolizes respect, elegance, dignity, and kindness.


A wonderful spring flower that is both colourful and elegant in form and another popular flower to give in Russia. Tulips are a both seasonally beautiful and look fantastic in a bouquet.

These flowers are for the happy-go-lucky type of person. They come in a variety of colors, including

  • red,
  • yellow,
  • purple,
  • white,
  • and pink.

A bulb plant, tulips represent that spring has arrived, and bloom for just 3-7 days.

Meaning: The red tulip represents “love”, while a white tulip is meant for an apology.

Special Occasion: These flowers are best for a birthday or anniversary, or for a new relationship that is not quite as serious yet.

Your message: A message to include in a tulip bouquet might be: “I’m so glad we’ve met. I look forward to more dates like the one we’ve just had.”


It is typically seen in a light violet shade, which represents the first pangs of love.

This flower would be an excellent choice for young or new love with a partner.

Meaning: There is also a stronger magenta color available to symbolize a stronger type of love.

Special occasion: Perfect for a birthday or just because, give your loved one a beautiful bouquet of lilacs.

Your message: “I remember the first time we met and how much I wanted to know you more. Happy Birthday to my one true love.”


Capturing the essence of femininity, lilies are a beautiful and wonderfully fragrant choice for Women’s Day. Lilies are known for representing many facets of womanhood such as motherhood, beauty and passion so it’s sure to be a hit on the day.

The history of International Women's Day stretches back more than 100 years, when the day was first observed across Europe and America. But according to NPR, it wasn't until March 8, 1946, that feminists in Italy chose the mimosa flower as a symbol of strength, sensibility and sensitivity for Women's Day.


Orchids are a more delicate and exotic than other flowers. These exotic and elegant flowers articulate the same sentiments to your wife. For her birthday, orchids pay tribute to your wife’s refined beauty and strength. Despite its delicate looks, orchids are fairly low maintenance. Your wife won’t be too burdened with its upkeep, making this a lovely and practical choice.

While the blooms may fade, the plant has a resting period and then can rebloom with proper care and attention.

Meaning: Since the 1800’s they have also come to represent luxury. There are several varieties and colors to choose from, almost every color of the rainbow, which symbolizes luck, hope, and love.

Special Occasion: The orchid is best to give for a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Your Message: “You are delicate, beautiful, and precious just like these orchids, they made me think of you.”

Stargazer Lily

Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Stargazer Lily

The Stargazer Lily is a dramatic and bold choice for a gift.

Meaning: Choose the bright pink with white accents for the person who loves bright and beautiful in their home or office. Most often this lily is linked to a meaning of wealth and prosperity.

Special Occasion: Give these for Valentine’s Day or a birthday.

Your Message: “These vibrant flowers made me think of you and your amazing, sparkling personality. Don’t ever change. I love you.”


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day

The fragile peony is a fixture in contemporary and classic bouquets. It’s easy to see why – this plant has a fragile, unassuming beauty that lets it steal the show without being overbearing. Peonies have a plethora of meanings. Not only can it symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and happiness, it can also be used to represent honor and compassion.

It's is the perfect flower to gift when you want to celebrate someone's else success, and let that be exactly why we celebrate International Women's Day.

Pastel Carnation

The pastel carnation is a gift for the more subdued and introverted person.

Meaning: White carnations represent pure love, while pink means admiration.

Special Occasion: Carnation is the flower for the month of January, so they are very appropriate for a birthday gift.

Your Message: “Happy birthday to my darling, sweet girlfriend. You’re the best.”


There are many types of daisies.

Gerbera daisies are a very popular choice and come in a large array of bright colors.

Meaning: Daisies commonly represent innocence and cheerfulness.

Special Occasion: Choose a bouquet of daisies for a new relationship or to develop a friendship into something more.

Your Message: “I’m enjoying getting to know you. Accept these flowers as a token of my growing affection for you.”


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day
Sunflowers for Wife on Women's Day

Sunflowers are brimming with positivity. Extend the optimism and cheer exuded by these brightly-coloured blooms to your wife to brighten up her birthday. The golden petals of these blooms mimic that of the sun – a perfect metaphor to the light your wife brings to your life. Their hardy nature likewise expresses messages of longevity and loyalty which are apt sentiments for family and marriage.


Alstroemeria also nicknamed the “Peruvian lily” is another bold flower that will make a statement in a room.

While it does have a friendship connotation, there is another meaning tied to devotion and could be considered a more romantic one.

Meaning: Choose a pink or red color for the most romantic impact, or a purple shade to show beauty and royalty.

Special Occasion: Best to give for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, show your partner that you care with a lovely bouquet of Alstroemeria.

Your Message: “You are so special and rare, just like these unique flowers. I cherish our love and time together.”


Top Best Flowers For Mother, Wife and Girlfriend on Women's Day

Gerberas, or gerbera daisies, symbolize purity, innocence, and beauty. This sunny and proud flower will definitely brighten up any room. Gerberas are also known for representing adoration and are sometimes called 'the sunshine of life', making them an ideal flower to gift on International Women's Day.


Camellia is the perfect choice for a couple that is celebrating many years together.

Meaning: Meaning faithfulness and longevity, the flower is native to Japan and China and has been a popular flower there for centuries.

Special Occasion: Buy a deep red shade or pink for an anniversary or special day.

Your Message: “You are my faithful and long-lasting love. I will love you always.”

The Blue Iris

An elegant and sophisticated-looking flower, the blue iris is a lovely and unique flower to give as a romantic gift.

These delicate spring flowers are great for extending compliments. Perhaps you want to praise your partner for her dedication and commitment to raising the family with you, or maybe it can serve as an expression of your admiration on her beauty. Adding another year to her age may make her a bit vulnerable, but a nice message of assurance that she is ageing gracefully and productively at that is just the kind of thoughtful gesture your wife would value.

Meaning: The Blue Iris is a symbol of hope and faith. Iris is also the Greek Goddess of love.

Special Occasion: The February birth flower, the iris would be an excellent gift for a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

Your Message: “You have a rare and unique beauty, just like the beautiful Greek Goddess Iris. I love you more and more each day, you take my breath away.”

You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful flowers for a loved one. The gift of flowers is always appreciated no matter what occasion or time of year.

Flowers can brighten any room and bring joy to the recipient.


The Gladiolus flower, or Glads, exudes youthful affection. Take her back to your courtship period to spark a sense of nostalgia and a purity of intention. As its name implies, she will be glad to receive such a refreshing gesture on her birthday. After all, growing older does not diminish our inner child and youthful optimism. Multi-hued Glads on a glass vase evokes equal measures of love, cheerfulness, and femininity.


Aside from roses, one of the most popular cut flowers for bouquets is the carnation. Carnations, also known as the 'divine flower' based on its Greek name Dianthus, offer an abundance of color options that generally symbolize friendship and respect. White carnations are associated with purity and luck, and pink carnations are often given as a sign of gratitude. Red carnations, not surprisingly, are an expression of pure love. Carnations are immediately recognizable flowers, and they possess a charm and allure that continues to captivate people around the globe.

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