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If you are a person who wants to have a nice selection of indoor plants not only brightens up a dwelling, also helps make it a healthier environment for all, this article brings you some tips.

We have listed some basic rules you should follow to help almost every species and indoor plants in your house stay healthy and vibrant.

Here are five of them now:

Tip 1: Ensure Proper Sunlight Exposure

NO: putting plants in direct sunlight, especially during the sunniest hours of the day.

YES: placing plants in the sunniest part of the house, for example near east-facing windows. And if your apartment isn’t particularly bright, don’t worry: artificial lighting with LED lamps will allow your plants to receive the right amount of light indoors.

Tip 2: Humidity

NO: watering your plants too often or watering with cold or tap water.

YES: watering your plants with tepid water, remembering to allow tap water to sit in the open air overnight allowing disinfectants in the water to evaporate. To best take care of indoor plants wait until the soil is dry before watering; this way you avoid water build-up at the bottom of the pot.

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Tip 3: Temperature

NO: place your plant in an environment below 15°.

YES: maintain a temperate environment. This means that your house should have a temperature more or less of 20-22 degrees. It has been shown that plants grow faster with 80-90% humidity. To achieve this effect at home, place balls of wet clay at the bottom of your plant’s pot: the water evaporates and generates the right amount of humidity for the plant.

Tip 4: Soil

NO: picking a generic soil, every plant has its unique needs.

YES: As recommended by the bulbolight.com, you need to take care to choose a specific soil. The most common house plants come from tropical environments and therefore require special soil with particular organic and inorganic qualities. Herbs need very draining soils, and vegetables require soil with particular organic qualities. Carefully choose the soil that is best for meeting your plant’s needs!

Tip 5: Placement

NO: putting your plant where it has the most aesthetic impact in the house.

YES: According to the pthomeandgarden.com, you should take your plant’s needs into consideration before your own in this case. Taking care of plants indoors means always choosing the best place for growth in respect to light, humidity and temperature. Remember also that moving the plant around can cause damage to leaves and flowers.

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