September is a month brimming with a wide array of international and national days that reflect Canada’s cultural diversity and global awareness. Here’s a look at the notable days throughout September 2024, each offering an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate, reflect, and engage.

These observances and celebrations offer Canadians a rich variety of opportunities to engage with important causes, cultural traditions, and community activities throughout September. Whether reflecting on serious issues or enjoying simple pleasures, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and diverse month.

September 2024 Canada Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
September 2024 Canada Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events

September 2024 Calendar - Special Days and Observances in Canada

September 2 - Labour Day

Labour Day, celebrated on the first Monday of September, is a statutory holiday across Canada. This day honors the achievements of workers and the labor movement. For many Canadians, it marks the unofficial end of summer. Families often take advantage of the long weekend for last-minute getaways, barbecues, and relaxation before the school year begins in earnest.

September 5 - International Day of Charity

Celebrated worldwide, the International Day of Charity encourages philanthropy and volunteerism. In Canada, this day highlights the essential role that charitable organizations and individual donors play in addressing social issues and supporting communities in need. Many Canadians participate in fundraising events, volunteer activities, and donation drives to support various causes, reinforcing the spirit of giving and solidarity.

September 5 - National Cheese Pizza Day

A delight for pizza lovers across Canada, National Cheese Pizza Day is all about celebrating this beloved comfort food. Whether enjoyed at home with family or at local pizzerias, cheese pizza takes the spotlight. Canadians often take advantage of pizza deals, try new recipes, and share their favorite cheesy creations on social media.

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September 6 - Read A Book Day

Read A Book Day encourages Canadians to unplug from the digital world and immerse themselves in a good book. Libraries, bookstores, and literary clubs often host special events, readings, and book swaps. It’s a day to celebrate the joy of reading, discover new authors, and revisit cherished classics.

September 7 - International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day is a mouth-watering celebration for bacon enthusiasts. Canadians indulge in this savory treat in various forms, from traditional breakfast dishes to gourmet bacon-wrapped creations. Restaurants and food vendors across the country often feature special bacon-themed menus, making it a delicious day to explore culinary creativity.

September 7 - National Beer Lovers Day

On National Beer Lovers Day, Canadians raise a glass to one of their favorite beverages. Breweries and pubs across the nation host tastings, tours, and special events celebrating the rich diversity of beer. From local craft brews to international favorites, it’s a day to appreciate the craftsmanship and culture behind beer-making.

September 7 - World Beard Day

World Beard Day is a time for Canadians to honor and celebrate the bearded community. It’s a fun day marked by beard competitions, grooming workshops, and social gatherings. Whether sporting a full beard, a stylish stubble, or simply admiring from afar, Canadians participate in events that highlight the history and art of facial hair.

September 8 - International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day underscores the importance of literacy as a cornerstone for learning and personal empowerment. In Canada, this day highlights efforts to promote reading and writing skills, especially in underserved communities. Schools, libraries, and educational organizations often host literacy events, book drives, and storytelling sessions to foster a love of reading.

September 8 - Star Trek Day

Star Trek Day
Star Trek Day

Star Trek Day is a celebration of the iconic sci-fi franchise that has inspired generations. Canadian fans honor the legacy of Star Trek with themed events, marathons, and conventions. It’s a day for “Trekkies” to don their costumes, revisit their favorite episodes, and celebrate the show’s impact on popular culture and its vision of a hopeful future.

September 8 - National Grandparents Day

Falling on the second Sunday of September, National Grandparents Day is a time to celebrate the contributions and influence of grandparents in our lives. It’s a day to honor their wisdom, cherish their stories, and enjoy the warmth of their presence. Many families come together to spend time with their elders, sharing meals and creating lasting memories.

September 10 - Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is a critical observance aimed at raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. In Canada, mental health organizations and communities come together to offer support, share resources, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Candlelight vigils, awareness walks, and educational workshops are common activities that foster understanding and compassion.

September 12 - United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

The United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation recognizes the importance of collaboration among developing countries to address global challenges. In Canada, this day highlights the nation’s role in supporting and participating in these cooperative efforts. Events and discussions focus on sustainable development, knowledge exchange, and building partnerships for mutual growth.

September 12 - National Day of Civic Hacking

National Day of Civic Hacking invites Canadians to use technology and innovation to address civic issues and improve communities. Hackathons, coding sessions, and collaborative projects are organized to tackle local problems, enhance public services, and foster civic engagement. It’s a day that celebrates the power of technology to drive positive change.

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September 13 - Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day celebrates the life and works of the beloved British author whose stories have enchanted readers of all ages. In Canada, schools and libraries often host themed events, readings, and creative activities inspired by Dahl’s books. From “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to “Matilda,” it’s a day to immerse in the whimsical worlds Dahl created.

September 13 - National Bald is Beautiful Day

National Bald is Beautiful Day
National Bald is Beautiful Day

National Bald is Beautiful Day celebrates baldness in all its forms, promoting body positivity and self-acceptance. Canadians with bald heads or those who choose to shave their hair are celebrated for their boldness and beauty. It’s a day to challenge societal norms and embrace diverse forms of beauty.

September 13 - World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day aims to increase awareness about sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises from infection. Canadian health organizations and medical professionals use this day to educate the public about the signs, symptoms, and prevention of sepsis. Awareness campaigns and health screenings help to underscore the importance of early detection and treatment.

September 15 - International Day of Democracy

The International Day of Democracy is a reminder of the value of democratic governance and civic participation. In Canada, this day often sees discussions, seminars, and public forums on topics related to democracy, human rights, and political engagement. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the principles of democracy and the role of citizens in shaping their government.

September 15 - Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run, held annually in September, commemorates the heroic efforts of Terry Fox, a Canadian cancer research activist who embarked on a cross-country run to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. This non-competitive event sees participants of all ages running, walking, or biking to honor Fox's legacy and contribute to the fight against cancer. Communities across Canada come together to support this cause, reflecting the spirit of unity and perseverance that Terry Fox embodied.

September 16 - International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

This day highlights the critical role of the ozone layer in protecting life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In Canada, environmental organizations and government agencies use the day to promote awareness about ozone depletion and the actions needed to preserve this vital component of our atmosphere. Educational campaigns and community activities often focus on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

September 16 - National Guacamole Day

A day for guacamole aficionados, National Guacamole Day is celebrated with zest and enthusiasm. Canadians enjoy this creamy avocado dip in various forms, from traditional recipes to innovative variations. Restaurants and food vendors often feature guacamole specials, while home cooks experiment with their own flavorful creations.

September 16-18 - Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, begins at sundown on September 16 and continues through September 18. It is a time of introspection, prayer, and celebration for Jewish communities across Canada. Synagogues are filled with worshipers, and families gather to share festive meals, symbolically welcoming a sweet new year.

September 17 - Mid-Autumn Festival

Also known as the Moon Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian communities in Canada. It is a time for families to gather and enjoy mooncakes, lanterns, and the beauty of the full moon. Events and festivals across the country highlight the rich cultural heritage and bring communities together in joyous celebration.

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September 18 - Cheeseburger Day

Cheeseburger Day is a mouthwatering celebration dedicated to this iconic comfort food. Across Canada, burger joints and restaurants offer special deals and gourmet variations of the classic cheeseburger. It’s a day to savor the delicious combination of juicy patties, melted cheese, and a range of toppings that make each cheeseburger unique.

September 19 - International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrr, matey! International Talk Like A Pirate Day is a whimsical celebration that encourages people to adopt pirate lingo and have fun with nautical themes. Canadians participate with pirate-themed parties, dress-ups, and playful activities. It’s a day to let loose and embrace the playful spirit of piracy.

September 21 - St Matthew

St. Matthew's Day honors St. Matthew, one of the twelve apostles and the patron saint of accountants, tax collectors, and bankers. In Canada, it is primarily observed by Christian communities who hold special church services and reflections on his teachings. The day offers an opportunity for financial professionals and others to seek St. Matthew’s guidance and blessing.

September 21 - International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace calls for a global ceasefire and the promotion of peace and non-violence. In Canada, peace-building organizations and communities host events, workshops, and ceremonies dedicated to fostering peace and reconciliation. It’s a day to reflect on conflicts around the world and work towards peaceful resolutions.

September 22 - Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox marks the official start of fall in Canada, when day and night are of equal length. It’s a time to celebrate the changing seasons and the beauty of autumn. Many Canadians enjoy outdoor activities, harvest festivals, and the vibrant foliage that characterizes this time of year.

September 23 - Bisexuality Day

Bi Visibility Day
Bi Visibility Day

Also known as Celebrate Bisexuality Day, this day recognizes the bisexual community and promotes bisexual visibility and awareness. In Canada, LGBTQ+ organizations and allies host events and campaigns that highlight the experiences and contributions of bisexual individuals. It’s a day to affirm bisexual identities and advocate for equality and inclusion.

September 23 - International Day of Sign Languages

The International Day of Sign Languages promotes the use of sign languages and supports the rights of deaf communities worldwide. In Canada, this day emphasizes the importance of Canadian Sign Language (CSL) and American Sign Language (ASL). Events and activities often include sign language workshops, performances, and initiatives to raise awareness about deaf culture and communication.

September 25 - National Daughter's Day

National Daughter's Day is a time to honor and celebrate daughters and their role in families and society. Canadians express their love and appreciation through special activities, gifts, and heartfelt messages. It’s a day to reflect on the joys of raising daughters and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions.

September 26 - World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day highlights the importance of the maritime industry and its role in global trade and economy. In Canada, this day recognizes the contributions of maritime workers and the significance of the country’s ports and shipping industry. Events often focus on maritime safety, environmental protection, and the future of maritime technology.

September 26 - International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

This day calls for global action towards the elimination of nuclear weapons and the promotion of disarmament. In Canada, peace activists and organizations hold discussions, rallies, and educational programs advocating for a world free of nuclear threats. It’s a day to renew commitments to peace and security.

September 27 - World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day celebrates the impact of tourism on cultural exchange, economic growth, and international understanding. In Canada, tourism boards and travel companies showcase the diverse attractions and experiences the country has to offer. It’s a day to explore new destinations, appreciate cultural heritage, and support sustainable tourism practices.

September 28 - Selichot


Selichot is a series of Jewish penitential prayers and services leading up to the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In Canada, Jewish communities gather for late-night or early-morning prayers, reflecting on repentance and seeking forgiveness. It’s a time for spiritual preparation and introspection.

September 28 - International Day for Universal Access to Information

This day emphasizes the importance of public access to information as a cornerstone of democracy and development. In Canada, it highlights the right to information and transparency in government and other institutions. Events and initiatives often focus on promoting open access, freedom of expression, and the role of the media in providing reliable information.

September 28 - National Drink Beer Day

National Drink Beer Day is a celebration of this popular beverage, enjoyed by many Canadians. Breweries and pubs offer tastings and special promotions, while friends and families gather to enjoy their favorite beers. It’s a day to explore the rich diversity of beer flavors and brewing traditions.

September 28 - National Son's Day

National Son's Day is a time to honor and appreciate sons and their unique contributions to families and communities. Canadians celebrate with special outings, activities, and expressions of love and pride. It’s a day to reflect on the joys and responsibilities of raising sons and to celebrate their achievements.

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September 28 - World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day aims to raise awareness about rabies prevention and control. In Canada, veterinary organizations and public health authorities educate the public about the importance of vaccinating pets and avoiding contact with wild animals. It’s a day to promote safety and awareness to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

September 29 - National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day celebrates the love of coffee, a staple beverage for many Canadians. Cafés and coffee shops often feature special deals and promotions, while coffee enthusiasts enjoy exploring different brews and flavors. It’s a day to savor the rich aroma and taste of coffee and appreciate its role in daily life.

September 29 - International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day

This day focuses on reducing food loss and waste to promote sustainable food systems. In Canada, initiatives and campaigns aim to raise awareness about the environmental and economic impact of food waste. Activities often include food donation drives, educational workshops, and efforts to promote more efficient food consumption and distribution.

September 29 - Police and Peace Officers National Memorial Day

This day honors the sacrifices of police and peace officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. In Canada, memorial services and ceremonies are held to pay tribute to their bravery and dedication. It’s a day of reflection and gratitude for the men and women who protect and serve communities across the nation.

September 30 - International Translation Day

International Translation Day celebrates the vital role of translators and interpreters in bridging language barriers and fostering communication. In Canada, this day highlights the contributions of language professionals who enable cross-cultural understanding and access to information. Events often include discussions, workshops, and recognition of the skills and dedication of translators.

September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Established as a federal statutory holiday in 2021, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is dedicated to honoring the survivors, families, and communities affected by the residential school system. It is a day for reflection and learning about the lasting impact of these schools on Indigenous peoples. Canadians are encouraged to wear orange to raise awareness and participate in events that promote healing and reconciliation.

Full List of September 2024 Holidays and Celebrations in Canada

  • 1 Sun

    world alzheimer's month

  • 2 Mon

    Labour Day

  • 4 Wed

    World Sexual Health Day

  • 5 Thu

    International Day of Charity

  • 5 Thu

    National Cheese Pizza Day

  • 6 Fri

    Read a Book Day

  • 7 Sat

    World Beard Day

  • 7 Sat

    Ganesh Chaturthi

  • 7 Sat

    International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

  • 8 Sun

    World Physiotherapy (PT) Day

  • 8 Sun

    Grandparents Day

  • 8 Sun

    International Literacy Day

  • 8 Sun

    Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis Day

  • 9 Mon

    International Day to Protect Education from Attack

  • 10 Tue

    World Suicide Prevention Day

  • 10 Tue

    International Makeup Day

  • 12 Thu

    National Day of Civic Hacking

  • 12 Thu

    National Day of Encouragement

  • 12 Thu

    International Day for South-South Cooperation

  • 13 Fri

    Roald Dahl Day

  • 13 Fri

    International Chocolate Day

  • 13 Fri

    National Bald is Beautiful Day

  • 13 Fri

    World Sepsis Day

  • 15 Sun

    World Lymphoma Awareness Day

  • 15 Sun

    Wife Appreciation Day (National Wife Day)

  • 15 Sun

    International Day of Democracy

  • 15 Sun

    International Dot Day

  • 15 Sun

    National Hispanic Heritage Month

  • 16 Mon

    National Guacamole Day

  • 16 Mon

    International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

  • 17 Tue

    World Patient Safety Day

  • 17 Tue

    National IT Professionals Day

  • 18 Wed

    National First Love Day

  • 18 Wed

    National Cheeseburger Day

  • 18 Wed

    International Equal Pay Day

  • 19 Thu

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • 19 Thu

    Batman Day

  • 21 Sat

    International Day of Peace

  • 21 Sat

    World Gratitude Day

  • 21 Sat

    World Alzheimer’s Day

  • 21 Sat

    International Coastal CleanUp Day

  • 21 Sat

    National Chai Day

  • 22 Sun

    Autumnal Equinox (Start of Fall)

  • 22 Sun

    Hobbit Day

  • 22 Sun

    World Car-Free Day

  • 22 Sun

    National Elephant Appreciation Day

  • 22 Sun

    World Rhino Day

  • 22 Sun

    World CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) Day

  • 22 Sun

    World Rivers Day

  • 23 Mon

    International Day of Sign Languages

  • 23 Mon

    Bi Visibility Day

  • 24 Tue

    World Gorilla Day

  • 25 Wed

    National One-Hit Wonder Day

  • 25 Wed

    World Dream Day

  • 26 Thu

    International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

  • 26 Thu

    World Contraception Day

  • 27 Fri

    World Tourism Day

  • 28 Sat

    National Ghost Hunting Day

  • 28 Sat

    National Hunting and Fishing Day

  • 28 Sat

    National Sons Day

  • 28 Sat

    World Rabies Day

  • 28 Sat

    Ask a Stupid Question Day

  • 28 Sat

    International Day for Universal Access to Information

  • 28 Sat

    International Rabbit Day

  • 29 Sun

    National Coffee Day

  • 29 Sun

    World Heart Day

  • 29 Sun

    International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

  • 29 Sun

    Police and Peace Officers National Memorial Day

  • 29 Sun

    International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day

  • 30 Mon

    National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)

  • 30 Mon

    International Podcast Day

  • 30 Mon

    International Translation Day

  • 30 Mon

    World Maritime Day

Canada's Weekly Observances in September 2024

National Payroll Week
National Payroll Week

1. National Payroll Week (September 2-6, 2024)

Celebrated annually, National Payroll Week recognizes the hard work of payroll professionals and the payroll system's contribution to the Canadian economy. Companies and payroll departments often take this week to highlight the efficiency and accuracy required to manage employee pay and benefits.

2. Back to School Week (Varies by region, typically around early September)

As summer comes to an end, Back to School Week marks the return to classes for students across Canada. It's a busy time for families, educators, and retailers, focusing on preparations for the new academic year.

3. FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) Awareness Week (September 8-14, 2024)

FASD Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about the impacts of prenatal alcohol exposure and to support individuals and families affected by FASD. It focuses on prevention, education, and advocacy.

4. Sea Otter Awareness Week (September 22-28, 2024)

Sea Otter Awareness Week celebrates the role of sea otters in marine ecosystems and highlights conservation efforts to protect these charismatic creatures. It focuses on their ecological importance and ongoing conservation challenges.

5. National Forest Week (September 22-28, 2024)

Canada's forests are a vital part of the nation's ecosystem and heritage. National Forest Week, observed during the last full week of September, encourages Canadians to appreciate the natural beauty and ecological importance of forests. Activities often include tree planting, educational programs, and community events that highlight the role forests play in sustaining life and preserving biodiversity.

Canada's Monthly Observances in September 2024

World Alzheimer’s Month
World Alzheimer’s Month

1. Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month aims to raise awareness about food insecurity in Canada and mobilize action to address hunger in communities. It highlights the work of food banks and hunger-relief organizations.

2. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month focuses on increasing awareness about prostate cancer, promoting early detection, and supporting those affected by the disease. It emphasizes the importance of screenings and research.

3. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

This month is dedicated to raising awareness about ovarian cancer, its symptoms, and the importance of early detection. It also supports fundraising for research and advocacy for improved treatments.

4. Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Blood Cancer Awareness Month raises awareness about blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. It encourages support for research and emphasizes the importance of blood donation.

5. World Alzheimer’s Month

World Alzheimer’s Month is dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. It aims to challenge stigma, promote understanding, and support those affected by these conditions.

6. Big Brothers Big Sisters Month

This month celebrates the impact of mentoring programs run by Big Brothers Big Sisters. It highlights the importance of mentorship in helping young people achieve their potential.

Canada's Cultural Celebrations and Local Festivities in September 2024


1. Canadian Country Music Week – September 5-8, 2024

Held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadian Country Music Week is a significant event in the country music calendar. This week-long celebration culminates in the Canadian Country Music Awards, honoring the best in the industry. Fans and musicians alike gather for concerts, showcases, and industry panels, celebrating the talent and diversity of Canadian country music.

2. TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) – September 5-15, 2024

TIFF is one of the world's most prestigious film festivals, drawing international stars and filmmakers to Toronto. Over ten days, the city buzzes with premieres, screenings, and industry events. It's a platform for both celebrated and emerging talents in cinema, offering audiences a chance to see films that often go on to receive critical acclaim and major awards.

3. Calgary International Film Festival – September 19-29, 2024

As TIFF wraps up, film lovers can turn their attention to the Calgary International Film Festival. This event showcases a diverse range of films from around the globe and supports Canadian filmmakers. With screenings, Q&A sessions, and panels, it provides a dynamic and engaging experience for cinephiles.

4. Oktoberfest – Various Dates in September

While Oktoberfest is traditionally a German celebration, it has found a vibrant home in many Canadian cities. Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, hosts one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Germany, featuring parades, music, and plenty of beer. Smaller communities across the country also join in the fun, bringing a touch of Bavarian cheer to September.

5. Vancouver International Flamenco Festival – September 15-28, 2024

The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival brings the passionate art of flamenco to the West Coast. With performances, workshops, and lectures, this festival showcases the talent of local and international artists, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of flamenco dance and music.


September 2024 in Canada is a month rich with diverse celebrations and significant observances. From honoring workers and grandparents to embracing cultural festivals and supporting meaningful causes, Canadians have much to commemorate. As the leaves begin to change and the air cools, the spirit of community and celebration remains warm and vibrant across the country.

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