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Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world
Best Bacons in the World Today

A key component of the American diet is bacon. It's a common breakfast meat that we also enjoy experimenting with; for example, do you remember the bacon craze that gave us bacon lattes and bacon-covered donuts? But bacon is also one of those grocery items that has its share of detractors.

It's not the healthiest food by nature, so it should first be eaten in moderation. The quality of the meat used in production, along with the curing and smoking processes, are just a few of the many variables that affect packaged bacon quality. These processes can produce bacon of the highest caliber or a product that poses a risk to consumer health.

7. Pancetta di Calabria

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

Since the Italian word pancetta, or pancia, literally translates to "belly," Pancetta di Calabria is a type of unsmoked bacon that has been dry-cured. Only pigs born and raised in this Italian region are used to produce fresh meat cuts, and pancetta is produced by processing rectangular slabs of bacon with skin that are 3 to 5 centimeters thick and weigh between 3 and 6 kilograms.

It is washed, soaked in red wine vinegar, sprinkled with pepperoncino Calabrese chili powder, and then allowed to mature for at least 30 days after being salted for 4 to 14 days. Warm sourdough breads and robust red wines are the traditional accompaniments for pancetta di Calabria.

6. Zeeuws Spek

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

Zeeuws spek, a type of traditional bacon from Zeeland, is seasoned with salt, pepper, and bay leaves. It is typically marinated in a mixture of spices, oil, and mustard before being grilled, smoked, or broiled, giving it a flavor strongly reminiscent of barbecue.

Although it can also be eaten with baked potatoes or incorporated into different salads, the most traditional way to eat bacon is with bread and mustard.

5. Ayrshire Bacon

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

Ayrshire bacon is cured back bacon that comes in both smoked and unsmoked (green) varieties. It is made from a particular cut that contains both pork belly and pork loin. Bacon is typically produced by brining the skinned and deboned cut from Scottish Large White-Landrace pigs raised free-range in an unusual brine known as the Ayrshire cure.

The bacon is thoroughly drained after soaking for one or two days before maturing for two or three weeks. Ayrshire bacon is distinguished by its water-free composition, dark pink color, creamy fat, mildly cured flavor, and ability to fry to a crisp perfection.

4. Gailtaler Speck

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

The delectable Gailtaler Speck is an Austrian variety of bacon that has been produced continuously in the Alpine Gailtal region since the 15th century. Its production requires the use of meat from pigs raised in the Gailtal Valley or the larger Carinthian region.

It is first dry-salted, pressed, and brine-marinated; after that, it is peppered, garlicked, and seasoned with juniper; and finally, it is air-cured and cold-smoked over beech and elder wood. This Carinthian delicacy, which has a rich, salty flavor and a strong aroma of smoked meat, is typically eaten as an appetizer but can also be used in cooking because it gives different dishes a smoky flavor.

3. Speck Alto Adige

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

Speck, the most prized food item of the autonomous Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy's most northern region also known as Südtirol or South Tyrol, is milder in flavor than its heavily smoked Alpine counterparts but more robust than the delicate Mediterranean prosciuttos.

This distinctively flavorful, smoked and cured ham represents the Alto Adige region's cuisine, which is an intriguing fusion of Northern European and Mediterranean traditions. The region shares a border with Austria and has strong cultural ties to it.

2. Tiroler Speck

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

One of the oldest Tyrolean specialties, Tiroler Speck is produced in the old-fashioned way by Austrian farmers and dates back to the 1500s. This bacon is first dry-salted and spiced with a unique mixture, then cold-smoked over beech wood, dried, and matured in the crisp Alpine air.

Tyrolean bacon develops its distinctively intense flavor when prepared in this way. Tiroler Speck is traditionally served in thin slices and is a crucial component of Bretteljause or Marend, an Austrian platter of various meats.

1. Peameal Bacon

Top 7 most delicious bacons in the world

This bacon is a traditional Canadian meat product made from a boneless center-cut pork loin that is usually fat-trimmed, brine-cured, and then covered in ground cornmeal to give it its distinctive yellow color and unrivaled flavor.

The bacon got its name because the original coating was made of peameal, which is ground yellow peas. Peameal bacon has a mild flavor that is slightly sweet, nutty, and salty. Because it is not smoked or cooked beforehand, it needs to be prepared before eating.

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