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Pizza has consistently been one of the most adored and well-known foods in the world. Each year, Top 50 Pizza, an Italian company, publishes a list of the top pizzerias throughout Europe—that is, outside of Italy.

At an awards ceremony held in Madrid, Spain, 50 Top Pizza recently recognized the best pizzerias in Europe for 2024. You might be surprised by the new names that made the list.

It's unexpected that Napoli on the Road, a well-known pizzeria in Chiswick, London, wins the title of greatest pizza in Europe for 2024. Michele Pascarella, an Italian who won the title of world's best pizza chef in 2023, is the proprietor and head chef of this pizzeria.

Stars from the established and emerging categories make up the remainder of this esteemed list. London secures a victory once more as Ciro Salvo's 50 Kalò places fourth. In fifth place and winning best pasta dish is Ciro Cristiano's restaurant Baldoria in Madrid.

Francesco Calò's Via Toledo Enopizzeria in Vienna completes the top three. Calò's inventive "pizza de nero" creation won him the Pizza of the Year award as well.

Third on the list was Via Toledo Enopizzeria in Vienna, and second on the list was the Sartoria Panatieri restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.

Spain has seven pizzerias on this list. France has five pizzerias on the list, and Britain has six.

Furthermore, additional special awards have been given out. Such as the 'Best Fried Food 2024' title that went to Zielona Górka in Pabianice, Poland, or the 'New Entry of the Year 2024' title that went to Stile Napoletano pizzeria in Chester, England. This year, three pizza places—Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona, Baest in Copenhagen, and MO de Movimiento in Madrid—share the title of "Green Oven 2024."

The 'Performance of the Year 2024' has been awarded to Franko’s Pizza & Bar in Zagreb, Croatia; the 'Best Dessert List 2024' has gone to Forno d'Oro in Lisbon; the 'Best Beer Service 2024' to Matto Napoletano in Skopje, North Macedonia; and the 'Made in Italy 2024' to Little Pyg in Dublin.

No Italian Restaurant

Given that pizza is widely known to have originated in Italy, where does this nation rank in the 2024 Best Pizzeria Awards? It's true that Italy has its own awards, and on July 10, 2024, the winners and prizes will be presented in Milan.

The list of the top 100 pizzerias worldwide will automatically include the top 20 pizzerias from the "50 Top Pizza Europe" list.

The Teatro Mercadante in Naples will host the ranking's gala on September 10.

The website claims that not a single Italian restaurant was listed, despite the fact that there are about 63,000 pizzerias in Italy alone. The survey used to compile the list was conducted following an anonymous judging visit.

→ The complete 50 Top Pizza Europe 2024 ranking is available here.

50 Top Pizza 2024
50 Top Pizza 2024
According to the press release, 50 Top Pizza, considered by industry insiders to be the most significant global assessment authority in the pizza world, ranks pizzerias and pizzaioli and organizes gatherings of significant players in the industry. Independent inspectors and curators of 50 Top Pizza pay surprise, anonymous visits and don't divulge the quality of the food until they've left the establishment.

Four Spanish pizzerias among the top 10 in Europe

Spain is not in for a good start to the year according to 50 Top Pizza's latest ranking of the best pizzerias in Europe, which was unveiled last Monday. Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre's Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona, which had been ranked first for the previous year, has fallen to second place in 2024.

Chef Michele Pascarella's Napoli on the Road, which is based in London, won first place at a thrilling gala that journalist Verónica Zumalacárregui hosted at the Pablo VI Foundation in Madrid.

The London restaurant 50 Kalò came in fourth, and the Spanish pizzeria Baldoria, owned by chef Ciro Cristiano in Madrid, came in fifth. Baldoria was also the recipient of the special award for "Best Pasta Proposal 2024."

In the updated ranking, five more Spanish establishments have also succeeded in securing a spot. Number 9 is La Balmesina in Barcelona; number 10 is the Fratelli Figurato in Madrid; number 17 is the Demaio in Bilbao; number 38 is the Gasparic in Girona (which also happened to win the 'One to Watch 2024' award); and number 41 is the Infraganti in Alicante.

Romanian pizzeria among best in Europe

Located in Iași, eastern Romania, Pizzeria Zano is ranked 49th in Europe by the 50 Top Pizza 2024 guide. On May 13, the award ceremony took place in Madrid.

Established slightly more than a year ago, Zano is the outcome of an alliance between a nearby businessman and the well-known Italian pizzaiolo Giovanni Santarpia. Santarpia is considered one of Florence's top pizza chefs by 50 Top Pizza.

The Best Pizza in Brussels (Belgium )

The Full List of 50 Best Pizzerias in Europe 2024: Surprising Results, No Italian Restaurant
The best pizza in Europe

Two Belgian pizzerias have been on the list for a while: La Pizza è Bella (19th) and La Piola Pizza (15th) in Brussels. Although the Antwerp branch is the focus of the latter's rating, its Brussels counterparts (on Place Jourdan and Sablon) are also mentioned.

But a third pizza has joined the list this year. Place 46 is 'naPizzà. The restaurant is situated near the European Quarter on Van Meyel Square in the municipality of Etterbeek, but those who wish to try for themselves will have to travel a little bit outside the city center.

Dublin pizza spot voted 15th best in Europe in pizza awards

The Full List of 50 Best Pizzerias in Europe 2024: Surprising Results, No Italian Restaurant
An Irish pizza restaurant was named the 15th best pizzeria in Europe, and scooped two prizes, at the Pizza Europa Awards in Madrid

At the Pizza Europa Awards, an Irish pizzeria won two awards and was ranked as the fifteenth best pizzeria in Europe.

The award was given to Dublin's Powerscourt Townhouse Centre's Little Pyg by 50 Top Pizza, a food guide and publication that honors the best culinary accomplishments in the cutthroat field of pizza.

Among other well-known pizzerias across the continent, Little Pyg was the only Irish establishment to be named at the glitzy ceremony that presented the awards in the capital of Spain.

The Complete List of the Best Pizzerias in Europe 2024:

Napoli On The Road, London

Sartoria Panatieri, Barcelona

Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Vienna

50 Kalò, London

Baldoria, Madrid

Pizza Zulu, Fürth

IMperfetto, Puteaux

NNea, Amsterdam

La Balmesina, Barcelona

Fratelli Figurato, Madrid

La Pizza È Bella, Antwerp

Forno D’Oro, Lisbon

Surt, Copenhagen

Franko’s Pizza & Bar, Zagreb

Little Pyg, Dublin

Matto Napoletano, Skopje

Demaio, Bilbao

Stile Napoletano, Chester

La Piola Pizza, Brussels

Zielona Górka, Pabianice

Guillaume Grasso, Paris

450°C, Turku

MaMeMi, Copenhagen

Malafemmena, Berlin / Forza, Helsinki

Odori, Athens / 450 Gradi, Lidingö

L’Antica Pizzeria, London

PEPPO’s, Riga

Ciao A Tutti, Warsaw

‘O Ver, London

Pop’s Pizza, Ljubljana

La Manifattura, Paris

Pietra, Belgrade

Arte Bianca, Sagres

Pizza Nuova, Prague

Belli Di Mamma, Budapest

Sapori Italiani U Taliana, Bratislava

Majstor I Margarita, Belgrade / Futura Neapolitan Pizza, Berlin

Gasparic, Girona

Margherita Pizzeria, Tallinn

Dalmata, Paris

Infraganti, Alicante

Da PONE, Zurich

Kytaly, Geneva / 081 Pizzeria, London

MOZZ., Ankara

Lupita Pizzaria, Lisbon

‘NaPizzà, Brussels

Iovine’s, Paris

Villa Severino, Helsinki

ZANO, Iași

Papi Mannheim, Mannheim

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