Nostradamus Prediction for 2023
Nostradamus Prediction for 2023
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Prophet Michel de Nostradame also identified as Nostradamus (1503 - 1566) is a famous philosopher who is known for his almost accurate predictions. In his widely read book Les Prophéties (1555) released over 450 years ago, the Frenchman made thousands of predictions for the future and is credited with predicting the rise of Hitler, the assassination of US President John F Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

This work consists of Nostradamus's collection of predictions about major events that could befall mankind from the mid-16th century until the end of the world - the time he assumed would happen in the year 3797.

Each century is predicted by Nostradamus by about 100 verses with vague, confusing words. Accordingly, researchers took a long time to decipher which of his verses predict which events, when...

Although there are still many months to go until the end of 2022, speculation is starting to talk about what Nostradamus predicts for the world in 2023.

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Fact-Check: Great War in 2023

Nostradamus' Prophecy of 2023: Facts About 'Great War' and 'Celestial Fire'
Nostradamus and the prophecy about the war in 2023

The French astrologer predicts a great war will happen in 2023 in the world.

"Seven months into the Great War, many people died people dead of evil-doing. Rouen, Evreux (2 cities in France) shall not fall before the king", Nostradamus forecast.

Some scholars believe that these two verses allude to a great war that will happen and possibly World War 3. In this fierce war, Nostradamus predicts that France is unlikely to be affected.

This prediction could only direct to a larger World War 3 conflict stemming from the troubles in Ukraine arising next year. Even though it may seem that the conflict might get over but with the terrifying nuclear arsenals of countries including America and Russia it is better to remain cautious.

Mysterious Life of Prophet Nostradamus and Predictions that Shook the World:

Fact-Check: Celestial Fire

Next, Nostradamus prophesied of "a celestial fire over the Royal edifice". Researchers believe that that "fire" may be related to the end of the world. After this event, a new world order will be formed. A massive meteorite strike is thought to be the cause of humanity's doomsday as predicted by Nostradamus.

Throughout the bible, doomsday or the "end of times" has always referenced fire as the key factor at the end of the world. The prediction, however, has suggested that from the ashes of civilisation a new world order will emerge.

Mars is Failing?

Furthermore, Nostradamus prophesied of "unsuccessful Mars light". The researchers believe that this prediction implies that Mars may be out of orbit or that man's plan to conquer the red planet will not succeed.

While the prediction can mean that that planet will go in retrograde, it can also be a reference to humans making an effort to go to Mars.

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long suggested humans will land on Mars by 2029. He has made it very apparent that by the end of the decade he will colonise Mars and has made plans to go there.

Fack-Check - 2022 Predictions

► Nostradamus made some heavy predictions for the year 2022 as well and most of it is coming true. He predicted a host of calamities for this year including an asteroid strike, inflation and starvation and AI robots taking over the earth.

► For 2022, he predicted a series of horrific events, including an asteroid strike and robots that would invade Earth. And while none of this has happened yet (it is noted that there are still some months left until the end of the year 2022) his predictions for next year


Will the above predictions of Nostradamus about 2023 have the same fulfillment as many previous prophets? This question can only wait time to answer.

After almostthree years of global pandemic – from which we are anything but out, given the latest data – here comes, for this 2022, a series of others terrible disasters. Among these pleasant new entries there would be a massive fall of asteroidsa very heavy one inflation and – listen, listen – also the machines will turn against us (we will never look at the toaster with the same kind eyes again).

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