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All the 2022 world astrology predictions made by Baba Vanga, Nostradamus, and other famous astrologers force us to look with maximum concern at what will happen in the near future.

The year 2022 can be considered a year of the apocalypse if we take into account the predictions of the famous prophets, or it can be viewed with a dose of optimism if we choose to be guided by the movement of the planets.

One thing is for sure, 2022 will not be a year of peace, it will be highlighted by important events: sometimes liberating, sometimes dramatic. It remains to be seen ‘what will happen.

Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2022

The five predictions for 2022:

1. Natural disasters

The seer had said that there would be devastating earthquakes and floods, among other things, destroying most living creatures in coastal areas.

2. Another pandemic?

It is not possible to know if he spoke of covid-19 or another disease, because as Baba Vanga said: “Even those who escape (from natural disasters) will die of a horrible disease.” If it is not the coronavirus, it could be the new virus that could devastate the planet or the new pandemic that Bill Gates refers to.

3. Destruction of the United States

Photo: Daily Mail
Photo: Daily Mail

It seems that 2021 would be the year in which the United States would end itself. Biden has just taken the reins of a country mired in a deep economic and social crisis, and it seems that the seer would not have predicted a too positive future.

“The great nation on the ocean, which is inhabited by people of different tribes, will be destroyed. It will be divided and flooded for the most part,” said the seer, who had also predicted that the North American country “will have many misfortunes and will lose its colonies. in the East”.

4. Economic crisis

The effects of the health crisis are wreaking havoc, but the medium also prophesied something else: a great crisis throughout Europe.

It seems that he has been successful because, at the moment, all the people of the world are suffering as a result of the coronavirus.

5. China as a world superpower

Baba Varga was clear that on a political level, this was going to be a turbulent year. Not only because of the destruction of the United States but because, as a consequence, it seems that China will ‘crown’ itself as the great superpower worldwide. In addition to China as an economic giant, countries like Russia would have the odd event, such as the alleged assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin.

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Nostradamus Predictions for 2022

As cited by the GentSide website, Nostradamus predicts several worrying events for 2022:

1. Immigration will increase because of the war

Here is Nostradamus' prediction in the 10th quatrain of Centuria III:

“Of blood and hunger greater calamity / Seven times appreciate to the marine beach / Monech of hunger, place taken, captivity.”

Don't understand the language of the prophet? This prediction indicates that in 2022, world hunger will increase due to the multiplication of armed conflicts. As a result, there will be greater population movements. Nostradamus predicts that seven times as many migrants will wash up on the beaches of Europe. Those who do not die will be imprisoned...

2. Nostradamus anticipates a climate war

“Under the opposite Babylonian climate / Great will be without the outpouring.”

The famous prophet announces with these few words that a climate war will start during the year 2022. Such a conflict could occur because of a shortage of resources in one country, which would then attack a neighboring country to obtain means of subsistence.

3. The fall of the European Union

Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes

This bad news is announced in the eighth quatrain of Centuria II:

“Sacred temples prime Roman style / Will reject the goffers foundations.”

Let us recall that the Treaty of Rome, ratified in 1957, is at the origin of European construction. According to Nostradamus, Brexit is only the beginning, and the whole European Union is destined to collapse in 2022.

4. Paris under siege

One of Nostradamus' prophecies for the coming year directly concerns Paris, which would be under siege. It is found in the 30th quatrain of Centuria V:

“All around the great City / Will be soldiers lodged by fields and cities.”

For what reasons might the capital be besieged? We don't know... It could well be that the City of Light will remain completely paralyzed, with no access to the outside world, for a long period.

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5. The death of Kim-Jong Un

In the 14th quatrain of Centuria IV, Nostradamus predicts the demise of the North Korean leader, according to the astrologers who analyze his prophecies:

“The sudden death of the first personage / Will have changed and put another in the reign.”

Kim-Jong Un would thus be the victim of an unexpected accident. However, his succession is already assured, as a member of his family will be in charge of the country.

6. A major earthquake in Japan

The third quatrain of Nostradamus' Centuria III forecasts a very large earthquake in the land of the rising sun, during 2022:

“Towards midy extreme siccity / In the depths of Asia they will say earthquake.”

The earthquake would therefore occur in the middle of the day. A time that could minimize human losses, but still cause terrible material damage.

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2022 Prediction By World Famous Astrologers

Astrologer Tatiana Borsch who foresaw the crisis of 2020, shares her 2022 forecast:

According to her 2022 forecast, the upcoming year is divided into two distinct periods - a very favorable time during the first half of the year and a more troubling second half.

Next year, climate change will continue to cause havoc around the globe as Jupiter and Neptune bring major floods, worse than we've ever seen. Volcanic activity and major earthquakes will also increase.

Glaciers will continue to melt, and there's no way to stop it. People living along coastal regions should consider taking extra precautions to prepare for spring floods. During the first half of 2022, the political climate of our turbulent world is looking relatively quiet, and the U.S. is looking more peaceful.

The second half of 2022 also becomes more turbulent with the release of certain secrets and Republicans become more powerful. The influence of the former president, Donald Trump, will grow, leading to serious struggles and clashes within democratic institutions.

Countries suffering from economic instability will see changes in government, if not outright political chaos. China and Russia will grow stronger, which could continue into 2023 or 2024. Many countries will experience protests and unrest, and people will resist authorities moving closer to revolution.

Will coronavirus end in 2021?

According to popular Russian astrologer Tatiana Borsch, who predicted the current second wave of the pandemic in her 2021 forecast, said that this year starting from January to March will be challenging.

"Other critical periods to watch this year are May to the first half of July and December to January 2022. We can witness a re-emergence of old problems and even an uprise of new ones," Borsch added.

Another famous astrologer, Mahama Hopadya Pandit has predicted that the pandemic will be over by the end of 2021.

On the other hand, astrologer Narasimha Rao, similar to Borsch has predicted, that this wave won't be the only wave of 2021. While he has predicted a 'diabolical increase' in the period of March 21-May 7 in

India with many new cases, he has also added that there will be many deaths too.

"In my astrological assessment, the terrible peak is likely to occur during 2021 May 7-15. During May 15-June 24, there may be a gradual slowdown. By around June 24, things may be pretty much under control."

According to him, there is a chance of yet another wave in India and US during Dec 2021-Feb 2022.

When can we expect better times?

Photo: Britannica
Photo: Britannica

“Covid is nature’s way of balancing the life circle and asking people to slow down a little. After June 15, 2021, things are going to be better and, by November 2021, the situation will be much under control,” occult scientist Dr. Kajal Mugrai said.

Reiterating that the battle is far from over, noted astrologers say that it’s time to start learning from the mistakes of the first and second waves.

As per Vig, due to the mercury retrograde which began on May 29, 2021, the planet of communication, commerce, and travel is moving backward until June 22, 2021. “This is all going down in the sign of Gemini, so mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will experience the most chaos this retrograde, while air signs Libra and Aquarius will have a much smoother experience.

Based on the movement of Pluto, Rahu and Jupiter, Vastu Acharya Srivastava feels that the world will start witnessing better times from January 2022 “when Pluto comes back to one degree in direct motion”. “Though we may have to maintain caution till mid-2022 to be totally free from the pandemic in 2023. I am sure vaccination will have a huge role to play in bringing us out of these challenges,” he said.

Pandit Jagannath GuruJi, astrologer, prophesier, and philanthropist, feels that the pandemic will have a “lasting impact on mankind”. “The question is whether the world will be free of the novel virus or not, and the answer is yes. However, Covid-19 in its different/mutated forms is expected to remain in existence till 2029, though its impact will not continue to be as severe. The situation in India is likely to ease out by August 2021, but the threat of recurrent waves cannot be ruled out till at least 2025,” he mentioned.

Until then, what can help?

“Eating healthy and meditation is the need of the hour. I advise people not to ignore any health issues or take current health situation lightly,” mentioned Vig, offering a word of caution.

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