Vanga and Nostradamus: Awesome DOPPELGANGER Predictions For 2022 Vanga and Nostradamus: Awesome DOPPELGANGER Predictions For 2022
What Are Baba Vanga Predictions For 2023 and Fact Check What Are Baba Vanga Predictions For 2023 and Fact Check
Fact-Check: 13 Prophecies of World 2023 by Vanga and Nostradamus
Vanga and Nostradamus - 2023 Prophecies and Fact-Check

Top 5 Prophecies of Vanga about 2023 and Fact-Check

Baba Vanga, a famous Bulgarian seasonal prophet, had 80% of her prophecies come true.

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova was her true name, and she lived from 1911 to 1996. Following her childhood experience in a tornado, Mrs. Vanga became blind. Baba Vanga passed away at the age of 85 in 1996.

She rose to fame by predicting the ISIS attacks, the start and conclusion of World War II, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and even the death of Princess Diana. Brexit.

Some of Mrs. Vanga's prophecies regarding the future of the world in recent years came true, making her even more well-known around the globe despite her protracted death.

What can we expect from Baba Vanga's prediction for 2023? Join to check the authenticity of Vanga's predictions about 2023:

1.Biological Weapon Test

A large country will carry out research and testing activities of biological weapons on humans.

Vanga announced that in 2023, doctors will carry out a series of human experiments that will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. People will be injected with viruses that cause diseases like cholera and plague.

Fact-Check: After the Covid-19 pandemic, another disease continued to ravage the world, but to a smaller extent. We continue to wait and see if Vanga's prophecy will come true or not.

2.Solar Storm

In 2023, a solar storm, a "solar tsunami", will hit the world like never before!

This storm will seriously affect the "magnetic shield of the planet" we live on and destroy communication satellites with terrible devastation to humans.

Earth will also change its orbit in 2023, and astronauts will manage space travel to Venus in 2028.

Fact-Check: Natural disasters continue to happen all over the world and we continue to wait and see if this prediction of Mrs. Vanga comes true in 2023.

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3.Aliens Attack the Earth

During the alien invasion, electricity will not be used for three days and three nights, we will be in total darkness.

We will also not be able to see the Moon and the stars, and after these events, out of all the people on Earth, only 10,000 will be less affected.

Fact-Check: Space exploration continues to have many achievements and the impact of asteroids on the earth continues to be warned. However, the fact that aliens attack the earth is still in fiction.

4.Nuclear War

Fact-Check: 13 Prophecies of World 2023 by Vanga and Nostradamus
Baba Vanga’s prediction about the war between Russia and Ukraine

In a nuclear war between the US and Russia, the planet's average surface temperature would drop to 16 degrees Celsius, three times the temperature difference between the present and the last ice age, high risk 5 billion people will die.

For comparison, in the worst-case scenario of a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan, global food production would drop by 50%, resulting in 2 billion deaths from starvation.

Fact-Check: Nuclear war is still unlikely in the world in 2023. However, the war between Russia and Ukraine is bringing the world closer to nuclear war with warnings and threats of doom. of the world.

5. Reproduction by Artificial Method

Human reproduction will become an artificial process, only done in a laboratory with the help of an artificial uterus.

By 2023, humans will be born artificially, only in the laboratory, and only the leaders will decide what kind of people will be born (what character, what color of skin,...). It will be a fully controlled process and natural birth will be limited.

Fact-Check: Science is making amazing strides and artificial reproduction is actually a long time coming, but not yet widespread.

Top 8 Prophecies of Nostradamus about 2023 and Fact-Check

Fact-Check: 13 Prophecies of World 2023 by Vanga and Nostradamus
Nostradamus's Prediction for 2023

Nostradamus, a physician who was interested in the occult, ran the danger of angering the Catholic Church by making predictions for the next 20 centuries.

The Prophet was revered by the king and gained increasing notoriety up to his death in 1566.

Some scholars claim that Nostradamus even foresaw his own demise, saying, "Besides the couch and bed, I will be found dead."

The day after he made the revelation, on July 2, 1566, at the age of 62, he passed away from gout and was discovered dead the following morning in his bedroom, next to his desk.

What may we anticipate from Nostradamus's prediction for 2023?

From the financial crisis, stock market collapse, unusual socio-political price decline, to the grave decline in human behavior and emotions. Storms, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions will result from the need to detoxify and rebalance the Earth from a geoclimatic perspective.

According to Nostradamus, a new age will start in 2023, both in terms of the calendar and reality. A sacred, fortunate, and also risky period in human history, intended to bring both misfortune and good fortune, begins in the year 2023.

The year 2023 is not supposed to mark the end, but rather a major shift of the world in which we live and a spiritual rebirth of humanity.

1.Civil War in America

Does the US really face the possibility of civil war in 2023? According to the writings of Nostradamus, because of poverty, political instability, such an event could happen as early as 2023.

Fact-Check: America's internal contradictions continue to get worse, inflation is bad, bank failures, shootings are getting worse, etc.

2.Destruction of the Great Empire

The French seer predicted that there could be the destruction of the great empire. Besides, there is a high probability that a global disaster will cause a large number of victims and patients.

Regarding war, land and water skirmishes are likely to occur in 2023 between the great powers.

Fact-Check: The fact that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a confrontation between Russia and the US makes the world closer to the risk of nuclear war.

Fact-Check: Nostradamus Prediction for the Russia - Ukraine War? Fact-Check: Nostradamus Prediction for the Russia - Ukraine War?

3.European Population Decline

According to Nostradamus, by 2023, European countries will have to deal with possible population decline. This is considered the end result of the use of chemical weapons as well as other nuclear-related conflicts.

Every divine prophecy is claimed to be possibly even scarier than ever in 2023. As Nostradamus predicted, the great event has come closer and closer to us, marking the beginning of the World. war III.

Nostradamus also mentioned the possibility of World War 3 in his book "Les Propheties" which will happen between 2022 and 2023.

4. Vladimir Putin and Biden

Following the prophecy about the future of world leadership in 2022, Nostradamus predicted 2023 to be a very violent year for both the Russian president, Vladimir Putin and the US President Biden.

According to experts, Nostradamus warned about the plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin, an armed conflict in the East, and about a new relationship with his American counterpart from 2022 to 2023.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is expected to be assassinated by someone close to him.

As for Biden, the oracle predicts that he will suffer from a mysterious illness and that a member of the US president's family will be the victim of a traffic accident.

Fact-Check: These forecasts have not yet come true and need further verification.

5. Massive financial crisis

According to Nostradamus predictions for 2023, we are on the verge of an impending market crash.

The short-term but strong decline in the US stock index considered the best earlier this year has had a global effect, leading many to think of a new crisis.

While some analysts insist that we do not see another "bubble" about to burst like 2008, others say economic chaos is lurking.

Fact-Check: This forecast is becoming a reality when the US and the world face a severe financial crisis, banks are collapsing, virtual currencies are struggling.

6.England Have a New King

The Queen's death will be one of the most shocking events in the UK in 70 years.

Since taking the throne, in 1952, Queen Elisabeth II has lived long enough to meet 13 prime ministers of the United Kingdom and 13 presidents of the United States of America.

Now she is 92 years old and this year her reign will come to an end. Before the Queen's death, for at least 12 days, the UK will mourn and stop all activities, experts estimate the damage to the country's economy to be several billion pounds.

Banks and stock markets will be closed, and both the funeral and coronation of the Queen's successor will become national holidays. Prince Charles will take the throne of Great Britain. He will then visit Scotland and Wales, shortly after the queen's death.

Fact-Check: This forecast is coming true.

What Did Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About King Charles III? What Did Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About King Charles III?

7.A New Pope in the Catholic Church

It is believed that Nostradamus mentioned Pope Francis in quatrains 2.97 and 5.31. But the French prophet predicted the death of a pope in 2023.

Pope Francis' successor will be a "young man" who "will have a high position" in 2023.

Nostradamus' interpretations suggest that the new pope will create a scandal in the Catholic church starting in 2023, lasting until 2029.

Pope Francis will be the last true pope, while his successor will be a pillar whose papacy will lead to the disappearance of Rome, and who will, in fact, be the pope. sovereign in the end?

8. Unprecedented Exodus

Americans will face the problem of immigration, and terrorist attacks will be higher and higher, so the number of people who migrate to avoid war will also be extremely large.

Fact-Check: This forecast needs further testing in the remaining months of 2023.

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