What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III
What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III? Photo KnowInsiders

Baba Vanga, the blind mystic who predicted about the future, died many years ago but her name still finds its place in the headlines today.

Nostradamus of the Balkans, the blind Bulgarian mystic who is said to have predicted the 911 attacks, Brexit, Princess Diana's death, and Barack Obama's presidency has made bizarre predictions for 2022.

It is said that nearly 85% of their predictions come true.

What Did Baba Vanga Predict About British throne?

Now, Vanga is on the agenda again, with a prophecy that may affect the British throne.

Vanga had made a prediction about the 73 year old King Charles.

She said that if King Charles lived to the age of 97, there was no clear limit to when his time on the throne or then. Elizabeth II, who ascended to the British throne in 1953, remained on the throne for 70 years, making her the longest reigning monarch in British history. After the Queen's death, her 73 year old son Charles succeeded to the throne and was crowned king.

Although no one thinks that the king's mother will break the power record, a prophecy made by Baba Vanga could change everything and prolong Charles’ reign in an unpredictable way.

What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III
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Many noted in this prophecy speculates that if Charles left to the year 2046, he could remain on the British throne indefinitely. If King Charles III, who is currently 73 years old, can remain on the throne until 2046. He will be 97 years old and celebrate 24 years of his rule. And this means he will live one year longer than his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Many people believe that Charles III will be able to break the 70 year old record that belonged to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III
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Baba Vanga, famously known as Vanghelia Pandeva Dimitrova, was born on January 31, 1911, and died on August 11, 1996, at the age of 85. After marriage, she took the name Vanghelia Gusterova and lived most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh Mountains, Bulgaria. Vanghelia was a blind herbal healer who many people thought possessed paranormal abilities. She only found out about these abilities later in life with 85% of her predictions proving true. Therefore she was nicknamed Baba Vanga, baba meaning old lady, and Vanga being short for Vanghelia.

Baba Vanga's five predictions for 2023

What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III
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Vanga is cited as foreseeing the mass murder of thousands of people caused by a "large country" doing bioweapons research on humans. In light of this, it is believed that nations like China are already operating undercover bioweapons departments.

End to natural births

Another frightening prediction is that natural human births will be prohibited. The nightmarish scenario would occur when government officials purportedly push for the lab-grown production of all human life and restrict natural births.

Nuclear explosion

It is said that Baba predicted a potential nuclear power plant explosion among her many prophecies for 2023. This prophecy will be frightening as nation leaders' concerns regarding a nuclear calamity in Ukraine intensified.

Earth’s orbit to shift

Baba Vanga claimed that the Earth's orbit will shift in some way in 2023, though no specifics were provided. Whatever that change may be, it might have disastrous implications if it occurs. Because the planet is balanced, even a small adjustment could result in unwanted and seriously devastating consequences.

Solar tsunami

The arrival of a gigantic solar storm of a magnitude never before witnessed on planet Earth is another prophecy. Solar storms prophesied by Baba Vanga would cause could possibly cause mass blackouts and communication breakdowns, causing a slew of problems.

The mystical blind lady made predictions about 2022, two of which have turned out to be true so far. The first was the forecast for significant flooding in some areas of Australia. The second prediction, though, was about the widespread drought and water shortage. Reportedly, Australia's east coast saw significant floods earlier this year as a result of excessive rain. So, she was right in what she said. She also predicted that there would be a drought and water shortages in major cities. Although the time and location were not specified, this forecast currently seems to be coming true across Europe.

Vanga’s predictions for the upcoming future:

2025 — Europe will be deserted.

2028 — A new energy source will be developed. Hunger will no longer be a problem.

2033 — The ice at the North Pole will melt. The level of the Planetary Ocean will be constantly rising.

2046 — Cloning will be very accessible.

2076 — The world will be ruled again by the communists.

2084 — The rebirth of nature will take place.

2088 — A new disease strikes the planet. People will age in a few seconds.

2097 — This disease will be cured.

2100 — A new man-made sun will illuminate the dark side of the planet.

2111 — humans will become cyborgs.

2125 — Hungary receives signals from outside space.

2154 — Animals become half-humans.

2167 — A new religion is born.

2170 — Great drought.

2187 — The eruption of two volcanoes is successfully interrupted.

2273 — A new race will be born.

2288 — Man will be able to travel through time. New contacts with aliens will be established.

2291 — The sun cools.

2304 — The mystery of the moon is discovered.

2371 — Great drought.

2480 — The earth will be in darkness.

3005 — There will be a war on Mars.

3797 — There will be no more life on Earth. But humans will be able to live on other planets in the solar system.

What did Nostradamus predict about Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

What Did Baba Vanga and Nostradamus Predict About Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III
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In an utter shock to the British Royal family and the general public who follow the royals, Nostradamus, the medieval mystic and astrologer, seems to have predicted that Prince Harry will ascend the throne after King Charles III, media reports said.

Author Mario Reading recently decoded Nostradamus' prophecy:

“The preamble is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around ninety-six, five years short of her mother’s term of life."

“Prince Charles will be seventy-four years old in 2022 when he takes over the throne, but the resentments held against him by a certain proportion of the British population, following his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, still persist.”

Reading believes that many British citizens didn't like Charles' behaviour with Lady Diana and his ultimately divorcing the legendary "Queen of Hearts." Nostradamus predicted that a man would replace King Charles III, who was never expected to be King. This meant that Prince William would be set aside for whatever reason, and Harry would be on the throne as King Henry IX at the age of 38.

“Because they disapproved of his divorce, a man who later they considered unworthy; The People will force out the King of the islands; A Man will replace who never expected to be king,” Nostradamus wrote, according to Reading’s interpretation.

Sales of Reading’s book had exploded since Elizabeth passed away, according to the newspaper. More than 8,000 copies of the book were sold since Sept. 17, compared to only five copies sold the week before her death.

Nostradamus, the French astrologer and physician whose prophecies earned him fame and a loyal following during his lifetime, was born in 1503. In the centuries since his death, people have credited him with accurately predicting pivotal events in history, from the French Revolution to the rise of Adolf Hitler to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and even the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. His book, The Prophecies, was published in 1555, and has since earned him worldwide fame. According to Nostradamus, the world is slated to end in the year 3797.

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