Never Have I Ever Season 2 Release Date: Full Guide To Netflix Comedy Including Cast And Plot
Never Have I Ever Season 2. Photo: financerewind

Never Have I Ever was dropped on Netflix in April 2020 and the show co-created by comic Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher became a huge hit. The comedy-drama follows Indian-American teen Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her friends at Sherman Oaks High in California. The show has already built up a strong fanbase with singer Charlie Puth and Padma Lakshmi praising Never Have I Ever on social media. KnowInsiders has everything you need to know about whether Never Have I Ever will be returning for another outing.

Fans will be happy to learn that Never Have I Ever has been extremely popular on Netflix. The series resides in the top three TV shows on Netflix in multiple regions around the world throughout April 2020 and into May 2020.

Never Have I Ever season two Netflix production status & release date

Current production status: Post-production

We received word in October 2020 that filming for season two is due to take place in Los Angeles between November 10th and November 24th, 2020. That’s a relatively short production time but could be delayed further if there are problems with COVID-19 on set. This was later confirmed by Variety.

Only a few indications came throughout November 2020 that filming was taking place including some BTS stories on Instagram.

According to Variety, there's no clear start date due to the pandemic but it is hoped the show will be getting underway soon. Now that Netflix has released the first look images of the second season, it’s only a matter of time before the official release date is announced, according to What on Netflix.

The series is slated to return this summer, but Netflix has yet to confirm the official July date for the season 2 premiere.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new season: “Indian American teenager Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) continues to deal with the everyday pressures of high school and drama at home, while also navigating new romantic relationships.”

All your favorite cast members are returning

Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong, Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres, and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar in season 2 of Never Have I Ever. Netflix confirmed that Maitreyi Ramakrishnan will reprise her leading role as Devi Vishwakumar, with other returning cast members including Poorna Jagannathan as Nalini, Richa Moorjani as Kamala, Jaren Lewison as Ben, Darren Barnet as Paxton, Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola, and Ramona Young as Eleanor.

Sendhil Ramamurthy will return as the Internet's Favorite Father™ Mohan in flashbacks, as revealed by Kaling in an ELLE interview. “One of the things people were responding to in the first season was that [Devi] is a really flawed character, but she’s relatable because she’s been through a lot of stuff, like losing a parent at a young age,” the creator explained. “But also, she has a big personality: She wants to have sex and wants to have a boyfriend. Seeing what people liked, Lang and I went into our second season [knowing] we're still going to see flashbacks of her father. I think people really loved that relationship, and we're going to see if they end up moving to India or not.”

No word on if a new celebrity cameo will top John McEnroe’s season 1 narration.

Four new characters are joining Never Have I Ever season 2

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Release Date: Full Guide To Netflix Comedy Including Cast And Plot
Photo: express

The series confirmed that filming had resumed in a November 23 social media video. It was also revealed Megan Suri would be joining the second season as a student. “The cast of Never Have I Ever is hard at work on Season 2 and want to introduce you to their newest co-star: @megansuri! She plays a new student at Sherman Oaks High, whose confidence and radiance will pose an immediate threat to Devi,” the official Netflix account tweeted.

Suri is a newcomer who has appeared in other Netflix shows including Atypical and 13 Reasons Why. Suri tweeted shortly after news of her casting was revealed: “I couldn’t have imagined being welcomed into a new show and family any better - you all are so sweet and I wish I could hug you all this support means the world to me, THANK YOU @neverhaveiever.”

Another new addition to the cast is American Vandal’s Tyler Alvarez. He reportedly joins Never Have I Ever in a recurring role as Malcom, a teen actor who returns to school after being cast in a Disney Channel show. The outlet describes Alvarez’s character as “a young 'Hollywood’ type” who “went to elementary school with Devi and her friends but left when he was cast in a Disney Channel show. He’s recently returned to Sherman Oaks High whilst continuing his acting career.”

By mid-December, another pair of actors was announced for season 2. Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project, Brittany Runs a Marathon) will play Mr. Kulkarni, who is described as “the coolest teacher on staff at Sherman Oaks High” by Deadline. Kulkarni teaches English and reportedly forges a bond with Devi.

P.J. Byrne (The Boys, The Wolf of Wall Street) will also join the second season, Deadline reports. He’ll play Evan, head research assistant of Kamala’s Caltech program, and will reportedly feel threatened by her.

The theme of the new season is ”moving on”

If the first season of Never Have I Ever was about coming to terms with grief, season 2 is about finding a path forward, showrunner Lang Fisher explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Both Nalini and Devi had pushed it off and not dealt with their feelings about Mohan dying,” he said. “And this season, it’s about moving on. It’s about life without him and how to bounce back.”

What will happen in Never Have I Ever season 2?

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Release Date: Full Guide To Netflix Comedy Including Cast And Plot
Photo: teenvogue

While Netflix has given very little away as to what we can expect from season two, Lena Khan, who directs a few episodes of the upcoming series, has teased what’s to come for Devi.

“There are 10 episodes in the season so I’m doing about two and a half of them. Because of COVID, we’re splitting one of them because of crazy scheduling madness,” she told RadioTimes in February.

“Devi kind of – I don’t think I can say much but in the first season, she was trying to figure out how to deal with her situation with her father and now she’s kind of calibrating a different level of cool in her school.”

Judging by first-look images of season two, it looks as though the upcoming episodes will see Devi struggle to decide between Paxton, the jock she spent the whole of season one crushing on, and Ben, who she kissed in the season finale.

Meanwhile, it seems Devi’s mum Nalini is in for some romance of her own when she meets dermatologist rival Dr. Chris Jackson (played by rapper Common).

“Mohan is probably the only person [Nalini’s] ever been with,” showrunner Lang Fisher told Entertainment Weekly. “They got together very young, and I don’t think she’s ever [experienced] adult dating. It does catch her by surprise.”

He added that their complicated relationship soon “throws the family into turmoil” and “becomes a real chasm between Nalini and Devi because Devi feels like it’s a betrayal”.

A couple of new - And possibly famous this season

In addition to seeing Ramakrishnan, Lewison, Barnet, Lee Rodriguez (Fabiola), and Ramona Young (Eleanor) grace our Netflix screens, new cast members are coming to the show as well. According to a report from Deadline, Megan Suri is expected to make her debut on the show as Aneesa, a new Indian student whose “confidence and radiance” will immediately intimidate our dearest, Devi. Will Aneesa get in the middle of Devi’s budding romances with Ben and/or Paxton? That’s for Netflix to know and for us to (unfortunately) find out later.

We also have some hot dating gossip for our favorite Indian mom Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan)—it looks like she might be getting herself a boo thang! Yes, we said it like that (don’t @ us), and the man expected to sweep her off her feet comes in the form of none other than rapper Common. He’s portraying Dr. Chris Jackson, a rival dermatologist—because like daughter, like mother—who might just be more than what she bargained for.

So let me get this straight. Devi gets two hot guys vying for her attention, and her mother gets Common as her love interest? It looks like I won’t be leaving the couch for quite a while.

Maitreyi has big ideas for devi this season

As mentioned above, Mindy and Lang are being extremely tight-lipped on what fans can expect from the upcoming season. But that doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t have their own thoughts on where they see their characters’ journeys going.

“I would love to see Devi love herself,” Maitreyi told Deadline back in June about what she hopes to see from her alter ego. “I think that’s an important message that not just high school teenage girls could learn. Just the idea of loving yourself is something I think a lot of people need to hear. I don’t think we do that enough. I don’t think we value ourselves as much as we should.”

Ugh, yes. Hopefully, we’ll all see her really take charge of her own destiny this season.

Season 2 will likely force Devi to explore her grief

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Release Date: Full Guide To Netflix Comedy Including Cast And Plot
Photo: crowdwisdom360

Given how the show is partially based on Mindy’s life, the actress is all for seeing an exploration of grief in the new season.

Mindy told TV Line that she and Lang “both lost parents, and we were like, ‘It would be so great too—in a show that’s a comedy show—be able to deal with a character who is unable to handle her grief. Especially in a lot of Asian communities and minority communities, dealing with grief or mental health, there’s still such a stigma attached to it.”

Maitreyi is also down to explore the sensitive subject, as it’s not something TV always does a great job of, especially in teenagers. As she told Deadline, “People tend to take care of other people, but they tend to neglect their own emotions, their own well-being, their own mental health. Devi’s a prime example of that. She only just started at the end of the series to confront her grief for her father. We can’t go to season 2 and pretend Devi’s all better now. That doesn’t make sense. That’s not how it works.” Cosmopolitan reported.

Common will romance Nalini in season 2.

Devi’s mom is getting in on the dating game this season—with a rival dermatologist. Common will play the role of Dr. Chris Jackson, a derm who conducts business a little different than Nalini. Netflix describes the character as “a suave and debonair dermatologist who works in Nalini’s building. His high-end practice and celebrity clients are impressive to everyone—except Nalini.”

And as Dr. Jackson woos Nalini, Devi is sure to view it as a threat, Fisher told Entertainment Weekly. “It becomes a real chasm between Nalini and Devi because Devi feels like it's a betrayal.”

Never Have I Ever season 2 trailer

While we don’t yet have a trailer for Never Have I Ever season two, Netflix has released a number of first-look images from the upcoming episodes, including one scene where Devi is seen uncomfortably sat in-between her two love interests – Ben Gross and Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Radio Times cited.

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