The Nevers Episode 3: Release Date, How to watch and Spoilers
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In a trailer that’s somehow not soundtracked to a certain song by the Doors, HBO’s newest drama, The Nevers, finally asks the important questions we have about Victorian-era London that aren’t related to the monarchy: Was there a secret steampunk sorority of women who possess supernatural powers through the art of the touch?

And what happens when they touch something? (Before we go any further, yes, this was the show that Joss Whedon exited from amid misconduct allegations.) A widow (Laura Donnelly) and an inventor (Ann Skelly) are among an underclass that can manifest these abnormal abilities called “turns,” which are dismissed by the city’s men as being “a power that mocks God” and “a defect in character.” Well, maybe they’d feel differently if they could conjure up their own fireballs or walk on water. Jealous much? The six-episode series will premiere on April 11.

The Nevers Episode 2: Is Olivia Williams’s Lavinia Bidlow Secretly Evil?

The final moments of The Nevers Episode 2 reveal that Lavinia Bidlow has been secretly working with Denis O’Hare’s mad scientist Dr. Edmund Hague this whole time! That means that Lavinia hasn’t just been kindly sponsoring Amalia and Penance’s work at the Orphanage, but funding the diabolical shadow army that’s been kidnapping Touched, reported Decider. Not only that, but it seems that Mary (Eleanor Tomlinson)’s song might have caused a mysterious rock-like structure to begin glowing the same color as the spores from Episode 1. O’Hare says, “Ain’t we got fun?” but Lavinia looks horrified by it. She even goes so far as to call it “war.”

The Nevers Episode 3: Release Date, How to watch and Spoilers
Photo: Decider

This is a huge twist wherein the person we believed to be the Touched’s staunchest supporter and ally is in fact working to harm the Touched. Lavinia might parade the Touched in her parlor and fund the Orphanage, but she’s also organizing a far more terrifying project. As we see following a young Italian girl, Dr. Hague is essentially opening up the skulls of the Touched to try to figure out the secret to their power. His meddling leaves these poor souls essentially lobotomized. Not only that, but it seems Hague and Lavinia are using them as grunt labor.

It makes you wonder how badly Lavinia would react if she finds out her brother Augie (Tom Riley) is Touched with the ability to take over the minds and bodies of ravens… She’s already pissed that Augie’s flirting with Penance Adair.

The Nevers Episode 3 Release Date

‘The Nevers’ season 1 episode 3 is set to release on April 25, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HBO. The episode will be simultaneously made available on HBO Latino and HBO Max. The first season is split into two halves – Part 1 has 6 episodes, which will air weekly on Sundays, while Part 2, also comprising 6 episodes, is set to premiere at a later date. All 6 episodes of ‘The Nevers’ season 1 part 1 will become available for viewing on Sky Atlantic and Now TV on May 17, 2021.


How to Stream The Nevers Episode 3 Online?

‘The Nevers’ episode 3 is slated to premiere on HBO and HBO Max simultaneously. Viewers can catch the episode on DirecTV on the same day. Canadian viewers can watch the episode with a subscription to the OTT platform Crave on the same day it airs in the US. The episode will be available on-demand on the HBO website and for Binge subscribers in Australia on April 26. The first 6 episodes will start streaming on Now TV on May 17, 2021.

The Nevers Episode 3 Spoilers

If the title of episode 3, ‘Ignition,’ is any indication, it might center around Annie Carbey or Bonfire, the fiery criminal who seems to have switched sides. She likely has been the sanest person in Maladie’s crew, one of whom refers to her as “hired.” This implies her connection with the rest of the crew was purely transactional. After realizing how unstable and self-destructive Maladie can be, she has decided to help Amalia, as cited by The Cinemaholic.

In episode 3, Amalia might try to go after Maladie by using Annie’s knowledge of her. We might get some context about Amalia and Maladie’s strange interaction in episode 2. There will probably be some flashback scenes exploring their history together. Under Lavinia’s orders, Hague and his subordinates might continue to experiment on the Touched, so they can find out why they gained abilities when others didn’t.

Lord Massen might be busy handling the Touched, but he seems like a person who can hold a grudge. He might come after Hugo and the Ferryman club. Auggie and Penance might meet again, and the former might try to apologize to the latter in his unconventional and awkward ways. Mundi and Amalia might continue to work together to capture Maladie for good.

The Nevers Star Ann Skelly Loves the Penance/Augie Flirting Scenes

One of the sweeter parts of the episode was the moment where we realized that Augie is not only Touched but super smitten with our girl Penance. Sure their awkward banter was Joss Whedon 101, but it was effervescently charming. (And we’re rooting for them!)

Ann Skelly told Decider that Augie and Penance’s flirtation added a “lovely personal touch to a great, big, colossal adventure that is going on.” She also said that filming with Riley was harder than it looked for a hilarious reason.

“Tom Riley, he plays Augie, is so funny,” Skelly said with a giggle. “This is the problem… he does every take different and I don’t know where he gets it from. So I’m just like trying. I’m trying to keep my shoulder still,”

Skelly also teased that although Lavinia does not want her brother romancing a Touched, the budding romance between Augie Bidlow and Penance Adair might still have legs.

“My favorite moments between me and Tom are like the opera when they meet each other,” Skelly said. “There’s a scene in Episode Five, which is quite cute between them. That’s all I shall say.”

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