How to Win $4.5 Million on Squid Game Reality Show: Simple Steps
How to Win $4.5 Million on Squid Game Reality Show: Simple Steps
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The Netflix original series Squid Game took the world by storm. Following the premiere, the platform announced that Squid Game would return to a small screen near you. Details on the release date for Season 2 are unclear, but showrunners revealed that they have another trick up their sleeves in the meantime.

Here is the simple and fastest guide on how to win $4.5 million on Squid Game reality show.

What is the Squid Game Reality Show

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The streaming home to the hit survival drama announced 'Squid Game: The Challenge,' with 456 players in real-life competition in a series of games for a record-setting $4.56 million purse. The streamer announced a reality TV production based on its global dystopian smash.

Netflix claims the payout is the largest lump-sum cash prize in TV history (though Fox’s X Factor has previously given out recording contracts worth $5 million), and that the show likewise also sports the largest competition series cast ever assembled.

The announcement comes on the heels of Netflix officially renewing Squid Game for a second season. The South Korean survival drama’s debut season was released in September and holds the record as Netflix’s most popular series of all time, racking up more than 1.65 billion view hours in its first 28 days.

The idea to make a reality version of Squid Game is perhaps a no-brainer, and was obvious enough for somebody to have already done it: YouTube star MrBeast produced an unofficial Squid Game competition that’s racked up more than 250 million views since it was released in November. The 25-minute video received praise from Hwang, (“I watched some of it, I loved it, it helps me to promote the show,” he said), while Netflix has not commented on it.

How to Become A Player

Casting for Squid Game: The Challenge is now open for applications at

Netflix is seeking contestants from around the world, but they must be English-speaking — a perhaps controversial mandate given that the original series was almost entirely in Korean. The language rule is a pragmatic one, as gameplay directions are given over a speaker and every player needs to be able to understand what’s being said.

Players are allowed to speak other languages, so long as they can also speak and understand English. If the show is successful, versions in other languages might be produced, just as Netflix reality shows like The Circle and Love is Blind have been adapted for various countries.

The production will be especially tricky, as producers won’t know who’s going to survive in advance and therefore must get sufficient coverage of all 456 contestants in the early stages of the game in order to craft an edit that follows the show’s “protagonists” all the way through. The challenges will be inspired by the dramatic series, but there will be differences and additions to keep players off guard.

Squid Game told the story of a divorced father and gambler (Lee Jung-jae) who enters a secret competition where 456 players compete in a series of playground games such as tug of war. The losers of each round are executed until just one victor remains.

It’s not yet clear how reality show’s $4.56 million will be distributed. Will it be a winner-take-all payout like in the drama series? Or will the funds be spread among a certain number of finalists, as in other competitions with a large number of competitors such as the World Series of Poker?

The Challenge is a co-production between Studio Lambert (The Circle) and The Garden (24 Hours in A&E), part of ITV Studios, and it will be filmed in the U.K. Stephen Lambert, Tim Harcourt and Toni Ireland from Studio Lambert and John Hay, Nicola Hill and Nicola Brown from The Garden will serve as executive producers.

How to Sign Up the Squid Game Reality Show from USA, UK and Around the World

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

No matter where you are in the world, you can join in on Squid Game: The Challenge, though all applicants must be able to speak and understand English fluently.

As of now, not many details about the reality series have been disclosed, so competitors will go into the game as blindly as the cast did in Episode 1. It’s likely that each game will mirror the challenges that we saw in the series. Luckily, no one will actually die. Instead, contestants will just be eliminated.

You can submit your application now on

“Real-life players will be immersed in the iconic Squid Game universe and will never know what’s coming next,” the website notes. “Win or lose, all players will leave unscathed. But if you win, you win big!”

US applicants can apply here, UK applicants here, and global applicants right here.

The U.S. casting site, in particular, requires all potential players be at least 21 years old, and have the right to legally reside in the U.S. They must be available to participate in the program for up to four weeks, which is anticipated to be in early 2023, although this could change. And they need a valid passport, and the ability to travel to all locations as specified by the show’s producers

And contestants need to upload a minute-long video telling the producers about themselves and why they want to be on “Squid Game: The Challenge,” along with what their game plan would be to win, and what they would do with the money if they came out on top. It also offers some tips to record a good video:

→ Put your phone / device in landscape mode.

→ Sit somewhere quiet and well lit – we want to see you!

→ Please do not use a filter on your video

→ Try not to make your video longer than 1 minute.

The requirements for U.K. and global contestants are similar.

Note: Don't worry about the punishments from the Squid Game series though: If you're interested in participating, the application form does say that "the stakes are high, but in this game, the worst fate is going home empty-handed."

How to Win Squid Game: Best Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The 10-episode reality competition will feature 456 contestants competing in a series of games inspired by the original show, which had shown the fictional competitors playing playground pastimes like “Red Light, Green Light” and tug-of-war with fatal results for the losers.

Best Tips for Winning Squid Game Reality Show

Don’t panic

Many Squid Game contestants lose their lives due to freaking out when the shooting starts, so avoid panicking! Take long, even breaths, use visualization techniques to picture a peaceful setting, consciously relax your body, and try to focus on something other than the likelihood of your imminent death. If you’re calm enough, you might be the only player to notice that all the upcoming games are painted on the walls of your dorm.

Build trust with other players

If you can get other players to trust you in early games, it will be easier to betray them later, so do not hesitate to share tips and advice. That having been said, I wouldn’t join an actual alliance. Only one Squid Game is team-based, so attachments to others are more likely to hurt than help you.

Play the meta-game

Despite their guns and scary jumpsuits, underneath the square and circle masks, The Managers are people, too, and they are not above corruption. They can’t help you with much outright, but they can tell you what game is next, a huge advantage. You’re in luck if you’re a surgeon who can aid their efforts to sell organs to the Chinese, but if you’re not, try to bribe a guard with half your winnings should you survive. It can’t hurt, right?

One thing you can learn from Squid Game is that it uses textbook psychological manipulation. You get the chance to clear your debt by gambling money that was never yours in the first place.

On the surface, it looks like prison rules apply. Until you quickly realise you are at the mercy of every single other player in the room. The whole thing is entirely illegal, so the contract is completely meaningless.

Best Techniques and Tricks to Win

How to Win at Game: Red Light, Green Light

The first of the Squid Game games had a high body count because contestants panicked. When the guns started firing, most players ran for the exit, ensuring their own demise. But it’s actually a fairly easy win. There is plenty of time to reach the finish line, so taking it steady and easy is key.

This is the easiest game to win because all you need is agility and endurance. Footing is everything. Walk forward with broad steps and flat feet. Though you may be tempted, do not run. Prioritizing speed will most likely backfire since running makes it harder to come to a complete stop, and you can easily stumble while regaining your balance.

When it’s time to stop moving, adopt a comfortable, steady, wide position on both feet, knees slightly bent. Shift your weight from foot to foot to keep still. Breathe slowly and don’t tense up.

When it’s time to move again, walk/slow-run steadily forward, keeping your eyes on the ground for falling bodies or blood stains that could trip you, and listen for the phrase. Try to put some distance between you and the other players so no one grabs you.

It shouldn’t be necessary, and it puts you close to another player who could trip you up if they fall in front of you. (I doubt a human body is going to fully protect you from flying bullets anyway.)

How to Win at Game: Dalgona

While three characters enter this game with prior knowledge, you don’t really need it. Even not knowing what these shapes might mean, simple usually means safe.

This tactic means you either choose the triangle or circle. The triangle is the best choice because it’s composed of the fewest straight angles. The circle is second best, as you wouldn’t need to lift your needle from the cake. As noted by Gi-hun’s reaction, the umbrella is the worst shape to pick. A shape with detail and rounded edges -- like the curved umbrella handle -- translates to a more difficult, time-consuming task. If you do end up choosing a difficult shape, don’t panic. Panic will make your hands tremble and will surely lead to a fatal cut.

Bonus round: Killing spree

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The only smart option here? Hide. Crawl under your bed, curl yourself up in a ball and wait until it’s over.

How to win at Game: Honeycomb

This Korean game involves trying to chip a simple shape out of a brittle sugar wafer with a needle. It is, by all accounts, very difficult, especially when the punishment for an errant crack is a bullet to the head.

Obviously the fewer angles in the shape you choose, the easier it will be to complete. Too bad you didn’t know beforehand (unless you bribed a guard.)

Failing that, the strategy employed by main character Seong Gi-Hun—licking the cookie until spit dissolves it enough to make the shape easy to separate—is solid. So is the villain’s technique of heating the needle with a stolen lighter.

How to Win at Game: Tug of War

Tug of war is a full-body strength test. Your legs need to press down and move backward, your arms to grip the rope, and your core/back to maintain the pulling position. You can maximize the strength of your team by placing the strongest person in the back and tying the rope in a loop around them. This is your “anchor.” A general rule is to mix the weakest and strongest players along the rope to keep both sides balanced. Il-nam’s strategies hold up. First, he says there needs to be a good leader, and everyone must focus on the back of the leader’s head. Keeping a steady focus ensures the team is in sync. If just one player on Gi-hun’s team refused to take the three steps forward, they would have slipped and fallen to their deaths. This is the one challenge where teamwork means everything.

For the first ten seconds, Il-nam suggests leaning back, practically lying down. As you do this, extend your arms to keep your body as straight as possible. Use an underhand grip, and set your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Positioning is key. Remember, tug-of-war is about full-body strength. If your strategy is just pulling, you’re going to tire out. Think about pushing against the ground and use your legs to hold you down.

Start by lifting the rope to your shoulders and turning 180 degrees. With your backs to your opponents, you can lean forward and you’ll have much greater leverage and strength.

How to Win at Game: Marbles

This game is the most devastating because your victory results in your partner’s elimination. But getting a choice of game to play grants an advantage.

Going first is best, and you should start with the third hole because your last marble will land in your Mancala, which earns you a second turn. Now you can play from your rightmost hole, which puts the marble into your partner’s hole and prevents them from making that same move. Defensive plays like these will prevent your partner from capturing marbles; the rest of your plays should maximize the marbles going in your mancala. Sang-woo plays dirty and betrays Ali. If this is your angle, ask your partner for their pouch of marbles to set up the game. Or you can distract your partner, getting them to look away or perhaps drop their pouch. Once you have both pouches, you can walk up to the guard and win the game.

The minimal rules of this game—you have ten minutes to get all your opponents marbles without using violence—makes this a contest of manipulation and trickery.

If you picked an easily fooled partner, say an old man with dementia or a good-hearted immigrant who trusts you, you might be able to score the easiest win in Squid Game history.

Start by saying something like: “To make this fair, let’s count each other’s marbles.” When they hand over their bag, don’t give yours up—just announce to The Managers that you’ve won.

A more subtle way of screwing your opponent is to suggest a “fair” game of odd and evens, then using rudimentary sleight-of-hand techniques to control how many marbles you have in your palm. Given the stress of the situation, engineering some misdirection at opportune moments should be possible, and you’ll probably only have to fake it once or twice to win.

Nighttime Violence

It’s time to team up or get placed in a black box!

While all the murder and mayhem is going on around you, remember, there are zero rules or restrictions present in this interval game.

All you have to do is survive the night, and the other players will take care of the rest. Defend a corner with your trusted team. That way, you only have to protect at a 90° angle. Or simply hide under a bottom bunk. It’s pitch black. No one can see you.

How to Win at Game: Glass Stepping Stones

These games are designed to kill you, so you need to find loopholes. No one thought of walking on the beams in between the stepping stones. This strategy does not go against the rules, and ensures a much better chance of survival, as the beam is the sturdiest surface.

Using the marble to test the sound of the glass is wise. However, other items are available: discarded shoes. Throw the shoes at the glass platforms. If it crashes through, you know to step on the adjacent platform. With sixteen players, you have thirty-two pairs of shoes, which are more than enough for the amount of stepping stones. Like the glassmaker, you can determine the difference between tempered and regular glass visually, but also by touch. The edges of tempered glass are much smoother than regular glass. Since the tiles are spaced only a few feet apart, you can reach out to feel them.

In this contest, there are 18 pairs of panels to walk across; half are deadly and half are safe. Winning is all about where you are in the lineup. The law of averages says that once 9 people have tried to cross, the way will be clear, but the first person who goes only has a 1 in 262,144 shot of making it across safely. If that’s you, I suggest never stepping on the bridge at all.

Run to the corner and say you’ll let timer run out so everyone dies unless you go later in the lineup. This probably won’t work, but it has a greater than 1 in 262,144 chance of succeeding.

The only other strategy that makes sense here is the one employed in the series, where a glass-maker can tell the tempered from the non-tempered glass. If you can do that, the most important thing to remember is to not tell anyone, lest The Managers turn off the lights and you die.

Some have suggested using everyone’s shoes to chuck at the glass before you step, but, honestly,

Remember the shoes? Take off your jacket, tie up one sleeve and see if you can smash the glass. Continue to the end to get all the way across.

Failing that, try and walk on the metal bars. You have to test the boundaries of each game to give you your best chance of survival!

How to Win at Game: Squid Game

The titular game was apparently popular in Korean schoolyards in the 1970s and 80s. It has fairly complicated rules, but they probably won’t matter. By this point, there are only two contestants left, and each is armed with a steak knife, so it’s likely to be a knife fight to death.

There are a variety of martial arts that involve weapon training, but I’d advise studying the knife fighting techniques detailed in the U.S. Marine Corps close-quarters combat manual—brutal, efficient, and paid for by your tax dollars.

The rules are as follows: The players get divided into offense and defense. Whereas defense can run on two feet, the offense must hop on one foot. If the offense cuts through the body of the squid, beating the defense, they can get back on two feet. The attackers assemble at the squid’s entrance and need to tap the circle at the top (it's head) with their foot. If the defense pushes you out of bounds, you lose.

It’s much easier to interrupt motion than struggle against it. Plant a firm stance and grapple with your arms outward so that you are immovable, and you keep the other player at a distance so they can’t strike.

In addition, the offense must hop on one foot, which is an automatic disadvantage against the defense, who remain on two feet the entire time. Considering the high-pressure circumstances, you may have to resort to playing dirty. There’s only one person left standing between you and that money. Try and take your opponent down so they can’t advance across the field -- or if you do choose offense, so they are no longer an obstacle. Aim for the eyes, throat, or groin. Once the other person is on the floor, drag them towards the edge of the field and let the guard kill them.

In this final battle, the last player standing wins. All the offence has to do is tap their foot in the circle at the other end of the court to win. The defender wins if they toss the attacker out of the court. Violence is prohibited.

There are two positions: Offence and defence.

Stage 1: Offensive player needs to try and win the game by running across the court while the defender attempts to stop them.

Stage 2: If successful, the offence must run through the narrow central gap to break defence and then tap their foot in the end circle.

Your best chance here is to choose defence unless you really want to play “how to murder your childhood bestie” like Sang-woo!

Simply lure the offence to the edges of the court and push them out to win. This uses the least amount of energy, and you’re less likely to kill someone! Or, stand in the narrow gap and wield your steak knife!

Keep in mind, though, that you’re wielding a steak knife, not a combat knife, so your weapon is going to be relatively fragile. Try to avoid stabbing bony places like the skull or chest so your knife doesn’t break or your blade bend.


Just go win the game and ignore your burning desire for vengeance! And, pay attention! The games are drawn on the walls where you sleep!

If you’re forced to choose whether someone will help a homeless person on the verge of freezing to death, always vote “no.”

Congratulations, you have won the Squid Games as well as $4.56 million won! You used physical strength, intelligent cleverness, and creativity to beat the odds and the other players.

Why is Squid Game so popular?

The plot features financially strapped adults playing traditional South Korean children’s games on a secluded island in the hope of winning a cash prize of about $40 million. The losers die, ruthlessly shot down by the game organizer’s “army”. That army is suitably threatening, wearing black masks and dressed in red suits that look suspiciously like hazmat (hazardous materials) suits while the players look like inmates in a prison, dressed in green with white sneakers. And with every death, the cash prize rises.

The concept of Squid Game isn’t new, though. For years, television has produced similar content, with a theme of survival being at the epicenter. Several shows on Netflix also fall in the same genre, with people forced to play games of some sort and many being eliminated as the tournament progresses. But, none of them seem to have gained the same level of fan following as Squid Game.

In the series, it is obvious that the society is divided into districts and socio-economic classes. The games seem to be the only fair place for the contestants, with the emphasis being on how they are all equal. There are dialogues that talk about how all the participants, who have received unequal treatment in the real world, have one chance to win a fair competition.

With its relatable characters, popular children’s games, striking visuals, and horrific deaths, Squid Game sets itself apart from the other Korean dramas available to stream on Netflix. It is the first Korean show to break through to foreign audiences at such a large scale, and is even driving viewers to other similar East Asian content. Similar to Parasite, fans of the series are expecting the show to win some global awards in the near future.

Cosplayers have also started replicating the looks of the different characters. One cosplayer nailed the look of the animatronic doll in the “Red Light, Green Light” game, and several others have already perfected the look of the participants and soldiers. Many people are already talking about dressing up as one of the characters from Squid Game for Halloween.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

Another reason why Squid Game has gained so much popularity is the easy access to audiences. The series has been filmed in Korean, but Netflix has dubbed the show in 34 languages, and even provides subtitles in 37 languages. Providing several language options is something that Netflix has mastered over the years.

The characters on Squid Game are also quite relatable, too. All of them are in dire consequences and seem to be desperate to earn money so they can pay off their debt. But, many of the main characters have families that they need to support and their emotional backstories are bound to tug at viewers’ hearts. Whether it is an unemployed man with a gambling problem, a North Korean defector struggling to support her brother, or a Pakistani labor worker trying to make ends meet, there are characters from all walks of life.

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