How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva. Photo: knowinsiders.
How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva. Photo: knowinsiders.
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Canva is an easy way to create social media graphics and many other types of documents. It's a content creation programme that’s available for both desktop and as an app.

As reported, Canva has all the things a small business needs to be able to create themselves a set of Social Media templates. It is free to use but there's a small charge for some elements or there is a Canva Pro, a paid option where you can upload your own brand fonts, colours and get access to a wider range of illustrations and photos from Canva itself. It can take a little while to work out how to use it but it is ultimately worth it.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic designing tool with several functions and features that even beginners can use. It allows anyone to create fascinating designs for personal and professional use. It is specially made for people who are not graphic designers and who cannot invest in hefty amounts to get professional designs.

As reported, whether you are making a resume or designing an invitation card, this platform covers everything. For additional features, you can also get the paid version available.

You can sign up for a free account online at to get started.

What can I design with Canva?

You can use Canva for designing anything you need. You can create a custom design from scratch or choose from the different content types it offers. Here are a few things that you can make using Canva within few minutes.



-Social media posts








-Labels and Invoices

-Planners and Banners


-Invitation and business cards



-E−Book and Magazine covers


-T−shirts and Mugs


How to Create Comic Strips Online with Canva

How to create a new Canva account?

When it comes to creating engaging and professional design in a few minutes, Canva is the best graphic designing tool. Also, it is free and open for everyone, as reported. To start creating your digital designs on Canva, you need to signup for a Canva account. Having a Canva account is important because:

-It keeps all your designs saved. You can access them from your account, edit, download them to your local file, or delete them.

-You can arrange your designs in folders.

-You can share your designs with others and allow others to share their designs with you.

-You can create a design team.

-If you opt for the premium version, you also get access to the brand kit.

Creating an account on Canva is easy. Just follow these three steps.

1. Open the Canva Web Application

2. Click on Signup

On the homepage on Canva, click on Signup. The signup button is on the rightmost top corner of the page. This page appears when you press signup.

You can create a Canva account in three ways:

-Using your email address.

-Using your Gmail account.

-Using your Facebook account.

You will get an instant account when you use Gmail or Facebook for creating a Canva account. But if you are opting for creating your account with an email address, this box appears.

Type your name, email address, and choose a strong password. Then press on get started to create your free Canva account. You may have to check your email and confirm it for completing the creation process.

3. Complete the Signup to access your account

Once you are done with the Signup process, this page will appear.

How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva

How much does Canva cost?

Canva offers various plans. The free plan comes with limitations in features and sharing options. Premium plans offer different prices. For instance, the Pro subscription costs $54.99/year for 1-5 people, the Enterprise subscription costs $40/month per person. Teachers and students at eligible schools get free access to the premium plan.


Detailed Steps to make comic strip

Elements of a Comic Strip

A comic strip tells a story using sequential images in panels. Usually, text and/or symbols are also used in storytelling, but comics do not always include these. Basic elements in a comic strip include:

i. Panel – An individual frame or single drawing, usually surrounded by a border.

ii. Gutter – Space between panels.

iii. Tier – A single row of panels.

iv. Splash – A full page illustration.

v. Spread – An illustration that is spread out over multiple pages.

vi. Caption – Text that is separate from the panel and acts as a narrator to help explain what is


vii. Speech Bubbles – These contain the dialogue of the characters.

1. Select Your Template

-Login to

-Search for “comic strip” in the search bar.

-If you have your own artwork, select “create a blank comic strip,” otherwise choose one of the free templates to get started.

How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva
Photo: screenshot.

2. Template Features

Canva offers access to a wide variety of ready-made comic strip templates. Each template includes a complete page, a blank page, two pages with illustration sets, and speech bubbles. You can customize the template as you like: You can add icons and tickers, insert illustrations, rearrange frames and speech bubbles, change template layout and font style, and more, as reported.

To search for templates, head over to Canva and type in Comic Strip in the search box. You can further filter your search by style (e.g., modern, simple, creative, cartoon, etc), by theme (e.g., pink, education, pet, family, love, teacher, music, food, etc), and by colour. Once you find the template you are interested in click to see a preview. To start using the template, click on Customize this template button. The template will now open in Canva editor where you can edit the design with ease.

Most templates will have 3-4 elements:

2.1. An example of the comic strip template and artwork.

How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva
Photo: screenshot.

2.2. A blank panel comic strip that you will build your comic on.

Choose the template (as below) that you want or you can also click on "Add page" to have a blank sheet. Design your own ideas.

How To Draw Comics Strips By Canva
Photo: screenshot

2.3. An illustration set of the characters in the comic strip example.

After choosing the template, click on Illustration Set that you want. It is so helpful to express your ideas. An illustration set of different character expressions that you can add to the characters from the first illustration set.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Illustration set. Photo: screenshot.

- Building a comic in Canva is easy. It’s a combination of copying, pasting, and resizing. Select a character illustration and copy and paste it to the blank comic strip panel page. Choose the bin icon if you want to delete and take another one.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Select a character illustration and copy and paste it to the blank comic strip panel page. Photo: screenshot.

- Next copy and paste the character expression illustration to the blank comic strip panel page. Then left click and drag the expression illustration to where you want to position it on the character illustration.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Resize the icon and attach to the character's face. Photo: knowinsiders.

- Drag from any corner of the expression illustration to resize. Left click to select the expression illustration and drag the expression illustration to where you want to position it on the character illustration. Wow! You have made your first character. Repeat the above steps to fill the rest of your panels.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Photo: screenshot.

- To add text, you can either copy the text boxes from the example template over to your panel and then replace the written text with your own, or you can add a text box from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You can also type on search text to find what you need.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Photo: screenshot.

2.4. Free speech bubbles and fonts

Canva’s comic strips template allows you to customize your design with ease. Whether you want to create something funny, sentimental or just plain weird, you’ll have access to everything you need to hit all the right notes. One of the easiest ways to convey mood is through your comics’ dialogue.

With more than a hundred beautiful and free fonts to use, you’ll be able to convey a whole range of emotions. Ensure your readers know who’s talking by using a speech bubble. Simply search the elements library for “speech bubble” then pick any of the numerous collection of quirky, colorful bubbles.

A good comic strip is one that communicates a strong narrative or story and dialogues are what breathes life into such narrative. Canva offers a wide range of free speech bubbles to insert into your comic strips. There are also over a hundred awesome and free fonts to choose from. To access these resources you simply search the elements library for 'speech bubble' and select from the options provided there.

How To Draw Comics Strips With Canva
Use speech bubbles. Photo: screenshot.

How to share your Comic strips?

Once your comic strip is ready you can share it using various options including: sharing it as a view-only link allowing anyone with the generated link to view the comic strip without having to sign-in to Canva, sharing it as a QR code, using an embed code to embed your comic strip in a website or blog. You can also share your comic strip directly on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

You also have the option to publish your comic strips directly to Google Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, PowerPoint, Box, Powtoon, among others. Alternatively, you can download your comic strip in different formats including: PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, GIF, and MP4 Video.

5 Steps for how to make a comic strip

1. Open Canva

2. Search through templates

3. Experiment with features

4. Customize your comic

5. Publish and share

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