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Pre-paid SIM cards in Qatar are readily available. They are a great choice if you want more flexibility or are not sure how long you will be in the country.

How to buy a SIM card in Qatar

Remember five things:

1. You can purchase a new local SIM card from the market or local stores.

2. The important thing is that your SIM must be registered in your name. You will need your Qatar ID to purchase a local SIM card.

3. You can present your ID card to buy your SIM card at the supermarket.

4. The cost of a SIM card is around 15 QR.

5. You can get your SIM card and use Internet packages or other calling services from these supermarkets.

Which Is Cheaper: A Prepaid Or A Postpaid Plan?

Prepaid phones are flexible and less expensive. You can make calls and text messages through it. For calling services, you can buy credit. Most foreigners prefer prepaid plans for mobile use while staying in Qatar.

However, to get the option is also there. If you intend to stay longer in the city, you can use the postpaid option. In a postpaid contract, you get more calling and data package features. You will also enjoy international roaming and international calling through this postpaid plan.

Quick ways to buy a SIM card in Qatar

1. Online order

Arrange everything online within just a couple minutes: right here, right now! No more swapping sim cards or buying a physical sim card from a store, an e-sim card makes it possible.

Order your Qatar e-sim card online, receive a unique QR code in your email, scan de code with your mobile phone and follow the instructions. In less than 2 minutes you activated a data package valid in Qatar. Check out the following e-sim card deals for Qatar:

1 GB data for 7 days = $6.5 USD

2 GB data for 15 days = $12 USD

3 GB data for 30 days = $16 USD

5 GB data for 30 days = $24.50 USD

10 GB data for 30 days = $44 USD

2. Purchase at airports

Buying a Ooredoo SIM card at Doha airport

Ooredoo is the only provider selling SIM cards at Doha Airport. There are two shops at Doha airport selling SIM cards:

Shop Location SIM Cards Available
Ooredoo Kiosk

Open 24 hours

Turn right after leaving customs. See map above.
  • Ooredoo Visitor SIM, 35 QAR
Qatar Duty Free

Open 24 hours

Before bag collection
  • Ooredoo Visitor SIM, 35 QAR

Both shops sell the Ooredoo Visitor SIM card for 35 QAR. This SIM card includes 150MB of data and flexi points that can be spent on more data or calls; the included credit is valid for 7 days and can be topped up after that. By spending the flexi points on data, it is possible to get 1GB of data.

The Visitor SIM card sold by Ooredoo for 35 QAR includes:

• 7 day validity

• 150 “flexi points”

• 150mb of data

Flexi points can be spent on calls, SMS, or more data. The card can also be topped up to extend validity, add more calls/data, or add more flexi points (which can then be spent on calls/data).

Adding more data includes:

• 500mb for 10 QAR or 70 flexi points, lasts 1 day (until midnight on the day the data is purchased)

• 1GB for 20 QAR or 150 flexi points, lasts 7 days

• 2.5GB for 60 QAR or 500 flexi points, lasts 28 days

Local calls cost 0.60 QAR per minute, or can be included in the following bundles:

• 100 units for QAR 10 (recurring), includes 100mb of data

• 175 units for QAR 15 (recurring), includes 100mb of data

• Unlimited units for QAR 60 (recurring), includes 250mb of data

International calls: To call back home or any other country costs 0.99 QAR per minute without a bundle or 0.55 QAR per minute if subscribed to one of the local call bundles above. Bundle packs are available offering cheaper calls to countries such as India, Nepal, and Jordan.

Topping up options for Ooredoo SIM cards include online top up with credit card, or by purchasing cards/vouchers at various shops and convenience stores throughout the Qatar. Validity of the SIM card is extended when it is topped up.

Coverage: Ooredoo seems to provide the most extensive coverage in Qatar. If sticking to Doha or the other built-up areas, there should be no problems with coverage.

Roaming an Ooredoo SIM card to another country starts at 100 QAR for 1 week, including 100 mins of calls to any country and 1GB of data. This roaming passport should be purchased before departure. As far as I can tell, Ooredoo roaming passport is available in most countries.

Buying a Vodafone SIM card (after leaving the airport)

Vodafone typically offers better value than Ooredoo, and can be a good option if staying a month or more in Qatar.

Vodafone SIM cards start at 35 QAR (including 35 QAR of credit) and can be purchased in small stores and many malls dotted around Doha, including:

Villagio Mall (generally open 9am to 10pm, with reduced hours on Fridays)

Landmark Mall (similar hours as above, with extended hours on Saturdays)

Doha City Center (10am to 10pm with reduced Friday hours)

Data can be added by dialling the codes included with the SIM, some of the costs are:

• 300mb + 450mb bonus for 10 QAR, lasts for 3 days

• 1GB + 1GB bonus for 30 QAR, lasts for 14 days

• 4GB + 2GB bonus for 80 QAR, lasts for 28 days

• Bonus data typically only lasts 8 days.

Local calls are charged using ”flex”. Recharges are purchased as flex and then can be spent on calls (and data). Local calls cost 1 flex per minute; flex costs include:

• 30 flex for 5 QAR with 1 day validity

• 225 flex for 30 QAR with 14 day validity

• 500 flex for 60 QAR with 30 day validity

International calls are charged in flex or in bundles to select countries. Example call costs are:

• UK, USA, France: 5 flex per minute

• China: 10 flex per minute

• India: 1 flex per minute

Select countries that have bundle minutes include India, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, and many others. Minute bundles start from 5 QAR for 30 minutes.

Recharging Vodafone prepaid SIM cards is done by adding credit to the card and then dialing codes to add packages.

Coverage doesn’t seem as great as Ooredoo, though should work fine in Doha and the other major population centres.

Roaming a Vodafone SIM card to another country costs 100 QAR per week and that includes 100 minutes of calls and 1GB of data. This is comparable with the Ooredoo offer, and I find it can offer great value to countries where local SIM cards are expensive (such as Canada). Over 100 countries are included in this plan.

How to roam a foreign SIM card into Doha

We felt the SIM cards were a little expensive if arriving in Doha, so I took a look at what other options were available for visitors from select countries:

Visitors from the UK:

EE costs £20 for 250mb with 7 day validity4

Vodafone costs £6 per day to use your UK allowances (pay-monthly plans only, pre-pay plans are charged per megabyte/call)5

GiffGaff, charges are per megabyte/call - pick up a SIM card in Doha

Three also charges per megabyte/call

Visitors from the USA:

AT&T includes Qatar in their monthly passport plans starting from $70 per month6

T-Mobile includes unlimited 2G data and text on plans that have Simple Global, otherwise it’s $15 per megabyte! (pick up a local SIM card in Doha)7

Canadians should buy a local SIM card in Doha, I couldn’t find any good deals to roam Canadian SIM cards into Doha.

Australians on Optus and Vodafone should buy a local SIM card in Doha - these providers only have expensive pay-as-you-go roaming rates. For Telstra customers, Qatar falls within the $10 per day roaming zone, which includes 200mb of data8.

Singaporeans can roam with Singtel (from $40 for 3GB)9, Starhub (from $40 for 2GB)10, or M1 (which I think costs $50)11.

Buy a Prepaid SIM Card at Hamad International Airport

When you arrive at Hamad International Airport, you will get to Vodafone and Ooredoo stores to buy a new SIM card. These stores provide visitors with frequent SIM cards for their convenience.

Usually, you need to show your Qatar ID to get a registered SIM card in Qatar. If you want to buy it on your arrival at the airport, there won't be a problem in buying a SIM card. You just need to show your passport to the staff.

They will deliver you the SIM after scanning your passport. In other cases, if you are outside the airport, you will find many stores offering SIM cards for sale. You can even purchase a sim by showing your passport there.

Best SIM Card Services in Qatar


Provides postpaid and prepaid plans. You can get different calling and data packages through it. Further, you can get a Hala sim card for 60 to 200 QR. This phone service also offers a special offer for visitors. The visitors can get a Visitor Sim by filling out an application form through the Ooredoo website. This SIM card works for seven days only.

Moreover, visitors can purchase this SIM card at the airport when they arrive. It offers different plans for calling and data usage. There are also international calling and roaming options, but with varying price ranges.


Offers prepaid and postpaid plans. The cost of the prepared SIM card is 35 to 500 QR. You select different calling rates and packages in preparation for calling through your SIM cards. The postpaid Vodafone has an unlimited 5G for local data usage. It also provides you with international roaming and FLEX.

How much do SIM Cards in Qatar Cost?

You can expect to pay the following for Qatari SIM cards:

Ooredoo Qatar: “free”, but a plan purchase or minimum top-up of 10 QAR required

Vodafone Qatar: 10 QAR

The following Qatari mobile operators also have SIM cards targeting tourists:

Ooredoo Qatar: 35 QAR (Fan SIM – formerly Visitor SIM) & 150 QAR (Super Fan SIM)

Vodafone Qatar: 35 QAR (it has no real tourist SIM card (anymore) – this is the price for SIM cards at the airport)

Data Speed and Coverage of the SIM Cards in Qatar

The data speed and coverage of the Ooredoo SIM card are excellent. The coverage will be perfect whether you use it within Doha or outside in the surrounding. It never gets down below 10 Mbps anywhere in Qatar.

Wifi Network in Qatar

After having a SIM card, you can use 3G/4G/5G or simply access to wifi network in Qatar.

Qatar is very advanced when it comes to free WiFi. There is free WiFi in every shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, etc. But in fan zones, stadiums or other public gatherings? With so many people trying to connect at the same time to a public WiFi network, the data connection could be very slow, not stable or not working at all. Also keep in mind that surfing the internet on public WiFi is through an UNSECURED network. The use of a VPN in these situations is recommended for security reasons.

Keep in mind that Qatar is a conservative Muslim country and there might be a couple thing different than in your own country. According to Wikipedia Qatar filters pornography, political criticism of Gulf countries, gay and lesbian content, sexual health resources, dating and escort services, and privacy and circumvention tools.

But good news for those that like to use dating apps: Tinder works like normal and is a popular app to use in Qatar.

Commercial 5G NR has been available in Qatar since May 2018. It is available on the Ooredoo and Vodafone networks. 5G NR is also offered to prepaid customers.

Qatar Mobile Numbers

The numbers for mobile phones in Qatar are all made up of eight digits. However, your number will start with a particular double-digit code depending on which company you are with. Vodafone numbers begin with 77, while Ooredoo numbers start with 33, 44, 55, or 66. The international calling code for Qatar is 974; you need this if you’re calling a Qatari mobile from overseas.

Both Vodafone and Ooredoo allow number porting, so if you happen to change providers, you can keep your existing number.

Bottom Line

As roaming is quite expensive in Qatar, we recommend buying a new SIM card using in a specific period of time when you stay in Qatar for World Cup. You can buy SIM cards right at the airport after you land Qatar. Shopping malls in the cities are available for SIM card sale. 4G/5G are available and wifi is easy to access.

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