Where Do Tourists Stay and What to Eat in Qatar?
Luxury hotel rooms are extremely expensive, especially during World Cup days. Photo: Hospitality ON

Where to Stay in Qatar?

With a huge number of international visitors to Qatar this year's World Cup, the country has only 30,000 hotel rooms in total. Therefore, visitors need to find a way to book a room as soon as possible or choose a suitable plan when they want to come here on this occasion.

Qatar has many beautiful and luxurious international-class hotels. During the World Cup season, the price of hotel rooms here increased sharply compared to the previous months, averaging about 600-1,200 USD/night. With 5-star hotel rooms, prices are up to 1,500-2,500 USD/night. The most affordable rooms are also at 400-500 USD/night.

Up to now, almost all rooms in Qatar are fully booked. Therefore, Qatar has issued multiple entry visas for visitors to help reduce the pressure of residence.

Specifically, during the World Cup, visitors from neighboring countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait can go back and forth many times to watch football and then return to their home countries "overnight". Although it does not cost the hotel, this method will also incur additional travel costs.

To have more accommodation, Qatar has chartered 3 "floating hotel" ships with a total of about 6,000 rooms, can accommodate up to 13,000 people at a cost of 200-800 USD / night. In addition, the government of this country also allows the construction of tents without air conditioning in the desert for visitors to stay called the desert experience.

Besides, visitors can also stay in traditional tents. There is air conditioning located right on the beach for more than 400 USD/night. In order to meet the needs of fans coming to watch the World Cup, the host country has also arranged more mobile cabins, like containers. The price of renting a "container room" is extremely expensive at 300 USD / night.

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What to Eat in Qatar?

Qatari cuisine is quite diverse and rich. Photo: Marhaba Qatar
Qatari cuisine is quite diverse and rich. Photo: Marhaba Qatar

The Qatar food is quite delicious and suitable for many people. Traditional specialties can be mentioned as Machbous, Kabsa, Mathrooba, Margooga... These dishes are mainly made from chicken, lamb, wheat and many typical spices of the country.

Friendly local residents, good English communication. The weekend in Qatar is not Saturday and Sunday like other countries but Friday and Saturday. So Friday morning many shops are closed to prepare for that afternoon prayer.

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