Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
Alcohol and Beer Restricted, Drunk Prohibited in Qatar
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Not during the World Cup, but before that there were countless taboos in the Muslim country of Qatar that you need to know before visiting.

The organizers of the World Cup in Qatar have also issued a set of rules that apply to all people attending the biggest football festival on the planet. In a 16-page document called "Qatar: Do's and Don'ts," these various guides are organized into six chapters.

Knowinsiders.com helps you choose important regulations and taboos to remember before you set foot in this Middle Eastern country.

1.No 'One Night Love', No Homosexuality and No Adultery

Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
No Adultery in Qatar

Sex outside of marriage and homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.

The penalty for same-sex relationships is up to three years and the possibility of the death penalty (one of the penalties in Qatar, the maximum is stoning to death).

This ban is in effect from the start of the opening to the end of the 2022 World Cup, for anyone visiting and staying in the country.

Violators risk being imprisoned for 3 years or more, even serious crimes can be sentenced to death.

Until now, Qatar has not yet accepted same-sex relationships.

At the same time, adultery is also considered an act of moral decadence and is prohibited for everyone.

Thus, this will be the first World Cup to completely ban "one-night stands", unless the two are legally husband and wife. Violators can be imprisoned for up to 7 years.

Football fans have been warned not to get caught up in the "one-night stand" that often takes place between fans at World Cup finals that land them in court and in jail.

Besides, the act of adultery is classified as moral decadence, forbidden to everyone. Homosexuality has not yet been accepted by Qatar. Mansoor Al Ansari - General Secretary of the Qatar Football Association also said that Qatar is considering adding a regulation banning the flying of LGBT flags at all matches.

In addition, some hotels in Qatar also openly do not welcome same-sex couples. Others said they still accept guests but do not allow them to show affection in the common space.

A source from the Qatari police said: “Sex outside of marriage abounds but is strictly prohibited in Qatar, unless you come as husband and wife. There will certainly be no "one-night stand" at this tournament. There's also no partying. People need to keep their heads clear about taboos, unless they want to risk getting stuck in prison. Basically, there was a ban on non-marital sex for the first time at this year's World Cup. Fans need to be prepared."

2.Restricted Alcohol, Prohibited Drunk and No Smoking

According to the updated notice on the official website of the World Football Federation (FIFA), alcoholic beverages such as: Champagne, wine, beer and wine are only offered in VIP lounges located in the stadium. of the World Cup 2022.

In addition, World Cup fans are only allowed to use these drinks in limited quantities before and after the match ends in the designated area around the stadium. Fans are absolutely not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the stadium.

Qatar prohibits tourists from carrying alcohol and getting drunk on the streets, as well as possessing drugs and pork products. The beer, which costs 17 euros a liter, will only be on sale at certain times.

If violated, fans will be severely fined, including administrative fines and caning. The penalty of caning is up to 100 times. In particular, drunk people are strictly prohibited, if caught, they will face prison sentences.

FIFA's fanzone with a capacity of about 40,000 will serve alcoholic beverages at all times. In addition, spectators can go to two locations, InterContinental Beach and Spa and Doha golf club, to drink alcohol at all hours of the day.

Tobacco is prohibited in all public spaces.

In 2011, Doha authorities temporarily allowed alcohol at restaurants at its upscale The Pearl district, mostly frequented by foreign residents. But after complaints by Qataris, the authorities clamped down again.

In recent months, restaurants there have again been allowed to apply for alcohol licenses, but it was done discreetly and the issue remains taboo.

3.Restrictions and Taboos About Dressing

Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
The dress code for tourists when coming to Qatar - Photo: Doha Fes City

On the World Cup 2022 homepage, the host country Qatar's regulations are updated: "Fans can wear any outfit depending on their preferences. However, the outfit must be knee-length and must not reveal the chest in the matches. Public attractions such as museums, government buildings.

Female fans are not allowed to dress sexy.

Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
Women are not allowed to dress sexy in Qatar

Guests will be allowed to wear swimsuits at the hotel's beach and swimming pool. Fans who come to the stadium need to be aware that it is not allowed to go topless in the stadium."

Accordingly, people who go topless in the stadium can be fined up to 2,700 Euro (about 62.7 million VND). Meanwhile, female tourists coming here must dress modestly and discreetly in public, their costumes must cover their shoulders, avoid wearing short skirts, and show off their skin.

Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
Masks are banned when cheering for the World Cup

New Dress Code (16 page document):

Non-Qatar women do not need to cover their hair and wear the abaya, a long black robe that covers the entire body. However, women's clothes still need to cover their shoulders and wear skirts, dresses or pants that cover the knees so as not to violate the law of this country.

The dress code applies in places like shopping malls, local markets called souqs, on the Corniche, Doha's waterfront and other public areas where dress codes need to be observed.

Some dress recommendations for female travelers are:

- Jackets, short-sleeved shirts that cover the shoulders and don't show the cleavage

- Maxi skirts and other dresses that cover shoulders and knees

- Jeans or trousers

Most of the beaches in Doha are owned by hotels, so visitors can wear bikinis or different types of swimwear. However, bikinis that are too skimpy are also banned.

Please note that Katara is the only beach that is not owned by the hotel and is public so all Qatari dress codes will apply.

Meanwhile, men are allowed to wear light colored trousers and chinos. However, male visitors cannot wear jeans, athletic shorts or chinos that do not cover the knees.

Prohibited clothing including blazers and t-shirts with offensive slogans will not be accepted in this country.

Neither men nor women are allowed to wear any clothing that exposes their shoulders and knees while in Qatar. However, women's clothing has more specific regulations.

Short-sleeved shirts, miniskirts and skirts, crop tops and shorts are prohibited. Qatar requires ensuring that visitors' clothing is neither too tight nor too transparent. For men, tank tops and V-necks that are sleeveless or too low are not allowed. And it's strictly forbidden to go topless, except at the beach.

Upon arrival at Hamad Airport in Doha, as it is a large international airport, the domestic dress code does not apply here. However, if you are present at the airport in the prescribed attire, the exit or entry will be much more convenient.

DON’T go barefoot into the Persian Gulf waters, though, because that's where troublesome stonefish lie camouflaged along the shoreline and their sting is harmful.

4.Limit Filming and Taking Photos

International audiences coming to the World Cup should pay attention when filming or photographing religious, cultural or military sites. Videos posted on social media that are deemed offensive or culturally sensitive may be punishable by law.

In addition, fans are prohibited from wearing masks. This rule made many Mexicans unhappy, as Lucha Libre masks are a feature of fans at football games. However, in case Mexican fans still stubbornly wear masks to cheer at stadiums, security forces will confiscate and warn.

Currently, Qatar still requires the wearing of masks in crowded places or traveling by public transport.

5.Littering can be Punished

Full List of Taboos in Qatar That You Need to Avoid
Things Banned in Qatar

Qatar is in the top of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to strict regulations on littering and environmental protection. As a tourist, you are obligated to comply with the hygiene laws of Qatar.

Make sure that you do not violate the taboos in the hygiene law such as littering and doing things that adversely affect the environment around you. A fine of 25,000 QAR may be imposed on the individual found to be in violation of the law, or in worse situations, imprisonment or both.

6.No Talk or Touch at the Public Places

There are certain rules imposed to ensure a friendly and safe environment for all in Qatar.

The thing that you shouldn't do in Qatar is to show disrespect to the religion or speak against the values. No foreigner can get involved in vulgarity, showing obscene gestures, or speaking words that could hurt the sentiments of others. Humble and kind conduct is appreciated. When it comes to communicating with the opposite gender, no man is allowed to talk or touch an unknown woman. This is recognized as a crime, and one can face strict consequences.

Never stretch your legs while sitting so that the soles of your shoes are visible to someone else. This is considered to be wrong and unmannerly.

DON’T ever sit with the soles of your shoes or feet facing towards your Qatari host. It is considered very humiliating and insulting.

7.No Forks or Knives to Eat

Qatari don't use forks or knives to eat. While the restaurant serves you a proper fancy dinner, with every cutlery, there will be every dish served in the way you tend to eat. If there aren’t many rules set in any café or restaurant, one needs to be respectful towards the waiters.

DON’T use your left hand to eat with your fingers when in public. The left hand is kept for personal hygiene in most Muslim countries.

DON’T get upset if a Muslim refuses to shake your hand. The handshake is usually limited to members of the opposite sex.

8.Queuing Etiquettes

If you're standing in a queue or you're having a conversation with a Qatari, they may stand at a little distance. They are not being rude or offending you; they are just respecting your personal space.

In Qatar, you'll often find places like hospitals, government buildings, banks, etc. where there are separate queues for men and women. Please respect the segregation and stay in your own line.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18 - Qatar's national day. This year the tournament takes place in 29 days instead of 32 days as before. The opening match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador took place at 19:00 on November 20 (23h Hanoi time), after the opening ceremony at Al Bayt Stadium with a capacity of 60,000 people.

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What is banned in Qatar?

Alcohol, drugs, and the use of weapons, import religious books, obscene material, and pork-related products are strictly banned in Qatar.

Can I do photography in Qatar?

As long as you are clicking photographs with your family at the beaches or other attractions, photography is not a matter of concern. But the religious sites and some historical heritages do not allow photography.

Is there any restriction on the dress code?

Tourists in Qatar can dress up in smart casuals and formals as well. Only one thing needs to be followed while dressing up. No shorts and revealing dresses are allowed. Both men and women should wear clothes covering their knees and shoulders.

Is a display of public affection allowed in Qatar?

There are certain restrictions on the display of public affection. Certain places in Qatar do not allow activities like hugging or holding hands. Make sure you respect the values of people living there.

Do I need to do a COVID test to enter Qatar?

You no longer need to take a pre-departure PCR or rapid antigen test to enter Qatar if you arrive after 1 November. You also don’t have to pre-register on the government’s Ehteraz health app prior to arrival as travellers did in the past.

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