Simple Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In Room Of Hotels Or Rental Homes
Simple Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In Room Of Hotels Or Rental Homes
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It’s a horrifying scenario—finding a hidden camera in your hotel room or vacation rental. And unfortunately, it’s also a recently emerging trend as more and more people report this invasion of privacy. One recent survey found that a whopping 11 percent of respondents had found a hidden camera in an Airbnb. Protect yourself by learning how to check for hidden cameras in your vacation rental or hotel room.

There have been cases of privacy breaches in hotels and resorts too. And as cameras get smaller, you can expect more spying to take place. These tips will help you detect a hidden camera in your room and protect yourself.

Why You Should Start Screening For Hidden Spy Cameras When You Travel

Photo: Curly Tales
Photo: Curly Tales

Are you afraid that hidden cameras might be spying on you when you travel?

The tourism boom after the Covid pandemic, the concern over spycams in hotels and vacation rentals can no longer be dismissed as far-fetched.

Throughout years, a drumbeat of news stories revealed an emerging trend, as one traveler after another discovered hidden cameras in their accommodations. Typically, these covert devices were cleverly embedded in innocuous-looking items such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, phone chargers and even shampoo bottles and deodorant sticks.

Indeed, a quick search for “hidden spy cameras” on reveals thousands of everyday items sold with embedded micro cameras. Most of these products are priced under $100; for example, there’s a USB wall charger for $28.87, a smoke detector for $58.99 and a digital alarm clock for $76.99. Each item is designed to be inconspicuous, like the hardover book for $49.99 or photo frame for $99.99 that would look perfectly harmless sitting on a fireplace mantel or in a bookcase inside a vacation rental or hotel suite.

In the past year, just a few of the places spycams were discovered include a Sydney hostel, a Miami Airbnb, and hotels from Tehri, India to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and from Zhengzhou, China to San Francisco and Minneapolis. In South Korea, a crime ring was busted after secretly filming and live-streaming the actions of over 1,600 motel guests.

Hidden Cameras in the U.S and Many Countries: illegal!

Hiding cameras in hotel rooms is illegal in the United States. The potential threat comes from individual bad actors — hotel employees, contractors or guests — who may have access to the room.

Clearly, the recent uptick of spycams in the news is making travelers jumpy. Nearly six in 10 (58%) Airbnb guests are worried about hidden cameras in vacation rentals, according to a survey by property investment firm IPX1031 of over 2,000 Airbnb guests. The same poll found that one in 10 guests (11%) had found hidden cameras in an Airbnb rental.

Generally speaking, it's legal in the United States to use hidden cameras to record surveillance video in your home, but covert surveillance in a rental property is a violation of most vacation rental companies’ policies. For example, Airbnb’s policy specifically prohibits hidden cameras. Hosts may install non-covert security cameras and other recording devices in the common areas of the home, as long as the devices are disclosed to renters. Under no circumstances is any type of camera allowed in any bedrooms or bathrooms.

10 Simple Ways To Detect Hidden Cameras In Your Room

Photo: Kaspersky
Photo: Kaspersky

1.Physical Inspection

Level up your observation skills in a hotel room. Does that lamp look out of place? Or is the alarm positioned in a weird that lamp? If you feel that the gadgets are placed in a weird manner in the room, you have got to be extra vigilant. Smoke detectors in rooms and bathrooms also have hidden cameras so take an extra look at them. Also, check the wall decor, electrical outlets, tissue boxes, wall sockets, desk plants, and air filter equipment.

The first step is to think logically about what someone would be interested in capturing on a hidden recording device. “Cameras typically need a clear view of the subject to get the best images,” explains Jack Plaxe, a hotel and lodging security professional and Founder and former Managing Director of the Security Consulting Alliance. “A visual scan of the room in key areas such as sleeping rooms, bathrooms, et cetera, may reveal clues that lead to the discovery of covert devices. For example, an unusually positioned object in the room may warrant a closer inspection. This was how an Airbnb guest found a camera concealed inside a motion detector that seemed out of place in a bedroom.”

Observe and search for typical surrounding objects and areas such as:

→ Books, wall decorations, clocks, tissue boxes, clothes hangers…

→ Smoke alarms.

→ Small slits, hidden corners.

→ Power socket, hair dryer holder, table lamp.

→ Seat, underside of chair, storage shelf, ballpoint pen, flower vase, scented wax box.

→ Digital TV box, DVD case.

→ Lines of lights, lamps or even peepholes on doors, doorbells and any other items you feel suspicious about depending on the layout of the room…If detected, unplug immediately.

2. Use Your Mobile Phone Flash Light

Simple Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In Room of Hotels or Rental Homes
Use Your Mobile Phone Flash Light

Most camera lenses, even the tiniest ones reflect light. So a hidden camera would reflect light too. But how do you check that? Turn off the lights and turn on your smartphone flashlight to scan the room. If you spot a reflection, you can dig deep and check for a hidden camera.

Detecting electromagnetic fields. This type of app detects magnetic fields. You need to have an idea of where the camera might be positioned, however. If a strong field is detected, it is likely there is a camera secreted within the wall or object.

Another way is to turn on the phone camera and also shoot around the room in recording mode. If there is an object that is another camera, it will reflect or show a light spot on the screen.

3.Check WiFi

To transfer data to a storage unit or other device reader, modern hidden cameras require a WiFi connection.

Open the WiFi finder on the smartphone to scan, if the device name is a series of meaningless letters and numbers, it is most likely coming from a hidden camera.

4.Check the 2 Way Mirror on the Wall

Simple Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In Room of Hotels or Rental Homes
How Can Hidden Cameras Be Detected

Check if the mirror is a two-way mirror by placing your finger perpendicular to the mirror surface.

But first, it is important to understand what a two-way mirror is? A two-way mirror is a sheet of glass coated with a material called a micro pane.

If you stand on the side that has been scanned, you will see your reflection through the mirror. But if you stand on the side that is not scanned, the material will be able to see through the other side like a window glass.

Perhaps, for those who are passionate about crime dramas, who are too familiar with the image of criminal interrogation, from an elevated room through the mirror can see the happenings below, This is a two-way mirror. Therefore, the feeling that someone is behind the mirror is not without foundation.

You can check by placing the tip of your finger perpendicular to the mirror, if the reflection on the mirror is far from your nail tip, this is a normal mirror, also known as a 1-way mirror. .

But if the tip of the nail touches the reflection on the mirror, then 95% of this is a 2-way mirror and there is a chance that there is a hidden camera or a hidden room inside.

If you're still not sure, you can double-check by turning off all the lights, leaving the room dark, and then using your phone's flash to shine in the mirror. If this is a two-way mirror then the room across the mirror can be illuminated and you will see.

If the finger and the fingertip reflection are spaced apart, it's a normal mirror, and if they touch each other, it's a two-way mirror, most likely there's a camera on the other side.

5. Get Your Hands On A Spy Camera Device

Photo: Gadgets To Use
Photo: Gadgets To Use

Okay, so did you know that you can buy a professional spy camera device? Simply look for an RF signal detector on Amazon and you will get a wide range. Sweep the room with the bug detector. And while these devices are not widely reviewed by regular consumers, it can be a great way to detect a hidden camera especially if you are someone who is on the go most of the time.

With hidden camera detector app, you get access to some of the cool techniques to detect spy camera. Let’s take the example of infrared camera. In few places, hidden cameras are infrared camera or night vision camera. Our mobile phone camera can spot IR lights which are invisible to human eye. Meaning if you scan your area without this app, most probably you will not notice hidden IR camera. But if you scan your area with the help of this app, app will show IR light as visible white/ blue light which was invisible to naked eye.

Similarly in many places, we see wireless camera. There are plenty of wireless and bluetooth cameras available on the amazon and other commerce website. Such cameras can be detected with the help of “detect wireless camera” functionality of this app. Without this app, it will be tedious manual activity that will take too much time to detect such cameras.

The third major functionality offered by hidden camera detector app is detect wired camera. It uses magnetic sensor of your phone to identify nearby magnetic activity. If magnetic activity matches with typical camera units then it will beep with warning sign. Though app can also beep for false positive objects like television, microwave oven but user intervention is strongly required.

Talking about hidden camera detector app by Futureapps, it offers lens detector feature that uses artificial intelligence, using which you can detect mobile camera especially in changing rooms, CCTV and few pin hole cameras.

6. Cover Any Suspicious Device In Your Room

If you find a suspicious device in your room and you do not know what they are for and what is their use, the best thing to do is to unplug the device and cover it with a towel. You could also simply stuff the device in a drawer.

7.Make A Phone Call

You may not know, making a phone call is also a great way to detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms. You just need to make a phone call to anyone such as family or friends, but don't sit still, walk around in the areas of the bedroom, watching and searching while walking.

If in a certain location you feel that the phone has signal interference, poor hearing, bad transmission, these are the areas where the camera is suspected. Moreover, if the phone suddenly loses signal, it may not be because of the network connection, but there is a hidden camera.

8.Use specialized equipment or remote control of TV, air conditioner

Simple Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In Room of Hotels or Rental Homes
Find Hidden Cameras In Room by TV remote

Today, with the development of technology, you can easily find and buy specialized equipment to detect hidden cameras, which is very useful in long trips or people who often have to move.

This type of device also has many different prices depending on the manufacturer, you can learn to choose the right product for your pocket. Usage is not too complicated, you just need to turn on the device and start scanning the room. If there is a camera, the signal on the device will alarm.

However, the camera scanner has a limitation that it can only detect a certain group of wave frequencies. Therefore, for hidden cameras that use many frequency frames, the detector may not be able to detect it.

But for the types of cameras that use multiple frequencies, which are often very expensive, the hidden camera in the hotel may not be invested too much, so it can still be detected.

In addition, an item that you may not have thought of, but that helps a lot in detecting hidden cameras is the remote, also known as the remote control of TVs, air conditioners ... often found in the living room. hotel.

How to detect hidden cameras in hotels by remote is very simple, you just need to put the remote in suspicious places such as alcoves, under the table, etc., and press any button on the control panel. In case there is an LED signal on the remote that glows, it is likely that the area you have just checked has hidden cameras.

9.Turn off the lights to see the camera at night

You can use the principle of operation of security cameras at night to detect hidden cameras in the room. Since most cameras are equipped with a red or green LED, it will blink or shine the LED in low light conditions (the purpose is to capture more clearly at night).

Therefore, you should turn off all the lights in the room and close the curtains, make sure the room is as dark as possible so that you can detect the spy camera.

10. Download An Application To Scan The Recording Equipment

Photo: India Times
Photo: India Times

Got no sign of hidden devices in your room and still feeling paranoid? You can download an application that will scan for frequencies used by recording equipment. Detectify and Radarbot are a few applications that you can download on an Android phone. A lot of these applications to find secret hidden cameras near you are free.

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

This is a great camera finder that runs well on Android. Once installed on your device, it quickly scans any rooms to make sure nobody is spying on you. Thanks to lens detector that easily finds a spy camera wherever it’s hidden in the room.

All-in-one network scanner works amazingly to find not only hidden cameras but also GPS trackers and listening devices connected on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you find a suspicious device, simply click on the IP link and see if it’s doing surveillance.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector offers a lot of features, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanners to simple interface. No need to buy costly detectors as it has everything you need to stay private wherever you go. This app is available for free with in-app purchases for the Premium version.

2. Hidden Camera Detector

More than 5 million users have trusted this app to scan and detect hidden cameras. Coming with a beautiful and simple design, using the app is super easy. Move your smartphone near to suspicious devices like flower pots, paintings, or anything.

It is equipped with magnetometer that uses the magnetic sensor of your mobile device to analyze any magnetic activities. The app is designed to beep only if it detects magnetic activity as that of a camera, so it won’t trouble you.

On top of that, the app has infrared camera detector that allows you to detect infrared cameras. Move your device and scan white light appearing on screen. The white light indicates infrared, so you may need to take a deeper analysis.

3. Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder

This is another hidden camera detector that protects you from unwanted exposure. It helps you find hidden cameras at hotels, changing rooms, or toilets for your privacy. Thanks to advanced technology that identifies spying devices like microphone, transparent spy camera, hidden camera, and more.

In order to work optimally, you have to move the camera near the suspected objects. It works best detecting cameras up to 15 cm away. Thanks to magnetometer that helps detect magnetic materials such as speakers or cameras.

Moreover, it is equipped with radiation meter to detect hidden cams as well as infrared detector that easily analyzes objects for devices with infrared-like cameras. Overall, this app transforms your smartphone into a useful camera detector.

4. Hidden Camera Finder 2020

This is a useful app you’re searching to detect hidden cameras. It has radiation meter and magnetic meter that comes standard, allowing you to find speakers or cameras right from your mobile phone. Not to mention it’s also equipped with infrared to detect infrared cams.

No need to worry about privacy when you’re away from home. Before changing your clothes or using public toilets, run this app to make sure no one is spying on you. This is how to protect your privacy while bad guys are getting advanced with technologies.

Much like other hidden camera detector apps, it analyses magnetic activity to detect any cameras. Camera has a magnetic activity with specific length and temperature, making it different from other metals. That’s why this app can only beep if it finds a camera.

5. Hidden Camera Detector/Finder

Protect your privacy in public places with Hidden Camera Finder. This app has been trusted to make sure nobody is watching you. It comes packed with useful features to easily detect microphones, cams, and other spy devices.

Simple interface makes it one of the best apps for Android devices. It has magnetic field that easily detects electronic devices, particularly cameras. It also houses a hidden microphone detector to make sure no one is recording your voice.

This useful app comes in handy to solve your privacy problem. To allow it to work optimally, make sure your device has magnetic sensor. Install on your Android and enjoy worry-free vacation or bathroom time.

6. Electronic Device Detector

Beware of fraudulent people with their hidden gadgets! Every time you use changing rooms or stay in the hotel, be sure to check if there’s no one is spying on you. Electronic Device Detector is a great way to find small and hidden gadgets that may cause unwanted exposure.

How to use this app is quite simple. Move it near to suspected device like flower vases, lamps, or mirror borders. It will analyze metal activity and produce beep sound if it detects metal. That’s how you can make a further investigation.

Besides, it provides you with tips and tricks to find any hidden cameras manually. Make yourself aware of your privacy in public places so you won’t help those bad guys collect money. Be sure your smartphone is equipped with magnetic sensor to allow the app to work optimally.


With some of the above tips, hopefully will help you detect hidden cameras when staying in hotels, motels during your business trip or travel.

You should take the time to learn to choose reputable, quality hotels to be somewhat more secure. To do this, you can find reservations on reputable websites, famous hotels or through reviews, reviews of guests who have stayed before.

In addition, public toilet areas also need attention. Do not go to deserted, suspicious places. If so, it's best to go with a group of friends for mutual support. In case of force majeure, when going to a public toilet, you should wear a mask, a hat and be able to cover it carefully so that in case something bad happens, at least your identity is protected. guard.

Many people may think that you are too far-fetched. But more is better than less, we can't be sure of anything, low probability can still happen. So, don't forget to apply the simple way to detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms shared in this article to proactively ensure your safety!

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