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Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023
Top 10 Best and Most Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Security and surveillance cameras have been an indispensable component to ensure the security of your home, business, company or agency. However, in the multitude of camera brands being marketed and advertised in the market, which camera series is highly appreciated in terms of brand, quality and reliability, none of the vendors mentioned it.

Join us to refer to the top 10 camera brands in the world, ranked by in 2023.

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1. Hikvision

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Hikvision is a famous brand in providing camera equipment, in recent years this brand has increasingly affirmed its position in the world camera market. Overcoming technology tycoons, this brand has become the brand of first choice in families, shops, medium-sized projects, the cost to own the products is also relatively low. reasonable.

Hikvision products are designed with Exir led technology for infrared, which has the effect of making nighttime images clear in poor lighting conditions. These products are also supported by HDTVI technology (for quality from 720p to UltraHD), ios with iVMS applications (support live picture, playback), android with iVMS - 4500 application (support configuration video, live view, playback, support viewing 16 cameras at a time), black bery (compatible software like android operating system), windows phone with iVMS - 4500 operating system (support live view, view video) again, view up to 16 cameras at the same time), windows, linux, mac operating systems all use iVMS - 4200 software.

2. Axis Camera

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023
Axis Camera

Axis Communications is a Swedish firm that manufactures and distributes network video. Security surveillance and remote monitoring solutions. Its offerings include CCTV cameras, video encoders, and video management software. Axis is well-known for producing high-quality products.

Security solutions that are innovative and user-friendly, with a variety of network cameras for various situations. From inside to outside and everything in between. The cameras may be linked to a network for remote monitoring and provisioning. High-definition imagery, motion detection, and night vision capabilities are among the features available.

3. Avtech

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

One of the famous camera brands in the world is Avtech, this is the number 1 security equipment supplier in Taiwan and also very famous in the world. During the time of establishment and development, the avtech camera brand has always been constantly changing in the direction of progress to launch a diverse, rich, quality product line with high-definition images.

The company always creates the trust and confidence of customers about the products provided and customer services. The product lines of camouflage cameras, hidden cameras, cameras that detect eavesdropping devices, and camera watches have great functions, ensuring that your security system is always safe.

4. Dahua

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Dahua is a camera brand using HD - CVI technology, which is one of the most famous brands today. For this product line, Duahua has created a camera technology that changes the world market with super sharp quality. Being ranked in the top 5 famous camera brands in the world, so far, dahua has been steadily making new steady moves in the European and Asian markets.

The most continuously improved product technology is the quality and resolution of the camera, the company always creates products with high definition, clear network viewing, relatively stable and wide shooting angles. The product's long-range signal transmission ability is up to 750m, images quickly reach the supporting devices, and electronic radiation is eliminated. Also thanks to HD - CVI technology, the product can transmit 2-way data signal, transmit mixed video and audio together. Dahua is always proud to affirm its brand for customers.

5. Sony

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Sony is one of the famous electronics brands in Japan. Sony camera brand from the beginning is known as a perfect choice for mid-range and above customers because of the brand and quality that it has brought to customers during the past time. Sony's camera equipment has high resolution, clear images even at night, making security control easier. The images captured from the camera can be viewed via TV, computer through the video recorder via AV, VGA, HDMI or J45 ports.

With a full range of modern features, the company's camera is equipped with many advanced technologies. This is considered one of the famous sensor manufacturers in the world. Sony cameras provide safety solutions for families, apartments or small to large projects that require high security in even unfavorable natural conditions. Although the price is relatively high, but in return, the company has created a brand of quality that is famous around the world with beautiful and diverse models.

6. Bosch

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Bosch has always been chosen by customers for many years because of its good security camera system, providing effective and quality national security products. Bosch brand originates from Germany with similar features and technology as Honeywell, but each company has different technological solutions and applications to give consumers the best choices.

Bosch, with the help of engineering and solution software engineering, has served as the foundation for international clients in the design and implementation of complex projects. National security equipment requiring high technology is also always focused and there are constantly researches and measures to improve its capabilities.

7. Huviron

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Huviron was established and operated since 1991 in Korea under the name Sunkwang. With the level of scientific and technological development of Korea, Huviron brand has launched many security camera products with sharp image quality, safe and stable running system. The company's products are also extremely diverse in models and designs and colors, the quality is always guaranteed.

Huviron cameras both ensure quality, durability and high aesthetics like the Korean view of beauty, ensuring to provide security equipment for your home that is monitored in absolute safety. Moreover, the company also has product lines suitable for large projects, high-rise projects can also use these devices.

8. Swann

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Swann is an Australian security camera firm that offers surveillance systems all over the world. Their products are widely utilized in both families and businesses. Swann offers a wide range of surveillance systems, from basic two-camera systems with limited capabilities for monitoring interior spaces to sophisticated security systems with several cameras for full property monitoring.

They are one of the top CCTV camera brands for easy-to-use wireless surveillance cameras. They've created a reputation for themselves in the DIY home security system industry, and they have a large choice of high-quality cameras that can be controlled by Google Assistant or Alexa, making them perfect for smart homes.

9. Hanwha

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

Samsung's Hanwha Techwin camera brand is ranked in the top 8 in the Global Security Camera Rankings. Samsung techwin is a leading provider of CCTV solutions in the world. The company's CCTV products have always excelled in terms of design, functionality and reliability in the field. CCTV, DVR and Analog camera products, IP cameras are suitable for solutions that need high professionalism. Produced based on the inheritance and development of global Samsung. The difference of Samsung cameras compared to other CCTV camera companies is the continuous inventing and equipping of new features in accordance with the actual requirements in the field of CCTV and important practical benefits. for customers.

Most of the features and technologies used in CCTV cameras are proprietary inventions of Samsung. Samsung CCTV is recognized as a leader in finding new inventions that bring the most useful and convenient features to users, such as in the field of video analytics. One of the strongest points is the invention of the Open Platform WisenetIII DSP chipset, which is the heart of all products, the DSP allows high-speed image processing, in Full HD quality. It is the perfect solution for customers' choice of CCTV when it can be combined with application software, such as VMS (video management software).

10. Questek

Top 10 Best and Famous CCTV Camera Brands in the World 2023

The Questek brand was born a long time ago in Japan and thrived in other markets around the world. Questek camera products all achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, always ensure quality, and receive brand and quality certifications such as CE, FCC, ROSH, CMA. This brand is also known for providing a wide range of security equipment products that are widely used in government, police, airport and some other particularly important industries. This will be one of the top brands you should choose.


Above are some famous camera brands on the world market today, with the desire to provide the most useful information for you about famous brands with quality.

Hope it helps you to make the best choice.

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