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Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now. Photo: knowinsiders.
Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now. Photo: knowinsiders.

What are the most expensive cameras to be sold in 2023/2024?

Nowadays, owing to smartphones, nearly everyone has access to a camera that also includes a number of convenient upgrades. The camera has been an essential tool for decades after it was originally developed. Many passionate photographers disagree on which model is the best ever. That's correct; you can pick from a wide variety of options.

Many photographers will find a suitable product from manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. If, on the other hand, you have an unlimited budget and are looking for a camera that is suitable for both professional and recreational purposes, this article is for you.

Here are top 10 most expensive camera to be sold in 2023/2024, ranked by

1. Leica 0-Series No.122 - $2.97 million

Number 1 on the previously mentioned list of most costly cameras. Leica 0-Series No. 122, which sold for $2,97,000,000.

It is a unique camera that is not to be used for profit. In 1923, 25 of these cameras were produced. But, as of right today, only 3 are still standing and in decent shape.

Given that it sold for the highest price of any camera to date, this Leica stands at the top of our list of most costly cameras. It was bought by a private Asian collector at an auction in Vienna. It was a hand-made preproduction prototype created in 1923, according to

Intriguingly, the focal plane shutter was not self-capping on the early models, therefore the lens cap was fastened to a cable. It has an aluminum body with nickel-plated knobs, a base plate, and a top plate made of brass that has been black lacquered.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now
Leica 0-Series, No. 105 “Oscar Barnack”. Photo:

Why are Leica cameras so expensive?

Leicas are made in small numbers, which are more expensive. Second, they’re made for engineering quality with no regard for price.

The fact is that, for over 100 years, many Leica cameras have been made, machined, and/or assembled by hand at its Willy Wonka-like factory in Wetzlar, Germany.

A new professional camera costs $4,499 to $6,299, but used cameras start as low as $100.

2. Phase One XF IQ4 - $54,990

Sensor – 151MP CMOS BSI

Image Processor – N/A

Video Quality – 4K UHD

Image Stabilization – Yes

Lens Mount – XF Lens

A medium format camera with a stunning 150 megapixels is called the Phase One XF IQ4. It features a 15-stop dynamic range. The highest ISO supported is 25,600.

Professional commercial and fashion photographers might think about purchasing this camera. It produces photos of the highest quality. The Phase One XF IQ4 is presently the priciest commercial camera available to the general public.

With a 151MP CMOS sensor, the Phase One XF IQ4 is an absolute monster. It also has a superb modular design that allows for multiple configurations using various lenses and back control panels.

According to, it also includes a variety of cutting-edge technical features, like Capture One RAW processing built right into the camera for better control over RAW photographs.

This technology offers an astounding 151 megapixels (a first for the world), giving you a resolution of 14204 x 10652 and enabling you to print large-scale photos that are many feet in size with exquisite detail.

The color, detail, and noise management are all improved by the latest Sony (BSI) CMOS sensors. According to, digital medium format cameras now have ISO sensitivity ranges of 50–25600 and exposure times up to 60 minutes, which is a significant improvement over the 1600 ISO limit of earlier models.

The Phase One IQ4 camera comes in 3 variations: the IQ4 150 megapixel ($51,990), the IQ4 150 megapixel Achromatic ($54,990), and the IQ4 100 megapixel Trichromatic ($47,990).

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now
Phase One XF IQ4 - $54,990 - Photo:

3. Hasselblad H6D-400C MS - $47,995

A medium format camera, it claims to have extremely excellent color accuracy. This camera has a 100-megapixel image sensor, but what sets it apart and makes it valuable to many professionals is its capacity to automatically composite up to six consecutive high-resolution photographs into a 400-megapixel frame with increased color detail and no aliasing or moiré.

The resulting still TIFF file is 2.4 gigabytes in size. Professionals can appreciate the dynamic range of up to 15 stops, and it even captures UHD 4K and Full HD video.

The incredible H6D-400c MS produces medium format photographs with Hasselblad's highest resolution and most accurate color tones to date. Whether you are photographing beautiful vehicles, artwork, delicate fabrics, or diamonds, the 400MP image output combined with genuine RGB color data for each pixel catches every single nuance of the subject. It was made to meet the highest imaging requirements. Simply said, the Multi-Shot image gives accurate color and an astounding amount of moiré-free detail where only the best reproduction is allowed.

If they are willing to invest $48k out of their own pockets, photographers who desire the highest color accuracy and greater resolution can choose this medium format camera.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now
Hasselblad H6D-400C MS - $47,995 - Photo:

4. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic – $40,000

An astounding $40,000 was paid at auction for this camera. It takes high-quality images, is a beautiful collectible, and is also a highly useful and useable camera. It would be a shame to just put it on a shelf, according to

One of the best all-encompassing cameras available is the MK-3 Panoramic. It requires no sewing and captures 360-degree photos in a single shot. This element enables the production of flat scenes and remarkably realistic augmented reality movies. Although the MK-3 is not cheap, it is unquestionably worth the asking price. The camera offers a lot of features, like an auto-open mode and USB compatibility. claims that the MK-3 is a special edition of the MK-2 and comes with an engraved box. It includes a mount and memory card and costs $34,500. It works with all of the major players in augmented reality simulation and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. The JPEG-created images are suitable for any use. It works nicely with many popular photo editing software applications as well.

A significant number of aspects are highlighted by the Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic camera, which is completely reasonable. It costs $2000 and might be used for a variety of purposes. It is very versatile and primarily used for cinema and film production. Although it offers many benefits, it is still an expensive option. An professional or a novice would both make fantastic choices with this kind of all-encompassing camera.

The MK-3 is a dual-configuration camera that offers both a conventional 24x36mm and a wide-design 617-inch all-encompassing image in the MK-3 Panoramic Camera Review. Its interchangeable focus points offer the client the greatest versatility. The MK-3's highlights are a fantastic choice for comprehensive photography. But, it isn't the most affordable all-encompassing camera.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

5. Mamiya Leaf Credo 645DF Digital Back Camera - $36,000

The Mamiya Leaf Credo 645DF 80 MP digital back camera is a medium format camera that comes with 12.5 stops dynamic range. It supports tethered shooting through Capture One.

The Mimaya Leaf Credo 50 Digital Back camera comes with everything you need to get started taking high quality photographs. It’s equipped with a 44 x 33mm CMOS Sensor along with a 3.2 inch 1.15 megapixel Touchscreen LCD. Other features include revised sensor design, ISO 100-6400, and a 14-Stop Dynamic Range.

You can use it with Mamiya 645 lenses. It uses custom-built ultra-low noise DALSA CCD sensors.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

6. Leica 10715 M9 ‘Titan Set’ Digital Camera - $34,999

The Leica 10715 M9 "Titan Set" Digital Camera, which costs $34,999 right now, is one of the priciest cameras in the world. This stylish camera's and lens's visible metal components are all composed of solid titanium, and the leather inlays on the camera's body are real.

The limited edition Leica M9 "Titan" combination includes a Titanium Leica M9 and a Titanium-hooded Summilux-M 35mm/f1.4 ASPH lens. The Leica M9 Titanium edition was developed in cooperation with Walter de Silva, the head of the design division at the VW Group, and is strictly limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The premium prestige of the Leica brand and its goods is underlined by the distinctive design, use of premium materials, and entirely redesigned carrying method.

The "Titan" set is intended for people who genuinely value exclusivity and extraordinary design, as well as ardent Leica lovers. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery, a portable battery charger, camera instructions, a license for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a warranty card, and an authenticity certificate are all included with the Leica M9 Titanium. It also comes with a titanium body cap with bayonet mount and a titanium hot shoe cover.

The front, rear, and round lens hood of the Leica Summilux-M 35mm/f1.4 ASPH Titanium are all constructed of titanium. Additionally included are a hardcover story book, a handmade decorative case, a shoulder strap, two different-sized finger loops, and a shoulder holster, all finished in real leather.

The price is very costly because there aren't many high-quality photographic tools available in the market. Wouldn't you just adore having this?

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

7. Hasselblad h6d-50c - $25,995

Sensor – 100MP

Image Processor – N/A

Video Quality – 4K UHD

Image Stabilization – Yes

Lens Mount – HC & HDC

An outstanding camera with a distinctive Hasselblad design is the Hasselblad H6D-50c. It has a distinctive appearance and a DSLR built with some oddball features and distinctions. You won't believe the quality of the photographs you can take thanks to the 100MP sensor, which is among the best ones currently available.

The fantastic HC and HDC family of Hasselblad lenses, which provide greater quality in comparison to most other lens makers, are also compatible with this camera. Although the price is high, the H6D-100c, its companion, is a better deal!

A bigger camera than 35mm full-frame SLRs is the H6D-50c. It is around 5.2 by 6.0 by 8.1 inches (HWD) and weighs about 4.7 pounds with a prime lens mounted. Not only is it deeper than a standard SLR, like the Nikon D810 ($4,996.95 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) (4.9 by 5.8 by 3.3 inches, 2 pounds), but it also has a removable rear that must hold all of the electronics required for digital capture.

The rear can be utilized with technical cameras as necessary and is detachable. There is one benefit of using a medium format system of this kind over alternatives like the Leica S-E (Typ 006) ($4,996.95 at Amazon) and the previously mentioned 645Z. A 120 roll film back can also be mounted on the H6D if you still harbor nostalgic feelings for analog capturing.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

The 50c is one of two H6D versions that Hasselblad offers. Its 50-megapixel picture sensor, which measures 43.8 by 32.9mm and is noticeably larger than the 24-by-36mm sensors used by 35mm format cameras, is smaller than a 645 film frame. Wide angles aren't quite as wide as they would be if you choose a model with the physically larger 100MP image sensor that is now available on the market as a result of the narrowing of the field of lenses. While Phase One's XF medium format camera with an IQ3 100MP digital back ($48,990) is already available for purchase, the H6D-100c ($32,995) is not yet available. They both utilize the same 53.4 by 40 mm, 100 MP image sensor, which has benefits over 50 MP chips used by devices like the Pentax 645Z and the 50c in terms of both resolution and surface area.

8. Leica s3 - $19,995

The camera you want if you have $19,000 to spare is this one! For producing cameras, lenses, microscopes, and binoculars, the German company Leica Camera AG is well-known.

After being established in 1869, the business went on to produce some of the world's best and most fashionable cameras, including the Leicaflex, SL2, Leica R series, and finally, the Leica S2, which was introduced in 2008.

Fans have been anticipating the S3 ever since. But, the wait is now over.

You may get a Leica S3 medium format camera for under $20,000 on the open market. This camera's 64-megapixel sensor can handle 50,000 ISO.

The image has a superb tone range thanks to the 15 stops of dynamic range. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control the camera remotely as well. The Leica FOTOS app can be used for remote monitoring and shoot triggering.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

9. Fujifilm GFX 100 - $9,999

Currently on the market, the Fujifilm GFX 100 is most likely the best medium format camera. It is the first medium format camera to ever have both built-in sensor stabilization and phase-detect autofocus. It is without a doubt the smartest camera to buy if you want something expensive that can also provide the goods. Of course, the Fujifilm GFX 100S is definitely a better choice if you intend to use common sense.

But as noted, luxury isn't always about being useful. Why would want to save $4,000 on something almost as nice while giving up the prestige that an over $10,000 camera offers?


-Probably the most capable and practical camera on this list.

-Feature-packed and produces incredible results.

-Seriously, this camera is brilliant!


-Probably too practical and capable for it to be considered a luxury.

-A poor person's Hasselblad.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

10. Leica M10-R - $8,995

-40mp full frame color sensor

-ISO range of 100 - 50,000

-Improved image quality in low light compared to M10/M10-P

-3 Button layout, ISO dial, and aesthetics of standard M10 with red dot logo

-Silent mechanical shutter, touchscreen, and level gauge of M10-P

-16 minutes maximum shutter time for longer exposures and greater creative freedom

-Full compatibility with all Leica M10 accessories

-Made in Germany

The Leica M10 is arguably the most well-known Leica camera of the present. Despite the fact that it has been around for a while, Leica constantly modernizes and reinvents this ageless classic. It has the recognizable Leica look, complete with the red Leica emblem over the lens mount.

The Leica M10-R replaces the Leica M10 Monochrom as the current flagship of the M10 camera line by matching the resolution of its sibling model. Users of the legendary Leica M-Lenses may dig deeper into their photographs with the M10-R and extract more information and richness from them.

The Leica M10-R has a 40 megapixel full-frame color sensor and all the advancements of the previous M10 camera generation. This new model has been condensed from the 3+ years of engineering and design work put into the M camera and optimized with the increased possibilities given by this 40 megapixel full frame color image sensor. According to, the M10-R achieves new levels of image quality with even better high-ISO performance and enhanced dynamic range.

An improved version of the Leica M10 with a 40MP picture sensor is known as the Leica M10-R. It still has the classic M10 design and looks fantastic and fashionable. Also, it is easy to handle and reasonably portable.

Also, this compact camera provides a wide range of helpful features and a good ISO range for low light shooting. The silent mechanical shutter, LCD touchscreen, and level indicator are additional useful features for horizon photography.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras To Be Sold Right Now

*Note: The cost of the camera usually doesn’t include a lens, so it’s important to think about professional lenses as well. Depending on how many lenses are necessary, the price can add up quickly.

Are you satisified with this list? Which more expensive cameras in the world were not mentioned? Please state your comments below and thanks for reading!

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