How To Edit Instagram Videos to Match Our Brand Aesthetic
Easy Ways To Edit Instagram Videos

However, we should focus on creating engaging, attractive, and exciting videos for our target audience. An Instagram video maker comes in handy in developing catchy videos with only a few clicks.

Since video quality plays a significant role in the engagement level, creating videos that match the brand aesthetic is imperative. This article covers all tips related to editing Instagram videos to incorporate our brand aesthetic.

Brand Aesthetics

To edit compelling videos, let us first understand everything related to brand aesthetics.

It implies the totality of minor elements, such as marketing strategies, the overall look of our social media pages, customer engagement, etc.

What a prospective customer feels from our Instagram page is the projection of our brand. These vibes range from bold to sophisticated and outrageous on different Instagram pages.

However, we must keep our brand aesthetics in line with the appearance and feel of our services and products. For instance, if I am selling sports shoes, the brand should exude boldness and confidence on the Instagram page to attract suitable customers.

Video Editing

An interesting fact many of us might not have heard before is that even a ten-second Instagram video can be edited. To be honest, a video's length does not determine the editing capacity. As a result, we can create compelling visual effects through an Instagram video maker that guarantees a high-quality professional video.

Here are some tips that support Instagram video editing to get the desired results.

• Aesthetics

We can choose from various Instagram tools to customize the aesthetics. The most popular options are filters, templates, and pre-sets.

Generally, the thought of our Instagram aesthetics depends on our ideas of a specific post's type, mood, and impression. We can form a flawless aesthetic if we gain all possible insights related to Instagram aesthetics.

• Content

Besides understanding Instagram aesthetics, we must also focus on its content. It is crucial to publish content that aligns with the existing content on Instagram. Thus, we can multiply engagement without compromising the brand's core values.

The platform's content can include graphic GIFs, boomerangs, sneak peeks, memes, vlogs, how-to content, behind-the-scenes, and many more exciting contents. While Instagram stories allow us to post content lasting for 24 hours, it also provides the option to invest in fun, eye-catching, creative reels or super interesting stuff on feeds.

• Features

If we know the different Instagram features, we can quickly produce the best video resonating with our brand aesthetics.

The following features will provide some basic ideas to help you be mindful of multiple Instagram features.

1. Instagram Stories- According to reports, people spent more time on Instagram after the introduction of this feature. Instagram stories are free from the uncertain effects of algorithms. It occupies the entire mobile screen and is tailored to the device's size.

So, we must keep around 250 pixels from the top and bottom of the video free from any information.

2. Instagram Video- Since these videos are displayed in user feeds and profiles, we must use them to promote our service or product. However, we must convey our point effectively to the audience in no more than 60 seconds. The reason is that viewers might lose interest after that.

According to statistics, videos with a 4:5 or 1:1 aspect ratio perform better. Often, users play videos on mute. So, including subtitles and thumbnails while editing the Instagram video can attract the audience.

3. IGTV- While smaller Instagram accounts can publish videos of ten minutes, larger verified accounts can upload videos that last up to 60 minutes. Though sharing IGTV videos is not compulsory, we can get more views through these videos.

However, we must sign in to the IGTV application and log in with the credentials before uploading the video.

• Trends

Being mindful of public demand will allow you to understand the content the general public is seeking in Instagram videos. Thus, we can generate more leads while complying with our brand's core values.

We must remember that social media tools only make those videos viral that conform to their standards. Therefore, we should ensure that our Instagram video content suits the requirements of the present scenario and the users. Such a strategy will help our brand aesthetic in gaining more exposure.

Additional Tips

Leveraging the power of marketing through online videos is possible only if they match the brand's aesthetics. So, we must maintain a constant aesthetic while fixing contrast, brightness fonts, and other elements. In addition, being creative with the music and adding customizing audios resonate more with the aesthetics.

In short, our Instagram videos should only convey relevant brand messages and values. Therefore, editing every text, clip, and image through an Instagram video maker is crucial if we want to represent our brand's aesthetics to the audience.

Wrapping Up

The overall quality of the video impacts the engagement on our Instagram page. Therefore, the kind of video editing software we choose determines our brand image on an unprecedented scale. Experimenting with different tools and software enables us to pick the best one.

Furthermore, being consistent with the recent trends on Instagram will help us to create Instagram videos that match our brand aesthetics. So, if we possess a solid knowledge of Instagram algorithms, we can make such videos that align with the existing content.

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