How to Deep Clean a Bathroom Step-By-Step
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Every room needs a deep clean sometimes—and that goes double for the bathroom. It’s important then to know how to deep clean a bathroom so it doesn’t just look clean but is also rid of all that potentially harmful bacteria.

Follow the six steps below to give your bathroom the deep clean it deserves

Photo: kitchen & bath classics
Photo: kitchen & bath classics

1. Remove the mess

Your first step is going to remove the mess, as well as anything else that’s standing in the way of a deep clean. Take your bath mat and follow the directions on the tag to clean it. Most bath mats can be run through the washer on the cold cycle and then hung to dry. Do a load of any used bath and hand towels too while you’re at it.
While you’re prepping, open the window if you have one. You’ll want lots of air circulating once you bring out the cleaning supplies. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, you can just turn on the fan.

Illustrative Photo
Illustrative Photo

2. Vacuum all surfaces

If you’ve got hair there’s a strong probability that a lot of it ends up on your bathroom floor. Ditto for the dust that floats in the air around us. That’s why vacuuming before you start scrubbing is important since it provides you with a blank surface to work on.

With the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner, start by vacuuming the entire floor, including corners, behind and around the toilet, and under your vanity. Vacuum your shower floor and your bathroom countertops as well. When you’re done, give the head of the vacuum attachment a quick wipe down, and set the vacuum aside.

Illustrative Photo
Illustrative Photo

3. Wipe up the surface

Scrub down all surfaces with disinfecting spray or wipes or distilled white vinegar, including the floor of your shower. Don’t worry about the toilet for now since you’ll get to that later, but do make sure to scrub and sanitize your vanity (including cabinet doors), as well as sinks, faucet handles, doorknobs, and even the pull on your window. This speaks to the overarching rule of deep cleaning a bathroom, which is that if you touch it, step on it, or sit on it, you’re going to want to sanitize it.

Illustrative Photo
Illustrative Photo

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4. How to Get the Toilet Sparkly Clean

Start with the bowl itself and use toilet cleaner and a scrub brush to thoroughly clean the surface. Be sure not to flush the toilet for at least 15 minutes after doing this so that the solution has time to really settle in.
Close the lid and sanitize the entire exterior of your toilet with a disinfectant spray or a mixture of three cups water and ½ cup white vinegar. Be sure to pay close attention to the flusher, as well as to where you grab the seat to lift it. Next, clean the seat and the other side of the lid, then follow up by cleaning under the seat, including the rim of the bowl

Illustrative Photo
Illustrative Photo

5. Clean the shower

Turn on the water and wet the walls and floor of your shower. This will help highlight where mildew is congregating so you have a better idea of where you need to turn your focus. Using a commercial grout cleaning product or a homemade solution, apply cleaning solution to the mildewed areas and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Then use an abrasive sponge and a bit of elbow grease to scrub the mildew off. If you have hard water at home, you’ll likely also be up against some stubborn rust stains.
Rinse the area again once you’ve removed all the grime. Note that if your shower is stone, you’ll want to be sure to use a cleaner specially formulated for it, since traditional shower cleaning solutions can harm the porous material.

Illustrative Photo
Illustrative Photo

6. Deep clean the floors

Vacuuming your bathroom floors isn’t enough to give them a true deep clean. For that, you’ll need to mop. To do so, make your own bleach solution by combining one tablespoon of bleach to a quart of water, or use a commercial floor disinfectant and spray it on generously. Then turn your shower on hot and turn off the vent or close the window. Once steam fills the room, turn the shower off and close the bathroom door. Let the steam linger for 20 minutes, then go in and mop the floor. Keep the door open when you’re done and allow the room to air dry.

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