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How Many Valentine's Days Are There
How Many Valentine's Days Are There

In addition to the official Valentine's Day on February 14 every year, there are 2 more Love Days, which are Red Valentin, White Valentine and Black Valentine.

What is Red Valentine (February 14): History, Meaning

Red Valentine, also known as Love Day - is a day for all couples in love around the world.

The story goes that, in a faraway land, there was a dictator who wanted to forbid the love of men and women. But no matter how he forbids it, lovers still come together.

Touched by these sincere feelings, Bishop Valentine sacrificed his life to accompany the lovers to Heaven.

And Valentine's Day was born! Red Valentine is an occasion for lovers to express their feelings to the other half. On this day, lovers often express their love in many ways such as: Giving chocolates, red roses, or sending love messages through cute little cards.

What is White Valentine (March 14): History and Meaning

How Many Valentine's Days Are There?
What is White Day or White Valentine

White Valentine or White Day takes place exactly 1 month after Valentine's Day, on March 14, which is an opportunity for male friends to reciprocate to female friends or vice versa.

White Valentine originates from Japan, the story is quite gentle, rustic but extremely cute.

In 1965 in Japan, a guy selling marshmallows wanted to return the love of a girl who secretly loved and missed him on Red Valentine's Day (February 14), so he gave her a big box of candy, white as snow. Since then, people consider this to be the story of White Valentine's Day - the day to "reciprocate" to their lover.

It seems that the sweet Red Valentine's Day (February 14) is still not enough for loving hearts, so many young people in Japan have taken the White Valentine's Day to express their love to their loved ones.

After the Red Valentine's Day is exactly 1 month, many young people will respond to their loved ones the gifts they received on February 14.

Although White Valentine's Day is not as popular as the official Valentine's Day on February 14, many people still give gifts to their other half on this day. In particular, on White Valentine's Day, cookies, candies and white chocolate are preferred instead of ordinary chocolates.

Young people believe that, if someone gives you a cookie on this day, it means that person loves you, candy means that person likes you and if it is white chocolate, it means "Let's let's go." Let's be lovers!".

Besides food, other gifts are also selected such as jewelry, bags, shoes, towels, stuffed animals. In America, some guys even give underwear to their girlfriends.

What is Black Valentine (April 14): Origin and Meaning

How Many Valentine's Days Are There?
Black Valentine - Meaning and Hisrory

At first, at first, you must think it's strange, isn't it, black often makes people think of bad and unlucky things, but the reality is not as you think! Black Valentine or Black Day is still celebrated by young Koreans every April 14.

Every year on April 14th, FA-ers in Korea gather together, they often wear black clothes, enjoy traditional Jachang (black noodles) together and share with each other the reasons why. why are you stuck until now?

However, for those who worship celibacy, this Black Valentine's Day is an opportunity for them to spend more time on fun and entertaining activities.

Put on the best clothes, walk with a group of close friends, relax with spa services, go shopping or eat.

Facts About 7 Days of Valentine Week

Expectations are high and hearts are fluttering in February because of all the love that will soon be shared. This February is Valentine's Day month! Beginning on February 7 with Rose Day, the entire globe will be in the throes of Valentine's Day celebrations until February 14. The significance of each day is unique. Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, and Valentine's Day are just some of the days leading up to the big day.

Rose Day

Rose Day, observed on February 7, kicks off the Valentine's Day holiday week. On this day, people show their affection by presenting their sweethearts with bouquets of flowers, most commonly roses. The freshness, fragrance, and enduring beauty of love that roses represent serve as the inspiration for this special day.

Propose Day

Propose Day is celebrated annually on February 8. Today is the perfect time to tell your crush how you feel. Planning a perfect date with a gift, flowers, cake, and a memorable outing is the best way to make your proposal memorable for the rest of her life.

Chocolate Day

On February 9, celebrate the sweetness of your relationship with the only thing sweeter than love: chocolate. Send him or her a basket full of rich, creamy truffles and homemade chocolates. What's the harm in adding a few more presents to the basket? The day is meant to convey how much you appreciate their sweetness.

Teddy Bears' Day

On February 10, people celebrate Teddy Day and think back to being tucked safely into bed with a warm hug from their parents. A teddy bear is a lovable stuffed animal that instantly conjures images of comfort and sweetness. Just like the teddy bear you're handing over, your love will always be there for your special someone.

Promise Day

On February 11th, we honor the value of promises by celebrating Promise Day. On this day, you and your partner pledge to "go steady," or to live together indefinitely. Give your promised something they'll really appreciate on this special day with gifts and gift cards you picked out with them in mind.

Hug Day

On February 12, we celebrate Hug Day: that comfortable expression of love that says more than words can. You should go ahead and give your loved one a warm hug to show them how much you care about them and to make them forget their troubles for a moment.

Kiss Day

The first kiss between a committed couple is more significant than any other kiss, and it is commemorated on February 13. When you share a kiss like this, it means you'll always be together. Identify the ideal setting, present the thoughtful gift, and seal the deal with a passionate kiss.

Valentine Day

The week of celebrations leading up to Valentine's Day on February 14 is known as Valentine Week. In honor of Valentine's Day, many couples take the day off from work to spend quality time together. It's a time to rejoice and toast one's newfound love, commitment, and the euphoric anticipation of meeting one's ideal partner.

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