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40 Sneaky Ways To Get Free Gift Vouchers Online
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Would you like some gift cards for free?

People who have gift cards can use the money to buy things at their favorite shops, like books on Amazon.com, food at Walmart, or new shoes at Macy's.

It's okay, you can still buy the things you need without having to spend as much.

Plus, you can give them as gifts.

As crazy as it may seem, it's not that hard to get free gift cards.

40 Sneaky Ways To Get Free Gift Vouchers Online

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very famous website that lets you earn points for shopping, watching videos, and filling out surveys.

You can exchange your points for gift cards from well-known stores like Amazon and Walmart, or you can get cash back from PayPal.

2. Cash Squishy

You can get paid on this site to do things like play games, fill out surveys, and complete deals.

Gift Cards can be used at many stores, such as Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Target, and CVS. You can also pick between getting paid by check or PayPal.

Every award and payment is sent the next day. You can also get a $3 bonus when you sign up.

3. CreationsRewards

At CreationsRewards, you can get points for things like shopping online, watching movies, surfing the web, and filling out surveys.

You can exchange your points for gift cards that can be used at many shops, such as Amazon and Walmart, or for cash through PayPal. Also, just for signing up, you get $3.

4. InstagramGC

When you do things like watch videos, take surveys, search the web, and shop online through InstaGC, you gain points.

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5. Get Points

To get GrabPoints, you have to do things like watch videos, download apps, finish offers, and fill out surveys.

There are several ways to trade your points for cash or gift cards that can be used at stores like Amazon and Walmart. Plus, when you sign up, you get an extra $5.

6. Make Money

There is another site called EarnHoney where you can get gift cards for free.

To get points, which are called Honey Dollars, all you have to do is take polls, shop, or play games.

7. Perk

They will give you points if you answer quiz questions, try out apps, play games, and more.

You can exchange them for gift cards from many stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, and Target.

8. MyPoints

With MyPoints, you can earn points and get free gift cards in a lot of different ways. It also has coupons on it.

Get points when you do things like shop online, read emails, share your thoughts, and more.

You can trade in your points for gift cards from 70 different stores and restaurants.

You can also exchange them for cash or trip miles through PayPal.

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9. Extra Pay

You can get Amazon gift cards by doing free offers and polls at SuperPay. You can also use Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, or Skrill to get paid.

10. Scarab

Watch videos, fill out surveys, and other simple jobs will earn you GCs from Irazoo. You can get Amazon and other well-known brand cards.

11. The Loot Palace

You can get free GCs at Loot Palace by doing things like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and trying out goods and services.

You can get a lot of different cards, such as ones for Amazon, Verizon Wireless, CVS, and Sephora.

12. Bonus Points

You can earn points by doing things like surveys and other deals on FreebiePoints.

An interesting thing about this site is that you can ask for a card for almost any store you want. As long as the card you ask for is an online GC that can be emailed, that's all.

13. Reward for Coins

You can get points with Coins Rewarder when you do things like watch videos, download free apps, and fill out surveys.

After that, you can exchange your points for Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play gift cards when you have enough.

14. The Gifthulk

When you do things like take polls, watch videos, browse the web, and play games on Gifthulk, you earn points called Hulk Coins. After that, you can trade your Hulk Coins for gift cards, such as ones for Amazon, Walmart, and Steam.

Okay, the sites we talked about above in the part on rewards and GPT also let you get GCs for taking surveys. They aren't just poll sites, though.

Because of this, we've made a different section for websites that only have surveys.

You can get free GCs from the following sites by filling out surveys.

15. Get Google Opinion Points

You can get free Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards for your thoughts. To get paid, just fill out short surveys.

To learn more, read my review of Google Opinion Rewards that I'm still writing.

16. i-Say by Ipsos

Ipsos i-Say is another great site for surveys. When you fill out surveys on this page, you can get points. You can also trade them in for gift cards. You can get free GCs this way.

17. Valuable Opinions

Valued Opinions will pay you up to $5 for each poll you fill out. You can exchange your credit for gift cards that can be used at popular shops like Amazon, Macy's, and Target.

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18. Just a Thought

With QuickThoughts, you can get points that you can trade in for gift cards.

To make money, all you have to do is fill out surveys. It's really easy.

19. Global Test Market

When you take polls on Global Test Market, you get GCs. You can get Kohl's, Amazon, and Macy's gift cards. You can also choose to use PayPal to get your money.

20. OpinionWorld

If you fill out online polls for OpinionWorld, they'll pay you. There are many benefits you can get, such as Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

21. Say what?

You'll get points for telling Tellwut what you think. You can turn those points into gift cards for many stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Motorola.

22. Survey Hound

Take polls at Survey Junkie to give your thoughts on goods and services and get paid for it. The website has e-Gift cards for well-known stores like Amazon and Target.

23. Branded Surveys

When you finish questions on Branded questions, you get points. You can give those points away for Amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal.

24. Mobile Expression

MobileXpression is a group for market study. There are free gift cards, cash, and other things you can get if you join its study panel.

Don't throw away your ticket the next time you shop. As it turns out, there are a lot of apps and services that will give you GCs.

Yes, really!

It might seem strange to get paid for something you would normally throw away. Companies, on the other hand, can use the information on your papers because it's useful to them. They will pay you.

These are some of the best websites and apps that will give you gift cards for posting records:

25. The Receipt Hog

You can upload a picture of a valid ticket, and ticket Hog will pay you for it. Amazon gift cards are used to pay the cashback. In conclusion, Receipt Hog is a great site to visit if you want to quickly get free Amazon gift codes.

26. The Berry Cart

If you send a picture of your receipt to BerryCart, an app like Ibotta and ReceiptPal will give you cash back. You can use a gift card or PayPal to get this money. You can learn more about BerryCart and how to get the most out of it by reading my review.

27. Buy online

This is another good cashback site with thousands of names. You can also get your cash back as an Amazon gift card. Plus, when you sign up, you get an extra $10.

28. CouponCabin

CouponCabin is an online store that gives cash back and deals. There are more than 3,000 partner sites on the program! It also gives you the choice of getting your cashback on an electronic gift card. The site also has some of the best cash-back deals, making it one of the best places to get free gift cards.

29. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a website that lets you get cash back from more than 5,000 shops. It has a lot of well-known names on it, like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. You can get an Amazon gift card in exchange for the cashback you make when you shop through the platform.

30. RewardShopping

Find things to buy online, and RewardShopping will give you money back. You can get many benefits, such as gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, and other stores.

31. App Bounty

The website and app AppBounty are great, and we've written a full review of them here on Money Pantry. You get points with AppBounty (read review here) when you download any of its free apps. After that, all you have to do is put those points on a gift card that can be used at places like Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.

32. Appdown

You will get points when you download games and apps. It's really simple!

You can use your points on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

33. FeaturePoints

If you get an app for your iPhone or Android and try it out for two minutes, FeaturePoints will give you points.

You can exchange your points for gift cards for Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Starbucks, and more (here's how to get free Xbox codes). You can also get other prizes.

34. Redeem App

AppRedeem is another one to check out. Just get new apps and try them out, and AppRedeem will give you cards in return. You can get free gift cards for stores like Starbucks, Amazon, CVS, and Macy's on that site.

35. Microsoft Rewards (Ex-Bing Rewards)

Using Bing instead of Google (or any other search engine) will earn you points just for surfing the web! You can exchange these points for gift codes that can be used at the Xbox Store, the Microsoft Store, and many other stores. You can get points by doing things like shopping at the Microsoft Store and tests. I write an in-depth review of Microsoft Rewards that includes some tricks and tips for getting more points.

36. Mosee

Mobee lets you do secret shopper tasks at well-known stores and retailers to earn points.

You can exchange your points for many different types of gift cards, like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target gift cards.

37. The Shopkick

On Shopkick, you get credit points, which are called "kicks" on the site, when you shop online and in stores. You can get points for many shopping-related things, such as going into a partner store, scanning certain items, and buying things online.

You can exchange your points for gift cards from many stores, such as Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and Groupon.

38. Have parties on Twitter

Start with this one because it's the most like real free money you can get!

We are all aware that social media is growing every day and becoming a bigger part of our lives.

Businesses give away free stuff, like gift cards, to get people to notice their goods and services because they are so popular.

For instance, small companies and website owners will sometimes throw Twitter parties where they give away free gift cards to people who tweet with a certain hashtag for a certain amount of time.

This is done to spread the word about the business.

How then do you find Twitter events?

You can do this in a few different ways.

Keep up with your favorite companies

You can easily find out when your favorite companies have these parties by following them.

Follow people who know what they're doing.

You can also look for people who tweet about Twitter parties and follow them.

Use party planners on Twitter

Twitter Party Calendar sites are another great way to do this. As far as keeping a plan up to date goes, MommyBlogExpert does a good job. Mommy Blog Expert's Twitter Party Calendar is worth a look.

40. Get points on a rewards card, then trade them in for gift cards.

Even though I'll be the first to say that this method might not work for everyone, there are some people who have figured it out.

You might be able to get cash back on every buy if you sign up for a Rewards card, which is something that almost every store does these days, even Amazon.

This is a good way to get back some of the money you spent.

There is, however, one big catch...

If you don't pay it off every month, you'll pay more in interest than you earn in points.

You should use this strategy if your finances are pretty stable, but you shouldn't do it all the time.

Not making your payments on time with your Rewards card would cost you more than it would earn you in the beginning.


You can get gift cards in a lot of different ways. Dozens of businesses, websites, and apps offer different ways to earn them.

It's also very easy to get them. You are not required to do any hard work.

Many of these easy ways to get gift cards for free are on this list: shopping online, downloading apps, watching videos, filling out surveys, and watching videos.

If you don't want to fill out page after page of survey questions to get a $5 gift card, you can use some of the other ways to get free gift cards without having to take surveys or do offers.

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