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Top 30 Most Famous Coupon Sites To Save Money
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All coupon websites are not made equal. Some are clumsy, with endless lists of coupon codes that never appear to function. Others, however, can make it quick, simple, and convenient to find offers.

To save you time (and money), here are eight legitimate coupon sites, browser extensions, and applications to check out. Each has over 100,000 good ratings and a unique characteristic that sets it apart.

What are the best coupon websites?

Whether you're looking for supermarket coupons to print, digital coupons and promo codes to use online, or store-specific discounts, there are numerous places where you can find coupons to save money on your purchases.

Coupon websites provide codes that you can use to save money when purchasing online. Many purchasing websites accept coupon codes, but finding them can be challenging without a coupon finder.

The finest coupon websites listed below provide up-to-date, legitimate codes that may be used to save money right away. To apply the discount, simply enter the coupon code at checkout.

Coupons may apply to all products on a website or app, while some are limited to certain items or require a minimum purchase. For example, an Amazon coupon code may only apply to air fryers, whereas one for Pizza Hut could be 20% off anything they provide.

Top 30 Most Popular Coupon Sites for Saving Money.

1. Fetch

Fetch lets you earn points by sending receipts after you shop. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards.

"I also love Fetch. Even though its points are not direct cash back, they are super easy to earn by uploading your receipts and you can redeem them for gift cards," said Baum.

To use Fetch, download the mobile app and set up an account. From there, you can link your email, Amazon, and Walmart accounts. You can also upload physical receipts from the past 14 calendar days. The software will scan your receipts and e-receipts and apply the points to your account. After earning enough points, you may exchange them for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, or Fetch products.

Fetch also has an Offers tab, which indicates when points are available for specific purchases. These special promos will allow you to earn points faster.

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2. Rakuten (previously eBates)

Not quite a coupon site, but a means to get stuff cheaply.

It's a coupon website that both saves and earns money!

eBates (formerly known as Rakuten) is one of the top cashback sites available. You can get cashback ranging from 3% to 10% on goods from over 1000 online stores. Cashback rates can occasionally be as high as 40%!

Even if you can't find a coupon for your desired item, this technique ensures that you will spend less than full price for whatever you choose.

3. Coupons.com

Where better to hunt for coupons than at coupons.com, an easy-to-remember moniker for the largest source of digital coupons in America.

It is certainly one of the top coupon sites. There are literally thousands of offers available for almost anything you wish to buy, including household items, groceries, clothing, and cosmetics.

Simply enter your ZIP Code, and the website will automatically search for discounts in your region.

You can browse and choose what you want, then print coupons as needed to take to the stores.

Coupons.com can even be downloaded as an app for Android or iPhone.

4. PayPal Honey

The PayPal Honey browser extension and mobile app can help you obtain savings when shopping online.

The PayPal Honey browser plugin searches for and tests available discount codes during checkout to provide the greatest deals. It will also notify you if a purchase is eligible for PayPal Rewards points, which can be redeemed for cash back. In addition, the mobile app allows you to watch prices, receive sale notifications, and view top reward rates.

5. Groupon

Groupon allows you to save up to 70% on local services and activities.

Groupon offers exclusive bargains from local companies through their website or mobile app. You'll frequently find bargains on local attractions and services that other apps don't provide. For example, if you log in and reveal your location, you may be able to get a deal at a nearby amusement park, beauty salon, or car repair business. To acquire a deal, simply click on it, click the buy button, and complete the payment.

6. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot.com, another popular online bargain site, is packed with discounts and deals.

It provides an online community where you can get feedback on how effective coupons are, and users can also submit their own coupons.

Once again, there is an app for smartphones.

RetailMeNot.com provides coupons for over 130,000 online and local merchants.

If you want to receive the most recent discount codes and discounts in your email, sign up for their Hot Coupon Newsletter.

7. Red Plum (RetailMeNot Everyday)

RedPlum has been retired and relaunched as "RetailMeNot Everyday".

You're probably familiar with the Red Plum coupon book, which you can get via direct mail or occasionally in the newspaper.

RedPlum.com is the online counterpart that frequently offers the same deals, however in a much more easily searchable format.

They usually provide new coupons on Sunday morning, so check to be sure you can obtain what you want.

They also provide a service called Clip Free, which lets you load coupons onto retailer loyalty cards.

8. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping's browser extension and mobile app offer automatic coupons, rewards, price decrease notifications, and Amazon pricing comparisons.

Capital One Shopping, like other coupon browser extensions, runs in the background while you shop. It helps you identify the best available discount codes and alerts you when Capital One Shopping Rewards become available. Additionally, it offers price drop alerts and assists in finding the greatest prices on Amazon. When you select a product on Amazon, it returns the lowest-priced matches within 15 seconds.

9. SmartSource

SmartSource is a brand you may recognize from Sunday newspaper inserts.

In addition to the paper coupons seen in most Sunday newspapers, the company has a website where you can print many of the same savings. This is great if you want to receive multiple copies of a physical coupon that you found in the newspaper.

When you visit the website, you will discover that it only has printable coupons. However, it's well-organized and clean, making it simple to discover the coupons you need. You can also download a coupon app to your phone to stay up to date on offers while on the go.

10. Amazon coupons

Amazon offers numerous coupons for its own products, which many customers are unaware of. These are frequently manufacturer coupons that you can use to your next purchase by clicking a button before adding the item to your shopping cart. You can get coupons for everything from shaving cream to cereal.

It's important to note that the coupons you obtain are only valid for Amazon purchases. In addition, several coupons are only available to Prime members. If you routinely shop on Amazon, you should bookmark Amazon Coupons.

11. SmartSource

Smart Source, owned by News America Marketing, publishes Sunday newspapers.

Again, this is the online edition, which will feature many of the same discounts.

Check for local specials by ZIP code.

12. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome offers thousands of printable coupons for stores, including rebates.

It also provides a variety of online discounts.

You can install a toolbar on your browser that monitors each website you visit and alerts you to any available coupons or bargains.

13. Savings.com

It's a good idea to visit savings.com before purchasing anything because it contains a large number of coupon codes for both brand and store coupons.

It includes an easy-to-use search box as well as category navigation.

They also urge you to share your coupon codes and tips with the saving community.

14. The Crazy Coupon Lady

If you're new to couponing, visit The Krazy Coupon Lady for expert tips and printable/online coupons. The website also provides weekly deal matchups by store, which can be especially useful when you're just starting out with coupons.

Deal matches are useful tools to determining the optimal mix of sales and coupons for a specific store. For example, if a store sells General Mills cereal, the coupon matchup for that store will display which available coupons can be used in conjunction with the sale. There is generally a link to the coupon, which you may print out.

15. Tada

Tada, like Rakuten, gives you money back for online purchasing. To take advantage of the deals available, you must first create a free account. To receive cash back, log in and click on the link to the store you intend to shop at on the Tada website.

The website provides online coupons and discounts, which can be paired with cash back offers. It's an excellent way to double your savings with minimal effort. You can earn cash back by taking paid online surveys, which are updated daily. Once you've accumulated $20, you can redeem it using PayPal, a check, or an Amazon gift card.

16. Slick Deals

Another community-focused website, Slick Deals invites everyone to submit coupons and deals for others to use.

In fact, the community's votes determine the popularity of the coupons. The best ones are featured on the homepage, but you can also search for them by store or category.

17. The Crazy Coupon Lady

TKCL is a top national money-saving website that teaches advanced couponing techniques!

This is a website that all couponers, both new and experienced, should visit.

The website is run by two ladies who know how to coupon and are very good at it.

It is updated daily and contains up-to-date coupons and promotions.

And if you need more reasons to use KCL, read my review of The Krazy Coupon Lady.

18. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably the best online survey and rewards site, but you may not be aware that it also has a large coupon section (some of which can be printed and used offline!).

The best part about using Swagbucks coupons is that you not only save money, but you also earn points for each coupon you print, as well as cashback when you shop through Swagbucks' shopping portal, which includes hundreds of stores such as Walmart, eBay, Target, Amazon, and many more.

19. Frugaa

Another website with a large database of current and valid coupon codes.

It has over 44,104 active coupons, with dozens added every day.

You can also find over 10,000 free shipping offers.

The average savings per user is estimated at $27.

If you cannot find it on Frugaa.com, you probably don’t need it!

20. Living Social

This is an awesome site especially for those of us who like to support local businesses as it focuses on local shopping.

You can find discounts and promo codes for hundreds of thousands of local stores.

They also have a “store” section with tons of great deals.

21. DealNews

The homepage of Deal News boasts that they only have the best offers, and they show the Hottest Deals prominently.

Also available in app form, Deal News has deals on computers, electronics, clothing, and home and garden supplies.

22. Swagbucks

One of the great things about coupon sites such as Swagbucks is that they give you the option to save in several different ways. You may print out physical coupons to use at grocery stores, drug stores, your favorite clothing brands outlets, and more.

For each coupon you print, you’ll get 1 Swagbuck. However, you can earn more when you redeem deals online. As you acquire Swagbucks, you may cash them in for gift cards to popular merchants.

In addition to real coupons, Swagbucks offers you the option for cash back while buying online at your favorite merchants. Just make sure you click the Swagbucks link that links to the retailer’s website. The portal also offers exclusive discounts and deals at major retailers that you won’t find on other coupon websites.

23. DollarSprout Rewards

In some situations, the ideal coupon website is one you never have ever had to visit. You could say we were firmly in that camp when we developed DollarSprout Rewards – a desktop browser extension for Chrome or Safari that automatically finds the best coupon codes on the web.

No hunting, no Googling, no visiting dubious discount websites, and trying a million different, non-working codes. Just automatic code application in your cart each time you check out at a partner merchant.

If we identify one that works (and more particularly, the one that saves you the most money), we’ll contact you, so there’s no legwork on your end.

24. Brad’s Deals

This website provides bargains selected by its editors from a wide range of stores and products. You can select the newest offers, the most popular deals, or Brad's recommendations.

The top bargains are also shown on a slider across the top of the homepage.

There are 3800 retailers listed, and coupons are available both in print and online.

25. FreeShipping.com

Nobody loves to pay for shipping!

And FreeShipping.com is here to help you avoid those pesky shipping fees.

Freeshipping.com has grown beyond its original concept of merely displaying locations where you do not have to pay for shipping.

Now they offer 10% off on thousands of things if you buy through their links (much like eBates.com), as well as free delivery and other incentives.

However, you must enroll, and it costs $12.97 per month, with a 7-day free trial period.

26. Amazon coupons

Amazon is well-known for its year-round bargains, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

However, it also includes a discount section where you can locate codes to help you save even more money when shopping on Amazon.

But you know what the odd part about it is?

Most people are unaware that it even exists!

But now you do!

To discover it, simply go to Amazon's discount section and explore the available coupons or perform a quick search.

Price Blink is a browser add-on that you can install to find reduced costs while shopping.

The add-on is available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

It remains hidden until you visit a shopping website, at which point it will interrupt you to inform you that it has located a better deal.

It's like having access to the best and most recent coupons without spending hours looking for them.

28. SlickDeals

Slickdeals is a community-driven deals site that posts hundreds of great bargains, coupons, and other goodies every day. You may find thousands more retail coupons here.

This site offers multiple ways to stay up to current on new bargains, including active forums and thorough Deal Alerts. There's a Local Deals website and RSS feeds for most topics, ensuring you never miss a discount in your area of interest.

To navigate the coupon code site, start with the "Popular Deals" page or select a product type from the "Deal Categories" page.

29. Honey

Honey stands out among the numerous coupon apps and browser add-ons available.

If you dislike searching for working coupons and would rather have it automated, Honey is for you. I realize this piece is about coupon websites rather than applications or add-ons, but at the end of the day, we all want to use discounts that save us the most money, regardless of how we acquire them.

How many times have you seen a discount online only to discover that it has expired or does not apply to the specific item?

If you're like me and do the majority of your shopping online, you've undoubtedly encountered this at least a few times.

Honey simplifies the process. It will automatically find and apply the greatest coupon for you. So you always know you're using the coupon or promo code that will save you the most money at any store.

All you need to do is install and enable the Honey add-on. Then, every time you shop online, Honey will automatically scan the web and apply the best coupons at checkout until it finds one that works and saves you the most money.

It certainly is a no-brainer!

30. BeFrugal

When you shop with the BeFrugal addon, you will receive coupon coupons automatically, as well as up to 40% cash back at over 5,000 stores. You can get the extension for free for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. The site also presently provides a $10 sign-up bonus.

Keep in mind that, even with a sign-up bonus and loads of coupons, you should still "be frugal" and avoid being tempted to buy stuff you don't truly need.

Bottom line

We started this post seeking for the top coupon sites and ended up widening the scope to include other sites where you may save money when buying.

And that is the beauty of it. You do not have to limit yourself to using coupons. To save even more, combine these top coupon sites' services with free delivery and cash back from sites like as eBates (now Rakuten).

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