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40 Amazon Hacks To Save Money (2024 Update)
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If you're already planning on shopping online this year, pay attention because I want you to save more money while doing so! These Amazon tricks are surprising and simple to implement; try them all!

Few places do online buying better than Amazon. They truly are the king of it all. Did you realize there are many covert hacks that are carefully hidden? Here are some strategies to save money while buying on Amazon.

How do I gain access to Amazon US?

To access Amazon in the United States, simply go to the Amazon website (www.amazon.com) and browse for the things you want to buy. You can also shop from your mobile device using the Amazon app.

Is Amazon free shipping in the United States?

Amazon provides free shipping in the United States for qualifying items and orders over $25. There are also various alternatives for faster shipment for an extra price.

Shopping tips on Amazon

Not only can you save money on Amazon, but you can also adapt your shopping experience to your specific likes and needs with these simple tactics.

Try before buying

Buying clothes online can be quite difficult, but Amazon alleviates this concern by providing the Try Before You Buy option. Look for items that qualify for this program and have them mailed directly to you to try on. You have seven days to determine whether you like it. If not, simply send it back in the prepaid shipping package. If you like it, Amazon will charge the card on file.

Create lists

One of my favorite ways to save money on Amazon is to keep a list of goods I'm interested in throughout the year. From birthday presents to back-to-school savings on supplies, I make lists of stuff I see while scrolling but am not ready to purchase. To do so, simply click "Add to list," which is found beneath the product descriptions. It will then invite you to make a list and label it something like "beauty products," or something. You can easily keep track of the prices for these items and act quickly if they drop to a 30-day low or if a digital discount becomes available. You can also share this list with your friends and family when they ask what to get you for your birthday.

40 Amazon Hacks To Save Money (2024 Update)

1. Get a Free Prime Membership Extension

Did you know Amazon Prime has a delivery window guarantee? If your Amazon Prime order takes longer than two days to arrive, contact Amazon customer support. They will credit your account $10 or extend your Amazon Prime membership by one month.

Amazon prioritizes customer retention, so keep track of Prime shipment delivery times. It may pay off if they are late.

2. Receive an automatic refund if the price reduces

The Capital One Shopping Price Protection program tracks your qualified purchases.

If you buy something and the price reduces, the program will help you secure a return for the difference.

Simply upload your purchase information, and if a cheaper price is found within a given window, Capital One Shopping will file a claim on your behalf to receive a refund. It also works for purchases made at other stores such as Walmart and Target, not only Amazon.

3. Shop Amazon Outlet

Amazon offers an outlet store, and shopping through it will save you a lot of money. Amazon Outlet offers overstocked and sale merchandise across many categories.

Browse electronics, art supplies, toys, and even baby and cosmetic items. These discounts will save you anything from 30% to 80%! This is a lesser-known Amazon hack.

4. Use Amazon coupons

Amazon provides coupons to customers. They display these coupons on the product page. Simply click the box that reads "save an extra $3 with this coupon." I often search for these coupons when purchasing online!

They also have a page where you may browse current coupons! The coupons section is quite simple to use; you may browse the most popular ones or search by category. What is the best part? Clipping coupons for this Amazon hack does not require scissors or newspapers.

5. Get discounts by not checking out immediately

This is an intriguing thought...

Try adding products to your shopping basket but not making the transaction.

After a few days, Amazon will send you a reminder email informing you that you have products left in your basket and asking you to complete your purchase.

This is referred to as "shopping cart abandonment" in the business.

Amazon, like most businesses, wants you to buy. So, to urge you to follow through with it, they'll give you exclusive coupons and discounts that only those who have stocked their shopping carts will get.

So, if you don't mind waiting for your purchase, it can be worth it.

6. Get rewarded for shopping on Amazon

If you don't already shop through a cashback/rebate service, you're missing out on free money!

Cashback sites are essentially shopping portals that receive a reward for each customer they refer to a business or website.

And, in order to persuade consumers to shop with them, they pay some of their commission to buyers in the form of cashback.

For a shopper, it's a simple method to make or save money.

I mean, if you're going to buy anything anyhow, you might as well use a cashback website and receive a few bucks back.

It won't cost you anything. And the method is much the same. The only difference is that instead of going directly to Amazon.com (or any other site), you visit the cashback site first, then click the Amazon link and continue buying as usual.

One of the most well-known is Rakuten (previously eBates).

You can earn up to 5% cashback when you use Rakuten.

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7. Green is not necessarily the color of savings!

You may not have noticed, but things offered in multiple colors may have different prices for each color.

If you don't care about the color of the item you're looking for, you can save up to 10% by selecting a less popular color.

8. Receive a refund if the price reduces

Amazon's pricing are constantly changing, and if the price of whatever you buy drops in the following week, you're entitled to a refund for the difference.

You can claim this in a variety of ways, including email, chat, and phone.

This only applies to things sold and shipped by Amazon. Amazon also serves as a selling platform for many third-party suppliers, each of whom may have their own price matching procedures.

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9. Use your Amazon store card to get an additional 5% off

You can get an Amazon Store Card, which provides a 5% permanent refund on anything you spend.

It always covers every item, not just a few.

And, unlike other credit card rebate systems, you don't have to select into a changing category.

Of course, because it is a shop card, the interest rate is high, so make sure to pay it off every month as a priority.

10. Get a free $60 Amazon gift card instantly

Going for the Amazon store card not only gives you 5% off anything you buy, but it also gets you a free $60 Amazon gift certificate that is promptly credited to your account.

11. Receive free Amazon gift cards

There are numerous ways to receive free Amazon gift cards.

One simple method is to use Swagbucks.

Swagbucks and other sites reward you for doing things you already do online, such as watching videos and trailers, buying, and signing up for websites.

It is free to join, and you can exchange your earnings for prizes such as Amazon gift cards, which are delivered instantly to your mailbox.

12. Buy Lighting Deals

Shopping for lightning bargains is a lot of fun because you never know what incredible prices you'll find.

These lightning deals are sales that are available for a limited period and only sell a certain number of things at this price. Depending on the season, this will be referred to differently on their website. Holiday Dash Deals are available during the Christmas season.

You may see a countdown timer that indicates how much time is remaining on this great price.

If you find a deal that is already sold out, you may still join the waiting list to be notified if additional items become available at this price.

13. Share your Prime Account

Don't pay twice to enjoy the benefits of a Prime account for yourself and your companion.

Amazon lets you share your Prime account with another adult in your household. They will receive full benefits, including free two-day shipping.

14. Don't miss the unique Prime deals on hardware

Amazon Prime members also benefit from unique discounts on hardware that has not yet been offered for general sale.

This happened with both the Fire TV stick and the Amazon Echo, which were initially available at 50% off the MSRP to Prime members.

15. Get one month of free Prime when two-day shipping is late

By the way, if Prime fails you and you do not receive your order within two days, please contact customer support.

They normally give you an extra month of Prime for free, but sometimes they just give you credit or a free gift card.

16. Get Prime for free if you are a college student

Did you know that college students (or anybody with a.edu email) can receive a 6-month Prime membership for free with Amazon Prime Student?

It is not a full Prime membership because it does not contain Instant Video, but it does provide free two-day shipping.

If you want the complete membership, you may buy it at 50% off the regular price.

You can even receive a $10 referral credit for each friend you bring into the plan.

17. Select less popular colors/options

Another approach to save money is to get colors or selections that are less popular. If it's not as popular, they'll cut the price to get the product moving faster.

Our family got a hammock that was much cheaper because it had a different pattern than the other hammocks available. It was still the same high quality that we adored!

18. Get Free Shipping Without Amazon Prime

You do not need an Amazon Prime membership to receive free shipping on Amazon.

"Score free shipping by bundling items," Singh advised. "If you need a new toothbrush and shampoo, get them together and receive free shipping. Alternatively, if you order two or more goods totaling over $35, you will be eligible for free shipping.

19. Convert the leftover $0.22 prepaid Visa gift card into an Amazon gift card

You can buy Amazon gift cards whenever you want, but did you know you can use your old prepaid Visa gift cards from other stores to do so?

This is especially useful if your old card is about to expire or has lost value over time.

The minimum amount required for conversion is $0.15.

Here's how to convert gift cards to Amazon GCs...

First, check the balance of your gift card.

Log in to Amazon and click on "Your Account".

Click "Purchase a Gift Card" under "Payment".

Choose to send by email (so you can receive your code immediately).

Then, simply enter your card information (number and security number on the back) and the balance of your card, and click submit.

You will receive your Amazon coupon via email within seconds. To use it, simply navigate to your account and select "Apply a Gift Card to Your Account".

The best part about this little trick is that your Amazon code will never expire. So you can keep it in your account and use it as needed.

20. Get one free book every month from the Kindle lending library

You may be aware that Amazon offers a service called Kindle Unlimited, which costs $10 per month.

It allows you to borrow any books from the Kindle library (which is a lot!)

However, as a Prime member, you can use the Kindle Lending Library without purchasing Kindle Unlimited, and you are entitled to one free book download every month.

There is also a program called Kindle First, which allows Prime members to access books that have not yet been released to the general public. Each month, they highlight six books, from which you can download one.

21. Enjoy the benefits of Amazon Family without paying anything

The Amazon Family program no longer exists!

Amazon Family (previously known as Amazon Mom) is a Prime member service that offers significant savings.

If you are expecting, you can save 15% on all baby registry goods within two months of your due date.

You can also get a 20% discount on diapers through the Subscribe and Save program, plus you won't have to bring them all home.

Other benefits of being an Amazon Mom member include exclusive offers and savings for baby supplies, as well as a $10 credit if you refer another mom.

22. Combine Orders for Faster and Cheaper Shipping

The hack is not 100% guaranteed to function, but it works 99.9% of the time.

First, order two (or more) things separately within an hour and choose regular shipping for all but one. On a single order, select 1-day shipping, and Amazon will most likely combine all of your orders to reduce their shipping costs.

If everything goes as planned, you will receive your box the next day, including all of your things in one package. This usually works better with smaller products than a number of larger items because they all have to fit in one package.

23. Store your films and photos for free

Do you know how much storage space photos take up on your computer?

As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to the cloud, allowing you to store an infinite number of images with Amazon Photo Storage.

Amazon also lets you use the cloud to store other things, such as videos, for up to 5 GB, which you can view from anywhere using an app that allows you to share them with your friends.

24. Get alerted when prices drop!

Tracktor is an internet program that allows you to track Amazon's prices.

It allows you to track by name, URL, or ASIN, and it is available for all Amazon items.

25. Enjoy the free Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video for Prime members is comparable to Netflix in that it offers a collection of streaming material, including Amazon-exclusive original shows. It also provides access to other content, such as archived HBO shows.

You can watch the instant video on your smart TV, tablet, or other device.

26. Save up to 15% by subscribing

If you know how to use it, Amazon's Subscribe and Save program is another option for saving money.

All you have to do is commit to purchasing a product on a regular basis, and Amazon will remove 5% off the price.

This program is often available on supermarket products, so all you have to do is determine how rapidly you use the product and create a timetable.

This saves you not only money, but also the effort of remembering to buy the items at the grocery store and lugging them home.

You can save even more since you may receive an additional discount on your first order, and if you have 5 or more different items on your subscription, the discount increases to 15% each time.

27. Get free ebooks, movies, and music credits

If you're a Prime member and want to receive free digital stuff like e-books, music, and videos, did you know you can easily get credits for these things?

If you don't want other items you buy shipped with 2 day shipping, which is the standard for Prime members, you can change it when you check out to FREE No-Rush Shipping, which delivers in 5 business days (although in my experience, the items arrive within 2-3 days at most), and receive a $1 credit for digital content.

There is no limit to the number of credits you can receive, and they can add up. Amazon occasionally alters how they do things, but this is the standard basic offer.

You will receive credits once your things have been shipped to you.

28. Do you want the price to drop? Tell CamelCamelCamel

Sometimes you don't want to buy something until the price goes below a specific threshold. The difficulty is that you don't want to keep checking the pricing every day to see if it has fallen.

This is where CamelCamelCamel.com can assist you. Simply establish an alert there, and you will be notified whenever the price drops.

29. My Habit: An Amazon site you haven't heard of but should use

Amazon has shut down MyHabit.

MyHabit is a little-known Amazon shop that mostly sells high-end things like designer clothing.

It is not the type of location you would expect to discover on Amazon.

They have constantly changing inventory, so keep an eye on it or subscribe to their newsletter. However, the items they have are usually given at a significant discount.

For example, you can currently save up to 70% on Kitchen & Dining.

And if you locate something on the official Amazon site, MyHabit will usually offer it for a lesser price.

30. Make money when friends and relatives shop at Amazon

Amazon, like many other big retailers, offers an affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

This means you may become an affiliate and provide links to Amazon products, and if someone follows your link and buys, you will receive a commission. To become an affiliate, you only need a website where you can publish your links.

You can't use this directly to save money because it's against Amazon's policy to buy through your own links and earn the commission back. However, if you had a friend who was interested in doing the same thing, you could buy through his links and he could buy through yours, and you would both receive approximately 8% commission.

Just don't complain about it so they don't modify the rules!

31. Order things individually to receive faster shipping without paying for it

Again, not guaranteed, but it frequently works.

If you want to acquire your things soon without paying for enhanced delivery, try this...

Order each item separately, one after the other, but only pay for one-day shipping on one of them.

Amazon frequently combines orders to save on shipping expenses. If you're lucky, they will put all of your orders into a single shipment, which you'll receive the next day.

32. Join Amazon's email list to receive discounts in your inbox

You can save money by signing up for Amazon's mailing list.

They will give you deals via email, and you will be able to choose which goods are included.

Simply go to https://www.amazon.com/gp/gss to browse the categories and sign up.

33. Use Amazon's Trade-In to receive the most value for your used items

There are several trade-in programs for your old iPad or smartphone, one of which is Gazelle.

However, Amazon has a Trade-In program and will often pay you more for your used electronics, DVDs, video games, and so on.

You receive the value as an Amazon Gift Card rather than cash, but if you shop frequently on Amazon, it's probably worthwhile.

34. Save more with Savings.com's Amazon price jump tool

If you suspect that someone, somewhere, is selling items at a lower price than Amazon, there is a solution to alleviate your concerns/prove your point.

The "Amazon Price Jump Tool" is available on the website savings.com.

Simply copy and paste the URL of a product page from Amazon into the program. It then searches the Web for a better deal.

This utility is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as an app version. This makes it easier to determine whether you are getting the greatest value available.

35. Get diapers at 20% off and get them delivered free

If you have a Prime membership, you can ask Amazon to bring diapers to you and save 20%.

Simply register with the Subscribe & Save service and specify how often you want them delivered.

Shipping is free, and you can cancel at any time. Best of all, you won't have to bring a large box of diapers home from the store.

36. Get larger discounts through Amazon's warehouse/outlet division

Looking for a larger discount?

Take a look at Amazon warehouse.

Amazon's inventory is limited to used, reconditioned, warehouse damaged, and open box items, yet they are frequently as nice as new.

If you do not like the item's condition, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Amazon Outlet is another fantastic source to find inexpensive things, as they provide new items that are out of season or discontinued.

37. Save money using the double browser method

Amazon can be deceitful to Prime members.

It has been known to exaggerate product pricing to compensate for Prime members' two-day shipping.

To catch this one, you'll need to open two browsers on your PC, or one on your computer and another on your smartphone.

Using the first browser, log into your Prime account and locate the desired product, then take note of the pricing.

On the second browser, you can check the price of the identical goods after ensuring that you are not logged in as a Prime customer. You may need to remove your cookies to ensure this.

If the price is lower than the original you were given, add the item to your cart and then log into your account before purchasing; the price should not change, but if it does, make sure to complain and get it repaired.

38. Backordered does not mean unavailable

When it looks that Amazon does not sell an item, it could simply be out of stock.

When an item is on backorder, Amazon will recommend a third-party seller if they can send it faster.

The Amazon sale link will be buried within the third-party list.

While this will get you the item faster, it is not always the cheapest.

You may find that Amazon offers the greatest price by selling it directly, and if you are willing to wait for the stock to arrive, you will save money.

39. Third-party merchants may help you save more money

If Amazon does not sell or stock an item, you may be able to find it on the Amazon website via a third-party vendor.

The trouble is, Amazon may not show you the lowest third-party seller, but rather a featured vendor from the Fulfilled by Amazon program.

If you hunt about, you might come across another third-party seller who is not part of the program but offers the item at a lower price.

40. Trick to Meet the $35 Minimum for Free Shipping

Most folks buy a tiny item or two that they don't really need/want only to fulfill the $35 free delivery threshold.

Instead of buying unnecessary items, purchase a gift card for a site/store where you shop, such as Netflix, Google Play, Spotify, Starbucks, or even Amazon.

Don't forget to use a cashback credit card when making your purchases. Yes, buying gift cards from Amazon gives you money.


Do not pay full price when purchasing online again! These Amazon tricks are simple to implement, and you can stack and combine many ones to save even more money. When you're making a large purchase online, every cent matters.

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