100 Websites And Apps To Earn An Extra $1,000 Per Month
80+ Websites And Apps To Earn An Extra $1,000 Per Month
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Can You Really Make $1,000/month?

That really depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it and how many of these sites and apps you use.

Based on personal experience and first-hand accounts of other people online, it wouldn’t be too hard to make an extra few hundred a month. Although there are people who make much more than that.

For example, this guy on Reddit claims he makes more than a $1000 a month with beer money sites. Now, he does spend a lot of his free time doing tasks on these sites. But you don’t have to. Just spend enough time to earn as much as you like.

At the end of the day, these are tasks you can do in your spare time – while watching TV, relaxing on the couch, waiting in doctor’s office, whenever you’re bored, and anywhere else you have a few minutes of free time.

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How to earn $1,000 per month: Best free apps and websites

Participate in Surveys

1. LifePoints (former MySurvey)

LifePoints is an excellent survey website that makes earning money super simple. Each time you complete a survey, you earn points. Then, you can redeem these points for PayPal Cash. Or, you can exchange them for gift cards, for places like Amazon CVS, and Applebee’s, e-certificates and vouchers.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Answer quick surveys on Google Opinion Rewards, and you’ll earn Google Play credit.

3. Panel App

With Panel App, you get paid to take location-based surveys. You can earn cash on a Visa or MasterCard Cash Card, or you get an Amazon gift card.

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4. Ipsos i-Say

Get gift cards for taking surveys with Ipsos i-Say. For answering surveys, you’ll earn points. And, you can redeem these points for gift cards.

  • Download Ipsos i-Say for iOS devices here.
  • Download Ipsos i-Say for Android devices here.

5. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts gives you Amazon.com gift cards when you complete surveys and local, mission-based activities.

There are a variety of surveys available, such as quick polls, comprehensive survey questionnaires, secret shopper surveys, and local missions. You can earn up to $3 per survey. And, you can redeem rewards in $10 increments.

6. Nielsen Consumer Panel

Members of the National Consumer Panel can use the NCP Mobile app to scan barcodes on the items they buy. Each time that you scan an item, and share the details of an item through the app, you earn points. You can redeem these for a variety of rewards.

7. iPoll

iPoll gives you cash and gift cards when you give your opinion on the items you buy, the services you use and the places that you visit.

8. Toluna

Give your opinion to brands on their products and services, and you’ll earn money at Toluna.

Toluna pays cash via PayPal, or in gift cards. There are plenty of gift cards to choose from, like Amazon, iTunes, and Kohl’s.

  • Download Toluna for iOS devices here.
  • Download Toluna for Android devices here.

9. Pinecone Research

You can join the panel at Pinecone Research, and share your option on products. For each survey that you complete, you earn points, and you can redeem these points for cash or for prizes.

10. Surveys on the Go

There are usually a few paid surveys available per month. Many surveys are focused on TV shows, movies, music and advertisements. Others involve evaluating products, services and shopping experiences, and many pay you to provide your opinion on current events.

11. Global Test Market

Global Test Market gives you points for completing surveys. Then, you can redeem them for money to your PayPal account, or for gift cards to places like Amazon, Kohl’s and Macy’s.

12. SurveySpot

SurveySpot gives you points for completing surveys. Then, you can use your points to get rewards, like cash via PayPal or gift cards for Amazon and other retailers and brands.

13. Tellwut

Get points you can exchange for gift cards from a variety of brands, like Amazon, Motorola and Walmart, with Tellwut.

14. Opinion Outpost

With Opinion Outpost, you earn points for completing surveys. You can redeem your points for cash, or you can use your points to get gift cards for Amazon and iTunes. Also, you can be entered into a quarterly, $10,000 prize draw.

15. Survey Junkie

Get points that you can exchange for cash via PayPal or gift cards with Survey Junkie.

16. Branded Surveys (Formerly MintVine)

Complete surveys at Branded Surveys and you’ll earn points that you can redeem for cash via PayPal or Dwolla, or for gift cards.

17. Darwin’s Data

Darwin’s Data pays $25 a survey, which is great. The site’s surveys are about legal disputes. You receive your $25 payment on a Tango gift card.

A Tango gift card is a versatile card that can be exchanged for e-gift cards to 48 different retailers, such as Amazon, Pottery Barn and Starbucks.

18. Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a website where researchers post studies and recruit participants. You can earn money for participating in these studies. Payment is sent via PayPal or Circle.

Download Apps

This is such an easy way to earn beer money!

Basically, there are apps and websites out there that will pay you to download apps.

And, the best part is that you don’t even have to keep these apps on your phone. You can just download the app, test it out, leave it on the phone for the minimum amount of time, and then delete it. This is such an easy way to make cash!

19. AppBounty

Earn credits when you download free apps, with AppBounty. You can redeem them for Amazon, Google Play, Steam, PlayStation, iTunes and other gift cards.

20. Appdown

Get points for downloading apps with Appdown. You can redeem your points to get cash to your PayPal account. Or, if you prefer, then you can use your points to get gift cards for retailers, such as Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

  • Download Appdown for iOS devices here.
  • Download Appdown for Android devices here.

21. Tap Cash Rewards

Test out apps, and Tap Cash Rewards will pay you money through your PayPal account. Or you can get gift cards.

22. Whaff Rewards

Get points when you download new apps with Whaff rewards. If you keep the apps on your phone too, then you earn extra rewards.

Points can be exchanged for cash, but, also for gift cards and vouchers. To learn more about Whaff Rewards, read our review.

23. AppKarma

Earn cash to your PayPal account with AppKarma. If you prefer gift cards, then you can get those too, for brands like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

24. FeaturePoints

Get points when you test out new apps with FeaturePoints. You can redeem your points for money to your PayPal account, or you can get gift cards for brands, like Amazon and Starbucks.

25. FreeMyApps

Try out new apps and FreeMyApps will give you credits. Credits can also be earned for watching videos.

Credits can be redeemed for cash on a Visa Prepaid card. Gift cards for retailers, like Amazon, Verizon, Sephora, Hulu, Xbox and Walmart are available as well.

26. AppLike

When you try new apps and games recommended by AppLike, you earn mCoins. These are basically points. You can redeem them for money to your PayPal account, or for gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and the Google Play store.

27. Cash for Apps

Earn points for trying new apps, with Cash for Apps. Points can be redeemed for gift cards for brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype, Google Play, iTunes, CVS and Best Buy.

28. AppNana

When you download new apps, AppNana will give you points. You can redeem them for gift cards. Checking the app every day, inviting friends, and other tasks, will also net you points.

Turn Your Phone’s Lock Screen into a Billboard

If you don’t mind displaying a few ads on your phone’s lock screen, then this is a super easy, hands-off way to make some spending money.

Basically, there are apps out there that put content on your phones lock screen. And, in return, you get paid. What’s interesting about these lock screen apps is that you don’t have to interact with the content displayed on the lock screen if you don’t want to.

Now, it’s important to note that all of these apps are only available for Android devices. So, if you have an iPhone, then this isn’t the money-making opportunity for you. But, check out the other sections in this post for plenty more beer money-making opportunities.

29. ScreenPay

Display personalized deals and promotions on your phone, and you’ll earn cash from ScreenPay. Your earnings are paid to your PayPal account.

30. AdMe

With AdMe, you display news, deals and coupons on the lock screen of your phone. Then, you get paid to your PayPal account or with gift cards to places like Best Buy and Walmart.

31. S’more

With this app, you earn points when you display ads and content on your phone’s lock screen. Then, you can redeem these points for gift cards.

Display ads on your Car and Get Paid

In this section in our list of ways to make beer money, we’re covering earning cash from displaying ads on your car.

Owning a car can be expensive, between the cost of maintenance and gas – but, there’s an easy way that you can actually make money from your car for a change.

Since businesses want to increase the visibility of their brand, they’re willing to pay people for displaying ads on their cars.

Depending on the campaign and the company you work with, you may have your whole car wrapped in ads, or you might just have to display a sticker on your window.

How much you earn varies, depending on factors, like how many ads you display on the car, where you live, and the company who you display ads for.

So, consider working with one of the companies below.

Keep in mind though that a legitimate company will not make you pay to put the ads on your car.

The company should do this for you, for free. If you are asked to pay to put the ads on your vehicle, then it’s a scam, and you should avoid working with that company.

32. Wrapify

We’ve talked about Wrapify here on Money Pantry before, as it’s a great way to make money. This advertising company pays you to display ads on your car, usually for the duration of one to six months.

Wrapify wraps your car in ads for you. Then, you drive your car as usual, except you also have to track your commute using the Wrapify app. Drivers earn from $400 to $600 a month on average. It’s one of the most reputable car wrapping companies out there.

33. Pay Me For Driving

Want to get paid to drive? If so, then check out Pay Me for Driving. This St Louis-based affiliate marketing company pays you to display ads if you live and work in one of the following areas:

  • Louis City
  • Louis County
  • Charles

How much you’ll make depends on the company you work with.

Where to sign up:http://www.paymefordriving.com/

34. StickerRide

Get paid for putting sticker ads on your car with StickerRide. Basically you put sticker ads on different areas of your car, such as on the hood, sides, rear window, or a combination.

The more stickers you place on your car, the more you’ll earn. How much you make also depends on other factors, like what kind of car you drive, where you live, and how many miles you drive each day.

Where to sign up: http://stickerride.com/drivers

35. CarWraps

CarWraps doesn’t advertise paid opportunities on its website, but you can contact the company anyway to ask about displaying ads on your car for payment. There might be an opportunity to earn money for displaying ads.

Be a Mystery Shopper (or Diner!)

There are apps out there that pay you to visit local businesses, such as restaurants and retailers and provide your opinion.

This is a super easy way to get paid. The payment on offer varies. It could be free food if you’re giving your opinion on a restaurant for example, or cash or gift cards.

Check out these places that pay you to provide your opinion on local businesses. These apps and websites differ to the ones in the survey section, in that you actually have to visit a business in order to provide your feedback, rather than completing the entire feedback process from home.

36. SurveyMini

SurveyMini gives you points that you can redeem for rewards.

All you need to do is share your opinion on the places that you visit. So, after you visit a participating restaurant, store, or attraction, you need to take a short survey on your phone. Generally, the surveys are short, including no more than 11 questions, so, it’s a quick and easy way to make beer money.

Rewards include free food, discounts and points that you can put towards gift cards.

37. Mobee

Mobee is a secret shopper app that allows you to earn rewards for answering questions about the restaurants and stores that you visit. You pick up “Missions” in your area, which there are a variety of available across the US, visit the establishment and then give your feedback. As you progress, you unlock achievements and level-up.

In return for providing your feedback, you get points. You can redeem these points for gift cards for places like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy and for MasterCard prepaid gift cards.

38. EasyShift

EasyShift pays you to visit local businesses, and take photos of products, check prices, and review promotions. You basically visit stores and other local businesses, take surveys and photos on site.

After your shift is submitted and approved, you get paid via PayPal within 48 hours.

39. iSecretShop

With iSecretShop, you visit businesses in your area and give feedback about the quality of the service you receive and your customer experience. Using the app, you’ll need to collect information, take photos, and send the data. For providing your feedback, you’ll get cash, gift cards, meal and purchase reimbursements and more.

40. Field Agent

Field Agent pays you to collect photos and videos, and gather information about the places that you visit. Then, businesses use this information to make their customer’s experiences better.

You can select the jobs that you want to do in the app, and you have around two hours to complete each task.

Pay is from $2 to $12 per job. Payment is sent via direct deposit or Dwolla.

Deliver Groceries

Going to the grocery store doesn’t have to cost you money – in fact, it can make you money.

There are companies out there that will pay you to pick up and deliver groceries. This is an easy way to make some beer money on your way home from work, during your lunch break, or next time you plan to visit the grocery store.

So, check out these companies and earn cash from delivering groceries.

41. Shipt

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service. So, basically, people use Shipt to get groceries picked up and delivered to them. You choose the orders you want to deliver and get a grocery list after ou accept an order. You’ll earn up to $25, and you get tips as well.

To learn more about working with the company, read our Shipt Shopper review.

Where to sign up: https://www.shipt.com/be-a-shopper

42. Burpy

Burpy is a same-day grocery delivery company that pays you to pick up grocery orders placed by customers online and deliver them. You can earn up to $25 an hour. You get paid via direct deposit, and can withdraw your money at any time.

Where to sign up: https://shoppers.burpy.com/join-as-shopper

43. InstaCart

Earn money when you pick up and deliver groceries with InstaCart. You get paid weekly, and how much you earn varies. Delivery drivers with InstaCart report on Glassdoor that they earn between $9.59 and $12.15 an hour – but how much you earn may differ.

Where to sign up: https://shoppers.instacart.com/

Shop through Cashback Websites

Cashback websites are great for getting beer money, because they allow you to make cash from something that you probably already do – shop online!

These websites act as shopping portals, which feature tons of different stores, from Target to Macy’s. Then, when these sites send a customer to one of these stores, the stores reward them with a commission, and you get a cut of it.

You could earn anywhere from 1% to 100% cashback.

44. Ebates

Ebates is one of the best cashback websites out there. It has such a great selection of stores to shop through. In fact, there are more than 2,000 stores to choose from. And, the cashback percentages on offer are really high too – you can get up to 40% back!

Plus, it has a great browser extension called the Ebates Cash Back Button that you can use to get cashback directly on store sites and to automatically redeem promo codes at the checkout.

When you sign up, Ebates will give you a $10 Walmart gift card, or a $10 Ebates gift card.

So, you get $10 in beer money just to sign up!

45. Mr. Rebates

At Mr. Rebates, you can get 8% to 10% cashback. There are over 2,500 stores and brands featured on the site, like Hotels.com, Dell, and Walmart. You get $10 just to sign up as well.

Payment is sent via PayPal or check. You can also get your cashback on an Amazon gift card.

Download Mr. Rebates for Android devices here.

46. TopCashBack

TopCashBack gives you cashback when you shop online. You can often find 10% cashback offers on the website and app.

47. CouponCabin

Featuring more than 3,000 partner stores, CouponCabin is another great website for getting cashback.

Aside from percentage cashback deals, you can also find offers for a specific dollar amount back, like get $75 back when you spend $75 at Kohl’s.

48. Extrabux

Extrabux gives you up to 30% cashback on purchases. There are more than 5,000 stores available as well, so there are plenty of places where you can earn cashback to put into your beer money fund.

Extrabux also has a great browser extension available, which automatically tracks your cashback – even when you visit a store’s website directly. This means that you get cashback any time you shop at a participating store, regardless of whether you go through the Extrabux website.

49. BeFrugal

Featuring 5,000 plus stores, BeFrugal is a cashback website with plenty of stores to choose from. You can find well-known stores on there, like Best Buy, Walmart and Target. You can get your cashback via PayPal, or check. Or you can get your earnings put onto a gift card to places like Amazon.

Keep your Receipts

If you’re looking to make some extra money, then don’t throw out your receipts. You could get paid for them.

There are apps out there that will pay you for your receipts. Some will pay for any itemized receipt and others will pay you when you purchase specific products.

So, take a look at these apps, and turn your receipts into cash.

50. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog will pay you for pretty much any receipt. So, you can shop anywhere and get paid. Payment is sent via PayPal, or you can get your payment on an Amazon gift card instead. All you need to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Receipt Hog.

51. Ibotta

Another great receipt app for earning beer money is Ibotta. Unlike Receipt Hog, which pays you for your entire receipt, Ibotta, pays you for buying specific items.

So, using the app, find the rebates you want before you go shopping. Then, purchase the qualifying items, upload a photo of your receipt to verify your purchase, and Ibotta will give you the cashback.

You can get your money to your PayPal account or Venmo account or get a gift card. There are gift cards available from a variety of retailers, like Amazon, Sephora and Starbucks.

52. MobiSave

Another app that pays you for itemized receipts is MobbiSave. Just shop anywhere, show your itemized receipt, and you get paid. Payment is sent via PayPal, and there’s no minimum withdrawal amount either – so you can cash out whenever you want to. You receive your payment within 24 hours too – so if you’re looking to earn beer money quickly, then this is the app for you.

53. ReceiptPal

Like MobiSave, ReceiptPal pays you for itemized receipts. So, take a photo of your receipt, and upload it to ReceiptPal, and you’ll get paid. You get your earnings via gift cards.

54. Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher works in a different way to the other apps in this section, but it still pays you for your receipts.

Basically, it’s a price matching tool. So, let’s say that you buy paper towels at Walmart and you pay $4.99 for them. But, at the same time, Target was having a sale, and you could get the exact same paper towels for $3.99 – it’s annoying when that happens, right?

Well, this app ensures that you always get the best price when you shop at Walmart. Upload a photo of your receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher, and the tool will analyze it to see whether the items you bought were offered at a cheaper price at a competitor store, during the same time period.

So, back to the paper towels example, if Walmart Savings Catcher sees that you paid a dollar more for them at Walmart than you would have at Target, it will refund you the difference. You get this refund in the form of store credit.

55. Checkout51

Checkout51 works in a similar way to Ibotta, where you get paid when you buy specific items, rather than for your whole receipt.

So, in the app, select the offers that you want, buy the qualifying items, and upload a photo of your receipt, and you’ll get paid. You need to have $20 in your account to withdraw your money.

56. BerryCart

Get cashback from BerryCart when you upload a photo of your receipt. You can get your cashback to your PayPal account, or you can get it on a gift card.

57. BevRAGE

BevRAGE, gives you money when you buy beer, wine or spirits. So, you can get paid beer money to buy, well, beer!

Like Ibotta and Checkout51, with BevRAGE, you need to choose the offers that you want, and then buy the booze that is featured in the offer you redeemed. Then, just upload a photo of your receipt, and you’ll get paid via PayPal or check.

Deliver Food

We talked about making money from delivering groceries above, but you can also earn beer money for delivering food from local restaurants, cafes, and fast food chains.

Local eateries partner with food delivery companies to get their meals delivered to customer’s homes and workplaces.

And, you could earn cash by delivering food for these companies. What’s great about these companies is that you can pick up as many or as few deliveries as you want, so you can work on your own schedule.

It’s a good way to make money in your spare time, like after work, on your lunch break, or at the weekend for example.

Here are a few companies that you could consider working with.

58. UberEATS

UberEATS is a food delivery service from Uber that was launched in 2015. You take delivery requests within the app and then using directions in the app, deliver the food to the customer’s home or office. Payment varies depending on where you live, and how many deliveries you make. Glassdoor reports that drivers make an average of $10 an hour.

Learn more about working with this company by reading our UberEATS review.

Where to sign up: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver

59. Caviar

Earn up to $25 an hour delivering food to people’s homes and offices with Caviar. You get paid weekly, via direct deposit.

Where to sign up: https://www.trycaviar.com/apply

60. EatStreet

Online food ordering platform EatStreet will pay you to deliver food from its restaurant partners to customers. You are guaranteed to make $12 an hour.

Average pay is $12 to $17 an hour, but you can earn up to $20 an hour.

To work with EatStreet, you need to be available to make deliveries on nights and weekends. The company posts job openings for delivery drivers on its careers page. So, check out the careers page to see if there are any openings for delivery drivers in your area.

Where to sign up: https://eatstreet.com/careers

61. Munchery

Deliver healthy, chef-prepared food to customers with Munchery. You get paid tips, and get mileage reimbursement, data reimbursement, and access to an employee discount program as well. For delivery driver jobs, check out the “Delivery Team” category in the “Open Positions” section.

Pay is $13 an hour according to figures from Glassdoor.

Where to sign up: https://munchery.com/jobs/

62. Grubhub

Get paid to deliver food with Grubhub. According to reports on Glassdoor, drivers for the company earn an average of $13 an hour. You get to keep your tips as well.

Where to sign up: driver.grubhub.com

63. OrderUp

OrderUp pays you to deliver food to customers from fast food chains and restaurants. According to figures from Glassdoor, OrderUp, which is part of Groupon, pays delivery drivers $13.67 an hour. You earn a commission on the delivery fee OrderUp charges, and you get to keep your tips. Payment is sent weekly via direct deposit.

Where to sign up: https://orderup.com/groupontogo/delivery_sign_ups/new

Complete Micro Tasks

Whether it’s entering data or annotating photographs, online you can earn money for a variety of micro tasks.

Below, we’ve listed a few places where you can find small, easy tasks to do in return for some beer money.

64. Fiverr

Fiverr, as its name suggests, pays you $5 for doing small tasks. Basically, you offer your services at $5 apiece, and people can hire you. You can also provide your services for more than $5.

Basically, it’s an online marketplace for freelance services. You can offer a range of tasks on there, for a set price, like proofreading, narration and data entry.

65. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk pays you to complete a variety of small tasks, like identifying objects in a photo or video, transcribing audio recordings or researching data details. Basically, you get paid to do small tasks that a person can do more effectively than a computer.

66. Clickworker

Get paid to complete small digital tasks with Clickworker. You work on a freelance basis and pick up as many or as few tasks as you want. Tasks include things like data processing, researching, writing and translating.

67. Zeerk Micro Jobs and Freelance Services

Zeerk Micro Jobs and Freelance Services will pay you to complete small tasks, like writing reviews, translating and liking social media content. You can offer your services at a set price. You get paid the same day, via PayPal or Payoneer.

68. Spare5

Make money for completing small tasks, such as annotating images, providing keywords and taking photos with Spare5. Payment is sent once per week via PayPal.

Do Local Jobs

Another way to make some quick beer money is by doing local jobs in your area. Whether it’s cleaning or handyman work, there are plenty of physical jobs that you can do to earn some extra cash. And, getting these jobs is now super simple. There are apps, websites and companies out there that you can use to get jobs in your area.

69. Selling Services on Amazon

Amazon allows you to sell services directly to Amazon customers in your area. Basically, it’s for people who are looking to sell professional services, such as assemblers, house cleaners, handymen, and electricians.

Through the Selling Services on Amazon app, you can view jobs in your area, and, choose the ones that suit your schedule. So, if you already have a business, you can pick up work when things are slow, or you can offer your services when you have free time during the week.

Payment is sent by deposit into your bank account.

Where to sign up https://services.amazon.com/selling-services/home.htm

70. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit allows you to find tasks that pay in your area. On the app, you can find jobs, like helping people to move, delivering items, handyman work, cleaning and furniture assembly.

You choose how much you charge for your services, and can work when you want. So, this is another flexible way to earn money.

71. Gigwalk

Complete quick jobs, called gigs in your area, and earn money with Gigwalk. You can earn from $3 to $100 per job, and you get paid to your PayPal account.

Make Money Driving People Around

Make some extra money driving people where they need to go.

If you have a car, then rather than letting it cost you money, make some money with it instead.

There are companies that will pay you to provide transportation services to customers.

Of course, you’ll need to have a car, and for some places, you’ll need to meet other eligibility requirements, such as being over a certain age or having a clean driving record.

What’s great about these jobs is that, for most of them, you get to set your own hours.

Take a look at the companies below, and start making beer money from your car.

72. Uber

You’ve probably heard about Uber before – it’s a really popular transportation app. You can become an Uber driver and get paid to give lifts to customers. You can set your own schedule, and offer as many or as few rides as you want to. So, Uber is a flexible way to earn beer money.

Pay varies, depending on a number of factors, such as where you live, and whether or not you offer lifts during times when there’s a high demand for them. But, according to figures reported on Glassdoor, Uber drivers make $14 an hour.

An Uber study says that Uber Drivers earn more than taxi drivers do and that they earn an average of $19 an hour.

Where to sign up: https://www.uber.com/drive/

73. Lyft

Like Uber, with Lyft, you make money from giving customers lifts.

You get paid on a per minute and per mile basis, and you get to keep any tips you get as well. The amount you earn depends, on factors, like where you live, and whether or not you drive during peak hours.

According to figures reported on Glassdoor, Lyft drivers make around $15 an hour. Check out the Lyft earnings calculator to see how much money you could earn in your area.

Where to sign up: https://www.lyft.com/drive-with-lyft

74. iCarpool

This is basically like a virtual carpool that pays. So, it connects customers who are looking for a ride, with drivers who are traveling the customer’s way. This means you don’t have to go out of your way or take a detour like you do with Uber or Lyft.

So, you can make money from your commute to work, or your trip to the grocery store, for example. You get paid per ride, but the company doesn’t state how much.

Where to sign up: icarpool.com/drive.html

75. HopSkipDrive

If you don’t mind driving kids around, then check out HopSkipDrive. You get paid to provide a taxi service to children aged six and above.

The approval process for this one is more stringent than the others in this section, as you are responsible for driving children. In addition to having a car, you will need at least five years’ experience in childcare. Pay is up to $30 an hour.

Where to sign up: https://www.hopskipdrive.com/driver-sign-up

Test Websites

Businesses want to make sure that their websites work well.

After all, they don’t want to frustrate a customer with broken links, or website errors.

And to provide a satisfactory experience to their customers, these businesses are willing to pay people to test their websites.

This is such an easy way to make a side income.

As a website tester, you visit a website just as if you were a regular customer. Then, you make notes and give feedback on your experience.

You’ll generally need to provide feedback on things like, how easy the website is to navigate, and if there are any broken links or errors that occur.

Essentially, you get paid to help businesses make their websites better for customers.

76. UserBrain

With UserBrain, you visit a client’s website and speak your thoughts as you go through a set of tasks, which takes from five to fifteen minutes. Then, submit your feedback. You get new tests each week. You get paid $3 per test, and payment is sent to your PayPal account.

77. UsabilityHub

Participate in website tests, and UsabilityHub will pay you for each response you give. For the majority of tests, you’ll earn 1 credit per response – although some tests may pay more.

Pay is $0.10 for each credit earned. Since each response takes around a minute, according to the website, you could earn from $5 to $10 an hour taking tests. Payment is sent via PayPal, and you can withdraw your earnings once you get 100 credits.

78. Userlytics

Get paid $5, $10, $15, or $20 per test at Userlytics. Pay varies depending on the project – with some test projects paying as much as $90. Payment is sent via PayPal.

Evaluate Search Engines

There are still many tasks that human beings can do far better than computers.

So, while search engines, like Bing and Google, use complex algorithms to determine which pages appear when a person types in a keyword or phrase, they still need human beings to check whether the results that appear are actually accurate and relevant to the query that the user entered.

So, pretty much anyone who’s searched the internet can do this job. But, in many places, you will have to complete an extensive test to get work. Here are a few places where you can find work as a search engine evaluator.

79. Leapforce

You can pick up work as an independent agent with Leapforce. You’ll need to evaluate search results and help search engine companies to improve their search engine results.

80. Appen

Provide feedback on search results, ads and web page content, and Appen will pay you.

81. Lionbridge

Lionbridge sometimes has positions available for search engine evaluators.

Rent out your Car

In this post, we’ve mentioned a few ways that you can make money with your car. But, actually driving your car, whether it’s giving somebody a lift through Uber, delivering food for DoorDash, or getting packages to customers as an Amazon Flex driver, aren’t the only ways to make beer money with your car.

If your car is often sitting in the driveway or garage, then consider renting it out.

There are companies out there that will pay you for renting your car to people.

So, check them out, and start making money from your vehicle.

82. Turo

Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Turo will pay you for renting out your car. Create a listing for your vehicle, let people know when it’s available and then people can request or book your car. You can accept or decline the offer, or contact the person who wants to rent your vehicle.

How much money you make varies, depending on factors, like how much your car is worth and how often you rent it out. According to the website, you’d earn $6,501 per year for a car with a $20,000 market value that’s rented out for 15 days of the month.

Where to sign up: https://turo.com/list-your-car

Watch Videos

What better way is there to earn beer money than by watching TV?

Well, it’s actually quite possible!

There are apps out there that pay you for watching videos. This has to be one of the easiest, and most fun, ways to earn a little extra cash.

83. Rewardable TV

Watch trending videos and gifs and movie trailers, and you can earn points with Rewardable TV. You can redeem your points for money to your PayPal account.

Play Games

Another super fun and easy way to make beer money is by playing games.

There are apps out there that pay you to play games!

So, check them out and start earning.

84. Perk Scratch & Win

Another app from Perk, Perk Scratch & Win gives you points when you choose a scratch card to play. You can redeem your points for gift cards for popular brands, like Amazon, Groupon, Starbucks and Target. Or, you can redeem them for airline miles, or items, like digital cameras and laptops.155. Quiz Rewards

Play trivia games and Quiz Rewards will give you points. Points can be exchanged for gift cards to places, like Amazon and Google play.

85. Lucktastic

Lucktastic gives you tokens, and the chance to win prizes of up to $100,000, when you play scratch card games. You can redeem your tokens for gift cards to a variety of brands, like Amazon and Groupon. You can also exchange them for magazine subscriptions.

86. Prizebucket

Play games, like scratch cards and trivia games, and you can earn credits that you can redeem for rewards, like gift cards. And, you can also win prizes.


As you can see, there are so many ways that you can earn extra money. Sure, these websites and companies aren’t going to make you rich, but, they do give you an easy way to get some extra spending money – and we could all do with more of that.

So, give these beer money-making opportunities and try, and increase your income!

And, if you know of any great websites, apps or companies that are good for earning beer money, then let us know in the comments section below.

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