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Raising Boys
Best Ways for Raising Boys

1.Aquarium rules

Goldfish kept in the tank no matter how long they are, they only reach a certain length. But if you drop them in the pond, they can grow a few centimeters longer.

Similarly, in the education of their son, parents cannot surround their child for life in the "fish tank" that they build. Give your child a free space to develop, limit the imposition of his personal opinions on him. If forever surrounded by parents in a family environment, like an aquarium, a boy cannot become a "big fish".

Tong Tong is a very active, hyperactive child. Every time the boy tries to "sabotage", his mother will promptly tell him to stop. Once my mother went to work. At home with his father, Tong Tong is not banned from anything, even tolerated. The father said: "If you make a mess, you have to clean it up. If you mess it up, you have to fix it".

Tong Tong's mother is very worried about her son's days at home with his father. As a result, when I returned, I found that the child seemed more mature than before, although naughty but understanding, although noisy, there was maturity. The mother feels as if the child has become a "little adult". So for boys, sometimes letting go of the framework brings unexpected maturity.

2.Nature's Law of Punishment

Natural punishment is for children to feel the natural results of their behavior, thereby achieving educational purposes.

Xiao Kai is very stubborn, no matter what her mother says, she won't listen. Once the boy said: "If you don't let me play on the phone, I won't go to sleep".

The son's stubborn character makes the mother helpless at times. However, Xiao Kai's father agreed to his "request", the couple went to bed, leaving the boy alone in the living room.

A few minutes later, Xiao Kai went to bed, but the father said, "I can't sleep because I haven't played with my phone." The boy saw his father straining, and began to cry. Even so, the father remained unmoved. In the end, Xiao Kai admitted his mistake and was now able to go to sleep. Since then, the boy was never stubborn again.

If there is a boy in the family, if he is often unruly and "bullies" his parents by hurting himself, parents can let him experience the "natural consequences".

3.Gandhi's Law

Mrs. Gandhi's child was about to have surgery because of illness, the doctor wanted to say something nice to comfort the child but Mrs. Gandhi told the truth and explained to the child the real result of the operation. The goal is for your child to face difficulties and failures, to learn to be brave and strong.

When raising a boy, the reason the child is rebellious is probably because the parents care too much, making the boy not objectively see the difficulties and hardships in life, not understanding some habits. true, do not recognize the educational role of parents.

Therefore, if there is a son in the family, parents should not take too much care of him, but let him go through difficulties, so that he can have mental strength and a fluttering heart.

4.South Wind Effect

In the Chinese fable, the north wind and the south wind bet on who is stronger. They challenge each other, if anyone can take off the shirt of a passerby, that is the strongest.

After the competition started, the north wind blew hard. However, no matter how fierce the north wind, passers-by did not take off their clothes, but wrapped them in towels, and buttoned their shirts tighter and tighter. Meanwhile, the south wind only blows lightly, cool, the pedestrians have taken off their coats.

Raising a son is similar. The parable reminds everyone that tolerance is far more powerful than blame or punishment. In educating their son, many parents will always scold and suppress the boy's noisy behavior. However, the effect is often unsatisfactory.

This is because the boy's hyperactivity is a kind of nature, which cannot be changed. Therefore, repression cannot be effective. On the contrary, if parents can be as gentle with their children as the south wind, they will get surprising educational results.

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