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Teach Social Skills for Children

Interacting with your child's friends improves the parent-child interaction experience like never before.

Create social contexts for children to experience

Most children will not be able to express themselves in crowded places. This requires us to create social settings for children, such as organizing a family speech contest, or having a birthday party at home and inviting the child's friends over to play. This is even more important for children who are somewhat introverted, who can exercise their courage and expression through such occasions, and can get acquainted with the “small group” of children. themselves and help children gain confidence in society.

After teaching children how to deal with social situations, parents should "play" with their children so that the children get used to the situation and easily integrate if they encounter a similar situation outside. Simulation through scenes helps children get used to them and become more confident when dealing with their parents for the first time.

Best tips for parents to teach their children about social skills
Best tips for parents to teach their children about social skills

In addition, praising children should not be too general but specific, so the ability to integrate into the group will increase a lot. In the process of "playing out" parents can continuously improve their child's ability to cope with different situations by gradually increasing the difficulty.

Teach your child how to deal with conflict

Another situation parents need to practice with their children is the conflict scene, so that the child can handle it skillfully when meeting outside. Parents can role-play with their children, which can increase the intensity of conflict time and time again, from a simple object of conflict to playing the role of a bully, so that children learn to deal with conflicts differently.

In addition, parents need to pay attention to the troubles that may happen to their children to help hone their skills and guide them on how to cope. Through a range of measures such as telling your own story to your child, playing “plays”, telling story stories, your child will become a social expert who speaks, acts confidently and will easier to adapt to the environment when growing up.