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Pets in the house are useful and lovely little friends, especially for children. They are close and familiar like a family member. Do you own a cute cat? Describing a cat is often difficult for children.

Let refer to some of the following very realistic, vivid and emotional cat descriptions.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 1

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Describe a cat with golden fur

For my 6th birthday, my grandmother gave me a very attractive and lovely cat. As soon as I saw him, I was thrilled and excited. I often call him with the charming name Mi.

"Meow, meow, meow", every day, as I sit at the desk to study, Uncle Mi will come and lay his head on my thigh. Mi is close and bonded to me every day. The day Grandma gave it, the cat was just the size of a little bottle of mineral water, but now it is as big as a big Coke bottle.

His complete body is coated with a golden tint and some white patches are added to make his shirt even more lovely.

His head is a little bigger than a tennis ball. Eyes as round as marbles and brilliant as headlights. The nose is pink, always wet like a person with a runny nose. How new is your ear! Only a slight noise, he can recognize what it is, whether it needs to be solved or not. The ear and nose are his radar to detect intelligent or destructive rodents, stealing people's grains.

Mi's neck is wrapped with an opaque white scarf. His four legs were not very tall for his body, but he ran quite swiftly. Beneath the feet is a layer of thick, smooth, pale pink flesh. My grandma stated that the chunks of meat assist Mi move quietly, without producing a small noise, making many mice unexpected. His claws are exceedingly sharp and pointed. Once, those claws left marks on my hands as I played with my uncle. It is those claws that are his powerful weapons that every rat must be afraid when he sees it.

Whenever he wanted to play with me, he would rub my hand with his head and then use his claws to scratch my hand. Wow! How flexible is your tail! The tail is like a tilde, it can't be concealed anywhere. Every day, he just slept. Yet, the rats did not dare to disturb him since he was very smart, maybe the rodents were alert, believing that Mi was stalking them.

At night, Mi just went to work for the owner. He knows all the ways of the rats. No rat will escape once he has spotted it. Once, I watched it capturing mice throughout the day. Perhaps, that rat was too hungry to steal during the day. Uncle Mi camouflaged himself extremely well, he crouched behind a broom near to the granary box. A very smart mouse, with a sparkle in its eye, moved slowly to try to climb up to the granary box to get inside to eat the rice. You lie still as if you were sleeping. Immediately "caught" one, only heard the pleading "chick", Mi ta snatched the prey in his claws.

Grieving with her win, Mi let the rat into the garden. He released the mouse, using his front paw to play with the mouse again and again. The mouse rapidly scurried away but escaped. I guess the rat was just terrified to death. Then, he leisurely sat down to consume all that mice. Every time he captured a mouse, I stroked him and encouraged him. During dinner, I treat him with the most delectable cuisine. I look extremely cheerful.

Mi eats very little, every day he does not consume a bowl of rice. While he ate, he kept eating little by little. I often hear people remark "eating like a cat" is not improper. No matter how hungry Mi is, she eats very slowly. Unlike Gold - my mischievous dog, eats furiously. Vang and Mi are quite close to each other. Every day, they play together without any tension.

In the morning, when the golden sun spilled all over the yard, Mi stretched out her four legs, her eyes half closed, looking adorable. Every now and then, he would put his hand on the locust's face, as if he were washing his face. In the evening, when the whole family finished eating, Mi always took advantage of sitting on her lap and cooing.

I adore Mi so much. Mi is not only a relic given to me by my grandmother, but it is also a "mice-killer" of my family. You aid my family a lot in the rat eradication campaign. Since having Mi, my family is no longer afraid about rats. I will take good care of Mi, play with Mi gladly to follow the advise of my grandma when she gave Mi to me.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 2

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
The cat wears a two-color shirt: white and yellow

In my house, we have a cat. It's a really significant relative of mine.

The cat just celebrated its first birthday. Awe-inspiring, like a baby leopard. My uncle gave me a calico kitten last year. Despite the fact that we have only been together for a year, he is now small enough to hold in my arms. Softly, she called out, "Mi Mi - you go out so that I may still write." She petted her thick, fluffy fur. Only when he snorted softly in his throat did he give the impression of being sly.

The cat is decked out in a white and yellow striped shirt. The plumage has a silky texture. When viewed from a distance, he resembles a cloud. feathers on the neck, head, and legs are all white and brown, while those on the upper back are a golden brown. The long, swaying tail sways gently from side to side. There are four lean limbs here. The cat's soft mattress under his paws softens his steps. Yet, his claws are his most formidable weapon.

A crock pot would fit on the cat's tiny, swinging head. Two kumquat-sized ears perch erect to take in sound. He didn't like shaking his head whenever he touched his ear. It's adorable to see the pink nose sniff and sniff. The curving, side-protruding white mustache is really regal looking. Yet the most attractive eyes are still the quick, bright blue ones that dart horizontally and vertically like two glass marbles.

His small teeth protrude like thorns with every yawn. When the weather is nice, he likes to stretch out in the middle of the yard with his rear legs fanned out and his front leg licked with a pink tongue. This time he didn't move from his sunbathing position. What a stunning day it is! Do you happen to agree with this? He wiggled his tail and then started biting and gnawing on it. He seemed to get energized and eager to scale the areca tree out of the blue. Locusts' legs scuffed against the areca body while their mouths clamored with excitement.

It's amazing how well my cat can hear! A faint sound that he picked up on as well. Oh no! The cat waits for the mouse behind the rice bin. A rat appeared suddenly at the side of the cage where there was food. Cat started running faster all of a sudden. His attention was totally on the rodent. He got down on all fours, crouching. As a result, Uncle leapt the "poop" to the mouse. The sneaky rodent was lured into my cat's waiting jaws by my "chit," and was quickly devoured.

That's my kitty over there. After I got a cat, the number of mice in my home has decreased. I've always thought of him as my "bodyguard" cat and treated him like a friend. Hearing the low, hoarse "meow, meow" from the house's rear confirmed my suspicion that it was my cat.

After embracing him, I said, "We'll always be buddies!"

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 3

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Best Descriptive Essays on Cats

Throughout antiquity, many households have treasured pets they treat as members of the family.

The animals that have the closest relationships with humans are cats. At home, I have a cat who is both stunning and submissive.

A coat of white, yellow, and black, my cat's coat is tricolor. A normal cat will lift its triangular, slender, and sensitive ears to the environment, but will lower them if touched.

Like two blue marbles, his eyes are round and beautiful. Whenever you look at him, his red nose is snorting and dripping with water. The young uncle cried like a cat all day long of being reunited with his family since he missed his mother.

Each of his four legs is equipped with sharp claws for sneaking up on prey, and he has plush pink cushions under his feet for landing softly after a climb or jump. Now that he's older, he spends a lot of time with my family and me and knows us all by name. The fur is so velvety soft and never gets ruffled or greasy; it's my favorite part.

His tail is perpetually wagging, and he strolls around the sofa with the ease of a true monarch. His mustache twitches like little antennae as he sleeps with his plump body curled up in her lap and his half-closed eyes.

When he was eating in the kitchen one time, he heard a "click," and his cat leaped off his lap, his wide eyes shining brightly, his fur standing on end, and his claws protruding and pounced back. So the little tail, trapped inside the uncle's claws, was wiggled by the rat.

When you capture a mouse in the kitchen, you're so awesome. The cat proceeded to eat happily, then rubbed his tiny head on her knee as if to boast about his accomplishment.

Daily ball games with my uncle have strengthened our bond. Every day when I go home from school, my uncle's cat greets me with a "meow," inviting me over to pet him.

I've come to rely on the cat as a companion and playmate on a regular basis, and I find myself missing him terribly when he's not around. As a skilled rat-killer, my cat has my undying gratitude.

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Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Best Descriptive Essays

Mice appeared overnight at my place. As a result, my mom went out and bought a cat immediately away. My mom wanted a cat for company, but her mom insisted she pay many thousand dollars, because only then would the pet be healthy. So much adoration for this feline friend of mine.

When he returned, the cat was very young, looked like a ball of wool, meowed incessantly, and could only mutter a single word. After four months, the cat seems fully grown and strong, and its "yawn" meows like a royal proclamation. A calico cat's coat is sectioned off in white, brown, and gray, much like a flowery jumper. The thick, silky fur of the cat is one of my favorite things about petting it.

The entire length of the cat is nearly two human arms. A cat's head is like a woolen roll, its neck is powerful, its body is slender, and its hindquarters are proportionally larger the further you go in. Cats have very long, sturdy legs—like the feet of a gifted climber, runner, and jumper. The cat's toes have sharp, curled claws despite their modest length.

The cat has a cute, round face with two blue eyes that like translucent marbles, a teeny pink nose, and a few long mustaches stretching to the sides.

These facial hairs are often referred to as a unique "antenna" for cats' radios. I decided to call it the adorable Mi Mi. It seems to recognize and accept its name, Mi Mi. Mi Mi is a housecat and spends much of her daytime hours exploring the various rooms. Sometimes it grabs the paper and plays with it for a long like it's a mouse, and other times it jumps or pounces on cockroaches in the house like it's lice.

I always have a little plate of food ready for the cat after dinner. Mi Mi takes her time when eating and is very careful not to spill her rice. I've seen Mi Mi catch mice. At that precise moment, a rustling noise could be heard from the far side of the room. Mi Mi, who had been lying down, sat up straight with her front legs, her hind legs loose, her tail near to her body, and her head retracted. The cat is completely motionless except for its eyes, which are wide open and dazzling. A flash of light flashed in front of me, and before I could react, a "girl" appeared. That's it, a destructive rat!

The adorable and helpful Mi Mi the cat. Mi Mi always anticipates my return from school so that she can rush over and rub my feet. She knelt down, wrapped her arms around Mi Mi, and gushed, "Mi Mi, I love Mi Mi so much!"

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 5

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Best Descriptive Essays

My cat Milu greets me with a cooing, "Meow, meow..." each time I get home from school. She was my mother's birthday present to me, and she is the one I cherish the most.

Milu is fluffy all over, and her fur is white, golden, and spotted. Milu may wear it as a cozy coat in the winter. Milu had an orange-shaped head. He kept his ears pricked up, scanning the area for any sign of life. Her wide, round eyes seemed to be made of glass. Small, pink, and perpetually wet, the nose is a telltale sign of a moist person. The two ends are rounded, and the feet resemble white mustaches.

Milu's normal mouth is very sweet and little. But her scary-looking protruding teeth are always on display whenever she yawns. It is the lethal weapon she employs in her hunts. In particular, she has pointed claws at the bottom of her feet. Her tail, which is white and silky, wags gracefully back and forth.

Milu's stroll made her sound like a radio hostess, and the attention she received from the cat boys, who were always fawning over "this lovely princess," was enough to make them cry.

When she first returned, she leaned on the arm of a chair, her eyes wide and her face white with fear as she stared around at us with an odd expression. During time, Milu became acquainted with all the residents of the house, but her affections centered on you. best. I was the one who cooked every single meal for her. When she was really hungry, she would sneak close to the bowl of rice, but otherwise she would just stand a safe distance away and stare at it.

She chewed each bite carefully and ate it from the outside in. Wow! Yet every time Mi Mi snags a mouse, she puts on an angry expression. Any rodent unfortunate enough to cross her path is in for a terrible time.

Everyone in my Milu family is crazy about football. I can always count on Milu to return the ball and play it expertly whenever I see it. She was suddenly hiding under the table. Have a look at the rhythm and grace with which she dances, much like a trained acrobat.

Milu would wait for her to get home from school by lying face up in the sun near the window every afternoon. Milu, who had been watching from a distance, sprang to the entrance the moment she saw her owner again, her bright blue eyes following her every step. Her head kept bumping into me, as if she wanted me to pet her.

Milu is now my closest friend. The only response I ever got was a mournful "meow...meow..." whenever I told her about a tragic story. She was at a loss for words, yet her reassuring comments nevertheless made me very happy.

Everyone in my family adores Milu. A more thoughtful present could not be found. Milu is now an integral part of our family.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 6

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Best Descriptive Essays

Beautiful and dignified, everyone has said that my cat is a sight to behold. The "tricolor cat" is so named because of its coat's three distinct colors. It has been a year since her father asked to see her again.

When she was finally brought home on day three, she was barely the size of a huge cucumber. At each meal, she'd only eat a handful of rice and a tiny bit of fish or meat before climbing to the highest, coziest spot she could find to sleep. Once, she didn't eat a single thing for two days due to sickness. The person's gait is unsteady and he or she has a soft body. She needs to be fed all the time, and I have to do it.

I honestly believed she was gone for good. Yet, as time has passed, she has matured into a stunning young lady who holds her accomplishments with great pride.

The three-tone coat she's wearing is stunning, with alternating bands of yellow, black, and white that are as smooth and fine as dyed silk. A little, attractive nose with two wet, pale pink holes is the focal point of the round as an adult fist head. White mustaches perpetually wiggle at the ends of the mouth's corners. She looked like she had just put on her makeup for a "dance" somewhere, with the blush pink line around her gorgeous mouth.

The cat has a tail approximately twice as long as my arm span, and it is spherical and covered in three colors. It can be spiraling at times, straight at others, and wavy in between. Her claws are both curved and sharp, like a scythe and a planing blade, giving her a formidable attack. At every encounter with her, her adversaries were forced to face her terrifying weapon.

She is really fond of being coddled and fussed over. Whenever I see you at your desk, it's as if a few minutes later, she comes in, hops up on the table carefully, and crawls into my lap. When her nose ran, she wiped it on my hand and cooed. When I feel this way, I just want to spend a few minutes holding you close, stroking your hair, and telling you everything.

She likes to lie in the yard in the sun on days like this, with her pink and white tummy puffed out, next to the areca tree. A peculiar sense of joy can be seen in the eyes as they follow the tall ships as they sway in the pure blue sky and count the petals of the areca flowers as they scatter white across the yard.

She interacts with the puppy on occasion. As she raced to keep up, she launched herself onto an areca tree and ascended swiftly. I caught a glimpse of her as she turned her head high in the areca tree to check on the squealing puppy at the tree's base.

She worked steadily and efficiently throughout the day. She looked in every nook and cranny of the house. Particularly in the areas where I expect to find rats. Her night vision is so sharp, that in the darkest of times, she can find her way. Because of this, the filthy mice, hamsters, and rats that scurried around at night in search of food couldn't hide from her watchful gaze. As a "house ranger," she can survey her domain while waiting for mice or advancing on the enemy.

Her "mushion mattresses" are thick and soft, so she makes very little noise when she runs, jumps, or climbs. For some reason, whenever she uncovered an enemy, her normally slow, lethargic movements took on a weird agility. At dusk, I once saw you and a rat face off next to a lake.

As she heard the rattling in the kitchen, she sprung to her feet from the stool and dashed downstairs. The mouse bolted for the entrance, heading straight for the water supply. She shrugs casually and swishes her arms to outrun the rat. When I heard a mouse stir behind me, I quickly turned around to see the cat pinning down the rodent with its full body.

She had the rat's throat blocked by one of her legs as her sharp, delicious claws tore at the rat's eyes, nose, and cheeks with the other. Around 30 seconds later, I noticed the rat's eyeballs poking out. She wrapped her neck in her teeth and hammered on the water tank's cement floor. After making sure her foe was out for good, she released her grip and proudly stared down at her foe.

No rodents have dared to invade my home since my cat sister moved in. You have the undivided affection of your entire family. In my mind, you are a close and kind friend who plays with me whenever my parents are at work.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 7

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Best Descriptive Essays

The cat I have at home is a calico breed. All three of the kittens were beautiful, but none of them inherited the calico's coat pattern. When the kitten was old enough to start eating rice, Grandma gave me an ebony black cat.

While tiny, the kitten packs a powerful punch. It thrives on its diet and develops rapidly as a result. In only six months, he had fully matured into an accomplished mouser. The cat has glossy, pitch-black fur. The cat has a round body and a pair of bright blue eyes. The ears on either side of its skull resemble leaves. The cat has a short, light brown snout with a lengthy, harsh red mustache.

It has a tiny body, around the width of an adult's forearm. Each of the feline's four limbs ends with a swelled toe, resembling a pair of black velvet sandals. The cat man glides along, his long tail wagging, like a seasoned mouser. Cats love to soak up the sun on the front porch first thing in the morning, and then spend the afternoons wandering aimlessly indoors. To ambush the gecko, the cat swiveled its head and peered at the wall. To cats, the gecko is little more than a plaything. The fresh mouse has quickly become the feline's preferred snack.

The cat boy spent his evenings sitting in a quiet corner of the house, his tail tucked under his body. He is a mouse-hunter. The cat's eyes have brightened and he is peering intently at the house's far corner, where his mother frequently hides food. A mouse peeped out from the maize sack and darted up to it. The "squeak" sound was so short that by the time my cat got there, it had already stopped. The poor mouse was taken to the backyard by my cat.

First, the cat plays with the mouse, then he gets bored and eats. The number of rats in my home that were able to ruin food has been cut in half because of the cat.

Besides being a very astute feline, the cat can also applaud his human master. As soon as I walked in the door from school, the cat guy came running over, meowed happily, and buried his entire body between her legs. I knelt and pet the cat on the head. With his eyes closed, my cat is both adorable and hilarious; he is really content. A common practice in rural areas, where furniture is vulnerable to rats, is to keep a cat or two as a kind of pest control. Everyone raves about my mouser, and they often refer to him as "Rat-killing Hero" in jest.

I feel deeply for him and enjoy teasing him frequently. My cat is not only a "Rat-killer Hero," but also my best friend; she is well-versed in the art of flirting and posing, and always eagerly awaits my return from school. The cat is just too adorable.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 8

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Snow-White Cat

My house is filled with the most adorable little kittens. I decided to call it Snow White.

It possesses a fluffy white coat that is flecked with yellow and light brown spots. The head is spherical as a ball, and the ears are perked up and extremely sensitive. The eyes of Snow White appear to be very kind, yet at night they light up to make it easier for the cat to see clearly. As if it were a lucky charm, the tail was coiled up into the shape of a question mark. There were four thin legs that moved lightly across the ground, almost like they were gliding.

When Snow White was concentrating on her homework, she would tenderly stroke her mustache, which was white, against her legs. At situations like these, I show him my appreciation by giving him a delectable piece of fish cake.

When I have some free time, I take Snow White to the park that is close to my house so that we may play. When I went to sleep, I held him again and fell into a deep sleep.

In my dream, Snow White and I were having the time of our lives playing games till we were completely exhausted. Snow White has established herself as an essential member of my household. The cat is a favorite of everyone who lives in the house.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 9

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Cat has a jet-black, silky coat

My mother, being aware of the fact that I have a strong fondness for felines, decided to present me with an adorably fluffy kitten for my birthday. We decided to give him the name Joba.

Joba has a jet-black, silky coat. The body is not very large. While it moves, the tail never stays motionless but instead travels along with it at all times. There is a layer of meat beneath his feet, which helps him move more fluidly, which is very helpful when he is attempting to catch prey without making any noise. If you give it a set of claws, it becomes almost like your own personal weapon.

A wee bit of a head. The ears are constantly perked up, as though the person were listening for something. The eyes of Joba were large and round, almost like marbles. Both the left and right sides of the cat's mustache are rumpled. Even though he has only lived here for a short while, every member of my family adores our new pet.

The bathroom is immaculately tidy on a daily basis. As Joba was being fed, people would frequently put the food that they gave him in a bowl so that he wouldn't throw it all over the place. After finishing his meal, he went to the sink to rinse his mouth out with water. My cat is likewise quite capable of performing a variety of activities.

It seems like whenever there is a mouse in the house, that particular mouse takes on the role of a hero. He works tirelessly, and in the end, everyone is pleased with the triumph that he brings home. With each success, Joba's mother would give him a piece of fried fish as a reward.

My beloved cat Joba will always remain by my side and will be a member of my family.

Best Descriptive Essays on Cats - 10

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Cats for Children
Coal Cat

When I went to play at my uncle's place a few months ago, he surprised me with an adorable present and handed it to me while I was there. It's a kitty!

I decided to call it Coal. The name, according to common opinion, is quite amusing. Because its coat is kept in such pristine condition that it is dark, glossy, and silky smooth. The age of the coal is one and a half years, and it is very full.

It appeared as though the two triangular ears on its head were perched to listen to something. It has piercing green eyes that look like two miniature flashlights when it's dark outside. While I'm hunting, those eyes become quickly intent and serious, yet when I'm playing with my family, they are kind and innocent.

Because it is usually wet and always pink, the nose of Coal makes it look like a baby sometimes, especially when it is sleeping. The cat takes great pride in its long, silky tail, which is always pliable to the cat's rhythmic steps despite its length. At other times, I see it interacting with its own tail in a playful manner.

The legs of coal are incredibly long and slender, and they move quite quickly. It can move very swiftly and can climb the areca tree as well as jump from house to house. When it comes to hunting, Coal's keen claws are a great asset to have on his side.

Coal has a very active attitude, and he frequently socializes with the other cats in the area.

Using coal to trap mice is also a really clever way to hunt; my father has seen how he does it, and he can't stop gushing about it. The safety of both the kitchen and the barn can be attributed to Coal, who has ensured the wellbeing of the entire family. The cat also appears to take a great deal of satisfaction in his responsibilities, as he works very hard and occasionally displays a pleased expression.

I have a lot of affection for Coal, and I hope that he will be a member of my family for a very long time.


When writing a description of a cat, we need to pay attention to describe the cat's shape such as coat color, eyes...and describe its daily activities.

Pay special attention to describe your feelings for the cat.

Hopefully through the above 10 sample essays will help children more easily describe the cat. Hope you will create interesting details to make your essay more attractive.

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