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Discover the strangest animals around the world. They really don't have wings, but they can fly, and there are even animals that can fly like birds.

These animals are not birds, but can fly like birds as they take off with skins or ribs.

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You may argue that only bats qualify as true fliers, whereas others would include flying squirrels, frogs, and lizards. But these aren't flying at all, they're just gliding or parachuting, and the skin that they stretch out between their legs, toes, or ribs looks a lot like wings.

But Chrysopelea flying snakes are a distinct class altogether. If they flatten their body, it becomes twice as broad and bent inward on the bottom. When they jump out of a tree, they don't just float lazily in the air. Instead, they use diagonal undulations of their bodies to create lift over their wing shapes. Snakes have the longest glide distance of any animal at 100 meters when using this technique.

Yet more incredible are the spiders, of which there are many varieties, that can spin silk into the air and use it as a kite to go around. While the vast majority of these particles only fall a few meters away, some of them may be swept up into the jet stream and propelled thousands of kilometers.

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1. Malabar Gliding Frog

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

Malabar gliding frog (scientific name is Rhacophorus malabaricus) can use its webbed feet to trap air, forming a parachute-like organ to quickly land from treetops to the ground when threatened.

This frog has a body length of about 10 cm (4 in), making it one of the largest moss frogs. Males are smaller than females. Its back skin is finely granulated and the color is vivid green without markings, distinguishing it from the otherwise quite similar R. pseudomalabaricus, which has a black-marbled back and was long included in the present species. In preserved specimens, the back turns purplish blue.

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds
Flying Frog

The belly is more coarsely granulated – particularly under the thighs – and pale yellow. There are skin fringes between and along the long limbs, and a triangular skin extension at the heel. The webbing between fingers and toes is large and orange-red.

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2.Ballooning Spiders

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

Few people expect spiders to be able to "fly". When they want to fly, they will release a thin, light, stretchable silk thread, and at the same time take advantage of the wind to swing the crowd on a thread to fly anywhere.

The ballooning spiders are much more fascinating than the jumping spiders since they are able to fly for thousands of kilometers into the air. Crab spiders, for instance, may cover great distances in flight by employing a method known as ballooning. It is propelled across great distances by the wind. After ascending to the highest point of a plant or rock, it waits there for the wind to blow. As soon as it detects the movement of the air, it releases a stream of gossamer, which is a substance similar to silk that is used to construct a web.

Because of their size, they can function similarly to a balloon or a parachute, assisting the spiders in their movement from one location to another.

The length of time that a spider was able to remain airborne and balloon without consuming any food is now the world record. Spiders are capable of flying up to a height of two feet above the earth.

3. Draco Flying Lizard

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

Another excellent flying wingless animal is pterosaurs. The ribs of the lizard Draco can be extended and quite long, connecting the animal's ribs is a piece of skin, which looks quite like wings, helping them to adjust the direction of "gliding" when combined with the long tail behind.

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Flying Snakes (Chrysopelea)

The Chrysopelea, more often known as the flying snake, is a member of the family Colubridae and may be found in the jungles of Southeast Asian countries.

Although researchers have not been able to crack the code on why these legless reptiles have wings, it is generally accepted that they do so in order to avoid being eaten by larger animals. After conducting exhaustive investigation, scientists were able to demonstrate without a reasonable doubt that before to taking off, these snakes lay themselves out flat and undulate from side to side, giving the impression that they are sliding through the air.

It is reported that these snakes can glide over eight to ten meters per second, making them very fast moving animals. They have a low lethality to humans despite the fact that they are slightly toxic.

4. Gobblers

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

These birds typically stay on the ground for the majority of the day. According to BirdWeb, these well-known North American birds often feed on the ground for berries, corns, seeds, leaves, and grains, with the occasional insect thrown in. People may have mistakenly assumed that they are fully Earthbound because they are frequently observed in flocks, pecking for food in open fields.

5. Flying Lizard or Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon Kuhli)

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

This animal usually hides in the woods. It has elastic skin on the sides of its body, allowing it to fly through the air for short distances.

It is popular to refer to the Ptychozoon Kuhli, also known as the flying gecko or flying lizard, as the flying gecko. This species lives in the Malaysian jungle and typically measures between six and eight inches in length. It may be found in a variety of hues, including brown, black, and beige. They are able to vanish into their surroundings thanks to their cryptic skin and dark coloration, which makes it easier for them to blend in.

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds
Flying Gecko

Even while these lizards are not as skilled at flying as some of the other odd creatures, they are nevertheless able to glide from one tree to another without any assistance.

The lizards are well-known for their skill as outstanding gliders; they do this by using the extended wings that have been developed from the rib bones. The gecko spends much of its time among the trees and only seldom comes down to the ground. They are so popular that some people even keep them as pets.

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6. Feathertail glider

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

This is a small animal, with a body length of less than 8cm. This species can also glide easily through the air without wings.

The Pygmy Glider typically isn't active throughout the day, unless it's time to raise young. The female then emerges in the late afternoon to feed or drink. A. pygmaeus groups have been spotted in almost any suitable enclosed place, including hollow tree trunks, phone boxes, bird nests, and possum dreys. They build round nests (dreys) from of vegetation, typically made of eucalyptus leaves, bark, and tree-fern fiber (Strahan, 1983). Although they have been discovered in groups of up to 20 people, these are not thought to be stable affiliations. It is thought that a variety of high-frequency sounds and urine marking serve as the primary means of communication between mother and young.

7. Mobula Rays

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

They travel by fins and by flight, respectively.

The ability of these rays to leap two meters into the air is probably what makes them most impressive, although they are also excellent swimmers. These rays can move quickly forward and cover enormous distances and depths because to their extraordinarily long wingspan. For instance, they can swim at a speed of 13 mph and dive nearly two kilometers below.

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8. Japanese Flying Squid

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

Todarodes pacificus (Steenstrup, 1880), often known as the Japanese common squid or the Pacific flying squid, is a species of octopus that belongs to the group of animals known as cephalopods, which also includes all squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus species. Since they are all mollusks, cephalopods are all linked to slugs and snails. Some species can spray ink when threatened, and they are distinguished by bilateral body symmetry (body forms that produce mirror copies along a midline) (except the nautilus).

It is believed that these squids can move great distances in the blink of an eye, since they have been clocked flying more than 30 meters in only three seconds. They like to stay at the surface of the water, where they have better access to air. There are rumors that these beasts have three hearts. In order to defend themselves against predators, they may often fire ink at them.

9. Flying Fish (Exocoetidae)

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

Exocoetidae has very large pectoral fins that allow them to leap to the surface and then fly above the water for several meters. This ability helps the flying fish run away from predators.

The available information suggests that there are around 40 different species of flying fish, both in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans of the United States. These fishes have a forked tail and pectoral fins to help them glide through the water. The fish swims at a speed of 37 mph under the water before launching itself into the air. The shark may reach heights of nearly four feet only by thumping its tail fast before it breaks the surface of the water. It has been reported that a flying fish may glide for more than 1,300 feet at a speed of 42 miles per hour.

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds
Flying Fish

10. Southern Flying Squirrel

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds

This squirrel is one of 43 species of the genus Pteromyini, which is well-known in the scientific community. Its purported homelands include the northern reaches of North America, Siberia, and Europe. The membranes connecting the hind and forelimbs get totally stretched out as it leaps from trees, giving the appearance of an ironed-out hamster. They are rumored to have the longest vertical jump of any mammal at 288 feet.

They use their wrists to guide their flight and their patagium is covered with fur. These squirrels are able to quickly and deftly make their way to the opposite side of a tree branch in the event of an attack.

This flying squirrel has a layer of skin on the sides of its body that allows the animal to fly distances of more than 9m without touching the ground. The skin acts as a flexible parachute, and the tail is used as a rudder.

Top 10 Wingless Animals That Can Fly Like Birds
Flying Squirrel


The globe is teeming with incredible creatures that have never failed to awe and amaze the human race. Among these, the creatures that are able to fly are the ones that have always been successful in drawing the attention of the onlookers and researchers. Even though they do not have wings as birds do, these animals are nonetheless able to fly because of the way their bodies are structured aerodynamically.

These creatures have developed a new strategy for traveling long distances, one that is significantly different from the norm. Reasons might range from escaping dangerous situations to just wanting to start over in a different location. Last but not least, they have consistently shocked mankind while proving that only the strongest survive in this dynamic world.

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