9 Essential Life Lessons You Should Keep in Mind
Essential Life Lessons

Life Lesson No. 1

My friend likes a computer, needs about 30 million, his monthly income is only 7 million.

His wife told him: "You're crazy, if you buy it, we'll get a divorce".

He asked me what to do. I said: "You don't deserve that computer, you don't even have the courage to get what you like, so how do you plan to roll in society in the future?".

He gritted his teeth and bought that computer. To pay off his debt, he started looking for some part-time jobs. In the end, he paid off the debt within a month. His wife did not leave him because of his madness. She took him to a car supermarket, said: "Husband, let's buy this BMW in installments". At first he was startled, thinking his wife was crazy. A year later, he paid for the car in full.

Conclusion: You don't even have the courage to take things and people that you like, then you are destined to be a failure.

Life Lesson No. 2

A Zen master saw a scorpion falling into the water, and was determined to save it. Who would have thought that as soon as he touched it, he was pricked in the hand by it. The Zen master was unafraid, once again taking action, this time he was stung. The person next to him said: "It always stings people, must we save it?". The Zen master replied: "Stinging people is the scorpion's instinct, and being honest is my instinct, how can I abandon my instinct because of its instinct?"

Conclusion: Our fault lies in the fact that, because of the crowd, it changes itself.

Life Lesson No. 3

Someone asked a farmer: "Do you plant barley?".

The farmer replied, "No, I'm afraid it won't rain."

The other asked, "So do you plant cotton?"

The farmer replied, "No, I'm afraid the worms will eat it."

The other asked: "So what do you plant?".

The farmer replied, "I don't plant anything, I want to be safe."

Conclusion: A person who does not volunteer to give up, who does not volunteer to risk, "doesn't do anything" is too obvious to him.

Life Lesson number 4

Three people left the house, one carrying an umbrella, one carrying a walking stick, one bare-handed. When he returned, the person holding the umbrella was wet, the person holding the walking stick fell, the third person was unharmed. It turned out that the person who had an umbrella when it was raining took a bold step, and ended up getting wet.

When walking on a slippery road, the person leaning on the cane relies on himself to have a cane, so he walks quickly, resulting in a fall from time to time. The person who walks bare-handed, when it rains, he takes shelter; when the road is slippery, he walks carefully, otherwise he is unharmed.

Conclusion: Sometimes it is not our failure that we fail, but our advantage.

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Life Lesson No.5

A small monk is in charge of cleaning up fallen leaves in the temple, it takes a lot of time each day to finish sweeping. Someone said to him: "Before sweeping, shake the tree to make the leaves fall, then sweep, so tomorrow you won't need to sweep anymore".

The little monk felt it was reasonable, happily followed it, but the next day, leaves were still falling all over the temple yard.

Conclusion: No matter how hard you work today, the leaves will still fall tomorrow. Inadequate speed, doing well today, is being responsible for one's life.

9 Essential Life Lessons You Should Keep in Mind
Important Life Lessons Everyone Learns the Hard Way

Life Lesson No.6

A crow on his flight met a dove on his way home. The pigeon asked: "Where do you want to fly?"

The crow replied, "Actually, I don't want to go, but everyone thinks my cry is not good, so I want to leave."

The dove said to the crow: “Stop wasting your time in vain! If you don't change your voice, no matter where you fly, you won't be welcome."

Conclusion: If you hope things will turn out well, then start by changing yourself.

Life Lesson No. 7

A family of three sons, they grew up in the constant quarrels of their parents, their mother was always beaten and wounded by their father.

The eldest son thought: Poor mother! I have to be nicer to my wife in the future.

The second son thought: Getting married really doesn't make any sense, when I grow up I definitely won't get married!

The third son thought: So, the husband can beat his wife like that!

Conclusion: Even if the living environment is the same, if the way of thinking is not the same, it will lead to different lives.

Life Lesson No.8

In a small town, there was a businessman who opened a gas station, doing well. The second one came, opened a restaurant. The third person came, opened a supermarket. This town soon became busy and prosperous.

In another town, a merchant opened a gas station, and business prospered. The second person came, opened the second gas station. The third person came, opened the third gas station. Business is not as successful as they thought.

Conclusion: If you insist on following the path of others, you will surely fail.

Life Lesson No. 9

Mr. A rides a bicycle, pedaling hard with both feet. In 1 hour, he can only walk about 10 km.

Mr. A drives a car, presses on the gas with one foot, and can travel 100 km in 1 hour.

Mr. A sits on a high-speed train, closes his eyes, and can travel 300 km in 1 hour.

Mr. A sits on a plane, eats delicious food, and can travel 1000 km in 1 hour.

Conclusion: Same person, same effort, but different at the launch pad, the results will be different.

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