10 Unique Life Lessons to Remember That No School Teach You
Top Unique Life Lessons to Remember

School is a place to teach you knowledge, but there are many lessons that no school can teach you, what you need is to understand and draw for yourself in the process of growing up.

From childhood to adulthood, each of us has studied in many different schools, each school brings us knowledge in many different fields and subjects. But the more we grow up, the more we realize that life is inherently more complicated than we imagined.

The knowledge, theories and books we have learned are not always relevant and supportive, because after all, there are countless things that no school can teach you, all requirements you have to self-understand, stumble yourself and then learn again, draw experience from your mistakes.

Everyone’s journey in life is always unique. Some feels like their lives taste sour, while some feels it is sweet.We can’t deny this because everything depends on one’s mindset.

“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson” – Tom Bodett

Get ready to unfurl Top 10 great lessons to remember:

1. Must Know How to Admit Your Own Weakness

One day, the fox passed by the vineyard and discovered a juicy, very attractive bunch. However, the fox could not reach the bunch of grapes despite his efforts. He thought of all sorts of ways such as jumping up and found that some of the beams were even lower, tried to jump again but to no avail.

Finally, the fox sighed in disappointment: "Stop the bunch of green grapes, it must be very sour, I don't need it" and then left in regret.

Life Lesson: The fox couldn't pick the grapes, so he told himself the grapes were still green to defend himself, this is like we never want to admit our weakness, always find a thousand reasons. do to try to cover them up.

Many people show disdain and contempt for what they want to have but cannot. In fact, it's just because my ability is limited, I can't have it, but I have to make excuses and lie to myself to justify myself.

Only parents love and tolerate us unconditionally, so don't cry for an unworthy person, demanding life and death. Live after all, not for the family, it's also for yourself

2. Let's Create Unexpected Results

A young boy apprenticed in a bicycle repair shop. One day, a customer brought a broken bicycle. He not only fixed it well, but also cleaned the car well.

The other apprentices laughed at the foolish boy, who had not received any extra wages and had wasted effort.

Two days later, the customer returned, saw that the bicycle was both good and beautiful as new, and immediately took the boy back to his company to work with a high salary.

Life Lesson: At work, always be aware of doing beyond expectations, then one day, you will receive unexpected results. Many people work overtime, work overtime is not satisfied, afraid of losing, but accepting the loss is wise because its benefits lie in the future that not everyone can predict.

We can’t change our life, but we can change the way of living through habits
10 Unique Life Lessons to Remember That No School Teach You
Importance of Life Lessons

3. Rich People With Love and Compassion

A rich family wanted to tell their son about the life of the poor, so the father took him to a nearby village. They visited a poor family's field and on the way back the father asked his son how he felt about the trip. The boy happily replied:

- Very cool, Dad!

The father asked his son what he thought about the life of the poor, the boy answered innocently:

- We have 1 dog, they have more, they have 4. We have a tiny swimming pool, but they have a river.

We have to light the lights every night and they have bright stars. We have walls to protect us, they have friends. We have TV, and they spend time with family and relatives. Thank you for showing me how poor we are!.

Lesson: In our eyes, wealth includes money and possessions, but in reality there are more important things like love, compassion, and friendship. So life lessons learned from masters help us realize that the secret to being rich is not only money.

Spending time for family and friends are priceless. It helps to realize that we are not alone in this world.

Always live a good life, treat others the way you want others to treat you

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4. Appearance Doesn't Matter

Once, a horse accidentally met a camel going through the desert, for the first time he saw someone who was similar to him but had an ugly hump on his back. Horse joked about that:

- Hey buddy, why are your backs so ugly, don't trim them?

The camels were so used to this, they didn't reply and just kept walking. After entering the desert, the horse was never seen again...

Life Lesson: Don't laugh at the appearance of other people, there are things that think weaknesses become one's advantages. Stay calm, don't jump to conclusions.

In life, too, there are people who are luxurious but dress simply, there are people who have no money but dress elegantly. Therefore, before knowing a person well, do not rush to comment or criticize them.

You can go to the beach to go to the beach.

Quality is always better than quantity. Not only in transformation, it is needed for an entire life
10 Unique Life Lessons to Remember That No School Teach You
Life Lesson

5. Don't Compare the Wrong Object

One day, the ant came to the elephant to compare his strength, he also wanted to prove to everyone that he was also a strong man because he could lift something 100 times heavier than himself.

Hearing the challenge to the elephant, he didn't want to participate, but the ant convinced him forever. So the elephant tried to shake himself to let the mud that was clinging to his body fell, a lump of mud fell on the ant, the result was that the ant was crushed to death.

Life Lesson: All comparisons are inappropriate, seeing itself as strong is when it can lift things larger than its own weight.

We are the same, even if some of our friends are successful, some are not, but age doesn't say anything. Each person has a completely different experience, experience to create their own life. Do not compare the wrong object, which can cause yourself to fail catastrophically.

Jealousy and hatred do not make you better, but only bring you negative emotions, so be forgiving and tolerant if you can.

6. Don't Decide When You're still Confused

In the middle of the hot summer, the zebra leisurely went to the river to drink water, it accidentally saw a hippo lying in the river looking very refreshed. The horse thought to himself, hippos can also play in the water, why don't we try it?

Thinking so, the zebra rushed into the river to lie down, before enjoying the feeling of pleasure, it accidentally became a delicious prey for the crocodile.

Life Lesson: In fact, there are many people who are not qualified but are often excited to try things beyond their ability. Rushing to decide when there is not enough information or what we know is very vague, will eventually bring disaster to the body.

Similar to investing, normally we can choose to buy clothes, consider the style, color, price, put up and down. But when we spend billions of dollars to buy houses and buy securities, we close our eyes to follow the "rumors" that are unfounded.

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7. You must Know your Forte and Advantage

A duck saw a swallow flying in the sky very freely, feeling that he was not inferior to why he couldn't fly.

As a result, it climbed up the cliff and dropped, before flapping its wings a few times, it fell into the rocky crevice and broke its leg.

Life Lesson: Ducks are good at swimming, but birds can fly, so you have to know your strengths and focus. Just because you're a great comedian, doesn't mean every show has to be great.

People who succeed in a certain field are because they develop their strengths, think they are comfortable, but they have carefully prepared in advance. If we want to be successful, we must also know what we are good at and focus on it and hone, not imitate, trying to find success in vain in a field we do not know anything about.

In this world, no one loses someone who can't live, don't live forever in the past because you still have a present to cherish and a future to look forward to.

8. Be Humble, Know Who You Are

10 Unique Life Lessons to Remember That No School Teach You
Until you got the answer of who am I, probably you will not be able to find the key to the purpose.

Do you know the answer to the simple yet unanswered question “What is the purpose of your life”.

Have you ever wondered what’s the reason for your existence? If you haven’t figured it out before moving to the wrong path.

In the forest, everyone eagerly prepares for the contest to see who is the most beautiful and secretly thinks that he will win the prize because there is no one fair and beautiful here. Wherever you go, people will praise you, you will definitely come first, there is no reason to come in second.

However, before he was satisfied, he received the result that he was eliminated from the first round. Cong extremely angry find the jury is chamois to complain. The chamois calmly explained: "Although the peacock spreads its tail, it looks very beautiful, the outfit is extremely eye-catching, but the rear anus is unsightly."

After listening to the public, he couldn't say anything more, embarrassed, and quietly left.

Life Lesson: We are often too confident about what is praised, even looking at ourselves we only know a part but not the whole. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must listen, ask people to point out your weaknesses to find ways to improve, not be proud or angry.

Especially in business, sometimes just a word of warning from someone can help us get rid of the loss of property, but if we are subjective, confident that we are good and ignore that advice, we will bring ourselves back. themselves the bitterness.

9. Be Honest, Sincere

Some children aspire to become angels and God gladly gave each child a lampstand. Before leaving, he did not forget to tell the children to find a way to keep the lampstands shining until he returned.

In the early days, they worked hard to clean, but after a while, many weeks passed, God did not return. All the children gave up, only one child patiently cleaned the shiny lampstand even though God did not come. Everyone started laughing at me now.

A few days later, God returned as promised and only I could become an angel.

Life Lesson: There are efforts that we think are futile, but in fact everything is recognized. So, in any situation, live uprightly, honestly and work hard because life will always be fair, and you will get the sweet fruit when you least expect it.

10. Always Prepare Your Way Back

Realizing that the food source in the current forest is not enough anymore, a lion invites a tiger to hunt in the nearby valley. The lion promises that when hunting tiger prey, there will be half, while with the cooperation of both, finding prey will be much easier than now.

It was also pleasing to the ears, the tiger thought for a while, then agreed and both went to the other valley to find prey. But when he arrived, the Lion blocked the tiger's way of retreat and killed it, eating the meat.

Life Lesson: Even if you are confident that you are strong, there will always be stronger people who want to "swallow" you, so while cooperating with them, you need to consider carefully, do not rush because of coaxing words. believe.

Moreover, in business, business or investment, nothing is 100% safe, nothing is 100% reliable even if the other party tries to assert it. Therefore, you always have to prepare yourself for a retreat if you don't want to fall into the dead end.


We have let ourselves free and wild. Only then will we learn lessons in life that curve for us the course we need to take to move forward. It’s said that one can never learn a lesson without hitting rock bottom

Life lessons learned from masters are drawn from many fables of many different countries and they are all valuable to apply in both business and business. Hope you will be able to learn from what we share above.

Lessons learnt in our life, should always be cherished. Nevertheless, it is big or small, those are the legacy which will be a guide for others, when we depart.

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