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What is a lucky name and how to pick a lucky name for babies

In English, a name which means fortunate, destiny is believed to be a lucky name.

A name is picked based on several factors:

Naming by signs of nature

Often the time of day, the week, month or season may influence a baby’s name (like Dawn, April, or Summer). The name could be influenced by the place where the child was born or even conceived (like Dallas or Brooklyn). A lucky omen, such as a rainbow seen at the time of birth, may also influence the chosen name.

Circumstance of birth

In many cases, the name may be determined by the order of the birth. There are certain names reserved for the first born, the first twin, or for the first son or daughter in a family. The first son in an Italian family is likely to get his paternal grandfather’s name and the second son will inherit the maternal grandfather’s name. Being born as a third or fourth son, could mean that the name may be taken from the Saint for that day or from the patron saint of the native village.

Baby picks the name

In certain parts of Africa it is the child who determines the name. This could happen during the birth itself, as it is a custom that as the child is about to enter the world, the midwife starts reciting the various names of members of the family. The name that is being spoken when the baby emerges is the one that is given. In another case, in the days after birth, a list of possible names is recited to the baby and the first one that gets a smile from the baby is chosen. Yet another divining method is writing down several name options on pieces of paper and then letting the baby touch any one, which will then be the chosen name.

Spiritual naming

In the Sikh faith, the baby naming custom includes saying a prayer and then opening the holy book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, at random. The first letter that begins a new passage on the left hand page becomes the first letter of the name that must be given. There is also a Jewish tradition that involves finding a passage in the Holy Scriptures that begins with the first letter of a name and ends with its last letter. This then becomes a ‘personal text’ for the person, with a special meaning throughout their life.


Hindus believe that the baby should be named according to the exact constellation or ‘nakshatra’ that happens to be in the sky at the moment the baby is born. The pundit or astrologer will be given the time of birth, down to the last second if possible, and the most suitable letter of the alphabet for that constellation will be chosen for the name. In Western astrology the process is less detailed but generally follows the zodiac sign and its qualities are matched with the name.

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Top 50 Most Popular and Luckiest Names For Boys, According To Astrology


The ever popular name Asher, meaning ‘fortunate’, has climbed more than a hundred places in the last few years. The name dates back to 1880 when the government began keeping track of the names. The moniker was used sporadically until the 1990s and disappeared soon after. It returned in 1992 and continues to rule the charts.

2. Behrooz

Behrooz is a completely out of the box Persian name, meaning ‘good fortune’. With such a pleasant and positive meaning, your child is sure to have a hearty fortune. The only catch is that this name hasn’t been around for quite a long time now. So we have to wait and watch if its usage improves over time.

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3. Bonaventure

This Latin name, meaning ‘good fortune’ is diminishing in popularity but still, holds strong in some English speaking countries. Bonaventure has a lovely, four syllable resonance, which is both friendly and bright. It also has a positive and strong quality, which makes it more macho sounding. Its popular bearer is Bonaventure Kalou, the Ivorian footballer. For the nickname, you can pick good ol’ Bonnie.

4. Boniface

Boniface, the variation of Latin name Bonifatius, meaning ‘fortunate or of good fate’, is an uptight and a bit stuffy name for kids of today’s generation. But there’s nothing wrong with going out of the box sometimes. There are a number of popes with the name Boniface as well, including the 8th-century Anglo-Saxon missionary, who’s regarded as the patron saint of Germany. So it’s an excellent pick if you want something traditional and spiritual for your son.

5. Edmund

Edmund, meaning ‘fortune protector’, is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names today. The sophisticated name has some really famous bearers such as Edmund Spenser, Edmund Hillary, and more. It also has significant historical value as it was borne by two kings. The name Edmund was a moderately favorite name in the US and maintained the top 200 position from late 19th century to 1930s.

6. Faust

While we love the name Faust, it’s association with the character who sold his soul to the devil could be off-putting for some parents. Faust means fortunate.

7. Fausto

Fausto, the Latin version of Faust, is more widely heard than the original, regardless of the negative reference. The ‘o’ ending gives a poetic quality to this name. And it has a timeless appeal as well. Fausto means ‘fortunate one’.

8. Felix

Felix is an upbeat and energetic name, meaning ‘fortunate or happy’. It was used largely as a Latin cognomen for its favorable omen. Besides, it has also been borne by dozens of Christian popes, saints, and antipopes. Felix appears in literature as a central character in the novel “Felix Holt’. Currently, Felix ranks highest in Austria and Germany, where it’s one of the top 15.

9. Fortunato

If you want your child to feel how fortunate he is, give him the Spanish name Fortunato, which means ‘fortune’. We think most parents have forgotten this name, but when reminded, we don’t believe that it’s hard to embrace.

10. Kader

Kader, meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’, in the Turkish language, isn’t just limited to as the name for religious people. It’s for all the spiritually inclined people. This classic name reflects on one of the 99 attributes of Allah. This handsome name is also Anglicized as Qadir.

11. Karma

The name Karma comes from the Sanskrit word ‘karm’, which means ‘action, fate, or deed’. It’s essentially a Hindu or Buddhist philosophy, which explains that the actions of this lifetime will be carried forward to the next life. In other words, ‘’we reap what we sow”. Karma is a pretty strong name, as it deals with the concept of correct and positive ideals, which only can keep the universe in its perfect order. And it’s popular in Australia and North America too.

12. Kismet

Kismet, the Turkish name, meaning ‘fate’, is derived from an Arabic word, which means the same. The name has fallen off the radar and isn’t much used now as it’s considered a bit outdated and by today’s standards.

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13. Lucky

Lucky is good enough for Cedric the Entertainer’s daughter, and you can consider it for your son too. There are plenty of bearers of this name, including Lucky Blue Smith, the American male model, and Lucky Ali, the Indian singer. We’d definitely put this name in the ‘cool’ category.

14. Madoc

Madoc, also spelled as Madog, is a Welsh name, meaning ‘fortunate’. Its namesake is none other than Madog ap Owain Gwynedd, who is acclaimed to be the first European to discover North America way back in 1155. You can also opt for Maddox, a more familiar and stronger variation.

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15. Merrit

This unisex Latin name, meaning ‘deserving of fortune’ is evenly divided between both the sexes, but sounds manly to the ears. This well-established Scottish and Irish name never really appealed to the American ears, which is quite unfair for the beauty it is. Merritt is also the name of a town in British Columbia.

16. Parvaiz

Parvaiz is a name with an ancient and understated appeal. An original in the truest sense. This Persian name, meaning ‘lucky or happy’, is sure to stand out in the European or American classroom.

17. Prosper

Prosper, meaning ‘lucky’, is a relatively common name in France, where it’s pronounced as ‘PRO-spare’. The name was borne by several saints as well, including the noted 5th-century theologian, St. Prosper of Aquitaine, a favorite of the English Puritans. Prosper has featured in several notable literary works as well. It’s the name of the protagonists of two books, The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke and The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff. It also has associations with P. Merimee, the writer of the novel “Carmen”.

18. Sa’Id

Sa’Id is a popular Arabic name, with an upbeat meaning. There are several popular bearers of this name, including Sa’id Ibn Jubayr, the Iraqi Medieval Islamic scholar.

19. Saad

Saad is a traditional and fairly popular name in the Arabic and Asian worlds and means ‘fortunate’. While the name is undoubtedly beautiful, we don’t expect it to become outrageously popular since it’s restricted to a particular community or people.

20. Sadah

Sadah, meaning ‘fortunate’, is full of Arabic punk and sass. It’s exactly what we call a hidden gem. The name has a unique sound, easy spelling, and is symbolic of what we hold dear ‘luck and fortune’. Sadah has also been soaring in popularity over the last few decades.

21. Veasna

Dating back to centuries, Veasna is a classic name in our list. And if its past endurance and staying power are any indicators, we can expect Veasna to return triumphantly to the radar anytime in the near future. In Khmer language, Veasna means ‘opportunity or good fortune’.

22. Venturi

Venturi is basically a surname, and is consistently used as a first name too, but only in moderation, which makes it an original pick today. As a name, we think Venturi is offbeat, cute, and a little funky. Venturi means ‘fortune’.

23. Venturo

Venturo, the fancier version of the name Venturi, is loaded with Spanish style and zest. Meaning ‘fortunate’, Venturo sounds strong, energetic, and friendly. It’s just a matter of time non-Hispanic parents take hold of it.

24. Quinn

A gender-neutral name of Gaelic origin, Quinn means “wisdom” or “chief.”

25. Chance

Quite simply — “good fortune.”

26. Bennett

Likely from the Latin benedictus, Bennett means “blessed.

27. Fisher

This lucky name refers to a fisherman. It’s definitely quite a catch.

28. Seven

Seven is said to be a lucky number in various cultures throughout the world — but its meaning as a name goes even further than that. From its Turkish roots, it means “loving one.”

29. Arley

This cute name has a few different meanings. From its English origins, it means “hare meadow” and from its Hebrew roots, it means “promise.”

30. Chauncey

From Latin roots, Chauncey refers to a chancellor, but also means “good fortune” or “gamble.”

31. Madoc

Of Welsh origin, Madoc has a few different meanings, including “charitable” and “fortunate.”

32. Maximilian

Maximilian — and its sweet and short Max — simply means “the greatest.”

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33. Parvaiz

With its Persian roots, Parvaiz means “lucky” or “happy.”

34. Syntyche

A name with Greek roots, Syntyche means “with fate.”

35. Urd

This name of Old Norse roots means “fate.”

36. Sa’Id

Also of Arabic roots, Sa’Id means “blessed” and “happy.”

37. Selig

This name has Old German roots and means “blessed.”


A name of Cambodian roots, Veasna means “the one who is lucky or fortunate.”

39. Venturi

“Good luck.”


And like Venturi, Venturo means “good luck.”


This name is simply a winner.


Lucky, Brother of Lord Ram

43. Lishanth

A defender of mankind, Lucky

44. Tarsh

Desire, Lucky star

45. Tashi

Prosperity, Fortunate, Auspicious

46. Yogan

A person who is lucky

47. Gadiel

This name has Arabic roots and means “God is my fortune.”

48. Halona

With its Native American origins, Halona means “of happy fortune.”

49. Madoc

Of Welsh origin, Madoc has a few different meanings, including “charitable” and “fortunate.”

50. Kismet

From the Arabic word “qisma,” Kismet means “fate.”

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