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Baby names, like many things in life, tend to follow trends, and the major trends for 2023 have been revealed.

We've put together the top 11 trends to look our for next year, as well as some cute examples for each trend. So, without further ado, here are the major naming movements to know.

Top 11 Baby Name Trends In 2023

1. Maximalist names

For 2023, it seems more is more, with decadent, dramatic names set to be huge, as well as names inspired by people from history, myth and fantasy.

Parents are doing the most and leaning toward names full of ‘opulence, decadence and drama.’

This signals a shift away from the restrictive years, both in our home lives with the Marie Kondo style of minimal interiors and literally with pandemic restrictions.

In its place, we have extravagant names like Amadeus and Astrophel, Myfanwy and Mazikeen, which are some of the fastest-rising names so far this year.

The popularity of trends like dark Academia, high fantasy and Regencycore has also encouraged us to embrace of such mythical-sounding names, with Cleopatra, Morpheus and Lazarus also making the list.

Examples: Amadeus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Lazarus, Casimir, Persephone, Venus, Wolfgang.

2. Retro names

Photo her
Photo her

Call it the Stranger Things effect. 2022 has given us the return of the mullet, Kate Bush back at #1, and nostalgic 80s clothing and makeup styles trending.

We predict that 2023 will see the start of a revival of 80s inspired names by ahead-of-the-curve admirers of this retro style.

Even calling this trend category "Names So Out They're In" is from the 80s. We used it in Beyond Jennifer & Jason, our OG book on names, published in 1988.

We’re not expecting a surge in babies named Jessica or Michael, the top girl and boy names of the 1980s – at least not yet. Instead, we’re watching the more era-evoking choices that came of age around the same time as lumberjack shirts, leg warmers and bomber jackets.

Names in this category include character names from 80s pop culture classics, like Ferris, Marty and Sloane, as well as Stranger Things names and others with the same cozy, even kitschy, retro feel.

By rights, these names should be at the height of unfashionableness… and yet. Their nostalgic charm and countercultural appeal really speak to the current zeitgeist.Examples: Chrissy, Dustin, Billie, Eddie, Heather, Marcie, Sloane, Travis, Penny, Ned

3. Gold-inspired names

Many people are seeking to call their kids “shining” and “golden” themed names for 2023, to promote positivity.

While some names like Goldie, which was in the top 1,000 names last year, may follow this theme literally, others are more subtle.

Other names we may see rise are Sunshine, Marigold, Halo, Aurelia, Lux, and also sun god names like Apollo and Helios.

Examples: Goldie, Lucien, Shine, Sterling, Zora, Helios, Lux, Apollo

4. Cowboy names

Cowboy names that lift right out of Western films are set to influence baby name trends, particularly for boys.

Examples: Brando, Wade, Waylon, Boone, Abbott, Beck, Foster, Sayer

5. Names that end in 'i'

These names are going to be huge not only because they're cute, but because they tend to be easy to pronounce in a number of languages, meaning that they will travel well.

Examples: Bibi, Joni, Leni, Rumi, Zuri, Remi, Indi

6. X Names

Photo goodhousekeeping
Photo goodhousekeeping

X is in, apparently. We can partially blame Elon Musk and Grimes for this, after they named their kids X Æ A-Xii (known as X) and Exa Dark Sideræl.

We won’t have loads of little X Æ A-Xii’s running around but expect names Beaux and Calix, Huxley, Onyx, Abraxas, Xerxes, Bellatrix, Hendrix, Felix and Pixie.

Examples: Xenia, Xerzes, Pixie, Lexington, Fox, Dixie, Felix, Ajax, Caliz, Bellatrix

7. Cross-culture names

Parents are searching for fresh, chameleon-like names that can be pronounced in multiple languages, and don’t seem tied to too strongly to a culture.

These names follow a ‘very specific formula’ of four letters, two syllables and end in I.

This name shape hasn’t been mainstream cool since the midcentury era of Lori, Teri and Geri, but its coming back in a big way.

The latest example is Leni, which jumped up the charts after fitness influencer Joe Wicks chose that for his daughter.

In 2023, expect to see more babies called Gigi, Bibi, Rani and Rumi, Nori, Suki, Joni, and Lili.

8. Adjective names

A huge celebrity trend right now, adjective names take fashionable word names to the next level.

Early adopter Nick Cannon has sons Moroccan, Golden and Legendary, as well as daughter Powerful.

Other recent high-profile examples include Chris Brown’s daughter Lovely, Jessica Hart’s son Glorious, and Lucky Blue Smith’s baby boy Slim Easy – continuing the family tradition!

As modern virtue names, adjectives carry even more punch and power than nouns. They feel more intentional than aspirational – reflecting the shift in mood away from the powerlessness many have felt in recent times, towards a brighter and more determined future.

Examples: Wild, Icy, Stellar, True, Wavy, Supreme, Noble, Lucky

9. Old man names for girls

This is cute. A big trend for 2023 could be giving grandpa names to baby girls.

Nameberry says these old names feel sweet and nicknamey, fitting the retro trend while still being subversive.

The next generation of parents is all about playing with expectations, embracing incongruity, and reinventing tired trends in novel ways.

Kicking off this category is ‘Max’, which also ticks the Stranger Things and X trends.

Other examples include Ozzie, Billie, Bobbie, Drew, Stevue, Scottie, Teddy and Lou.

Examples: Andie, August, Gene, Iggy, Lenny, Ray, Stevie, Ozzie

10. Blue/Green names

Photo nameberry
Photo nameberry

Names inspired by colours tend to remain popular, but it seems blue and green are the dominant tones for next year.

Examples: Cyan, Cerulean, Indigo, Ivy, Moss, Sage, Sapphire, Forest

11. Mix and match names

This trend sees parents take certain components from popular names and mash them together with others.

Examples: Larose, Oakland, Wrenley, Levitt, Riverly, Islamae

In conclusion, baby names reflect expectations of parents on their children so each baby name often conveys lots of meanings. Have you come up with any baby name after reading this article? Feel free to share it if it is useful.

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