Top Strangest Baby Names of All Time

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1. Luna

Luna means “moon” in Latin. It has a pleasing “oo” sound that is currently fashionable.

2. Lion

Animal names are currently trending — especially as a middle name paired with a more conventional first name. If “Lion” is a little too weird for you, opt for the more traditional Latinized version, “Leo.”

3. Peridot

Names of gemstones are always popular for girls and increasingly so for boys. Peridot is an unusual gender-neutral name derived from a green mineral that forms from lava. Pronouncing the “T” at the end is optional.

4. Fawn

Either a baby deer or a yellowish tan color.

5. Tanith

The name of a Phoenician goddess of love, Tanith literally means “serpent lady.”

6. Asherah

Like Tanith, Asherah is the name of a pre-monotheistic Semitic goddess. The name literally means “she who walks by the sea.”

7. Osiris

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the god of the underworld.

8. Bodhi

Bodhi is a Buddhist term meaning “enlightenment,” gaining in popularity thanks to its use by celebrity moms.

9. Manu

Manu is an easy-to-pronounce, easy-to-spell, gender-neutral name used as a diminutive in German, Finnish, and Spanish. In Sanskrit, it means “wise.”

10. Garian

Sometimes spelled Gharyan or Garyan, is the name of a city south of Tripoli in the northern African nation of Libya. Although, it certainly wouldn’t sound out of place among the Knights of the Round Table.

11. Aya

Aya is another gender-neutral name with multicultural credentials. It’s used in Denmark, Israel, and Japan, where its translation means “color.”

12. Alouette

Alouette is typically used for girls. It means “skylark” in French.

13. Piran

Piran means “prayer.” It’s a unique option for those wishing to honor Gaelic heritage.

14. Saskia

Many European names have fallen out of favor with modern parents. But Saskia, a Dutch name derived from a Germanic term for knife, is an exception.

15. Aurora

Aurora has several meanings. It means the Roman goddess of the dawn, the scientific term for northern lights, and the name of a Disney princess. Choose the meaning you prefer.

16. Zephyrine

“Zephyr” is the ancient Greek term for the west wind. Zephyrine is a feminized version.

17. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is an unusual name rooted in ancient Greek tradition. It’s also the name of an exotic flower.

18. Soraya

Soraya is a girl’s name meaning “jewel.” It was born by several members of Persian royalty.

19. Omari

Omari means “God the Highest” in Swahili and can mean “red” in Arabic. It is a gender-neutral name.

20. Whistler

Whistler gives the effect of a happy-go-lucky person. And a ski resort in Canada (which can make you happy.) It’s also the surname of a popular American painter, according to parentology.

21. Pistol

Naming your kid after a deadly weapon may be one of the oddest choices you can make as a parent.

22. Subaru

It's one thing to name the car you love, it's another thing to name your kid after the car you love.

But that was the case for some parents, just ask the five baby boys living in the U.S. named "Subaru."

23. Kyndle

Technology. We can't escape it. Take any form of mass transportation and you'll be engulfed in a sea of people plugged into every device you can imagine like the iPod, Nook, iPhone, and the Kindle.

Our love of technology is starting to run wild. Just ask the six boys born in 2013 named "Kyndle," (not to be confused with the name Kendall) after the popular

24. Charger

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The phrase "Oh no, I've lost my charger!" takes on a whole new meaning for the parents of the six boys named after a power cord in 2013.

25. Ransom

The word "Ransom" is not normally tied to happy events, as it's usually a large sum of money one demands while holding another individual captive.

26. Sierraleone

Sierra Leon is a country in West Africa, which is bordered by Guinea and Liberia. However, when those two words are combined they form one of the oddest baby names of 2013.

27. Happiness

There is nothing wrong with expressing the joy one feels at the sight of a new born baby. But naming that child "Happiness" is definitely an unconventional choice.

28. Rebelle

Five baby girls were named "Rebelle" in 2013, and as any dad of a teenage girl can tell you, a rebel daughter is something parents should actively try to avoid.

29. Snowy

What kid doesn't love a snow day? They get to stay home from school, build snow forts with their friends, and enjoy hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. There's no doubt about it, kids love the snow.

But they might not be too thrilled about having to walk around with the name "Snowy."

After all "snowy" is a way to describe the weather, or something that's happening to your TV during a storm, not your kid.

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