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Would you like to embrace the festive season every single day? With this list of some of the most bizarre holidays of the year, you can make any regular day extraordinary. Don't forget to mark your calendar!

12 Weirdest and Funny Holiday Observances around the World
Top 12 Weirdest and Most Funny Holiday Observances In The World

Top 12 Weirdest and Most Funny Holiday Observances In The World Today

1. International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 19)

You should bring up this celebration first if someone asks, "Do you know anything about strange and weird holidays?" It will undoubtedly surprise them! But why not set aside all earthly worries and transform into a crafty pirate for a day? The International Pirate Day, observed on September 19 in many European nations, evolved from this American festival. Would you like to experience what the Treasure Island heroes did? Prepare yourself for rebirth in this instance.

2. Blame Someone Else Day (Dec 1)

On the first Friday the 13th of the year, you might celebrate this day. On this particular day of the year, you have the ability to assign blame for every error you have ever made to someone else. Feel free to point the finger at the Republicans, Democrats, or anybody in between. Find someone to hold accountable for all of your failed attempts and unfinished projects. However, exercise caution, since others may also hold you accountable for their inadequacies on this day. It's all your fault again after this day passes, so make sure you use Blame Someone Else Day responsibly!

3. National Eat a Red Apple Day

12 Weirdest and Funny Holiday Observances around the World

Every year on December 1st, people observe Eat a Red Apple Day. The purpose of the holiday is to honor one of the healthiest fruits found in the world. As long as you grab an apple and consume it, you can commemorate this day by cooking apple pie, consuming a lot of apple juice, or producing apple cider vinegar at home.

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4. Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (Dec 8)

"What are some weird holidays?" has anyone asked? Although New Year's Eve is not far off, you're itching to celebrate? Then enjoy this peculiar yet humorous vacation. How will you spend December 8th? Donning armor, ask everyone you see on the street, "What year is it?" Remember to see the most popular "Back to the Future" film ever made!

5. A'phabet Day or No "L" Day (Dec 25)

December 25 is recognized as A'phabet Day or No "L" Day annually. This is the day you exclude the "L" from all of your written and spoken communications. We don't know the history of this day or its function. Don't use the letter "L" in whatever you write or speak today. Ban everything that starts with the letter "L" from your house and place of employment. This is undoubtedly one of the more peculiar December holidays!

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6. International Moment of Laughter Day (April 14)

Today, it's crucial that you make an effort to make everyone you come into contact with laugh (and happy). It's up to you how you choose to make others laugh!

7. Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 20)

Most likely, your dog spends the entire day at home wondering what you are doing. The day it finds out what that is is today. Hopefully, your pet can withstand the journey.

8. National Inane Answering Message Day

This annual holiday, which falls on January 30th, encourages you to stop leaving callers with pointless, protracted answering machine messages that irritate and waste their time. Alternatively, you may write a long, meandering, crazy note on your computer today. It is your decision to make.

9. Count Your Buttons Day (Oct 21)

12 Weirdest and Funny Holiday Observances around the World

Counting buttons? Not only is this one of the most bizarre holidays ever, but it's also a ton of fun! What the unidentified creators of this unofficial holiday sought to achieve remains unknown. However, October 21st is always a fun-filled celebration known as Count Your Buttons Day.

In what way can we commemorate it? Begin gathering buttons. Buttons come in a wide variety of forms, and some antique buttons are extremely valuable. You should count every button in your sewing equipment. Why not create button-shaped sugar confections to honor the occasion? Just think of how much more difficult life would be without the invention of the button!

10. National Forget-Me-Not Day (Nov 10)

Everybody has people in their lives that they care about, yet they are difficult to interact with. An unofficial holiday called Forget-Me-Not Day urges individuals to keep reaching out to folks they can't seem to get in touch with. Every year on November 10th, Forget-Me-Not Day is observed. It's encouraging to learn that the holiday's roots are deeply linked to the military personnel who gave their lives in defense of their nation.

11. National Whiners Day (Dec 26)

Every year on December 26th, people celebrate National Whiners Day. As one might expect, this is the perfect occasion to complain about anything and everything in life. This will come naturally to you if you're a complainer already. If you're not typically a complainer, discover something that irritates you and vent about it nonstop. Even if there's nothing you can do about it right now, you can still complain and moan about it endlessly. No one can hold it against you if you cry like a baby today, so feel free to do so.

12. National Sarcastics Month (October)

October is dedicated to celebrating National Sarcastics Month. You can celebrate this ridiculous holiday by being as cynical as you can. Feel free to give it a try! Additionally, you will learn about the impact of sarcasm on other people when you or they use it to their advantage.

You have to be careful who you pick to be sarcastic with since some people take this kind of humor quite well, while others find it offensive.

In Summary

The names of those celebrations may sound strange, but each one has a distinct flavor. Savor the thrill of commemorating memorable occasions!

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