Top 10 personal information you need to delete immediately on social networks
The personal information on social networks that you need to delete immediately

Popular with over 1.93 billion users worldwide (as of October 2021), Facebook is the most popular social media network today. In Vietnam, this number is 53 million people, contributing to making our country the country with the largest number of users in the world.

Normally, when joining this platform, you will have to provide a lot of personal information such as name, date of birth, interests... However, it is likely that you will be taken advantage of if you provide sensitive information. cold. The data leak scandal of 55 million Facebook users at the end of 2018 is a warning bell for the potential privacy risks on this planet's largest social network.

To limit those risks, you should quickly delete these information on your personal Facebook account:


Publicizing your birthday on Facebook will give you a little joy when other accounts wish you happy birthday.

But giving out your real date of birth will help crooks to easily identify and access information about you.

2.Phone number

When signing up for Facebook, users are required to provide a phone number. However, you can use an extra number or hide it to avoid being taken advantage of. According to some security experts, from phone numbers and with specialized tools, it is easy for crooks to discover the person's address, even confidential personal information.

You have probably been called by several companies for consumer loans, or by a real estate business offering services, even though you have never provided them with a phone number. Most likely, that phone number was taken by them from Facebook.

Therefore, only give personal phone numbers to people you know instead of publicizing them on social networks to avoid annoying calls or other potential risks.

3.Unknown Friends

Not just a social network, the popularity of Facebook has also invisibly turned this place into a popularity contest.Unless you are a social media person, business, artist... needing to get attention, it's best not to make friends or agree to be friends with people you don't know. Accepting to be friends with someone you don't know can expose you to fraud as well as personal information being misused.

It doesn't matter how many friends you have, but accepting random friend requests from strangers can be risky, especially if you're sharing a lot of personal information about yourself, your live or abode.

4.Credit Card, Bank Information

Users are now gradually more alert and concerned about the risk of personal information leakage, but this is also very easy to forget or inadvertently ignore.

Especially when making purchases through Facebook, remember to always delete your bank card information, otherwise they can be stored online and stolen from crooks.


Be cautious about sharing information about where your child learns or plays. Because unfortunately, those simple things can become data for unwanted objects that are able to access or reach your child. They can kidnap your children, commit pedophilia... There were 36,429 cases of child sexual assault between 2013 and 2014.

Experts say that one of the best ways for parents to limit the problem is to not publicize photos, personal information, and school locations. their children's practice on social networks.

6.Train and Plane Tickets

Currently, there are many people who often check-in publicly all information about train and plane tickets, causing users to face a lot of risks.

From the ticket's barcode, hackers can use it to read all the details about the identity, as well as future flights tied to the frequent flyer account. In some cases, crooks even suggest changing seats or canceling flights.

7.Posts Tagged

The images and posts you are tagged in often reach more people. However, many of them will have negative content. Therefore, it is necessary to set the tagging to avoid problems. Users go to Settings > Timeline and Tagging, then adjust the options accordingly.

8.Inappropriate Images

Facebook is a place for you to share everyday images, even if not everyone likes them. But also keep in mind that many employers also look to your profile to determine if you're a potential employee they want. And surely an account filled with photos of drunkenness, parties or dangerous games would not be good for your resume or CV!


It's interesting when you let people know you are traveling on a beautiful island, or traveling in a certain land. However, if you show off where you are, it is very dangerous, because the bad guys can then know your house is empty and break in to steal the property. Experts recommend that users should limit "check-in", to friend mode, absolutely do not share location while doing important work, working abroad or sending children to school.

While it's sometimes fun to let people know where you are or what you're doing, it's also an opportunity for the bad guys to know that your house is empty and easy to break into.

You should make your "Check-ins" more private instead of making them "public". But there are also some points where you should absolutely not "Check in", for example when taking the kids to school or when you go abroad.

10.Children Pictures

On Facebook, many parents show off pictures of their children. However, this is considered a dangerous act, especially when they fall into the hands of kidnappers or use images for malicious purposes.

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