What is Battlegrounds Mobile India - New Name of PUBG Mobile
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Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access went live on Thursday, with the game being made available in beta via Google Play. It is clear that Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially PUBG Mobile with minor tweaks, which we'll get into in a bit. With the open beta being made available just ahead of the previously expected June 18 release date, we're unsure how long this beta phase will last or what the release date will be.

Previously called PUBG Mobile India

Pre-registration, and so much more have been in the news over the past few weeks. Previously called PUBG Mobile India, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) pre registration on the Google Play Store went live a few days ago and has garnered over 20 million registrations already.

Massively popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile is returning to India after being banned in September 2020, TechCrunch writes. The app is available in early access on Google’s Play Store under a new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and with some changes to the game itself, like green blood and a new account system.

Krafton has revealed details like BGMI maps, pre-registration rewards, privacy policy, and more. Battlegrounds Mobile India release date has not been officially revealed, but there have been multiple rumours about the PUBG Mobile relaunch from credible sources. So here’s a quick look at everything we know about the upcoming game.

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PUBG Mobile was initially banned alongside hundreds of other apps because of connections to Chinese companies — in this game’s case, it was major video game investor Tencent. At the time of the ban, PUBG Studio (owned by the larger South Korean company Krafton) announced that it would relaunch in the region with new features customized for Indian gamers, including the color change to blood, and framing the game explicitly as a “virtual simulation training ground.”

PUBG Mobile is now using a different moniker, the game follows the same plot, and the identical home screen greets users with the familiar ecstatic background score.

Moreover, users are offered a quick and straightforward option to migrate their PUBG Mobile accounts to the new app.

Rishi Alwani, the quintessential gaming reporter in India who edits IGN India, told TechCrunch that the new game is “essentially PUBG Mobile with data compliance, green blood, and a constant reminder that you’re in a ‘virtual world’ with such messaging present as you start a game and when you’re in menus.”

The changes are likely Krafton’s attempt to assuage previous concerns from the local authorities, some of whom had expressed concerns about the game’s affect on youngsters.

Who gets Battlegrounds Mobile India access?

The game has currently been made available by Krafton in an early access format. This means it will only be available to a limited number of participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This access is further limited to those who signed up for the beta version of the game. Pre-registrations for the same had begun back in May.

Any attempts to access the game now will lead to the following message being displayed

When will everyone get access?

The early access initiative is meant to test out any bugs in the game before its public rollout. It was earlier predicted that the game would be made accessible to all on June 18.

However, since the early access has just been launched, Krafton is likely to take more time ironing the bugs and assessing its operations across devices. A public launch is hence expected in the coming weeks.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available exclusively to players in India.

Will the early players get a headstart?

In short, yes.

Those who are able to play the early access version of the game will have their progress preserved when they finally shift to the final version of the game. In addition, such players will also retain their in-game purchases from the online store.

You cannot play Battlegrounds Mobile India with players outside the country

Battlegrounds Mobile India, as its name suggests, is exclusive to the Indian market. It will not be available to download for people outside the country. Therefore, people will not be able to play Battlegrounds Mobile India with players outside the country. However, it is unclear if BMI players can play with PUBG Mobile global players.