PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals to be Played in Dubai
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Official Announcement

During the last day of the league stage, Tencent announced that the 2020 PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in January 2021. All sixteen teams that made it to this stage will make their way to Dubai for the finale that has a prize pool of $1.3 million and for the title of World PUBG Champions, according to Sick Odds.

An official location of the venue has not been announced, but a video that revealed that the finals will be in Dubai showed the Coca-Cola Arena in the end. PUBG enthusiasts caught a glimpse of the arena and, making it a more likely venue for the LAN event. The Coca-Cola arena has a capacity of 17,000.

List of teams in the finals

PUBG Mobile Esports has hosted events in Dubai in the past. The entrance of the game into the Esports international scene through the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) 2018 was held in Dubai. Then RRQ won the competition and went home with a cash reward of $200,000. RRQ is also among the sixteen teams that made it to this year’s final. The list of teams in order of qualification are;

Four Angry Men

Bigetron Red Aliens

RRQ Athena

Konina Power

Klas Digital Athletics

Loops Esports

Secret Jin


Nova XQF


Abrupt Slayers

Alpha7 Esports

Z3US Esports

Natus Vincere

Aerowolf Limax

Team Secret

Four Angry Men put up an exceptional showing at the event, winning the league state with 631 points. To secure the number one spot, they had to win over the reigning champions, Bigetron Red Aliens. Their victory saw them pocket $300,000 out of the $700,000 prize pool generated in the league stage.

The reason the win by the Chinese team is worthy to note is that they use Peacekeeper Elite in China, which is a toned-down version of the PUBG Mobile that was used for the league stage. The regulation law in China is what forced the Chinese team to use the toned-down version. There are a lot of similarities in the games, but the standout difference is the zone rotations. However, Four Angry Men were not deterred by this as they went ahead to get eight chicken inners and 298 point kills in 60 matches. That was the most by any team in the league stage.

The overall rankings and total points by each team are;

Team || Matches || Kill Points || Total

Four Angry Men || 60 || 298 || 631

Bigetron Red Aliens || 60 || 258 || 561

RRQ Athena || 60 || 258 || 533

Konina Power || 60 || 240 || 532

Klas Digital Athletics || 60 || 254 || 522

Loops Esports || 60 || 209 || 468

Secret Jin || 60 || 190 || 410

Futbolist || 60 || 208 || 377

Nova XQF || 45 || 156 || 366

POWER888 KPS || 45 || 169 || 339

Abrupt Slayers || 45 || 132 || 312

Alpha7 Esports || 45 || 148 || 299

Z3US Esports || 45 || 126 || 260

Natus Vincere || 30 || 119 || 231

Aerowolf Limax || 30 || 84 || 213

Team Secret || 30 || 99 || 205

Loops Esports disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship-2020 over player misconduct

In an incident that shocked PUBG Mobile Esports fans around the world, Loops Esports, the team from Brazil, was disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC 2020) in a competitive ruling by PUBG Mobile officials.

They were disqualified for showing unsportsmanlike behavior under rule 6.1.2 which mentions Competitive Integrity. The rule states that "All Teams and Team Members are expected to compete to the best of their skill and ability at all times in any Tournament Game".

Loops Esports gets disqualified

The official ruling announced that:

Elaborating further on this issue PUBG Mobile officials said that during the Final two matches the Super Weekend 4 (ie. Match 4 & 5), the involved players from Loops Esports – FederaL, Golden, and Caiowski, effectively surrendered and refused to fight, which affected their final rankings in the League.

The PUBG Mobile Esports team and the tournament organizer ESL, after reviewing all evidence of the unsportsmanlike behavior, decided that this incident violates their Code of Conduct and the competitive integrity of PUBG Mobile Esports.

The official ruling also pointed towards the fact that throughout the competitive year, Loops Esports had multiple incidents where unsportsmanlike behavior was displayed.

These actions, they stated, were directly in conflict with the fair and balanced ecosystem which they had been striving to create for all the players, organizations, and sponsors.

As a result of this disqualification, PUBG Mobile Esports published the updated leaderboards for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship - League Stage. With the disqualification of Loops Esports, who was sitting at the 6th spot, each team below them moved one spot upwards.

A1 Esports, the team from Bangladesh who had earlier finished on the 17th spot and failed to qualify for the Finals of the tournament, climbed up one spot to 16th to qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship-Finals.

This news must have been nothing short of a miracle for the PUBG Mobile Esports fans in Bangladesh, who were disappointed by the fact that their team had failed to qualify for the finals.

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