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TBH is an initialism that means “to be honest”. It is a short way of telling someone that you’re giving them your honest opinion about something and that they should hear you out.

For a period of time, it was common for Facebook users to do TBH statuses, where if someone liked or commented on the status they would respond with an honest comment about them. These honest comments could be anything from “TBH I think you’re annoying” to “TBH I think you’re pretty”.

What does TBH mean?

“TBH” started out as the acronym for “to be honest.” It was originally used — and still is by some — when someone is trying to be frank while discussing an uncomfortable or controversial topic.

TBH is an acronym that is often using while messaging, chatting or texting friends, companions, colleagues or any person you want to talk and are close with.( text abbreviations & acronyms)

It is used as an additive, when you’re going to blurt out something that you honestly feel, in fact, something more like a confession.

Going to the core definition and putting the entire meaning, in a nutshell, TBH stands for “to be honest” where the user usually gives his/her opinions, thoughts, statements or judgments on a subject or a person. As to be honest, is a bit lengthy, TBH is used to save the time and let’s admit, it has got a style of its own too.

TBH, I don’t like her.

TBH, I am not that good as you though I am.

TBH, She is so beautiful!

Similar Internet Acronyms

TBTH: To be totally honest

TBCH: To be completely honest

MHO: My honest opinion

JBH: Just being honest

2BH: To be honest

IIH: If I’m honest

IMAHO: In my absolutely honest opinion

IHDK: I honestly don’t know

LBH: Let’s be honest

TBBH: To be brutally honest

TBQH: To be quite honest

TBTH: To be totally honest

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Who uses TBH?

Photo Merriam Webster
Photo Merriam Webster

TBH is used by a wide range of people in many different places; we don’t see it being a more popular initialism among any particular group of people.

Where is TBH used?

TBH is used in text messages and in online communication on all popular social media sites and chat applications. It is basically used in any place where two or more people can have a conversation.

TBH is used on the follow platforms and places:


online conversation



Facebook Messenger









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How To Use TBH

Here are a few quick examples of how to use TBH properly:

TBH, I could never get behind the whole Iron Man thing.

TBH, you’re my best friend. I love to text you, bro.

It’s not a big deal, TBH.

I know I’m always talking about my muscles, but I’m actually pretty weak, TBH.

I’m pretty hungry, but TBH, I’m always pretty hungry.

As for the “to be heard” definition, it’s probably not worth committing to memory. The trend is on its way out, and it’s mostly used by teenagers.

Do people say TBH out loud?

People do not say the initialism out loud, and instead just say “to be honest” as it doesn’t take much more time.

Example Uses of TBH

In a text message:

TBH I don't want to go to the party. I'm tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow.

Someone sends a text to their friend telling them they honestly don't want to go to a party because they are tired.

In a text message:

TBH I'm sick of the way you speak to my brother. You need to treat him with some respect.

Person A tells person B that they don't like how they disrespectfully talk to their brother.

On online conversation:

It's not the best photo, TBH. It isn't framed well and it's overexposed.

Someone giving honest feedback about a photo someone else took.

On Facebook Messenger:

I think you should apologize to her, TBH. You were both in the wrong.

A friend gives advice to apologize to someone.

On Reddit:

I think golf is boring TBH. I'd much rather play basketball or something.

Someone honestly thinks golf is boring and basketball is more exciting.

On Twitter:

TBH I wish we had a better candidate for president.

Someone is not excited by any of the presidential candidates and would like a different one.

How to Use TBH As a Phrase

Using TBH as a phrase is the oldest and most traditional use of the initialism. There isn't anything special about this term or any special rules for using it. This is what TBH means on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, in text messages, emails, and on forums. Whenever you'd type out the full phrase "to be honest," you can instead replace it with "TBH".

You'll usually find this initialism at the start or end of a sentence. It can be typed in either lowercase or upper-case, or have the T capitalized at the beginning of the sentence. People rarely put dots between the letters, so don't worry about doing that.

TBH's primary use is to declare that a statement is coming from the honesty of the person speaking it. Its usage can range from snarky attacks to humble self-reflection. It can also be used jokingly when the poster isn't genuinely being honest but uses the acronym for added comedic effect.

You can use this version of TBH anywhere you like. TBH is recognized internet-wide, from message boards to social media. If you're typing something in a casual setting, feel free to drop a TBH, should the need arise.

TBH is very similar to the other internet term, "In My Opinion" (IMO). IMO can also be used at the beginning or end of a sentence to signal that the user is giving their honest opinion on a topic.

You may also see TBH's close cousin "To Be Fair" (TBF) on social media posts or forums. This is when someone is giving an honest take that's typically playing devil's advocate to a statement or opinion.

How to Use TBH As a Noun

If you venture onto Instagram, you'll see that TBH takes on another meaning. Users will use TBH as if it were a noun; for example, "like for a tbh" or "I'll give you a tbh." So, what does TBH mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, TBH still keeps its meaning of "To Be Honest." However, to "give a tbh" means to give an opinion on someone's appearance or personality.

People will often post images that say "like for a tbh." This means that whoever gives the picture a like will receive a compliment in return. When used for complimenting, TBH typically goes at the very start of the sentence ("tbh I love your hair").

Some may argue that a TBH Instagram post goes against the true meaning of "To Be Honest," as people are dissuaded from criticism. Some Instagram users, however, won't give a TBH if they don't have anything nice to say about the requester, which they believe is honest enough to fit the original meaning of TBH.

If a user is looking for something more genuine, they may ask for a "tbh and rate." This is where the original poster rates the commenter out of 10, and gives them a first impression in the form of a TBH. Due to the scoring nature of this request, the TBH will be more honest than complimentary.

A brave user may ask for a "tbh, rate, and date." This is the same as above, but the replier will also state if they'd date the person or not.

Instagram is full of terms related to the platform and the users who use it, and it can be confusing for a newcomer. Be sure to study up on the common Instagram terms everyone should know to understand what people mean.

The Washington Post profiled a 13-year-old girl and focused on her social-media use. She explained that on Instagram, a "tbh" is used to say something nice about your friends.

"[This girl] gets so many likes on her pictures because she’s posted over nine pictures saying, 'Like all my pictures for a tbh, comment when done,'" she told The Washington Post. "So everyone will like her pictures, and she’ll just give them a simple tbh."

While "tbh" still means "to be honest" or sometimes "to be heard," it's no longer associated with an insult ("I'm just being honest!"), but with compliments. In The Washington Post's example, the teen girl, after getting her likes, would then write a simple "tbh you're pretty" on commenters' pictures.

It was still a little confusing, so we turned to today's teens to break it down further for us. I asked a few Instagram-savvy high-schoolers to explain to me (through text, where else?) what a tbh means to them.

Sammy, a high-school freshman, tells Tech Insider that her friends will usually write "you're nice" or "you're funny" after tbh, and if they want to make a connection, sometimes they'll toss in a "we should talk more.", Business Insider reported.

A tbh is almost like an Instagram currency — you can trade a tbh for a like on one of your photos.

"[You] post a picture saying something like 'like for a tbh or comment for a tbh,'" Sammy says. After they get their like, comment, or follow, the teen will then go to give a tbh on a user's last post or direct message them on the app, she explains.

There are myriad reasons why a teen might do this: They're bored, hoping to connect with a crush, to get a confidence boost, or simply to accrue more likes and followers.

A tbh is also a way to talk to someone you normally wouldn't talk to, Sammy explains to TI. Those people are usually friends of friends, or people teens may not have necessarily met in person, but are separated by only one or two degrees of friendship.

Kevin, also a freshman in high school, explains to TI that a tbh is "a way for people to let a certain person know how they feel about them, like if they want to get closer and talk to them."

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