Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 August, 2021: Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
Your Weekly Horoscopely from 9 to 15 August, 2021

Find out your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you this week (9 to 15 August) 2021:

ARIES Weekly Horoscope

Friendships are incredibly important, and this week you may find that you’re feeling funky about yours. If you’ve got an issue that needs addressing, this is the time to do it, Aries.

This week (9 to 15 August) 2021, you don’t need to have a solution at the ready in order to have an honest and open conversation about your feelings and what isn’t working. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and not everything that feels icky should be avoided. Show up for the hard stuff when it counts, my love.

ARIES Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and HealthARIES Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and Health

This week of August 9 - 15, prepare for unexpected experiences in your love life. You will be puzzled by some events or conversations. Do not make your own guesses or interpretations of what you will hear or see. New acquaintances should not be forced for rapid development. Very soon you may find out that you are the object of someone's flirtation without serious intentions.

This week will be a good time to develop your financial affairs. Use the week to settle debts, to draw up financial or banking documents, etc.

Many will be happy to receive money, regardless of their source.

During the week, an event in the life of a person in your family or a relative will deny you an idea or plan.

Some of your actions this week will be provoked by meetings and conversations you had last week.

Pay attention to your dreams this week. Learn to record strange experiences, it will be time to unravel them.

Probably these dreams will give you information about an upcoming complex situation or problem in your home.

Many will be able to enjoy a purchase, acquisition or gift, most likely planned in advance.

This week, boys and girls will have more reasons to be in a good mood. You will receive good news or help from a woman.

Women can waste valuable time waiting for the results of specific events, which, however, will not take place during these seven days.

Let men prepare for more home care and responsibilities. Some events in your home will be able to surprise you with their development.

TAURUS Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 2 - 8 August: Prediction for Health, Love, Money, Career
Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Yes, the truth will set you free, but nothing is free of consequences. Speak your mind and tell the truth but do it with empathy, Taurus. There’s a risk that you will say more than needs to be said in important conversations, or articulate your feelings in a confrontational way.

What you do and how you do it will have major consequences this week, so make sure to choose your approach wisely, especially when you’re tempted to throw caution to the wind.

TAURUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and HealthTAURUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and Health

The week from 9 to 15 August you can expect a variety of events related to your relatives. They will definitely be related to important experiences or events in their lives.

During the week you will have events related to the birth of a child, the birthday of a friend or relative, etc.

Financially, your old debts or worries will continue to create tension for you, without a clear idea of resolving them. It is very possible to seek their solution in the wrong direction or to rely on the help of people who do not intend to help you.

If you can assess the situation and things correctly, you will probably see your mistakes more clearly and correct them.

Professionally, expect new people to appear where you work.

Your gatherings and meetings this week will almost always be very emotional. Some of them may surprise you with the presence of people you haven't seen in a long time.

In general, this will be a week of important events in your family, and in your work you will be engaged mainly in your routine tasks.

Young men and women will wander in search of the best solution or realization of their desires and dreams. It will not be an easy task. Pay attention to the saints or words of a person born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.

Women will be prone to flirting, intimate or love experiences without investing special intentions in their actions. Let your thoughts not run away from the reality in which you live.

Men will focus on the proper distribution of money in their family budget. Additional income is not excluded. You may be disappointed by some expectations that will fail due to the frivolous actions of other people.

GEMINI Weekly Horoscope

It’s not a sign of weakness to be scared, twin star. What’s important is how you engage with your fears and whether or not you allow them to dominate your thinking and rule your life.

Strive to take steps, even if they are baby steps, towards acting from a place of bravery in the face of your insecurities and worries. You don’t have to get it right all the time—just persist in trying.

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GEMINI Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and HealthGEMINI Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and Health

The week of August 9 - 15, you will have to pay more attention to a friend or relative who is experiencing various difficulties in their lives. They will definitely need your emotional or financial help, care, advice or support.

During the week you will have conversations that will require decisions related to work or some kind of production, services and more.

The week will be remembered with emotional events related to children or young people.

During these seven days, interesting events will take place in your family, which will be the basis for changes in your near future.

The week will be favorable for planning and developing things related to marriage, family reunion or relatives, after a period of separation.

This will be an auspicious week for developing, resolving or closing financial cases and commitments, for receiving money or reaching an agreement for better pay.

You will be pleased with an unexpected invitation this week. You will also enjoy news related to friends or relatives.

During the week, avoid gloomy or annoying people who will only burden you with negative energy and waste of valuable time.

A trip will take the young men and women of this zodiac sign out of the monotony of everyday life. A notice you've been waiting for a long time will finally arrive and surprise you with a new perspective on travel.

Men will spend much of their time on repairs to their home, personal car or property owned by their relatives. This will be an auspicious week for purchasing items or equipment for your home.

Women will have to radiate a more cheerful mood if they want to be on the side of the lucky ones this week. Otherwise, your gloomy mood will bring you unexpected problems and deepening of already existing ones. Your inner release this week will help you express your feelings to your partner in the best light and get reciprocity.

CANCER Weekly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, the moon is new again this week and it may find you feeling extra emo. The best way to use this energy is by investing it in yourself. This may mean tending to your relationships, or doing a better job at work. Investing in yourself is not about selfishness, it is about taking pains to be the person you want to be and to create the life you want to live.

Expand your vision for what is possible and follow it up with action steps, no matter how small.

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Cancer is considered to be the mother of the horoscope due to the fact it is maternal in nature.

The week of August 9 - 15 you will be filled with hopes for upcoming events until the end of summer. You will be charged with positive expectations for solving household or property problems and cases that are important for your comfort.

You may now be involved in settling documents or discussing actions related to purchases or acquisitions for your home.

People from another town or country can play an important role in your material, household and property affairs.

During the week, expect a surprise in the family, which will cause changes in your plans by the end of the year.

You will realize some of your ideas that will have a connection with your family. They will probably help solve an old problem.

Avoid conflicts with people you have important relationships with this week. You may, under the influence of your emotions, say things that you will later regret. This will leave an unpleasant memory in your relationship.

During the week you will have expenses that will be unexpected or cause you some concern.

Boys and girls will have a favorable time for love or family relationships, as they will be subject to a greater emotional sensitivity and attention to the feelings of others. You will show greater emotional understanding and kindness to your family members.

Men will experience many surprising situations related to their work or with people from their circle of relatives. This will be a good time to work with women and to have contacts with women who have a higher social status. These seven days will be good for organizing various events.

Men should be careful in their relationships with people born under the fiery zodiac signs. I'm not writing that they will be complicated or problematic, but they will definitely be important for your future. This week will be favorable for business, for relationships in your home, for arranging a new one, for a change of residence or for accepting new members in your circle of relatives.

LEO Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 2 - 8 August: Prediction for Health, Love, Money, Career
Leo Weekly Horoscope

There will be a new moon in your sign, which means everything is coming out Leo! You’re welcome, world. The key to making the most of this event is to not allow anxiety or your concerns about what you don’t yet understand or know to make you believe that things are bad.

This is a good week for bold and passionate action that moves you further in the direction of what you love.

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LEO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and MoneyLEO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

During the week of August 9 - 15 you will have a favorable time for the development of your financial or family affairs. During these seven days you will plan your various actions, which you will have to secure in some way with financial means.

This week you can enjoy money in the family budget. This will be a good time to secure a better income for the coming months.

During the week, be careful in your relationships with people from your daily contacts. There may be acts of cunning or someone will try to manipulate you to their advantage.

During this week you will monitor or help a relative or friend who will have trouble with a car, with travel, with people from another place.

Events or commitments related to property may be the reason for contacts with employees of a state, banking, tax or other institution.

During the week you will have pleasant meetings or gatherings related to pleasant occasions, such as: birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding and more. You will enjoy an important event in the life of a friend or relative.

In terms of love, you will have an interesting and emotional week. You will have the opportunity and desire to realize important things for you related to your love relationship.

Young men and women with haste and more emotional actions can cause problems in romantic or sexual relationships. Avoid being financially wasteful, especially when buying expensive items or for pleasure.

Men will engage in important tasks for their family, which will have a successful development and can be a reason for satisfaction and good mood. Transport problems are possible.

Women will be careful, reserved in their engagement with things that do not concern them directly, but rather are important to relatives or friends. This week, your ideas may be too spectacular for the time, money, energy, and resources you have. Be careful with things related to people far away and things related to long distance connections or trade.

VIRGO Weekly Horoscope

When you are feeling low or fearful is when it’s easiest to get defensive and that defensiveness can lead to entitlement.

This week is likely to find you struggling with stressful feelings, and if you don’t stay with them, they may walk all over you. As you strive to understand what’s happening within you and why, you will be more empowered to identify and hold healthy boundaries.

Don’t give up on yourself when things get tough, Virgo.

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VIRGO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and MoneyVIRGO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

The week of August 9 - 15, you will have to engage much more responsibly in your financial affairs. Use some favorable stabilization options. Avoid expenses due to your emotional decisions, whims or desires.

Many will be engaged during the week in receiving and sending money, completing household bills or looking for new opportunities for additional income.

This week will be remembered with various events that will have a dynamic development or will leave a lasting mark in your life.

You are about to experience events that will determine your future.

During these seven days, avoid uncertain investments and risky actions related to money.

Be careful with your personal mail, mobile phone or bank cards.

During the week you can be excited by events and news related to future motherhood or the birth of a child.

This week you will have useful meetings and contacts with various people who will give you specific ideas for useful endeavors.

Boys and girls will be sociable. You will be interested in various things, including the occult. Lively conversations and short trips with friends or interest groups are possible. You can give or receive the wrong advice or stick to eccentric and impractical people.

Men will take the initiative in family matters. You will have active, business relationships with men. The week will favor family meetings and community work in the family. Greater care may be needed for a child.

Women will be alive and will have many new ideas. A family reunion at home is possible. You will have an idea how to secure some additional income. The week will be favorable for business activity and close relations with neighbors and colleagues.

LIBRA Weekly Horoscope

While your sign can be very relational, sometimes you need to go your own way, Libra.

This week may be a bit of a mixed bag as you find some much-needed clarity and purpose for yourself that unfortunately ruffles others’ feathers. Consider what compromises may be healthy to make in your situation and what will actually compromise you. It’s inevitable to disappoint others—be firm in your resolve.

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LIBRA Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and MoneyLIBRA Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

During the week of August 9 - 15, it will be more difficult for you to realize your plans. The difficulties will come from the misunderstanding of your ideas and actions by people around you. It is up to you whether you ignore their opinion or give up because of your unwillingness to get into conflicts.

This week you will have expectations for specific events related to a loved one that are unlikely to surprise you.

The week will be remembered with an interesting conversation with a man who can talk with you about various life and philosophical topics of life.

During the week you can find out about the separation in the family of people who are your relatives or friends.

During these seven days, you will experience emotionally unpleasant news related to a person you know.

This week will cost you an unexpected expense that will require a review of your personal budget.

Boys and girls are entering a week in which they will begin to overcome some difficulties in their relationship with an intimate partner. In fact, your own self will interest you in the first place. It is possible that a new sympathy excites you more than what you have at the moment.

Men will go through a week in which their nerves will be stretched to the extreme. Do not deal with household or financial problems if this is one of the reasons for your nervous tension and malaise.

Women can go through emotional difficulties in the family and in their household chores. Different influences are possible between family members and other people in your circle of relatives. Your family affairs and finances will become your concern.

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope

This is not the time to rush your progress, even if a lot needs to be done. Communicate what’s going on with the people around you so that you can take the space and time you need to be right with yourself without stirring up unnecessary and unwanted opposition.

A little communication will go a really long way, Scorpio—remember that before you hop into your hidey hole.

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SCORPIO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and MoneySCORPIO Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

During the week from 9 to 15 August you will be pleased with news from another town. In most cases, this will be related to a child or a young person.

In general, you have a favorable week ahead for you to travel and to develop family plans related to people from other settlements.

This week an important event will be an occasion for family reunion, meeting with relatives and more.

You have important conversations, discussions, presentations related to your work or business.

During this week, someone can engage you with something for which you have the necessary qualifications or knowledge.

During these seven days, expect a visit to your home or a meeting in a public place with a person who represents an institution.

The greater stress in your daily life this week will affect your physical, mental and emotional state. My advice is to take enough time to rest.

The young men and women will carefully consider their plans, the realization of which they will strive for this month and for the rest until the end of the year. You will worry that your actions and desires may cause trouble in your home or of some other nature. You will look for meetings and conversations with people who have enough life experience or knowledge to give you the right advice.

Men will be unstable in terms of health, which excludes any physical activity. Those of you who have a child of your own will need to spend more time talking or having fun together. Your love life will never be in the background, whether you are married, single or have a relationship at the moment.

Women will have a lot of work or new opportunities for professional engagement. This will be a time when you will be able to prove yourself. The slower development of some of your affairs should not bother you or create unnecessary fears. These things have a specific and important reason that is not to your detriment. You will enjoy spending part of your time with friends in interesting conversations, emotional experiences in nature or in special places for recreation and entertainment.

SAGITTARIUS Weekly Horoscope

This isn’t the time to totally wing it, Sagittarius. You have many ways of approaching or sustaining the things you’re going through, and a holistic approach is going to serve you best.

Consider the big picture of course, but this week is the best time to take your next step. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, your heart's strongest desire is as good a place as any.

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SAGITTARIUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and HealthSAGITTARIUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and Health

During the week of August 9 - 15, prepare for more serious commitments and responsibilities, which will be related mainly to the family or your relatives

Many around you will need help or advice in solving your personal or family problems.

If problems arise in your own marriage this week, their development may take longer.

During the week you will enjoy success or another special event in the lives of people in your circle of neighbors or colleagues.

Health problems (your personal or a loved one's) can be more serious than they seem or will reactivate your old illness.

The week will be unfavorable for the development of a lawsuit or for your involvement in a legal case.

Boys and girls will receive some good message related to money or one that will bring good luck to your home. You will talk about a meeting with a person who lives in another place or in another country.

Men will have to re-engage in old family or professional affairs. It will turn out that their implementation was not done properly, remained unfinished or there is another unexpected situation. There will be a problem with your child, wife, money or family.

Women will commit to documents that are important for the development of personal or professional affairs. During this week you will receive various important news or information on which your future actions and decisions will depend. You may have money concerns, especially if you work in the financial field, with money or with financial documents.

CAPRICORN Weekly Horoscope

You don’t need to fight what you fear, Capricorn, but you will have an easier time if you can work with it. Make a list of all the things that you’re the most stressed about, and once that’s done make another list. Your second list should be about one to three action items you can do about each stress point on the first list.

This won’t make your worries magically disappear, but will empower you to more effectively cope with your stresses.

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CAPRICORN Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and HealthCAPRICORN Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Money, Career and Health

The week of August 9 - 15, expect a chance or luck that will be important for a family member.

Many will experience a pleasant surprise related to a marriage proposal or the news of an engagement, a wedding.

During this week you can expect a change in your personal life or in the life of your family.

In the life of many of you there will be a new favorable situation, an opportunity related to achieving a better position in your career, deepening important relationships, successful presentation and more.

Be open to the new things that will come into your life during these seven days. Be brave and active so as not to miss your chance.

You may receive bad news about someone you know. An accident or personal life drama is possible in the life of such a person.

In your work, be careful and distrustful of someone's attention and kindness to you. It is possible that this person has a personal goal for such behavior towards you.

During the week, you may need an unexpected short-distance trip.

Young men and women will stare more at events in their personal lives, at the realization of personal desires and goals. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you act honestly, in harmony with the people around you, not with the horns ahead. It would be good to get information or advice from the experience of a loved one born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

Men will try to pass on their knowledge and skills to younger people: from the family or where they work. You will be part of an important event in the life of a relative or friend. You will enjoy the success achieved thanks to your own skills and knowledge. You will expect an answer to an important proposal that you will make to a person you love and respect very much.

Women will focus on family responsibilities with relatives, spouse or children. Family gatherings will be important, but you will feel tired rather than in the mood to have fun. In unexpected situations, you will be more suspicious and look for hidden ideas in the actions of certain people.

AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope

You may find yourself faced with the need to change something that you don’t really want to change. Consider whether your resistance is because the change would be wrong for you, or because you haven’t accepted some meaningful part of your situation.

What’s inevitable is that things are changing, Aquarius, and within that you have agency. Strive to infuse your willfulness with patience, presence and empathy.

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AQUARIUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and MoneyAQUARIUS Horoscope August 2021 - Monthly Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

The week of August 9 - 15, you will not be given much time and opportunities for pleasure, because you will have important priorities that you can not postpone or underestimate.

Love and romantic relationships, both your own and those of your own grown children (if you have any), will be subjected to unexpected trials.

Avoid all forms of gambling and speculation this week.

The trend from the previous week for a change in the work related to growth, rise, new position, new business is still preserved.

During the week you will be able to count on a good income from work in your family if you have a marriage partner Libra, Gemini or Aquarius.

Some of you will afford the luxury of spending more on cosmetic treatment, dentistry and other actions related to your appearance.

There will be tension in your marriage and in your family as a whole about the need for specific care, treatment or diet for a relative. Contradictions and disputes related to various delicate topics of your daily life will easily arise.

Manifestations of hypersensitivity will be at the root of most conflicts in your home.

Problems can also arise with a former spouse, related to child support or another financial issue.

The reason for the main problems and trials in your family this week will be aimed at makiing adjustments different characters, to clear up the contradictions between you.

During the week you will have various strange experiences or dreams; make sure that there is something more outside the real world in which you live.

Boys and girls will go through a calmer but not carefree time. You will enjoy the company of people born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. You will expect the fulfillment of a promise that someone made to you some time ago.

Men will have commitments related to a child, grandchild, younger brother or sister. Conflicts this week will be related to the lack of help and support from people who are also interested in the successful implementation of these commitments.

Women will strive to be feminine, attractive, sexy, to attract attention, to receive compliments, to be loved and appreciated.

PISCES Weekly Horoscope

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, Pisces. This new moon week is a really good one for you to get in touch with your feelings and to nurture yourself by centering the things that improve the quality of your life. You are likely to be called upon to take care of someone in need.

This week (9 to 15 August) 2021, consider whether you are helping them, or enabling them before you do anything, especially something that you don’t really have the energy for.

The week from 9 to 15 August you will have interesting contacts and meetings with people from near and far. This will be an auspicious week to travel or to welcome guests to your home.

This week will be dynamic and stressful for you, as many more commitments and responsibilities will arise. There's no reason you can't handle it.

This week you will have a gathering occasion related to a holiday or special event in the life of your friend or relative.

During this week you will have the opportunity to develop and implement your old idea or plan for which you have not had the time or resources so far. Probably an unexpected new situation will make things achievable for development.

In financial terms, the week will offer you various opportunities for additional work, additional income and more.

You can get useful information or an offer from a friend related to a new job opportunity or additional professional commitment.

Boys and girls can engage in some overtime work. Someone will be watching you for a purpose! You are in an extremely good period and if you do not waste your time in meaningless conversations and entertainment, you will achieve a lot.

Women will experience a period of important decisions, meetings or changes. Visits to an institution related to the settlement of a document, contract and other formalities are likely. You will be engaged in more tasks at home and in the family, and everyone will rely on you. You will probably have contact with a man who is currently traveling or who lives far away from you.

The men will plan an important conversation about their plans for the future. You will find it difficult to understand the people around you, and your hopes may even be dashed. In general, you will go through an anxious and restless week.