Top 7 Best Jobs for AQUARIUS - Career Guide Horoscope

You are the perfect person for a grand brainstorming session, Aquarius! Witty, innovative, and original, you love new things and coming up with cutting-edge ideas. Your coworkers love your vision, but be careful to include others in your process -- you have a tendency to ignore others’ feelings while focusing on the big picture.

What Are the Key Traits of an Aquarius?

Aquarians are the ultimate altruists – they love to help others and don’t seek material success. But they do crave attention and don’t mind being in the public eye.

Idealists that are socially and environmentally conscious, Aquarians are at their best when they can help others. Whether through fundraising, activism or research, their goal is to improve the world around them.

Because Aquarians are not very interested in material pursuits or traditions, they need to have a cause to feel connected to something.

People born under Aquarius tend to enjoy self-expression through art, music, acting and performing. Aquarians enjoy solitude and work best when they can manage themselves and their workload.

Top 7 Best Jobs for AQUARIUS - Career Guide Horoscope
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The natural curiosity displayed by Aquarians makes them excellent at critical thinking and getting to the heart of any problem, often losing themselves in a project or an idea. This means that they are diligent and quick learners. Unfortunately, this laser focus can lead to a disconnect with colleagues and friends, as they sometimes forget that others need to have input in group projects.

Aquarians are non-conformist by nature – they may follow rules if there is an obvious purpose to them but their natural rebellious streak can make following rules or schedules for the sake of it impossible. This can mean that they are entrepreneurial; not afraid to look for new ways to get where they need to go.

Aquarians hate tedium and the mundane. Rigid rules, strict schedules and stifling micromanagement will bring out their obstinate, rebellious side – and that will kill their enjoyment of a situation quickly.

What Is an Aquarian Like at Work?

At work, the Aquarian is fascinated by technology and ideas. First to adopt any new software, they will also be the first to fully understand how to get the most out of it – a combination of natural curiosity and fast learning skills make any new technology or system easy for them to understand.

With a brilliant memory and that insatiable need to fully get to the bottom of a problem, Aquarians make excellent leaders – especially when it comes to managing projects that need an entrepreneurial spirit.

Their need to help, and it is a genuine desire, means that if there is a cause for an Aquarius to get behind, they will get fully behind it. Whether that is a charity fundraiser, a political agenda or just a new working system, the Aquarius enjoys using their social idealism to get others to follow them.

They might not always follow the rules, but they are idealists with a cause and will stop at nothing to see that through.

As an employee, Aquarians are socially conscious and a voice for those who need extra help – whether clients, customers or colleagues. They are tolerant of others and are rarely swayed by prejudice, making them brilliant at being objective when making judgments.

Employers value the Aquarian’s diligence and responsibility, especially when it comes to working autonomously – which is a good thing as, despite their best efforts, it can be difficult for them to maintain effective communication when they start diving into projects.

At work, Aquarians are at their best when they can follow a passion without too much interference from management. If they are interested in the work they are doing, they work best in solitude, with little outside distraction.

Top 7 Career Choices for an Aquarius

The Aquarius will find success by embracing the traits that make up their personalities and realizing that others may have a different perspective worthy of consideration. They might also find it helpful to use this to guide their career search, seeking dynamic roles that make use of their inquisitive nature and include at least one service component.

Aquarians enjoy a good challenge and will not remain satisfied in a role that does not dare them to surpass their current level of knowledge.

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1. Mediator

Aquarians are deep thinkers who are skilled in thinking through problems from an objective standpoint and formulate a practical solution. Mediators must do this, along with keeping detailed records of their interactions with clients and helping people to communicate more effectively. Mediators sometimes work in legal settings, helping clients to document the details of the agreement.

2. Teacher

Aquarians love to learn, so teaching is a natural fit for them. In a teaching role, an Aquarius will get to learn more about specific topics and impart that knowledge on students. Their desire to live in their truth will come in handy, as the most effective teachers are those who live by the same rules that they ask their students to follow in the classroom.

3. Researcher

Researchers can work individually or in teams to identify the goals and objectives of the research being conducted. They then devise a plan, secure money to fund the research, and put their skills to work to draw conclusions. The inquisitive Aquarius will enjoy this and exude a passion for it that will help their colleagues to enjoy it as well.

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4. Trainer

The goal of a trainer is to coach an individual or group of learners on a set of skills, policies, or set of standards. The Aquarius’ critical thinking skills and assertiveness can help them instill the knowledge, but their artistic ability will aid in putting their own unique ‘twist’ on how training is delivered.

5. Actor

Not many people have the chance to express themselves quite like actors do. Whether in a theatre, film studio, or elaborate set, Aquarians will quickly consume the spotlight. Their unpredictable nature makes them great at improv acting and their natural curiosity and will cause them to dive deeper into their roles.

6. Electrician

For Electricians, curiosity makes them better at their jobs. Electricians evaluate and provide potential solutions for electrical failings, but before this, they explore the intricate inner workings of wires, lighting, and breakers. Aquarians will enjoy playing with these electrical components to get to the heart of the issue and devise a plan to correct it.

7. Project Manager

In this role, Aquarians can define project objectives, develop and administer the budget, and delegate tasks to complete the project efficiently. Aquarians must remember not to isolate themselves in this role, as their team may rely heavily on them, but members of this zodiac are likely to empower their team to work fervently even in the Aquarius’ absence.

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