Top 7 Best Jobs for CANCER - Career Guide Horoscope

The star sign of Cancer is assigned to anyone that celebrates their birthday between June 22 and July 22. As with all signs of the zodiac, there are various personality traits and characteristics thought to be common among those born during this time.

Here are the top 7 best jobs for Cancer people!

Top 7 Best Jobs & Careers for Cancer

1. Realtor

Since you have a highly intuitive and sensitive personality to other’s needs, the satisfaction of securing a home for people drives you to be a realtor. Hunting out properties that clients will love, knowing exactly what will fit your client’s idea, and effectively handling negotiations are things to look forward to in this job.

Highly intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others, Cancerians are well placed to hunt out properties that their clients will love, and they’ll take great satisfaction from helping others find secure and comfortable places to call home.

2. Chef

You’re a big fan of food in all its shapes and colors and want to make others feel at home, so why not do it with the food that you make? Food is a perfect outlet for showing off your creativity along with traveling to share your creations with everyone who also shares your passion for fine cuisine.

Working as a private chef, whether long-term in a set location or on a hire-by-event-basis, Cancerians will have the opportunity to express their creativity and share their passion for cuisine by catering for their clients.

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3. Interior Designer

Independent work sounds good to you, so being an interior designer should be up your ally. Understanding what others want, being organized to the point it should be a sport you would win gold in, and using everything in your power to execute the perfect vision they had in mind should come naturally, so no sweat required.

All of this combined makes interior design a strong contender for Cancer careers. Their organizational and money-management skills will enable them to work to both timescale and budget, creating harmonious environments where others can find sanctuary.

4. Architect

Similar to interior design, your love of creating the perfect home goes deeper into the roots and even spreads to coming up with buildings to be used for years to come. Combining a love for creativity with having responsibility with a client’s vision will get your name into people’s heads, and your attention to detail and care won’t go unnoticed.

In this occupation, they would see the responsibility of designing a client’s dream home as a privilege. They would ensure that safety and security were a top priority, and would work with care and attention to draw up plans in line with any given brief.
Caring for others is in your blood no matter how small the incident is. Your compassion, empathy, and intuition to tend to patients and their families with sensitivity will come to the surface and leave you feeling satisfied that things are being taken care of with your hands, just make sure not to get too attached.

5. Nurse

An obvious choice for any natural caregiver, nursing is a great fit for Cancerians. With the compassion, empathy and intuition to tend to both patients and their families with sensitivity, many will thrive in this supporting occupation.

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6. Therapist

Cancerians are great listeners and it is said that others are drawn to them in times of need. They are well suited to lending a sympathetic ear and using their emotional intuition to understand, support and offer unbiased guidance.

Just like a nurse, therapists are there for their patients and want what’s best for them no matter the issue at hand.

As a great listener, lending a sympathetic ear and using your intuition to understand, support, and offer unbiased guidance will make your patients trust you so much and get them to come back to future sessions.

7. CEO

With your unchanging loyalty and tenacity to see things through to the right end, the CEO might seem scary at first but you will naturally fit right in. Your good communication, ambition, and finding the best interests of the company will get you the respect and loyalty that you put out into the work environment.

They are good communicators and have the required characteristics to make intuitive decisions in the best interests of a company, its employees and shareholders. For the ambitious Cancerian, an executive position in any area of business could provide not only job satisfaction but also the financial stability this star sign looks for in life.

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What Are the Key Traits of a Cancerian?

As a water sign, Cancerians are emotionally deep and have an air of mystery, much like the ocean. They are sensitive and have a level of intuition. If you were born under this sign, you are likely highly aware of, and attentive to, the needs of those around you.

With the moon as its ruler, the sign of Cancer finds solace in home comforts. Cancerians look to surround themselves with security – emotionally, physically and financially – and their kind and compassionate nature means they extend this environment to those they care for.

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Although they love unconditionally and are supportive, they tend to be self-protective. They keep their emotions hidden and do not like others to see just how sensitive they are. Abandonment is a Cancerian’s biggest fear and they will often go to great lengths to avoid being left alone.

Typically, they find it hard to let go of the past, and though their compassion leads them to forgive, they are not ones to forget easily. Struggling to share their emotions, Cancerians can become distant and turn inwardly to deal with their feelings alone.

What Are Cancerians Like at Work?

The typical characteristics of those born under Cancer make them hardworking, diligent and loyal employees. When they take on a professional role, they tend to commit themselves to it wholeheartedly, working tirelessly to achieve their goals and encouraging others around them to do the same.

As natural caregivers, they enjoy roles that offer the chance to look after others, providing them with the sense of security that those born under this sign crave in their personal lives. They also love to bring their creativity into the working environment, so the best Cancer careers are those that combine nurture with innovation.

Cancerians are kind at heart, but they are also guarded. They tend to put up protective walls, much like the hard exterior of their crab sign. Unless you’ve managed to crack their shell, a Cancerian co-worker may appear distant, or even cold.

That said, once they let you in, they’ll likely become a friend for life. What they value most in others is honesty, and they’ll build strong working relationships with those they trust.

Despite their tough outer layer, Cancerians are highly sensitive and can be overly needy. This can cause problems in the workplace if they feel their needs aren’t being met.

Since they avoid confrontation and struggle to be open with their feelings, when Cancerians have a problem, they tend to deal with it through passive-aggressive behavior, which can cause friction in a team environment.

Unsurprisingly then, this star sign has a preference for working independently, though is not averse to taking direction from others.
In fact, Cancer is considered to be the mother of the horoscope due to the fact it is maternal in nature. That is why those who have their sun sign in Cancer (or their Moon or Rising sign) are extremely nurturing, they enjoy cooking and anything related to the home. They are also very good at managing money like their mirror sign, which is Capricorn.

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