Wave of Layoffs: Top Survival Lessons When Suddenly Being Fired
In the midst of a wave of layoffs, how to survive?

Tens, hundreds of thousands of employees at giant corporations like Anphabet, Meta, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, etc. have been laid off mercilessly in the past few months, making life suddenly standstill.

Instead of calling corners, criticizing corporate leaders, learn the lessons below to quickly master your life and help those around you.

Mental Health

One of the biggest shocks of leaving a high-pressure job is the feeling of boredom that follows. After the first few weeks of indulging in a sense of well-being that feels like early retirement, we begin to feel like we're wasting too much time, fidgeting and worrying.

For some people, especially young people, being unemployed is quite similar to going bankrupt. Even before your finances run dry, some friends will suddenly become too busy to take your calls. Or if they pick up the phone, they will intentionally complain about their need to avoid having to lend you money.

Knowinsiders.com's advice: This situation will make us even more depressed. Therefore, it is important to find new meaning to life, set new goals, reset our own spiritual life. That will protect you from anxiety and boredom.

Diversify your Income

Financially, one of the immediate consequences of job loss is the loss of a steady stream of income. We still have many options to make money, but losing a steady and secure source of income forces us to readjust all our habits.

Even with a steady job, look ahead by diversifying your income streams in every way possible. If those overtime jobs or business projects are directly related to your work, the better. As long as you are profitable, try to keep going.

At the same time, when we diversify our income sources, we are also forced to accept that we must always be wary of sophisticated fraudulent "missions". Freelance jobs always leave us working with strange clients. We are solely responsible for verifying identity and trust. Work experience will help you limit the amount of money being stolen. In the early days, maybe we should accept “paying tuition”

Saving Money

Wave of Layoffs: Top Survival Lessons When Suddenly Being Fired
Lessons of Survival in the midst of the Firestorm

The way people deal with unemployment at different life stages is different. For people in their 20s, one of the main advantages is that they are at a stage of low financial responsibility. However, from the age of 30 onwards - there are many more responsibilities.

Most people usually hoard their savings whenever unemployment occurs at this stage. However, people will quickly realize that such savings will quickly dry up and can foresee in the near future that they will have no cash that can be used as capital for a business project. new business.

Of course, you should reduce your spending if you find yourself unemployed. But use everything else you have - time, money, knowledge - to generate extra income. Don't stop to wonder when the next job will come - get to it. However, we absolutely must be cautious as get-rich-quick schemes can start to sound lucrative in these desperate times.

Diversify and Categorize Relationships

When unemployed, one of the biggest lessons we learn is that relationships fade or become fragile. It will take you a few months to adjust to why your “best” friends are gone. It can be frustrating, but it helps us to have some sort of categorization in relationships.

Relationships come from a variety of sources and categorization is necessary. We have long-term relationships, spanning from school to work. It could be old school friends and colleagues from years ago. What's special about these relationships is that even though they barely talk to them, they'll try to mention your name in any chance room during a conversation. Starting new jobs is a good opportunity for us to have more relationships. Complete strangers can become our livelihood and expand into wonderful friendships.

Friendship can be like a lion; If it escapes from the park and attacks you, it can pounce on you when you try to show love to it. But you have to use sedatives; you can then hug, stroke and hold it tight before releasing it back into the wild.

Learn New Skills, Have New Hobbies

One of the things you have in abundance when unemployed is time. Make good use of this time to relax, socialize, think, read a lot, strategize - gain new knowledge and skills. The 30-year-old said: “I have spent most of the last 10 years at my desk and I hardly play any sports, nor do I have time for my own hobbies. close".

Leaving is a good opportunity for us to look back, evaluate and have our own orientations. Mental health care should be a top priority. “I felt anxiety clouding my judgment and mental health, so I started jogging. I've lost weight and feel healthier - and every run rejuvenates me with a new sense of alertness. I learned some new skills on my own that I plan to develop and maintain for a long time,” he said.

"Hibernate" Until You "Grow Up"

A man will usually have many social connections by the time he is 30 years old. Not all of your friends and family will or should know what you're going through, and your efforts to look good can throw you off balance.

“We will receive a lot of invitations to parties, meetings. Not everyone is smart enough to refuse. So, even if we upset others a few times or did not receive sympathy, we should not let our respect destroy our plans," he shared.

This is similar to "hibernation". It means we focus on our happiness - financially, emotionally, psychologically and even physically until you are ready to grow.


You've just experienced simple, but very important lessons amid the wave of layoffs that are spreading across the globe.

According to experts of Knowinsiders.com, unemployment is a normal event in your life because the world is full of disasters, epidemics, wars, conflict etc. The most important and precious thing is that you are alive, breathing and have the physical, mental and intellectual health to continue working to feed yourself and help those around you.

Even if you are very good, but if you just got fired, that's okay!

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