Vanga's Mysterious Prophecy for Famous Russian Artists
Vanga Prophecy for Famous Russian Artists

Baba Vanga, Bulgarian blind seer, was born on January 31, 1911 and died on August 11, 1996.

When she was alive and had special prophetic abilities, every day she received dozens and sometimes hundreds of people from all over the world to advise and help them solve problems in life.

Among them, there are many famous artists from Russia. Vanga's prophecies for them are still considered unsolved mysteries.

Baba Vanga and Actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov

The famous actor, people's artist of the USSR Vyacheslav Tikhonov met Vanga in 1979. Many people wrote about this meeting, because the impression of the artist after Vanga's prophecies was very heavy: he had to drink. sedative. The story goes like this:

Just stepping on the doorstep of Vanga's house in Petrich, Vyacheslav Tikhonov heard the prophet bluntly declare: "Why don't you fulfill the wish of your dear friend Yury Gagarin? Before his last flight he came to my house and said, “I don't have time, so you buy yourself an alarm clock with your name on it and put it on your desk. Think of it as a memory of yourself.” After those words Vyacheslav Tikhonov had a heart attack and had to take sedatives.

Indeed, V.Tikhonov and Yury Gagarin are close friends. When Gagarin died, the famous actor was so traumatized that he forgot about the alarm clock he had promised to buy.

Vanga also said that the first astronaut did not die, but became a saint. Currently he is on his celestial body. His soul is still alive and shining like a star.

Vanga and Poet Sergey Mikhalkov

Sergey Mikhalkov once met the famous prophet Vanga in August 1979. The following story is told by the poet in Anatoly Bogdanovich's book "I also believe in Vanga's talent":

“On August 22, 1979, I arrived at Petrich at eleven o'clock with a female interpreter. Vanga was informed of my trip, she sat waiting for me on a carpeted cushion in the small room used as a reception area.

"Oh, this Russian is going to live a long time," said Vanga as I crossed the threshold of the room. That one sentence made me feel relieved...

- I saw your mother - Vanga said - She was behind you, she was very angry because you did not celebrate your birthday. He definitely had to celebrate his birthday. That's his lucky number (it's been two years since I've celebrated my birthday, March 13).

- My sister is also here now...

"I don't have a sister," I said.

- I saw her - Vanga repeated.

- I don't have a sister...

- Then who is that girl? - Vanga exclaims irritably - That's your sister!

And I suddenly remembered that it is true that I had a sister who died at the age of 5.

- And there appeared another man named Peter, next to his brother. Who are they to you?

At that moment I could not have guessed that Madame Vanga was talking about my two brothers: Peter Petrovich and Maksim Petrovich Konchalovsky...

- How do you distinguish between the living and the dead? - I ask.

"I have just returned from America," continued Vanga, "in New York and other cities. You live by reason, you have nothing to fear. He is not greedy for money, living a clean life. Go on living as you are, don't change suddenly, everything will be fine... You talked to Brezhnev (General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union at that time), let's say it again. .

"It's hard," I said.

- It's not difficult. He will tell you, if you want. Let's talk to him...

Vanga talked openly and frankly with me, including private and secret things. Everything she said was true. Rather strange...

Later I met Vanga three more times. People told me that she hardly talked to anyone for that long... Everything she told me was or is coming true...".

Vanga's Mysterious Prophecy for Famous Russian Artists
Vanga receives many famous people from all over the world

Vanga and Writer Leonid Leonov

The famous Russian writer Leonid Leonov (1899-1994), author of the novel "Russian Forest", "Golden Chariot", "Pyramid"... often met the prophet. Vanga and is one of the fans of her uncanny talent. Leonov said that he knew many famous people in the world, including M. Gorky and J. Stalin, but this simple Bulgarian woman left the biggest impression on him.

Leonov consulted Vanga about her works and she always gave accurate forecasts. Once, Vanga said that Leonov's manuscript would be burned. So, for preservation, Leonov moved the manuscript from the suburban villa, where he worked, to the apartment in the city. But all his caution was in vain - the manuscript still burned. Indeed, it is impossible to run away from fate.

In 1980, the writer visited Vanga's house in Petrich and he talked to her about flowers. Vanga considers flowers as living things, she has planted many flowers in the gardens of Petrich and Rupit. Hoa "whispered" to her secrets and helped her know the fate of people.

In the early 1990s, Leonid Leonov wanted to destroy the manuscript of the novel "Pyramid" that he began to write in 1938. The 90-year-old writer was not satisfied with what he had written and decided to burn it. Vanga advised him not to do it, she said that a work that was almost finished should not be canceled. Writers need quiet to finish the book. She advised Leonov to move out to live in the villa for about 40 days and complete the manuscript. At the villa, Vanga said, between flowers and plants inspiration will come to the writer: “The book must be completed after 3 years (the story takes place in 1989). In the novel there are 4 images - human, universe, god, devil. The book will be a huge success and will be well received by everyone, even young people.”

Finally, the great writer's novel "Pyramid" was published in 1994, when the author turned 95 years old. Leonov had already seen his life novel published. “Pyramid” has been translated into many languages ​​around the world and is loved by readers.

Vanga and Evgeny Evtushenko

For Vanga, an outspoken and fair woman, no authority exists. She does not distinguish who stands in front of her - ordinary people or outstanding people. All are equal to her. She always says things that come from her heart, even it's unpleasant to the guests.

Such was the case with the famous Russian poet Evgeny Evtushenko. In 1980, Evtushenko went to see Vanga. Just walked through the door, Vanga said: "Who are you?" "The writer," replied Evtushenko. “What kind of writer smells like that. Stay away from me." Silence for a moment. Then Vanga again told Evtushenko: “You know a lot and can do many things, but in the places you go, there is no place for you. Why smoke so much? Fix your teeth and stomach. Do not write at night. Get up early and work. Write between 3 and 7 a.m., when there's more inspiration." “I am writing a book,” said the poet. “About women, right?” - Vanga asked. The guest replied: “Yes, about women” - “About the war too?” - "Yes good. Write, but try to go deeper into the subject. Otherwise, you will be like a magpie, jumping from branch to branch...".

Vanga and Singer Filipp Kirkorov

The famous Russian light music singer Filipp Kirkorov (the ex-husband of singer Alla Pugachyova) also visited Vanga in Petrich and admired her prophetic talent.

Filipp's parents, as we know, used to live in Bulgaria, in the city of Varna. His father is a musician and is in charge of a light band. Once, young Filipp became ill and his parents, without hesitation, took him to see Mrs. Vanga in Petrich. Vanga not only cured Filipp of his illness, but also foretold him musical glory. She told the boy's parents: "I see your son on a high mountain. He stood and waved a metal cane.”

Many years later, people realized what Vanga wanted to say. She alluded to the musical peak that Filipp Kirkorov conquered was a high mountain, and the microphone was a metal rod.

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