Baba Vanga’s prediction about the war between Russia and Ukraine?
Baba Vanga’s prediction about the war between Russia and Ukraine?

What awaits the inhabitants on our planet, especially the Russians, in 2022? The prophet Vanga had predictions in the past that have now come true.

But it is important to keep one point in mind - the very mysterious Bulgarian clairvoyant voiced his predictions, sometimes even in trifling phrases.

What predictions could come true in 2022?

Russian Nevnov newspaper wrote 'Overall, according to Ms. Vanga's predictions, 2022 will be a tumultuous year. How true this is - only time will tell'.

According to the Russian newspaper Actions and Words ( of July 13, 2021, the predictions of the Bulgarian prophet Vanga are made for a millennium ahead. Many of these predictions have come true, while there are also many predictions that never came true.

Vanga Prediction: Russians Will Become Rich

In the article titled "The wealth of Russians, the victory of good with fists: what Vanga predicted for 2022" (Богатство россиян, победа добра с кулаками: что Ванга предсказала на 2022 год), Nevnov noted that Vanga had a strange forecast about the weath of the Russians.

But happiness in 2022 will be found by those who, in the midst of a flurry of lies, will be able to perceive the truth on their own. "To protect your own dignity, you have to hold your hand tightly" - Vanga's prediction was quoted by the Russian newspaper.

Vanga made an important prediction regarding finances or money. Vanga assured that two streams of money (two cash flows) would flow around the world - to the East and West. Partially, they will also affect Russia. People in the country (Russian) will become rich, despite the fact that there will be no money in their hands.

For 2022, the clairvoyant predicted big changes for Russia: "The state will undergo changes, but the people will remain the same", according to

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Fact-check: Vanga predicted for the weath of Russians

Russia attack Ukraine prompted a barrage of financial sanctions aimed at isolating and punishing Moscow. The U.S and the European Union have already announced an unprecedented package of sanctions against Russia.

The U.S and Europe have announced the exclusion of several Russian banks from the Swift system, a consortium financial institutions worldwide use as a crucial communications line for global commerce.

Now many wonder whether Vladimir Putin's country could then use cryptocurrencies to circumvent this exclusion from the classic global financial system.

Leah Wald, CEO of crypto asset manager Valkyrie Investments, said it is uncertain whether Russia would use crypto to circumvent sanctions, but “the likelihood they could make such a pivot is very high.”

This would be an unprecedented situation!

Traditionally, sanctions are invoked through banking instruments, like freezing bank accounts.

But the crypto industry is decentralized, which means that there's no central governor, no central regulator. So you can't ban cryptocurrency. It is possible to restrict people from using it by banning or regulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

Russia’s central bank digital currency, the under-development digital ruble, could allow companies to legally trade without the dollar in a state-sanctioned workaround.

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Fact-Check: Vanga Prediction 'No War' or War Between Russia and Ukraine?

Vanga Prediction: Russians Will Be Rich and War
Fact-Check: Vanga Predictions for 2022

Vanga Prediction for War - According to Daily Mail

Many websites around the world claim that the blind prophet Baba Vanga correctly predicted the war between Russia and Ukraine. Let's find out the truth about Vanga's predictions.

War broke out between Russia and Ukraine. The tense situation has also revived theories and predictions about this historic event and, amid speculation, something that it predicted has gone viral. Many media sites in the UK, India and European countries noted that Baba Vanga had correctly predicted this event.

This blind psychic Vanga who had predicted global events like the 9/11 terror attacks and Brexit had made a prediction for Russia 'Superpower' and what will happen in the future. The psychic who had died at the age of 85 had told the writer of Daily Mail (UK) that Russia would become 'lord of the world' after Europe becomes a 'wasteland.'

In 1979, she told writer Valentin Sidorov that Russia would become 'lord of the world' after Europe became a 'wasteland.' 'All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir's glory, glory of Russia,' she reportedly said - a possible reference to Putin, according to a Daily Mail report.

"Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia," she had said, adding, "All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept, but also becomes lord of the world."

According to Vanga, the leaders of the two countries will shake hands and some Slavic powers would return to Russia, adding that all those who had left the Russian state would return to their lands.

"Russia has sacrificed a lot. No one can stop the Russian Federation. All those who have left Russia will return to it. "The Russian state will become a superpower," Baba Vanga predicted - according English Media.

What Are Baba Vanga Predictions For 2022 and Fact-Check What Are Baba Vanga Predictions For 2022 and Fact-Check

Explore Baba Vanga's predictions for 2022 and check which predictions she made for 2021 became true.

Vanga Prediction for No War - According to Russian Media

Does happiness await in the world of the future - Vanga's answer

When asked if people would be happy in the future, Vanga always answered that those who could find the truth among the endless stream of lies would find happiness.

The seer also emphasized that goodness would be forced to use fists to protect itself in the future.

Should we expect war in 2022, according to Vanga's predictions

In fact, Vanga did not predict big shocks to the world - no wars, no new diseases in 2022.

2022 is expected to be quite calm and peaceful, and happiness, according to the clairvoyant, is quite possible - you just need to be able to adapt to change.

According to Russian Nevnov, Vanga was sure that those people who could find the truth in a huge stream of lies would be happy. The seer also emphasized that good will be forced to use fists to protect itself in the future.

In 2022, the world is not expected to have major wars or any major upheavals. This year should be calm, Vanga believed.

As for politics, Vanga foresaw that in 2022 relations between America and Russia would not only become more complicated, but could even stop for some time. At the same time, relations between Russia and China will flourish, according to

However, some Russian Medias reported different story.

Vanga's prediction for 2022: "The two countries will unite and become one, but Russia will not be afraid", according to At the end of last year, businessman Boris Kochyukov visited the studio of the show "Actually" on Channel One, where he stated that he kept the secret prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga for 2022, Radiokp reported. “Countries separated by large waters will meet in secret. They will decide how to conquer Russia, but Russia will see their faces, and the conspirators will be exposed ”, Boris was quoted in the same issue.

Baba Vanga, the woman known as "Nostradamus of the Balkans", preceded many natural disasters and global wars before they occurred. Even Nostradamus is known for his predictions some already confirmed. Recall that the mysterious woman, a blind Bulgarian, correctly predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS and even Brexit, while she also made predictions for 2022.

Vanga has left behind predictions that run until 5079. She believed that the world would end by this year. She reportedly had a success rate of 85 per cent in her predictions.

Born in 1911, Vanga had mysteriously lost her eyesight at the age of 12 during a massive storm. Theories say that the tornado that lifted her dashed her to the ground leaving her blinded with dust, in turn, bestowing her with the power to see the future.

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