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Are you ready for some great outdoor activities with your family? If you have kids who can’t sit still and want to get stuck into a fun activity we have pulled together some great ideas for you.

1. Make a Family Album

Set up an area where people can gather between activities and meals to do crafts. An extra screened-in, family-size tent, or pop-up shelter would be an ideal place to set up. Ask everyone to bring copies of family photos that can be compiled into a family photo album and encourage everyone to decorate their own pages over the course of the weekend.

2. Plan a Picnic

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If your family misses picnics in the park, you can bring this summertime activity into your backyard instead! Start by preparing a traditional picnic lunch like sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips. Load everything into a basket and bring it to your picnic destination, whether it’s a blanket on the lawn or a patio table. Your family will get fresh air and a dose of vitamin D!

3. Take a Family Hike

Hiking might just bring your family closer. Family members who spent 20 minutes walking in an arboretum not only exhibited a stronger ability to pay attention to a cognitive task but had more pleasant interactions with each other. In addition, the simple act of being out in the world focused on a shared activity, can free you up to speak more openly.

4. Outdoor Movie Night

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Set up a cozy space with some bean bags, camping chairs, or picnic blankets. Pop tons of popcorn or some other delicious treat: Shirley Temples for the kids and special drinks for the grown-ups. Have a bbq and eat up while you watch your movie in the great outdoors.

5. Play Ball

Group ball games are some of the best family reunion activities because they allow everyone to play together. Some games you can easily plan for include:

  • Volleyball
  • Bocce ball
  • Baseball or softball
  • Soccer

6. Plan a Treasure Hunt

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Kids can't resist a scavenger hunt! Mom or Dad can plant little dime-store jewels and treasures in the garden, then draw up a map with directions for kids. For an ancient look, let some coffee soak into the map to brown it with age; while the paper is wet, rip it around the edges. You can even hide the map somewhere in the house and let the kids find it while making the bed or putting away toys.

7. Water Balloon Toss

On hot days, this family reunion game is a must. Have everyone pick a partner and stand facing each other. Start standing two feet apart, and after each toss, take one step backward. The team who tosses the balloon the farthest without letting it pop wins.

It's always fun to have prizes on hand for the winners—even something small and goofy would suffice.

8. Play Capture the Flag

You'll need six or more people and two pieces of fabric in different colors, cut into flags (one for each player). Using flour for the outline, divide your yard into two adjoining courts about 12" x 12" each.

Divide into two teams; each person places a flag on the backline of his court. Starting from their flag line, players dash to the opposite side of the field and try to pick up a flag from the other team. If a player is tagged, he's out and must stand behind the opposing team's line of flags. If he captures a flag, he's safe and can return to his court. The team that captures all of the opposing side's flags first wins.

9. Kick the Can

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This outdoor family activity needs at least four people. The child who is "it" starts by kicking the can and counting to 100 while the other players hide. The kicker sets the can upright and shouts, "Ready or not, here I come."

Then he looks for the other players. When he finds one, he yells the player’s name and races her back to the can, trying to be the first to knock it over. If the kicker fails, the game starts over. If the kicker succeeds, the hider must stand near the can while the kicker searches. Other hiders may try to free captives by kicking the can before being spotted. If they succeed, everyone hides again. The game ends when everyone has been captured.

I hope these ideas help you fill your family with love and belonging. Please follow us and read other interesting topics below:

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