Top 9 Most Popular Stationery Brands In Europe by Customer Choice
The Most Famous Stationery Brands In Europe By Customer Choice
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What exactly is stationery?

Stationery includes items such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes that are required for writing. For centuries, people have used stationery products. Stationery products have evolved and become more user-friendly in the modern era. The global stationery industry's future looks promising as consumption continues to rise.

Manufacturers in the stationery industry buy materials such as wood, plastic, and ink to make pencils and pens, art supplies, carbon paper, and marking devices. Products are then distributed to retailers, wholesalers, and large corporations. The vast majority of these products are then sold to businesses and individuals via intermediaries.

An overview of the global stationery market

The global stationery industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, resulting in huge profits for the world's top stationery brands — who are leading the industry. The global stationery market was worth USD 90.6 billion last year and is expected to grow at a 5.1% CAGR over the next five years.

The largest factor driving market growth is a promising global import market with high demand and lucrative expansion — led by the top stationery brands mentioned in this article. Europe, East Asia, and Central Asia are the industry's fastest-growing markets. Europe and East Asia are the world's largest import markets for stationery, while China is the world's largest exporter of office supplies.

Top 9 Most Famous Stationery Brands in Europe By Customer Choice

1. Staedtler


Staedtler Mars GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer and supplier of artist, writing, and engineering drawing instruments. J.S. Staedtler founded the company in 1835 and produces a wide range of writing instruments, including drafting pencils, ballpoint pens, crayons, propelling pencils, professional pens, and standard wooden pencils.

The Staedtler product line includes writing implements such as graphite pencils, mechanical pencils, leads, markers, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and refills. In their technical drawing category, they sell technical pens, compasses, rulers, set squares, drawing boards, and lettering guides. In their art materials category, they sell colored pencils, crayons, chalks, oil pastels, paints, modeling clay, and inks. Their product line includes erasers and pencil sharpeners under the accessories category.

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2. Canon


Canson is a French company that produces fine art paper and related products. Canson, founded in 1557, is one of the world's oldest companies. Canson now has operations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

Canson's fine art category includes watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, graphic arts, and printmaking products. Canson's product line also includes school lines in their school category, architectural scale models in their professional design category, printing & photography, technical drawing, and office products in their technical & digital category, and handicraft and leisure photo paper products in their arts & craft category.

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3. Maped


As of 2020, Maped is one of the top stationery brands. Maped is a family-run French manufacturer of scholastic and office stationery products based in Annecy, France. Maped has nine subsidiaries in nine countries, making it one of the top ten stationery companies in the world by 2020.

In their writing category, Maped offers ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils. Maped's school category also includes compasses, erasers, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, scissors, marker pens, rulers, and set squares. In their office category, they sell scissors, cutters, paper cutters, staplers, punches, and clips. In their craftwork category, they sell cutters, architect's scales, angle templates, craft scissors, and hole punches.

4. Benneton Graveur


In 1880, French engraver Emile Benneton founded Benneton Graveur in Paris. Benneton, a former stationery supplier to European royal courts, has preserved its rich heritage over the years. The brand's artisans can engrave your coat of arms onto a signet ring or bookplate, or paint it onto a parchment scroll or pebble paperweight if you know it. We recommend buying a set of correspondence cards that corresponds with your interests and keeping it on hand for whenever you feel inspired to write a letter.

5. Smythson


Smythson has been a fixture on London's Bond Street since 1887, and his name is synonymous with quality and excellence. In fact, Queen Victoria used the brand to create stationery for her official residences. Since then, the company has received four royal warrants, or royal family recognition marks, for consistently supplying goods. The brand is best known for its stationery and diaries, and it is still used by the royal family today (it received its most recent warrant in 2002). Invest in both for a stylish place to jot down all of your ideas.

6. Schwan-Stabillo


Schwan-Stabillo is a German manufacturer of writing pens, coloring pens, and cosmetic pens, as well as markers and office markers. The Schwan-Stabilo Corporation, founded 165 years ago in 1855, is the world's largest manufacturer of highlighters. By 2020, it will be one of the world's leading stationery brands.

Schwan-STABILO is one of the most successful family-owned businesses in Germany today, with a turnover of over 610 million euros, over 4500 employees, and 22 locations worldwide.

7. Diplomat Pen


Diplomat Pen Company has been producing writing instruments in Germany since 1922, using traditional manual methods. It is the combination of specialized know-how and high-quality materials that allows their pens to withstand the test of time and maintain the link between generations.

Diplomat pens are handcrafted and inspected in the workshop because no machine can replace the expertise and guidance of a dedicated craftsman. Diplomat's manufacturing material of choice is metal, which ensures perfect balance and impact resistance. The fountain pen's nib is handcrafted from stainless steel and 14K gold, providing true writing comfort and a distinct sense of control. This high-level production process explains why DIPLOMAT writing tools endure and continue to share your stories.

8. Derwent


Banks, Son & Co. began producing pencils and other stationery items in Cumberland in 1832. Acco UK later bought it and renamed it the Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company. It intends to persuade aspiring artists by introducing them to new artistic techniques. Its aesthetic materials, such as art pencils and picture sets, are available worldwide.

Derwent color pencils have traditionally been sold in 12-, 24-, 36-, and 72-color tins. They are also available in a variety of wooden presentation boxes and trial pack sets of six.

Derwent's oldest line of color pencils, Artist, was expanded from 24 to 72 colors in 1939 and from 72 to 120 colors in 1996. The original 72 colors of Studio and Watercolour pencils are still available. Pastel pencils were introduced in 1994 and are available in 90 different colors. Derwent also produces regular stick pastels.

9. Faber-Castell


Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the world's largest stationery brands as of 2020, as well as a manufacturer and supplier of pens, pencils, office and art supplies, and tools. Luxury leather goods and luxury writing. Faber-Castell, headquartered in Stein, Germany, has 14 factories and 20 sales offices worldwide.

Every year, Faber-Castell produces over 2.3 billion wood-cased pencils. Faber-Castell only uses wood from sustainably managed forests in its own pencil production. Faber-Castell grows approximately 20 cubic metres of wood per hour, which equates to approximately 1 truck load.


Stationery, which includes written materials, printing requirements, and other office aids, is a vital necessity for our daily services or in the workplace. There are many stationery brands on the market today, making it difficult for buyers to choose. European brans are one of the most expensive options for you.

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